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Chapter 5: A New Life

The Women

I have been passed from Alysa's family to Adel's. This happened the very week I learned I was pregnant with Ray's child. Ray knows I am pregnant and seems quite happy about it. I hate to disappoint the boy but I will seek an abortion shortly.

Adel tells me I am to spend a month with her family and then I will be passed to another family. I like the idea as I will get a real close look at a number of the families and get a chance for some real serious field work.

Adel has been in the USA with her daughter, Gloria, for two years. There is a baby about 15 months old. His name is Jake and once again I gather he is the daughter's but not the husband Paul's. Just what is going on with this, remains unclear to me.

I am given my own bedroom but after dinner, which I assist in the cooking thereof, I am told to put on a nighty and come to the master bedroom. Paul is a tall and handsome man in his late forties. Adel is twenty-seven. She is my age, but far, far prettier. Paul is over six feet and weighs a trim 180. Adel is five foot two inches and weighs 110. Paul is a redhead. Adel has black hair. They are a striking couple. Right now, they are both naked.

Adel smiles and says, Join us tonight Amber.

I walk to her, put my arms around her and kiss her. Then I turn toward Paul who is standing right next to us and I kiss him, taking his cock in my hand. He is very hard, not quite as big as Ray. I kneel down and take him in my mouth. Adel kneels down next to me. I think I know how to give head. Evidently, I do not, as she is giving me instructions and guiding me as I learn technique. Adel's right hand is around my back, and playing with my right breast as her chin is on my shoulder and she whispers directions in my ear.

I understand what she says I am doing wrong and make the adjustments. I hear Paul making noises. Adel is telling me to get ready for Paul's cum. I should suck it out of him and swallow it, as I go, leaving no trace when we are done. I should suck until long after he has completed, trying to 'suck his balls through his limp dick' according to Adel's whisper. I do what she tells me. I do it exactly and I am rewarded by a man who is at a loss for words. We lay him down on the bed and Adel goes down on me. I am stroking her hair and her back and her mouth eats me from the inside out. She is more tender than Alysa is but she is no less determined. Her tongue never ventures near my ass, but her fingers do, as she works and licks my labia and clit. Other fingers are inside my pussy. Eventually I cum, and as I do, I hold her head close against my pussy, grinding against her.

Now it's my turn to do her and I decide to take my time. I tease her breasts, the inside of her thighs, the small of her back, the hollow on the back if her knees, the inside hollow of her ankles. I suck her toes, which someone told me is called 'shrimping.' And then I work back up to her pussy, ass and breasts. I allow her to build slowly. Slowly she starts to grind against me. I run my fingers deep in her ass and she explodes. I lap up her juices and snuggle next to her.

She whispers in my ear, Move your stuff in here tomorrow. You will sleep with us this month.

I ask, What about Gloria?

Adel smiles, kisses me and says, She will be here with you tomorrow, I will not. You will be with Paul every night for a month. Neither Gloria nor I will be here each night. We will take turns. Sometimes we will all be here.

She closes her eyes and she is asleep.

Paul is awake and he pulls me over to his side. His cock is hard again as he mounts me. I ask him to use a condom. He whispers back that I will find all Jake's men are disease free and as I am already pregnant, there is no need for birth control. He tells me that as he runs his cock as deep as he can go inside me. Since he came just a bit ago, he has no urgent need to come again and I am getting a thorough fucking. My knees are up by my head and he is ramming into me non-stop. I cum and cum again. He is talking trash to me, telling me I am their whore, they own my ass. But it doesn't upset me, it gets me off more. I am soaking the sheets with my orgasms. And then finally he cums inside me. I am their fuck doll. The fact that I am rationalizing why I am doing it – might make it different in my head but not theirs.

The next morning is a Saturday and no one is getting up earlier than little Jake who needs attention. I hear noise in the hall and Jake's cries subside. A little later Gloria comes into the bedroom with little Jake. Gloria sits on the bed by her mother's side and hands the baby over to her mother saying it's her time with Paul and me now. Adel smiles, takes little Jake in her arms and heads to the bathroom. Gloria has something else in her arms. It looks like a wide leather belt. But I also catch a glimpse of a dildo.

