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A Novelette.

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From: Willie []
Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2012 2:16 PM
To: Scott []
Subject: Boarding to plane Manila!!!

Hey man, this is so cool! I can't believe I am doing this. We have both kicked the idea around, but I get why it really isn't for you. Yeh, you gotta keep on working on that old 1982 F-150 you are restoring. Never mind that I think it's gotta be one of the ugliest trucks ever made and a Ford, for crying out loud. But that's you. What can I say? You're the one who likes VW Beetles. Hey, have I told you that you have no taste? Oh, yeh, I did… OK well, like I said, I get why it is me here and not you.

They are going to call to board in a few minutes and I will lose the WiFi I have here. I will email you later. Wish me luck.

BTW, how do you like my new email address?


From: Willie []
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 10:42 AM
To: Scott []
Subject: Manila

Hi Scotty!

I'm here. The flight was endless. I guess I can't complain about the service. The food was different, asian stuff, but OK. It was just so fucking long. Once I got here, all I did was sleep for a while.

Remember when you told me that no fucking way an eighteen-year-old would meet an old bastard like me for real? That all she was doing was scamming me? Well, my friend, you lost your bet!

That girl, Maravic, you know I showed you a pic of her, she showed up here at the hotel yesterday. 18! Scotty, she is 18. Her mom is younger than my daughter. I can't tell you I popped her cherry, 'cause I sure as hell didn't. But she is a hell of a ride. I don't figure she is right for me long term like. She is too goofy. And yes she wants me to buy this and buy that and, and, and… So when I head off to the next island in a couple of days, it will be a solo trip.


From: Willie []
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 4:57 PM
To: Scott []
Subject: Cebu

Hi Scotty!

Man, this is fucked up. I am trying to figure out what to do.

Hey, is this OK, me sounding off like this? I mean I guess I don’t have to share it, but I feel maybe a little more in the real world if I know there is a real person who is reading this. I haven’t heard one word from you, so, I am not sure how you are thinking about this.

So assuming it is OK, I gotta tell you. Well, maybe I just gotta tell someone. Don’t know.

I flew to Cebu yesterday. I told you I would leave Maravic in Manila, right? Well, she is here. It’s hard to explain but maybe if I give it to you the way it happened, you will understand.

Willie, why you leave me?

I gotta go Vikki. (Her nickname.)

Why you not take me with you? I want to be your girlfriend.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings. You are a nice girl, but this isn’t working for me.

Why? Why Willie? I not good for you? Sex not good? I not pretty enough?

Vikki the sex is good and you are very pretty. It just isn’t working.

What I do wrong?

OK, Vikki, I will tell you. I am not an ATM machine. All you want is for me to buy this and buy that. I ain’t made of money and I want someone who wants me, even if there is no money. I don’t think you are that girl.

OK, OK, I do wrong. You right. I make big mistake. I just excited. I never have anything before. So I am stupid. Willie, I be good, I not do that anymore.

No, Vikki, I am going alone.

Please, Willie! Please, I love you. Truly.

We have only known each other like this for 48 hours. No, Vikki, you love my money, not me.

I show you it true. Take me with you. If I lie, what happen to me then? I am on Cebu, far from home and no way back! Why I want that? See? I tell you the truth.

Vikki, I am meeting another girl in Cebu.

You like her better than me?

How could I know that? I haven’t met her yet except online.

You want her?

After this with you and what has happened? Yes, I want to find someone who will be good.

Tell her you not come! I be good.



I told you why.

But I be good!

For how long?

Willie! Please!


Willie, we go together. You meet her. If she is good, we add her. If I bad you tell me to leave. If she bad you tell her to leave. If we both bad, we both leave.

That’s crazy. She would never agree to that.

Let me talk to her.

No way! You are not going to screw this up for me.

You call her and tell her what I ask, and what you say. Ask her if I can talk to her. Please, Willie, please.

Scotty, I agree to call Lizaorbello, the girl in Cebu. Her nickname is Day, but she pronounces it as Die, not sure about this ‘ay’ thing, but every time you see it here, it has an ‘IE’ sound.

The phone call is weird.

Sino ito?1

Is this Day? This is Willie.

Willie? Where you? You come tomorrow, yes?

Yes, tomorrow. I am in Manila.

This your phone number?


Good I know it now! I glad you call. This makes me happy. You tell me the truth that you come to see me.

I am looking forward to it. Day, I am coming to see you. That is true and cannot change. Do you understand that?

Yes! Of course yes. Why you ask that?

Because there is a complication.

What you mean? Complication.

I met a girl here. I told her she was not right for me and I am going to Cebu to meet you.

