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Chapter 2: The Nature of the Beast


Her name is Kriscelle. She is thirty-one years old. She has been in the USA for six years. She arrived with her twelve-year-old daughter Corrine on a K1 Fiancee visa to marry William. William is now sixty-two. The marriage is stable. The couple has produced two children, William Jr. (age 5) and Ann (age 2). Kriscelle is a homemaker. William is an architect. The family resides in San Diego, California.

That is the family as the world outside their home sees them. Inside the home, it is a different story. William has two wives, Kriscelle and Corrine. The only reason that Corrine has not produced children is that Kriscelle keeps her daughter on birth control. Corrine is now eighteen and desperate to have a child by William. William is all for it, but Kriscelle wants Corrine to graduate college first. William has told Kriscelle he wants Corrine's child but will not force the issue. Kriscelle controls the bed. So long as Corrine does as her mother says, the daughter has free access to William.

The sexual arrangement has been like this since before the marriage. When William took Kriscelle for his bride, Corrine was part of the deal.

This interview is with Kriscelle. Her command of English is good but not complete. She has problems expressing thoughts, which require complex reasoning or analysis, though it would appear that she is quite capable of both. She speaks a number of Filipino dialects as well as English. She has been driving a car for five years, handles her own finances and manages all aspects of the household. Physically she is 4' 10" tall, weighs 93 pounds. Her health is good. Eyes and hair are black. She has a Filipino high school education, which is to grade 10.

I was thirteen when I gave birth to Corrine. When I was a small child, I lived with Tatay (my father), sisters and brothers. Nanay1 worked as an OFW 2 as a med-tech in Dubai. She sent money home every month. Tatay was a tricycle3 driver. My Ate4 is two years older than I am and she tried to tell me to be careful, but the church teaches that it is a sin to use condoms. We had no birth control. Because tatay was often away until late, I spent a lot of time with Tita5 Gina and Tito6 Andy's house. They had seven kids and we shared the beds.

Things happen when there are so many people in one house and one night Tito Andy had too much Tanduay7 before he came to bed. I think Tita Gina also must have had a lot of Tanduay because she was snoring and she never snores. Tito Andy crawled into bed next to me. His penis was hard. I could feel it under the sheet. His was not asleep and his hands were all over my body. I tried to get away from him but he angrily told me kayo ay masama8. So I allowed him to take me. He took me that night and then every night for a month before I got pregnant.

I am sure Tita, she knew he was doing it. She just told me to be a good girl to my Tito. Tatay not say anything but I not live with him anymore. Tita and Tito made sure I have food. They pay my tuition through high school. After I have the baby, Tita get condoms for Tito to use. She said I should stop listening to the Padre when he said condom use is a sin.

When I sixteen Tito he stop sleeping with me but, I still living there. Corrine then four and she start Kinder9. I get a job at the Dole Asparagus processing plant and I able to pay her tuition. The work at the Dole plant was hard. But I was very fast and able to clear my table every day.

Because I had a child, no Filipino looks at me. I thought I was pretty, but I had no money to make myself look nice. I want to get out of Tito and Tita's house because Corrine was beautiful. She then eleven. I want a different life for her. Her grades were great. For the last four years, she had been the very top of her class, which mean that she get a scholarship and I not have to pay her tuition.

I held onto the Dole job for seven years. At age twenty-three I was laid off for younger workers. I needed to move. I no longer had my job and Corrine was about to start grade 5. She still eleven.

I get a job in Gensan10 at the Mr. Donut in the KCC mall. We stay at a bed-spacer11. We share the bed. The cost is ₱1,200 a month. I am making ₱8,000 month. The public school (I cannot afford a good private school any more,) is a different one from the one where Corrine had a free scholarship and the costs add up to ₱2,100 per semester, but I have to pay for all our food and clothing. We were getting one meal a day, plus a donut or two I bring back to the bed-spacer. There is nowhere for Corrine to get a quiet space to study. We are unable to afford to pay the teachers for the private tutoring they offered on Saturdays before major exams. I did not know how we will survive and be able to complete Corrine's education.

There is a tsismis, (gossip,) that is circulating about a school for special sixth grade girls who have young mothers. I ask around and find out that maybe this is true, but only a very few each year are chosen. We can apply without any fee, but it is unlikely that Corrine will be accepted. That is all I know about the place other than the name of the teacher at the school, Jun, and maybe where to apply.

I go there. In Noovember now but there a sign that say applications for the school are accepted in April at a warehouse near to this place.

In the Philippines, the school year ends on March 20th. The new school year begins the first week of June.

The first of April, we go down to a warehouse in Gensan where there is a line of at least two hundred other women and daughters. That is just one day. Applications open for twenty-five days! We told that there about twenty openings each year. It is a one-year program. I think, what the point. Corrine not to be selected. Too many here!

