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Calm seas

Well, a lot has happened and not much at the same time. I am not sure where or how to start.

At home, life with Nene and Nita is good, stable and uneventful. There has been no pregnancy. Nita will never be the cook that Nene is, but she is a great gardener. Between the two of them, there are no bumps. Yes, sure, sex is good. Nita has this thing about being fucked with her legs closed. It's sure as hell different and I don't mind it, but it is a bit weird.

When I first met Nita she looked far older than her sixteen years. Now, as she has added meat back on her bones, she is looking more like a young woman, though the years of desperate living will never be fully erased. The extra weight has made her appearance even more startling to me on occasion. We never got rid of Flor's things and Nene insists I not do it. Nita fits Flor's things exactly and she is wearing them around the house. It is a shock to me, seeing Flor in front of me, when I am looking at Nita! Nene says is good because it means Flor is still here with us. She says, it is nice for her, Nene, to see Flor in our home.

That is hard for me and yet I love it too. I miss Flor so much. Nene knew this from the very first. Nita has come to understand it. Last month she asked me to tell her about some of Flor's physical habits. I thought nothing of it, and enjoyed reliving those sweet moments as I would watch my wife in unguarded moments. What I didn't prepare myself for was the fact that Nita started doing those things in front of me. There are moments I want to cry, scream and hug her all at the same time. I asked her why she is doing that. Her answer is simple. You still love her and I can bring her to you. That is a blessing from God. God gives me to you so you can see Flor. You see, God is good to us.

The two of them cleave together as much as they cleave to me. There are times that I see looks in their eyes as they talk and glance over to me that I cannot understand. They don't seem to come to terms with how to express those moments to me. All they tell me is not to worry. It is not a bad thing.

And you know, I told you that Nene takes flowers to Flor's grave every week. Well, now it is Nita and Nene who go. Rather than buying the flowers, Nita puts a bouquet together for them to take each week. Each night at dinner they now say a prayer for Flor in heaven.

They are cute, sweet, loving and good. Yes, I miss Flor every minute of every day. But truth be told, I would miss these two just as much if they left me. The reality is that they will never leave. I am an old fart with two far too young mistresses. Far too young to marry. Nene is now fifteen and soon will be sixteen and Nita is seventeen and nearing her eighteenth year. Between the two of them there is not a single living parent that they know about, though it is possible that Nene's mother lives. The reality is that she has no idea who the woman is. Without parents, I don't think they can marry until they are twenty-five as parental permission or notification is required up to that age. Maybe I can get around the issue and marry one of them when they reach twenty-one, but surely, not before that.

I had been avoiding seeing some of my old acquaintances for quite a while. First because I didn't go out to socialize during the difficult times that last year with Flor. And then once Nene entered my life, well, I just wanted to be left alone. What would they think about me and a fourteen-year-old? And so I hid out I guess. Yes, sure Bill, John, Jasmine and Susan know. But that was as far as I was willing to go.

When I heard again from Maricar, about yet another party, I just ignored it as I had done last year. I didn't give it another thought. I didn't, but Susan contacted Maricar and Maricar contacted Nene. I had no idea about any of this. I would have said 'no' if asked, but I wasn't asked. On the appointed night, I am told we are going out for dinner and to put on something nice. I ask, where are we going? The answer is, Get dressed!

Once in the car, and having backed out of the gate, I ask once again, Where?



Susan says you know how to get to Lawrence and Maricar's house. That is where we are going. Hurry, we are late!

I take a deep breath and put the Toyota in gear.

Actually, I find out that I don't know where they live. It appears they have moved in the three years since I visited their home. I text John and get directions. We will be even a bit later than Nene was thinking.

When we drive up to their place, all I can think is, wow. Lawrence must be doing very well. This is a mansion. One of the out buildings is bigger than the mansion. I have no idea what is going on, but there are far more females here than there are men. We are walking in and it seems like all hell is breaking loose. I am about to load my girls back in the Toyota, when Jasmine and Susan hem us in and act as body guards at the same time. There is a crush of females I do not know who are surrounding us. And then I am split off from my girls and am standing alone.

And then I am not alone, but surrounded by men I have known for years but have not seen for a few years. The only two who are not around me are John and Bill. Where are they when you need them? I am feeling more than a little defensive about showing up with my underage girls when a host of young girls, some of them far younger than mine are flooding the area.