Good! I am glad for this. I am glad she not good. I am glad you tell me the truth.

Yes, well she says she was wrong and will change. I tell her no. She say, allow her to come to Cebu with me and allow her to prove that she be good. She says if she is bad, I should leave her in Cebu and then it is her problem to get home. I tell her no. She says, we meet you and if you are good to me, you stay. If she is good she stays too. I tell her no. She asks to speak with you. I tell her no. I do not want to lose you. She asks me to tell you all this. She asks that I ask you if it is OK that you speak with her. I tell her I will explain, but no agreement that the two of you speak. I am coming to Cebu to see you.

What her name?


How old she?


Same as me! She pretty?


But she is not right for you?

That’s what I think.

Where she now?


Let me talk to her.

I hand the phone to Vikki. The call goes on for so long that I wonder what the fuck is going on. It is in their language and I don’t understand a word. In the beginning there is real fear in Vikki’s voice and she is shaking. Then Vikki is crying but still talking. About half an hour later, the tears are gone and a steely determination has set in. Her voice sounds respectful but clear and definite. By the time an hour has passed, she is laughing, giggling, jumping around, taking glances at me while seemingly discussing me with Day. Finally Vikki hands the phone back to me and says, She want to talk to you.


Willie, she seems nice to me. She knows she make a big mistake and if I not know her mistake, maybe I make the same one too! She say you are special. She say she love you. You know this maybe?

She told me that when I said I was leaving. I am not really believing it.

I not sure, but maybe she tell the truth. You bring her. We see. I feel sorry for her. What if I make this mistake first and you leave me? It better this way.

And so here I am in Cebu. The girls have asked for a few hours to just get to know each other, which gives me the time to write this email to you.

I have two eighteen-year-olds who seem to want me. I fucked Day last night while Vikki was in the other room. Day was a virgin. Jesus Christ, Scotty I took the girl’s cherry. She doesn’t know if I won’t kick her to the curb, but she seems genuinely happy that I plowed her last night.

Vikki is clearly far more experienced in the bed, but Day has determination. Neither girl has asked me to buy anything. I pushed some pesos into Day’s hand before they took off, and that made her nervous. I told her it is OK. It was my choice.

I am not sure how this works out. How do you have two girlfriends? Am I supposed to play musical beds? Dreaming about fucking an eighteen-year-old is one thing, but this is totally fucking nuts. I am lost.

/s/ Willie

From: Scott []
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 9:21 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: Re: Cebu


I just read all three of your emails. They were stuck in my junk mail folder. Well, they won’t be from now on.

For the record, it isn’t the F-150, it’s the wife, who is the reason why I am not where you are, you damned bastard.

Man alive Willie. I am happy to read what you want to write, but I have to say that I had to take a cold shower after that last letter. If nothing else, my mind skipped to the story of Saint Augustine, who I have read is supposed to have prayed to God, “Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet!”2 At least they’re not twelve years old, like the one Augustine was going to marry!

Honestly, Willie, I admit being more than a tad envious. And, sure as hell, Evie does read my email. That might cause fireworks around here.

But in all earnestness, be careful Willie. I am worried that this could turn out very badly.

Your friend,

From: Willie []
Sent: Saturday, September 1, 2012 10:38 AM
To: Scott []
Subject: Re: Re: Cebu

Thanks for the email!

Yeh, I have been concerned just like you say. I almost walked away from both of them. That was yesterday. It started with a weird conversation I had with the one of them when they got back here yesterday. Day asked me, Who you meeting next?

No one. It is just the two of you.



You be respectful to me, like you are respectful to Vikki?

What? How can you say I am respectful to Vikki?

Do not be difficult. You be respectful to me?

Yes, I guess. I am not sure what you mean.

You not lie. You not yell. You not hit. No problem?

No problem, Day. You want Vikki to leave? Will I lose you if I don’t leave her?

No. You lose me, if you leave her. She loves you and she be good to you. If she is good and you send her away, what you do to me tomorrow?

I see. You want to share me?

You be good to both of us?

Day, that is a weird question. You are telling me that to keep you, I must keep Vikki. Then you ask if I will be good to both of you. What do you think I would do? You are saying, if I am mean to Vikki, you should both go, because if I am mean to her today, what will I do to you tomorrow.

Yes that right.

So I must be good to both or you won’t stay with me. Right?


What if I have problems with her?

She not give you trouble.

What if she does?

She not do it. I know!

But if you are wrong?

I not wrong. Why you so difficult?

Day, this is not working. I guess I will lose both of you. I am not going to argue with you. I am not going to fight with you and I am not going to do what you say now.

