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Chapter 6: The Nature of the Beast


She is twenty-five and her daughters are but twelve and eleven. She has been only a month in this country. Her older daughter, Jasmine, is pregnant. The younger daughter, Ginger, is but a leaf in the wind. Jinkie is married to Howard. Howard is fifty-seven. Howard is balding with gray. He is about five foot five inches tall with a potbelly. It would be charitable to call him handsome. It would be a lie to call him attractive. They live in a rural part of northern Idaho, some fifty miles from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Jinkie doesn't care about that. Her husband loves her and has solved every problem she had. She would die before considering leaving him and Howard knows and appreciates that fact.

Jinkie fell in love at age twelve with an eighteen-year-old boy from her barangay1. Her parents could not pry them apart. Even after the first pregnancy, she was attached to the fellow. After the second child, he joined the Army. She never saw him again. Jinkie was heartbroken. A fourteen-year-old with two children doesn't command any interest among other boys or men. She could not go to school. She could not work. Life for Jinkie, for ten years, was a struggle. The fact that her daughters were exceptionally bright and pretty, and that she was as well, were the only saving graces. It eventually got them into Jun's school. Ginger proved a little bit of a problem, but it seems Jun's school had dealt with that problem before and knew what to do.

When we got accepted to Jun's school I can't begin to explain how happy I was. I had not had a man between my legs in ten years. I saw my whole life lost. And then this wonderful thing. I knew there was nothing wrong with having sex at a young age for the girl, so long as the future was assured, and the way Jake and Jun had set it up, we would be safe for the rest of our lives. I don't care what they said to do. If they said to do it, we did it. They knew what they were doing and we just had to put our faith and trust in their hands. We did that and look at the results. I have Howard and he loves me. My children have a real future. And there are the basic things. We have food, we have a place to live, we have schools to attend without fear of not having the tuition.

You want to know how I feel about Howard fucking my daughters? Ha! I help him to fuck my daughters. Let each of us give him lots of children! He deserves it and so long as he is fucking us, and giving us our white American babies, there is no problem! It is what we want. Everyone in this home is a winner.


Howard is our husband. Look I know what you are thinking. That I am twelve! That I can’t really know anything. That all I can do is repeat what I have heard from others. Ha! You Americans are fools. I know what my life was and where I was headed. No matter what I did, I had no options. None. I might be pretty. I might be smart. It didn't matter.

I have heard the term, 'game changer.' You know that term, yes? Well, Jun and Jake are the game changers. And out of eight thousand girls in my year, twenty were chosen and I was one of those. Each of us was as poor as my family was. Each of us had to be very pretty in Jun's and Jakes eyes. Each of us had to be very, very smart in our schoolwork. Our mothers had to be very pretty according to Jun and Jake. And our mothers had to be single or separated from their husbands.

The fact that I was one of the twenty is a miracle from God. It is true. If it were not from God's hand, I would not have been selected.

You know the phrase, 'God works in mysterious ways'? Well, he does. Jake and Jun do not claim to be God's agents on the earth, but they are. I told them that they are. They laugh at me but it is true. I have read that a person can be an unknowing agent. I think that is what Jun and Jake are.

I cannot begin to explain all they stuffed into our heads in ten months, one school year. I am not the girl I was when I entered the school and mom is not the woman who was with me that first day of school. You know she was the world's worst cook when we first got there. Now she cooks great. We both are different people today. Our old selves would never have found our personal savior. Both mom and I know that.

You don't think I am mature enough to love anyone yet. But that is not my problem. That is yours. You don't know how to love. You can't see that someone outside of your own head can be that important to you. Jake calls that the Western Civilized Mind disease. I know how to love. I know how to give myself completely. I have learned that in doing that with the right person I can and do grow wings to fly over things I never could have before. I also know that those wings do not belong to me. They are for me, but they only exist because I love unconditionally. I know the love must be real, not fake, or someday I will fall out of the sky. God can take away everything he gives and I have no control over that. All I can do is be faithful in my love and pray that God sees that.

I know that I love Howard. I don't love the 'idea of Howard', I love the real Howard. You do not find him Pogi 2, I do. You look around and see other men. I look around and only see the men who never raised a finger to save me. And then I look at Howard and see the one and only man who did save me.

Does he deserve my unending love? Yes! Does it matter that I am only twelve? It doesn't matter to Howard and I glory in the fact that he loves me. I am the reason he married mom. He loves mom too ... but I am the reason we closed the deal. When he slides his cock in me, he is hard. When I let him remove it, it is always soft. I need Howard's love to fly and I don't want ever to be without it.