It is unreal. Just in simple numbers, there must be ten women for every man here. It is confusing and I am being pelted with questions while at the same time I have questions of my own. The mayhem lasts for a good hour as yet more young females arrive. Someone tells me these are from Jake's house. I meet this Jake. He seems nice enough, but man alive, this is nuts. All these women, mistresses. I feel positively conservative, though neither Bill nor John have taken other women, some of the other guys have.

It is a crazy evening and I am sure I miss out on much of the doings as my brain can only absorb so much. What I know does happen, is that Nene and Nita make friends with some of the other girls and those friendships allow my girls to talk with others who seem to share similar issues. I guess that is a good thing, but I am not really sure.

I get to talk with Lawrence for a while and he is in a very different place in regards to his life than I am in mine. I guess I find it a little interesting, but it is not for me. What I am gathering is that having many females who say they love you at the same time is not all that impossible. I also gather that these men love more than one woman. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I felt love for both Nene and Nita. Maybe it is more normal than I thought.

Anyway, by the time we leave, I have reestablished friendships with a bunch of the guys and my life with Nene and Nita does not seem like it is the problem with them that I figured it would be. Who knew?

When we get home, I am more than ready to just get some rest. But the girls are giggling and playful and want to talk. I am peppered with questions. Do I want to be with younger girls? Do I know that we can add more girls now? How many girls do I want? Aren't they all so pretty? Did I meet Joy? Did I meet Rose? Do I like Ikay? And on and on for a good hour.

My answers both deflate them, and, I hope, make them know that I think they are special. I tell them I don't want to be with anyone else. The two of them are all I will ever want and they must not bring anyone else home to us. Were the girls pretty? Sure, but so are they. And no I didn't meet Joy or Rose. Should I have? Both insist I must. I don't remember meeting Ikay, but the girls tell me I did.

I am exhausted and tell the two, to 'can it.' It's time for some rest. And then something happens I have never seen in my bed before. Howard, does this seem sexy to you? And I see something that I am not at all prepared for... Nene goes down on Nita, licking the girl's pussy.

Whether it does, in the abstract, seem sexy to me, Nita is having a major positive reaction to Nene's tongue and that does seem very sexy to me. Watching Nene drive Nita towards orgasm is amazing to watch. Nene's rear end, sticking up off the mattress, is a cute little rump. The sight of Nita going quietly crazy with her legs spread wide, knees bent, hands on the back of Nene's head, which is buried between Nita's lovely legs and Nene's ass up in the air, gets my attention in a way I had never dreamed possible. I am ramrod hard.

I get behind Nene and find her pussy is dripping with juices. I mount my little love sliding right to the hot bottom of her cunt. I reach around the play with her clit as I saw in and out of her sweet pussy. Nita is cumming and crying and gasping as she pumps her hips up against Nene's face. But Nene is not backing away from Nita. She grabs the girl's hips and goes for broke on Nita's cunt. Nita is screaming and flopping around before just lying quiescent on the mattress.

I step up my assault on Nene's cunt and clit. Nita moves enough to get one of Nene's breasts in her mouth. Nene is now the one gasping and screaming. Nita and I give Nene no quarter as we drive her to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, I erupt with cum that floods Nene's cunt.

All is quiet.

Where did that come from? Nene, why? Who put that idea in your head?

Ikay, Jovelyn, Rose, Anabel, and others! They all do this! They surprised that me and Nita not know about this.

I see. I thought Filipinas not like lesbian sex.

Howard, is it lesbian when we do it with you in the bed with us? The girls say, it just sex, not real lesbian sex. They say, you are the one we love, so it not lesbian stuff. See?

Sort of, I guess. I gather them up in my arms and drift off to sleep.

§ § §

The days slide by without remarkable events. We are happy, at peace and comfortable.

Lawrence and Maricar drop by one day, unannounced and Lawrence proceeds to give me a lesson in Filipino marriage laws and regulations. It seems that I can marry Nene far sooner that I had thought. I guess I want to do that.

Both girls have birthdays. We have a small party each time, with Bill, John, Jasmine and Susan joining us. Both are still far too young and I am getting older and older.

Nita has yet to get pregnant, but hope still exists. The girls go to Flor's grave every week and insist I go with them. I have seen other guys on occasion, but in truth, I don't really want to socialize that much. I am happy at home with my girls. They seem happy taking care of the house, gardening, cooking and taking care of me. They watch TV, shop, and gossip with some of the girls of the other expats, but I have made it clear. There are to be no additions to our home.

I still miss my Flor, and I guess I always will. But Nene and Nita are part of me now. I cannot see a future without them. It's silly but I wish there was a way to marry them both.

The End

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