Why you do this! Leave! Leave now!

OK, I will. You have the room for the night. You will have to leave tomorrow as I did not pay for the next night.

Scotty, I am packing my stuff and Day has left the room when Vikki comes in and demands to know why I am kicking them to the curb.

Day said I had to accept you and be good to you and not leave you, or she would leave me. I asked her, what if I have problems with you. She said I won’t. But I don’t know Vikki. I agreed to bring you here with the promise from you that things will change. Day wanted that promise to be broken. She said if I didn’t change that, she would leave me too. So I say, OK you are both out of my life. I am not going to be pushed around.

Wait. Don’t leave!


I fix this! Wait!

So I grab a bottle of water off the counter sit down. But after 20 minutes, I figure I have waited long enough. I get up, grab my bag and open the door to leave only to walk into the two of them. Vikki freaks out and screams, Willie, wait!

No, Vikki, I should have left you in Manila for thinking I am nothing but an ATM. And you, Day, you think you can tell me what to do. Maybe that works with other men. I don’t know. But it doesn’t work for me. You think you can boss me around? No, you can’t and so that is the end of it with you too.

At which point Vikki slaps Day and calls her something in their language that I gather ain’t too polite. I am fed up with both of them, and am walking away when Vikki asks, Why you leave me? I not do wrong!

OK, so I stop, turn around and tell her, You conspired with Day, to end the deal we had. That is why.

I not do that! Ask her.

No trust, Vikki. I’ve got no trust in either of you now.

Willie, Vikki is correct. She told me to not say what I say. She say you will get angry. I not believe her. That why she angry with me now. She know you better. She right, I wrong.

OK, Vikki, get your things. Day can stay here for the night if she wants.

Willie, you give me a second chance and I be good now. I learn. Now Day need a second chance too. She be good or I kick her out myself. I promise we both be good. Willie, please.

I don’t know, Vikki. Day likes to run things her way… Don’t you, Day? It is hard to change that.

Willie, Vikki is right. I promise to not try to run things. … not with you. Maybe I am boss to some, but you are my Boss and I not argue with you. I promise.

Vikki, why are you helping her, when you could have me alone?

She protect me when you say you will leave me. I do the same for her. I not lose honor that way. I not want to be a bruha3.

Scotty, I give in and both are still with me. So far the ATM issue has not come up again. Day is not telling me what to do. We will see.

Hope all is OK with you and Evie. How are the kids and grandkids? What’s going on back home?


From: Scott []
Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2012 8:07 AM
To: Willie []
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Cebu

Hey Willie,

I am not sure what to say. Thanks for the pic of the two of them. Damn, are you sure they are really 18? I mean, shit, they look so young. Any chance they showed you any photo IDs? If they did, can you be sure they were not faked?

The problems you wrote about just sound like the issues that you would have with any teen, anywhere if those teens were inclined to hitch a ride with an old coot, sex or no sex. And speaking of sex, are you really fucking both of them? They letting you do that? Yeh, I know you said that you are but really?

Speaking of my kids and grandkids. My kids are old enough to be the parents of your two girls. You get that right? You aren’t delusional about this, right? I think of my grandkids and then you fucking these two and I can’t conceive of myself fucking one of my friend's granddaughters. It’s just too weird.

Everyone here is fine. Nothing special going on, except for news that we are going to get a new pharmacy. I hear it is either CVS or Walgreens. I had no idea we needed another one.


From: Willie []
Sent: Friday, September 7, 2012 04:23PM
To: Scott []
Subject: Settled In Cebu

Hi Scotty,

I am settling in. The three of us are now living in a house I have leased for a year. So far there are no more issues of the type I wrote about last time. About their ages. Yes, I am as sure as I can be. I met Day’s mom on Monday, and she confirms Day’s age. I also learned that “Day” is a shortening of another nick name, “Inday4.” So Lizaorbello > Inday > ’Day! Man alive, names are slippery things here. It makes Maravic > Vikki seem sorta basic.

One thing I have learned is that neither of my girls can cook. OK, yes they can sorta cook, but it isn’t great. I thought the food here wasn’t all that good. Then I sat down at ’Day’s mom’s table. That woman can cook!

Well, now,… as that realization broke over me, without thinking much about it, I teased ’Day, Maybe I have the wrong family member. Maybe your mom should be my girlfriend. All at the table heard me and, shit, did that set off a firestorm! I should say that her mom is widowed with 3 kids, of which ’Day is number 2. The woman is in her 30’s and no hag. So her mom, (they tell me her name is Jhoan, but ’Day calls her Nanay5 or ’Nay and Vikki calls her Ate6,) looks at ’Day, wags her finger and announces, Yes, this one should be mine and you should mind me more. Maybe you even learn how to cook and take care of a man!

