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Chapter 3: A New Life


I am now living with Raymon's family. I share a bed with Raymon. I am treated as his wife. His mother took my birth control pills from me. Ray is nice and respectful to me, and fucks me three or four times a day. I have never had so much sex and am afraid that I will be pregnant within days. I have always liked having a cock in my pussy, so I am not complaining about that, but pregnancy is not in my plans! While Ray is really young, he does have a man's cock and the more we work at it the better he gets. It's, sort of, flattering to have such a young boy, with his parent's permission, as my own fuck toy. As he is in school most days, I have plenty of time to ask all sorts of questions of the others in the house and to take oral histories.

Ray's mom, Alysa, other than taking my birth control pills away treats me like a younger sister. She is teaching me to cook Filipino food. Alysa's husband Henry is a sweet man. He apologized to me one day in the oddest way ... at the dinner table he said that I sure was pretty but that every bit of energy he had was drained on a nightly basis by Alysa and Samantha, Alysa's daughter. Samantha is fifteen. Henry married Alysa two and a half years ago. Ray is one year younger than Samantha. Samantha has been calling me 'Ate.' She is happy her brother has a wife now. She was feeling guilty before. She tells me that it is good that Ray will have mestizo children. There is one other child in the family. Her name is Jacqueline and she is three. It is clear that she is also mestizo. But I have been told she is neither Henry's nor is she Alysa's. I gather Samantha is the mother! The father is a mystery for now.

The issue of my position in the family as a permanent member comes up again one morning as we are cleaning up the breakfast dishes. I try to explain to Alysa and Samantha that I am only with them for as long as it takes to complete my study, but they laugh at me and say I will see.

Alysa tells me I have a lot to learn and that she and Samantha will teach me. I ask her what she means and she says, You want to understand our world and our choices? Yes?

I tell her I do.

Then she says, We will see that you learn what we learned.

But I do not come from your world. It's not possible.

We will show you that too. You will see. It will all become clear at the end. Tell me little sister, have you ever made love with a woman?

No. Never before you three 'did me' at my place before we left.

Ah, OK...

At that point, Alysa says something in Cebuano to Samantha. Sammie acknowledges and pulls me to the shower in the master bedroom. She tells me to strip out of my clothing so that we can shower. I tell her I have already showered this morning, but she doesn't care and so into the shower we go. Sammie is soaping me up all over and that includes a soapy finger or two up my ass. While I am not given an enema, I am otherwise completely cleaned. While in the shower, Sammie takes a razor and shaves off all my pubic hair. She shaves my legs and underarms. As we get out of the shower she tells me to keep myself shaved like that at all times. She tells me I am to have a shaved pussy from now until I die.

When we come out of the bathroom, Alysa is there and she is also naked. Her pussy is shaved smooth, as is Sammie's pussy.

Come to my bed, Amber.

Sammie and I climb on the king and Alysa takes my hand.

Alysa tells me, Rose taught all the mothers and daughters to accept and to love other women with real desire. Jake taught us that men are neither by nature, nor by God, designed to love just one woman. When women demand that, the woman puts a barrier up between the woman and her husband's ability to feel complete happiness. While not always, sometimes that wall leads to divorce. It always adds distance between husband and wife. A wife, who joyfully welcomes other women into her bed, will keep her husband, as he knows that she is special and will not risk losing her.

She smiles and strokes me cheek before continuing. There are two requirements. The husband must understand that the ability to be with another woman is limited to times when his wife is with him. The wife must never make her husband feel guilty for these things. And Rose teaches that we women must learn to love each other without our husbands so that we can love them with our husbands. For now, you will practice with Sammie and me. Later you will be with some of the other wives and their families. We are not trying to turn you away from men. Our role is to teach you to love both so that you and your husband Ray never ever part.

And with that said, Alysa drew me to her and we started to kiss. Her lips explored my lips. Her tongue darted out and in. Her hands roamed my body. I relaxed and allowed things to happen. I was not an active participant, but I was not unwilling either. Alysa was building a fire inside me and that desire was real and powerful. I arched my body to get her fingers deeper inside me. I stuck out my ass further when her tongue invaded it. Sammie's mouth was on my breasts. Her hands explored my body. I was floating on a cloud with an orgasm bubbling up from below. And then the orgasm came. It was profound and sustained as Alysa worked both my pussy and my ass. This was the second time, and the first gentle one with women. My head needed to wrap around the fact that while I loved cock, this was good, very good. One did not exclude the other. That was a new thought on a personal level. I had understood it intellectually before, but never on a gut level.

As I settled, back down to earth and the mattress, I rolled on top of Alysa and started kissing her in return with love for what she had given me. I was in her debt and she was in my heart. I promised myself I would thank Sammie later, just one on one. My hand reached for Alysa's pussy and I played rough with her as she gasped. I scooted down, took her pussy in my mouth and sucked her clit and all around it into my mouth, flicking her clit with my tongue. She came on my face. I laid back, thinking we were done.

Sammie was on top of me in an instant, her pussy in my face as she started eating mine. I find I am not good eating "up" while someone on top of me is eating me out. I try but the effect is desultory at best. It didn't stop Sammie from a complete assault on my pussy. In short order, I was coming again. I caught my breath once the orgasm subsided and I rolled my little 'sister' over and gave her pussy a 'what for' until she was crying out my name and making a wreck of the sheets.

By the time we three got out of the shower again, my third that morning, it was 11:30 and Ray would be home from school in under four hours. Sammie had stayed home to help her mother 'do me.' Ray knew nothing of this.

As was the case every day, as soon as he came home, he would plough me but good at least twice. The amount of sexual activity in this family was way off the charts based on what I experienced and knew about from my culture. Of course Ray was 14 with a libido that could not stop if he had wanted to. And why would he want to when I was at home ready for him? But the rest of the family was incredibly active as well. Was this the case for all Jun's school families?

When Ray did come home, he just gathered me up and took me to our bedroom. Without a word, he fucked me until I came on his cock. Then he unloaded in me and within minutes started over again. After my seventh or eighth orgasm of the day and his third ... he had me that morning before he left for school ... we both lay back exhausted.

How did it go with mom?

You knew about that?

Yes, she texted me.

It went well, Ray.

You will help me with other girls?

Yes, if that is what you want.

You don't get it yet Amber ... it has to be what we both want.

Ray left the bedroom after pulling on his jeans. I had screwed up.

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