Gloria is strapping it on and smiling at me. I know what strap-on dildos are for in general, but I have no direct experience with them. As I am contemplating what is about to happen, Paul pulls me on top of him and has me mount him. I still have not cleaned up from the night before. He is deep in me as Gloria pushes me forward, anoints my ass with something oily and mounts my ass with the dildo. I have never had a cock or a dildo up my ass. It might have been nice if she had asked first, or taken her time, but that is a matter for the history books. The pain was intense but short-lived. She is deep inside me; so is Paul, as they take me from front and back.

I lose control of my body. I am what Paul called me last night, his whore, their fuck doll, their slave. Eventually Paul comes and Gloria lets me up. I have no idea how many times I have cum. I have no idea what time it is. I can't walk for the better part of a day.

Adel and Gloria take a little pity on me and allow me to take their oral histories.

Adel was not raped or forced into sex at an early age. She fell in love with an older schoolmate and he seduced her. When the pregnancy was obvious, the families went ape-shit and barred her from the boy, but as abortion was not available, she had the baby, Gloria. She never regretted Gloria, but she also couldn't afford Gloria, Her parents supported the two of them until her father got hurt at work and laid off without benefits. The family became destitute. Jun's school seemed like a heaven sent prayer. I get the whole thing down via a recorder.

Gloria informs me – as if I do not already know, that she is into S&M and B&D. Paul likes to play with her more than Adel does. Gloria explains about the little Jakes and Jacquelines. They are from Big Jake in the Philippines. He gets the girls (daughters) pregnant just before they get to the States. That way there is no one looking at the husband to explain the child's sexually active nature. Gloria is proud to have a little Jake of her own.

Paul is a civil engineer with a state government. He makes a good, but not a great living. They are comfortable and stable. Paul thinks he has won the sweepstakes with his two girls. They often travel back to the Philippines on holiday and find other girls to connect with for group sessions, something that Paul loves and says keeps life fresh. Adel is happy with the arrangement. She knows Paul isn't going anywhere without her. She is set for life. Gloria is a wild card. But her connection with Paul is deep and strong. I suspect that as much as she likes to make love to Paul, she seems to prefer women. It is an interesting dynamic.

I am thinking more and more about how I am going to get the abortion. I mention to Adel that I need a few days in San Diego toward the end of the month. She nods but doesn't say anything. For three weeks I am either in Paul's arms, or Adel's, or Gloria has me in handcuffs. In between Adel is perfecting my Filipino cooking and teaching me to keep house like a Filipina. That is to say, immaculate.

At the end of the third week, we are on the road headed to Idaho. My date for an abortion at the present is not being accommodated. I am told they need to get me to the next family now because of scheduling issues.

I tell them I can fly there but they insist on driving me. Along the way, we stop at two other of Jake families homes. By the time we get to Idaho, we have burned through more than a week! At each location, I am lent out to the wife and daughter. Sometimes the husband is included but not always. Also at each location, I get to take oral histories. I find that the only one of ‘Jake’s mothers’ who experienced forced sex was my first interviewee. All the rest were willing participants in their early childhood sexual experiences. The daughters are from nineteen years of age to twelve. I am told that the school has been in operation for seven years. The nineteen-year-old was from the very first class. With one exception, they all have little Jakes or Jacquelines. I ask who decided on the names. It was decided on the website between the wives.

I decide I need to meet Jake, Jun and Rose. My hosts agree and ask me for my passport.

My sexual skills have improved remarkably. I can't get over the scope of things I have been taught. I can deep throat with the best of them. My pelvic muscles have been developed to do things I would not have thought possible before. I can get my female friends off quite easily now and I am comfortable coming on to a woman. I really am not worried if she is unsure. All these women are sure things and so when one of the families suggest I hit on another guest – who it turns out has never been with a woman and was not part of Jake's families, I just seduced the woman without realizing that such a thing is not easy. I just blew the woman away and had her for lunch. Now my only problem is that the woman is convinced she loves me and sends me text messages all the time. It is flattering. I am fully aware that other women desire me as do men. I am learning how much real power that gives me. I also begin to understand how much power the women I am studying really have compared to the average American woman. When they say they are happy, they are also saying they don't need any more power. They have plenty.

What was I searching for in striving for my doctorate? Prestige? Power? Surely not happiness. You can't curl up to a warm doctorate. If I compare my path and what I will have when I am done, to the path of these woman and what they have when they are done ... just who is kidding whom here? Who is the most free of bonds and who is all bound up?

Who is happier and whose happiness is more grounded in reality?

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