But ’Day is having none of this. Ha! You don’t look. You work and then you watch the teleserye7 on TV and not look for man. It not me who fail, it you! I not fail! I have Willie. He want me to cook better, OK I learn. Vikki learn. We not tamad8! We find a man!

Vikki is reading this differently. ’Day you are being bossy and Willie not like this! You must be respectful. Ate is correct. You did not learn to cook, because maybe you not listen to her. Willie, I right you not like this? Maybe you add Ate and we all be happy? Ate, you want to join us?

She puts me in the middle of this dust up, right where I don’t want to be. And holy crap, what the fuck is she doing, suggesting I add ’Day’s mom! I only wanted one girl. I have two now and that is crazy enough. It is nuts. I am praying that I don’t have to deal with this at all. I am thinking, please, please Jhoan, tell Vikki that asking her to share a man is wrong, let alone with her own daughter.

I am waiting on Jhoan, but all eyes are on me!

Vikki asks, Willie, what you think?

I think you are out of your mind. There is no way ’Day’s mom wants to share me with either of you, let alone her own daughter.

Ate, you want to join?

Why I do that? I not think Willie really want me. I am too old for him I think.

He say he got the wrong girl. You hear that!

Ha, he only sorry ’Day not cook good. I not pretty enough for him.

Willie, is Ate pretty?

Yes. Jhoan you are very pretty.

See Ate, he thinks you are pretty. You want to join us?

He not want me. I know this.

He not say that! Join us! You be happy and I learn how to cook too!

Your Willie no like fighting! Me and ’Day fight. She never listen to me. She always argue. She not like Jerlyn. Jerlyn is ’Day’s younger sister and 16 years old. Jerlyn is sitting at the table and is embarrassed by the reference to her.

Jhoan, you are correct. I do not like arguing and I almost left ’Day because she was fighting with me. She knows that if I have any more of that, she is gone. She and Vikki promise me that she will not do this again. I was unsure then and am unsure now. You are very pretty and not too old. I just don’t see how we can make this work. Plus, do you really want to be my girlfriend? Truly?

If I join you and ’Day argues, what you do?

Then ’Day must leave me.

What happen to me?

Nothing unless you are arguing. Are you a difficult woman?

What if ’Day is arguing with me?

That depends on what it is about, I guess. But if she is arguing, without a very good cause, then she is gone.

But not me?

Not you unless you are intentionally picking fights with ’Day. But Jhoan, do you really want to share me with these two?

Why not? What I have now? ’Day is right. I not look and now it too late.

Jhoan, why do you think it is too late?

You! Look at you! Yes maybe you should be with someone like me, but you are with a child! She just 18!

How old were you when you had your oldest child?


How old is ’Day?

OK, OK, but how old you? See?

Yes, maybe I do. So you really want to join me and the two of them?

No, I not really want to join because ’Day is with you. Vikki, OK, but it weird with ’Day.

Then it is settled, you are not interested in joining.

No, I not say that. I think maybe. Jerlyn is kicking me. She whisper, I be stupid. She think ’Day is right and I am wrong. She say I should join. You need a cook!

Jhoan, that is not a good reason and I really didn’t want two girlfriends. I am not sure what I would do with three.

But if I agree, what you do. You say no? Why you not say no already?

Huh, OK, I didn’t think you would say yes. But if the three of you can get along, I am not sure what the real difference is between two and three. So, yes, if you want, I accept. But what about Jerlyn. You want her in a house where I am having sex with three women, including her sister and her mother? And didn’t you just tell me you had your first child at the same age that Jerlyn is right now?

OK, OK I think about this some more.

Scotty, like I said, it was a shit storm of a type I have never experienced and would never have imagined. At this point Vikki and ’Day are the only ones with me and I haven’t heard another word about the craziness of five days ago. Your comment about your daughters and grandkids has been bouncing around in my head. But the world here is so different that there seems to be a disconnect between those kids and these. I am not sure I can explain it.

Anyway, other than that, I have been spending my time getting things set up in this house. It is small by my estimates, but large by that of the girls.

All in all, things are OK. The girls shuttle back and forth between my bed and another one. One day I have ’Day and the next I have Vikki. I wonder how long this will work before the wheels fall off.


From: Scott []
Sent: Sunday, September 9, 2012 8:51 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: Re: Settled In Cebu

Hey Willie,

I have to ask. Are you just pulling my leg? I mean, OK, I was buying it up until the last letter. But now I am wondering if you aren't just bullshitting me. Is this an elaborate hoax?


