From Nothing

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Release Notes

First published in HTML format on the ASSTR website in September 2012.

This first self-publication in PDF format, of the complete book has a publication date is 18 June 2014.

This second self-publication in PDF format, of the expanded version of the complete book has a publication date is 14 May 2015.

Format update 23 April 2016.

Paragraph modifications update 19 December 2016

On 20 December 2016 I changed the Type Font to 13 pt. Baskerville Old Face and the Chapter font to Nyala.

On 19 April 2017 a single typo was fixed.

Textual additions and changes, format changes, grammatical corrections and released as a Second Edition on 31 July 2018.

On 14 April 2019 various textual updates and fixes. Hyperlinks, footnotes and an image added.

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