But the rumor say 'that is all you need.' The rumor say after that your life and your daughter's life set and good! I don't understand the thing, but this not something I can ignore. We bring in Corrine's school papers. They interview both of us, take pictures of both of us, and tell us to come to another place the next week for testing. All the people we meet are women. I don't know it at the time, but Corrine is interviewed by Jun.

We return for Corrine's academic testing and afterward receive a text to come back for another interview. This time there is no line. We meet at the school and both Corinne and I are interviewed by Jun, Cherise and Jake separately. On May 10th we get the word that we both are accepted and that we should attend an orientation session the next week. I not understand why they say both! I have no idea what this orientation session was about.

The next week our lives change forever. Jun tell us our daughters to attend the school without any tuition fee. The school will pay for everything we needed for the ten months. That there was a dormitory we, both mother and daughter will stay in for the school year. I will have to quit my job.

The daughters will have an intensive year of schooling, learning everything that normal 6th graders learn and a great deal more to help them with their new lives when they leave the school.

We mothers also going to be schooled, plus we will be the staff for the dormitory. We will keep it clean, do all the cooking and take classes about things that made my head spin, and some old fears pop-up. What I not know until this meeting that the school an exit system for all the women and their daughters to leave the Philippines and come to the USA as wives of good husbands.

We have to do things that some of us didn't want to do, but it result in a life that we not even dare to dream – or if we had dreamed – this time it would come true. The school just about guaranteed it.

Jun say that they could because they already excluded anyone who couldn't make it happen. But we must to do everything they say, no excuses.

If we feel we not willing we are leave right now. No one goes. Not a daughter, no, and not a mother leaves. That was even though every mother and daughter knew – was told right there – that the daughter would have sex with people at the school that year and that they would have sex with our new husbands as well. Plus we mothers were told that we would get classes in sexual technique while we were at the school. We are shown a movie about two mothers who fought the plan the first year and how it didn't go well for them until they gave in and followed the rules. Since then the school had a firm rule. From day one, we will follow the rules or leave now.

The staff did not have the time to devote to pig headed women. We all stay.

For ten months we learn how to handle US currency. They have real US paper money and the coins too! We learn how to weigh in pounds and ounces. We speak only English. We learn US history. We not allowed to speak in anything else even when we are alone with our daughters!

We learn US geography. We learn about regional differences in the USA. We learn about USA politics. We were told about, but never understood, the weather in the USA until we get here. We decide we are split between Democrats and Republicans! We learn American sexual mores and we learn that the real desires of men had nothing to do with those mores. We learn how to shop for clothing in a country that has no clothes we can buy off the rack that will fit us.

And we learn about sex in a way that simply is far beyond what any of us knew when we started. Yes, I am sure this is true!

We learn about just about everything a woman can do for a man and for a woman! We learn that men dream of having two women in bed. If we gave them what they dreamed of without fear of divorce, they will never leave us. But that only worked once we were married to them.

The matter of how to hook them comes down to the daughters. If the men have both the opportunity to marry a young, beautiful woman and also have as part of the deal, her even younger and lovely daughter as a bedroom companion who also knows how to please men, then the marriage is assured. The school did background checks on the men and any man with a questionable background is dumped. So far, every year every mother-daughter couple found a husband. Placement was 100%.

But I leave Tito's house to avoid this! This is both the same and different. Corinne is on birth control from the first day and two months before any sexual activity. The school makes sure she will never become pregnant before it is appropriate. It true Corrine can say no. Yes, any girl can say no, but if she does, she is no longer at the school. So there is pressure.

But there is also the promise of a life in the USA for us and our children and their children. That's a big deal.

In the meantime, even though the we are cooking, we don't have to pay for the food. That comes free as part of the program. We eat and eat!

And we begin to gain weight ... and that starts another lesson we have to learn before we leave with our fiancés for the USA. All our lives we never knew how much food we would have at our next meal or when the next meal would be. And so, because food was a scarce thing we ate as much as we could. But when food is always there, we blow up like a balloon.

No husband will keep us if we became fat as soon as we get there and no one will marry us if we get fat now. We have to learn to control our food intake. It is a lesson harder to learn than you might think. Still, we learn. It is doubly hard to learn how good mashed potatoes are and then learn you can't eat them!

We were picked, we twenty pairs, because the daughters are both the smartest and the prettiest and we as mothers have retained our good looks after puberty; and we mothers were also smart. Jake called it the best package possible. They had selected 20 from over 2500 applicants.

The school set us up with online internet accounts. They monitor the activity to make sure we were OK and things progressed the way we needed. No one ever tells me what to say or feel. They do warn me off a man who had been arrested but not convicted of beating his girlfriend. Jake has a zero tolerance of violence from men who were to marry us. The same thing is true with alcohol and drugs.