From: Willie []
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 11:01AM
To: Scott []
Subject: Re: Re: Settled In Cebu/span>


Here are two snaps of 'Day, Vikki, Jhoan and Jerlyn. One is from last Monday when we had that dinner and the second one is from a few minutes ago. I guess I can't prove it, but buddy, it is as real as it gets.

Jhoan and Jerlyn came over on Sunday and seem to be trying to decide if they are staying. I have not had any conjugal relations with Jhoan, but she is cooking and teaching Vikki. Things are a bit tense between 'Day and her mom. That is to be expected. It seems that it is one thing to not argue with me, but foregoing arguing with her mother is a difficulty of a different magnitude.


From: Scott []
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 9:19 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Settled In Cebu


I am still having a hard time believing this. But like you said, I am not sure how you could prove it to me. Are you going to fuck this Jerlyn, if the mother stays?

If this is true, Willie, have you wrapped your head around how fucked-up this is? You are taking advantage of these people. What's the difference between sex trafficking and what you are doing? Have you thought of that?


From: Scott []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 7:43 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: What did you do?


Did you put Maravic and Lizaorbello up to this?


From: Willie []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 8:00PM
To: Scott []
Subject: Re: What did you do?


What the fuck are you talking about?


From: Scott []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 8:21 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: Re: Re:What did you do?


The girls used your Skype to call me on a video chat. Are you saying you don't know about this?


From: Willie []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 8:38PM
To: Scott []
Subject: Re: Re: Re: What did you do?


I have nothing to do with this. I did show them the email you sent, accusing me of sex trafficking and told the girls I needed to think about this. Your letter bothered me a great deal.


From: Scott []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 9:22 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: What did you do?


Well, that must be it, because they tore into me in a way that I am not even ready to get over. They called me every damn name in the book that I guess they know. And, they accused me of calling them whores, which they made very clear they are not.

I never called them whores, but that in their mind is putting too fine an edge on it. They asked me if I would have called them whores if it had just been one of them. I got their point and admitted that if it had just been one of them, while I thought they were too young for you, no, I would not have accused you of being a sex trafficker.

Then they said, because they decided you should not leave Maravic to be with Lizaorbello, why I did I say it is wrong for you. Why am I accusing you of something that they decided? So OK, I am chewing on that. I guess I assumed that if you really had more than one, it really was you who sweet talked them and not them doing it to you. They made it very clear that I was 100% wrong.

I am about to apologize when Lizaorbello says, if Jerlyn wants to also be a girlfriend, why not?

I say it is wrong for you to take such a young girl. Lizaorbello says it none of my business and if this is what Jerlyn wants, it is what should happen. I tell her that Jerlyn is too young but she tells me I am not Filipino and that nothing I say matters.

I argue back that I bet her mom will agree with me. Next thing I know I am looking at Jhoan. I hear them talking between themselves and then Jhoan turns to me and says, clear as a bell, if Jerlyn wants, it is none of my business.

You really do not know any of this?


From: Willie []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 10:19PM
To: Scott []
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What did you do?


I had no idea. For the record, I don’t care what Jerlyn decides, I have to agree to it. I have done no such thing.

I did talk to the girls. They are pretty pissed off with you. I told them that you were just concerned for me, your friend, and you meant no harm.

Give them time to cool down.

For what it is worth, Jhoan and Jerlyn are now permanent with me and I have added Jhoan to the bedroom activities. Based on what you have said, I am sure you don’t want to hear any more.


From: Scott []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 11:47 PM
To: Willie []
Subject: Let's give it a break


Just so you know, Evie heard the much of the Skype session and then insisted in reading the rest. Can't say she is happy with either of us. I won't go into the details, but let's just give it a rest. You enjoy your life, and I will do the same here. Maybe we can email in a year or so from now.


1 - Tagalog: who is this?
2 - At about the age of 19, Augustine began an affair with a young woman in Carthage. Though his mother wanted him to marry a person of his class, the woman remained his lover for over fifteen years and gave birth to his son Adeodatus, who was viewed as extremely intelligent by his contemporaries. In 385, Augustine ended his relationship with his lover in order to prepare himself to marry a ten-year-old heiress. (He had to wait for two years because the legal age of marriage was twelve. By the time he was able to marry her, however, he instead decided to become a celibate priest.)
3 - Witch.
4 - Precious.
5 - Mother [Pronounced: na-NIE]
6 - Older sister or respected older female. [Pronounced: ah-TeH as both vowels are pronounced and the accent is on the second syllable.]
7 - Soap Opera.
8 - Lazy.