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Chapter 4: The Nature of the Beast


Mom and I had a difficult year in Gensan. I was never sure why we couldn't go back to Tito and Tita's but mom said we couldn't.

I remember I was always hungry, even before when we lived with Tito and Tita's. I also remember that I had always had to share a bed with many people. I had no privacy unless I was in the CR1. But everyone was just like us. I knew, most of the kids I grew up with never went to school beyond sixth grade. If they did and they were lucky, they might get a job as an OFW. That meant it was best not to have a family back home because you would probably never see them except for a few days every few years. Mom hasn't seen her mother in over fifteen years.

Mom didn't tell me much about Jun's school when we first applied. I am not sure she knew much about it. When we went to the orientation, it was like living in a fantasy novel. We would do all sorts of nasty things but we were going to the USA and it was all OK.

The ten months at the school were unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. Let me tell you about the dormitory. For the very first time in my life, I had my own room. The mattress was soft and comfortable. The CR had nice showers and the toilets were flush toilets. All of this was new to me.

We ate three meals a day! I was full in my belly. Some of the moms were good cooks. Some were horrible cooks in the beginning. But it seemed that the mom's who could cook taught the others. By the end of the school year, every meal was fantastic! I had never even dreamed of so much food and so good tasting food.

We wore uniforms, as all Filipino children do when they go to school, but we didn't have to buy these, they were given to us. And they were really pretty. The teachers were really smart and all the kids were really smart. Being first in the class wasn't going to happen for me for the first time in my life. We all studied together after classes were over. Every one of us was intent on getting straight A's and we did. We were special and we knew it.

The teachers also taught us things that the Church would be very unhappy about. Our teachers always told us when we were getting a lesson different from what the Church taught. They told us what we would hear from the Church and then they explained why that was wrong and what they needed us to know. We were sponges. We soaked everything up.

The school divided the type of classes and activities up this way. Basic Scholastic Studies were what every Filipina would learn in 6th grade. Enhanced Scholastic Studies included things that kids in the USA learn about their history and their country plus the different units of measure and currency. Basic Physical Education was just like any other school: Volleyball, basketball, and that sort of thing. Enhanced Physical Education taught us about our bodies in a way that would cause a scandal in public school. Some called this 'sex ed' but it went far beyond that into theories of physical needs and various techniques. We had the classes we called Charm School, where we learned the use of forks knives and spoons in the USA, plus things like how to tip, tips on how to dress for different occasions. Lastly, we had Sex School and that was real sex where we learned and practiced technique and developed a comfort level in the bedroom with both men and women.

Classes were six days a week and eleven hours a day. No holidays. We were twelve years old, but by the time that ten months were over, we had been molded into very special young women. We were confident. Our English was strong. We were sexually sophisticated and knowledgeable at love making with both men and women. We even had a few lessons with Jake, mom and me together since mom and I would likely find ourselves together in bed with our husband. That happened with Jake a few times, until we were totally used to it. We needed to think of ourselves as a team. By the end, we did.

By the time Mom had connected with William, I was ready. I knew that if I liked life at the dormitory, life in the USA with William would be even better. The fact that I would like William was easy. Why would I not like and love a man who would take care of mom and me for life. In fact, William was really nice, handsome and both mom and I fell in love with him from the very beginning.

Of course, the first time I was with William, when he rammed that damned big cock of his in my little pussy I was not sure I would ever walk again! But I quickly learned I was able to take William, enjoy William and walk again. William was everything mom and I dreamed he would be. He has been a great dad/husband to me. He has been a great husband to mom. We have a great life now and we can do anything we want. William never tells us 'no.'

I am not leaving to go to college, but not because William requires me to stay. He doesn't. I am staying because I do not want to be away from him. I have a good husband and a good life.

Mom and I have tried to interest William in bringing another woman to bed with us. But William says no. He says the two of us is plenty for him. In the past six years, William has never lied to us and never wronged us. Maybe you think your life will not be complete without a PHD. I have what I want. I see no need to pursue degrees to know my worth. I see it every time William looks at me and his eyes light up. I have a good life and my children will have a good life too.

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1 -Comfort Room = toilet / restroom / bathroom.

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