I meet William online. Jake says he is OK. I am happy because William is nice! Three weeks later, William was in Gensan and staying at the Anchor hotel. I meet him the first day he arrived. Before we meet our men, Jake had a sit down with us. He and Jun and Rose had made love to us a number of times and we knew each other. Jake's advice was the kindest thing he could have said. He told me that I am a special woman and if I think that William was good enough to be my husband until the day he dies, then I already knew what to do and all he needs to say is that William will be getting the best of the best.

I walked into William's hotel room and asked him if he needed to sleep following his long trip or if he needed my body first. He told me he needed my body. I asked him if he had showered yet and he said he had just gotten out of the shower. I told him I have showered just before I came to see him. Did he want me to shower again? I would be happy to if he desired that. No, he said, it wasn't needed.

"Take off your clothing William. I want to see the man I am to marry."

He takes off his clothes.

As he is finishing with his, I start to take off my dress. Rose has taught us not to take off our heels until we are naked and climbing onto the mattress. As I slipped the dress down, William slid out of his boxer shorts. Oh, my god. His penis is twice the size of Jake's and Jake's is larger than Tito's. It is a monster. I had learned to give Jake deep throat, but I doubt I can do that with William.

I must have frozen because William just laughs and said, "Don't worry, it will fit."

I finish taking off my clothing and take his hands as we both climbed on to the bed. I took his penis and balls in my hands and started getting him ready. Now it was his turn to say, "Oh my God!" He was semi hard when I started, he was rock hard when I stopped and mounted him.

He has my saliva on his penis and I am wet from my own needs. I slide the tip of his penis back and forth across my pussy. Once I feel there is enough liquid on him I start to slide down. Slowly. As God is my witness, I have never had anything so large inside me. He is stretching me. It feels good but I can only take so much so fast. And then I felt a burning need inside me. I had to have him all inside me. I ram down as hard as I can.

Oh my God! Oh no! I had no idea where he was inside me other than somewhere no one else had ever been. I couldn't breathe! Then I can and the world stops spinning and I just start bouncing up and down like there is no tomorrow. I have to have all of him now. But my bouncing on him causes him to let loose his cum in me far earlier than I had expected it. I had only cum twice when he lets loose and floods me. That triggers the third one for me and we both just collapse.

We fall asleep and when we awaken, I get him hard again and ride his penis until my pussy is sore. He eventually cums inside me again before we leave the hotel for dinner at Grab a Crab.

We just talk for hours after the meal and eventually go to sleep. The next day after we wake up, I text Corrine, shower and dress. William asks me where I am going. I tell him I will be back for supper. He looks dejected. There was a knock at the door and I let Corrine in. She and I hug. I tell her to be good to our husband – loud enough for William to hear – and leave.

When I return late that afternoon and let myself into the room, the two of them are in the bed naked. They are smiling big silly smiles and Corrine has the most happy look on her face.

"Mom, if you think I am going to leave you two when I turn eighteen, you are crazy. William will be my husband, just like he will be yours, until he dies. And mom ... we have to keep him healthy for a very long time."

William, Corrine and I have lived together like that since that day. William is a very good man. He is the best husband a woman could ask for ... he never wants another woman in bed ... other than me and Corrine. He says we two are plenty for him. He has always been a good provider. There has always been enough money. I do not ask him to support my family because they never really took care of me. Corrine thinks we should send money to Tita and Tito ... I say no.

William doesn't drink. Never does any drugs. He has never raised his hand to anyone and the house we live in is a dream come true. I live a life I never thought possible. I am happier than I ever thought a person could be. William is our husband and will always be. He will never leave us and we will never leave him.

Corrine has graduated High School in the USA and is attending a local college. William pays for everything and I think he is happy to do so. Corrine wants his baby but I want them to wait until she gets her BS degree. I know the two think I am unreasonable. But I love them both and they know that too.

We see Jake and Jun, once a year, at an annual reunion, some of us attend. William has met other men just like him and has formed close ties to some of the other guys. My two children with William will have every advantage we can give them. They will never know the poverty I lived in. Life could not be better.

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1 - Nanay = Mother. [Pronounced: nah-NIE]
2 - OFW: Overseas Foreign Worker.
3 - A motorbike taxi device. Passengers sit in an enclosed sidecar or behind the driver.
4 - Ate: a term of respect to the oldest sister and can be used as a sign of respect to an older non-familial female. [Pronounced: ah-Teh]
5 - Tita: an Aunt. [Pronounced: tee-TAH]
6 - Tito: an Uncle. [Pronounced: tee-TOH]
7 - Tanduay Rhum, Philippine Rum
8 - Kayo ay masama = means you are being bad
9 - There are two grades of kindergarten, 1 and 2.
10 - Gensan is a local concatenation for General Santos City.
11 - A bed in a room with other beds, like a dormitory, but normally in a private home. There will be a shared toilet. Each bed is rented by the month. A portion of a shelf or drawer may be provided or storage may be below the bed being rented.

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