I am supposed to be the bad guy right? I know what would happen if this became public. I understand the laws. But you have spoken with them. Have I coerced them? Are they frightened or intimidated? Do I scare them? Do they want a way out? I know there are no real bars on the windows or doors, but do they perceive there to be bars? Do Jasmine or Ginger look or act terrified, sullen, fearful or even mildly worried? Do I seem scary to you? You and I know I am old, fat and far from handsome.

Did Jinkie tell you I was married twice before? I was. I was not a good husband. You know why? Because I felt trapped. You would think that a guy like me would be happy with one woman. I never was. I was always looking around. And you think that when a woman married a man she would open up to him sexually. With my two wives, it was the opposite. Once they married me they shut down sexually, as if to say, 'now that I have you, I don't have to give you sex any more'. After the two failed marriages, I never thought I would marry again, but a friend told me that Filipino women weren't like that and so I registered on a dating site for Filipino women.

I was amazed. The women did seem different, but there were so many, how to choose with whom to be serious? I mean, look at me! They did! There were honest photos of me and if they wanted, I used my webcam. I hid nothing. And yet so many were interested in me.

How did I choose Jinkie? Well, it was a number of things. Her description didn't just say "I am a simple girl looking for a man to love me' like so many of the others said. It had substance to it. Her photos were really nice but also didn't seem like they were professionally photo-shopped. When I met her on the cam she was real nice. She looked on the cam just like her photos, and we had a nice conversation. Other women were less able to do that. And then once I was interested with her, not before, she introduced me to her daughters. She never said anything suggestive about them, but they also were so pretty and so nice to me that I had to meet them.

I flew to the Philippines two weeks after I met Jinkie on-line. I flew to General Santos City and was staying at a hotel there in town. Jinkie came to the room and proceeded, for twenty-four hours, to take me to a place sexually I had only dreamed of. Do you really want to know what the sex was? Do you want me to describe in detail what she did? No? Good, OK. She promised me that this wasn't just for now, but for always so long as I was good to her. I would have asked her to marry me before I returned to the USA. But the next day Jasmine came to me room and Jinkie left. I had no idea what Jasmine was going to do. I thought we would talk and go out to see things in town. Instead I got four hours of incredible sex, followed by a two hour nap and then other hour of sex. I had never had sex with a minor before and I do not dream of having sex with minors. Jinkie returned that afternoon and asked point blank if I was going to marry her and treat Jasmine as a wife as well. We didn't discuss it further. I simply considered the matter for at least five full seconds before saying yes. As to Ginger, I didn't have any plans or thoughts about her and I had not seen her at that point on the trip.

Once done, the two of them asked me to take them to Grab a Crab for supper. But before we could, go we needed to pick up Ginger. Ginger clung next to me all that night at the restaurant.

Jinkie told me if I wanted, we could move into a furnished home for the rest of my stay and live together as a family. She could cook for me and we could get used to being a family. That made sense to me. The next morning we made the move to this place, which must have been somehow connected to the school, for this very purpose since I have heard other families stayed there as well.

That week was idyllic. I had never known such happiness. I also have never made love to such young girls. Sometimes I was with Jinkie when this happened and sometimes she was cooking, cleaning or shopping when Jas or Gin or both decided it was time for a roll in the hay.

Jinkie was a great cook and I never ate so well. She kept the place immaculate. She and the girls just settled in around me. We played cards, sang karaoke, went for walks, watched TV. They asked what I did for a living. Asked to see photos of where I lived. We visited other people they knew and others visited us.

Jinkie was clear with me. So long as I was good to them, they would be good to me. And good didn't mean showering them with money. No, it was not money. They wanted no yelling, no hitting, no drugs, no drunkenness, no gambling, and no lying. They wanted a safe place to live, food to eat and an education for the daughters. That was the easiest thing in the world for me and I readily agreed.

When I returned to the USA I filed the paperwork for the fiancée visa and once we got that, I brought them over. Now that we are here and the marriage is a reality, everything they promised me has ended up being true. I am for the very first time happy in a marriage. Is it the way marriage is supposed to be? Of course it isn't. But it works quite well for us. Gin is on birth control. Jas is pregnant with Jake's child – probably a necessary precaution to protect me. Jas will go on birth control once the baby is born. Either can stop having sex with me and it will not change my commitment to this family. There is no requirement for Jas or Gin to engage in any sex with me. Both know that. Both tell me to shut up about it.

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1 - The smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward.
2 - Pogi means Handsome.

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