The Interviews

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Chapter 7: A New Life

The Hinterlands

It seems that there is nowhere in Idaho or Utah to get an abortion. I am being passed from family to family far from any such access. Is this intentional? I could quit and leave but the word has been subtly provided that if I leave I am not going to be welcomed back and I will have to leave all my field notes behind. I am hanging in there.

I have lain with seven of the husbands, eleven of the wives and nine of the daughters. I have conducted interviews with each individual with whom I have lain and others. I have come to some preliminary conclusions. None of the men is a classic pedophile. If a neighbor's child was in the house, that child would be completely safe from molestation. These men all seem to have healthy egos and have no hidden, sublimated urges. Instead, all the urges are expressed and resolved within the home. Every one of the men is aware that he is breaking the law.

None of the daughters has reported to me any feeling of coercion. Rather, they express a desire to continue their sexual relationship with their mother's husband. This is said with the understanding that everything they say is private and I will not tell anyone. What I have heard more than once is that their mother limits their access to the husband. This is typically related to issues of bedtime for school nights, and is understandable from the mother's point of view, but is a source of frustration for the daughter. This is an issue relegated to the younger daughters.

There is a relatively uniform level of basic sexual knowledge between all the females in the families. There are some who are far more fluid and experienced in their sexual activities. None lack competence. Some activities such as deep throat techniques are far more broadly understood than would be the case in the general population. Every female engages in bisexual activity. This is observed in 100% of all the homes. None of the daughters is sexually playful with men or boys other than the mother's husband.

Most of the mothers do not work outside the home. This is unusual: Other research on Filipinas, outside Jake's group, who come as wives, indicate that most seek employment.

The women (both mothers and daughters) in this group have formed a close and closed society primarily through the website. Some – but not all – of the men have done the same. When the women converse with each other, once in the USA, it is exclusively in one of the Filipino languages. (I note that this was not the case for them when they were at the school.) Interestingly, all the women speak either Cebuano (also known as Visayan), or Ilonggo and some speak both. While all have some Tagalog, within the group Tagalog is no one's primary language and is almost never used. These women stay off the more normal social media sites such as Facebook, Friendster and Twitter.

They feel safer staying a bit under the radar. This is also very unusual. Outside research indicates that Filipinos are heavy users of Facebook.

I don't have my own access to the group's website, but I have accessed it when sitting with the wives. Chat sessions are available for one‐on‐one and group chats. There are a series of blogs, used mostly by the kids. There are events and calendars. Interestingly, the school itself is a participant on the site. This gives feedback to the school, which is used to change its processes based on how things work out in the real world.

That makes these wives and daughters more than graduates. They are still attached to the school and are the advanced network, who help guide the school’s development. The females, both mothers and daughters are not timid in that regard. They seem to see it as their mission to help those who are in the pipeline and to keep the process functioning. It is as if they, the females, are on a mission. They all believe in the mission and the rightness of it. The feedback regards issues of school education prep, sexual techniques, and keeping their husbands happy.

I have giggled a little as I have read about reactions to my presence in homes. Evidently I am the first non-Filipina that the husbands have had as extras in bed since the marriages occurred in many cases. The results from the places I have stayed indicate that the extra spice was nice but the marriages experienced no difficulties after I left. The ones I visited in the beginning refer to me as sexually inexperienced. More recent postings have noted my education in such matters has advanced.

I had not been a wallflower sexually before I entered into this fieldwork. I believe I knew what the average American woman might know. These women are simply far more knowledgeable.

I am getting more horny as my pregnancy advances. I did a simple search on the web and find that it is normal. What is not normal is that I have so many ready partners that my desire is getting amped up even more. For the last two months I have been passed back and forth between three families in Idaho and Utah. It is a crazy life. Everyone of the wives is a beauty queen and every teen daughter is as well. My desire for women has grown and grown. I still like cock and the husbands have done their job filling me as needed, but they are not attached to me and clearly do not love me.

I hear from Ray every week and it is silly but I miss him. It is his baby inside me and I am building a real fondness for the father of this baby. I am in the middle of my fourth month. If I don't end the pregnancy soon, it will be too late and now I am wondering if I want to do that. The women want my next baby (yes they are talking about that) to be one from Jake. I think that guy has had plenty already. He seems to agree as I read a post he answered related to that. But I am going to meet him and Jun. I have an extended stay visa in my passport and a ticket for the Philippines. I will be escorted by one of the families from the second graduating class. I gather I will get to stay in the 'furnished house' they have off the school grounds.

I have been keeping my Thesis Advisor current on my interviews and situation. He thinks he is losing me to this cult. I tell him it is not a cult. Each has their own religion, their own way of doing things. They are just highly protective of their identities because of the laws. He says he is concerned about the apparent traffic of women – now including myself – in a sex trade. I assure him that it is all 100% voluntary. There is no one being forced. I am not being forced. It is just the only way I could openly and honestly gain access to the group and do my research. He is not sanguine but he says ... OK.

I did say goodbye to my boyfriend. He is a really nice guy and he deserves to have companionship, I cannot give him that now and I don't know if I will ever be able to do so. My experiences have certainly changed me. I don't think I want to live without females in my life, but I also need a man. I am not sure exactly how I will work that out.

My research so far guides me to a real re-evaluation of assumptions we make about normative familial structure, pair bonding and hierarchy. I can see how economics and the perceived need for safety plays a far larger role in successful ordering of these than is normally thought. There does not seem to be a natural tendency for dyads. Men seem more grounded and happier in cohesive polygamous groupings. They seem 'tamer.' Granted all the families I have studied have a male with significant wage earning behavior, not just potential. It seems like that might be a limiting factor.

I am currently back from Utah and in Idaho again. My host family is from the sixth class, which makes the daughter 18. She is currently pregnant with her husband/father's baby as is her mother. The mother has produced two children for her husband and there is a Jacqueline as well. So there are three kids under six and two more on the way. "Dad" is strutting around like a peacock. With three pregnant females in the house we are quite a sight. Of the three, I show the least.

The mom's name is Marish and Marish has a crush on a neighbor woman. She thinks the woman – age twenty – is interested in women and more specifically in Marish, but Marish can't be sure. She wants to know if I would hit on the girl and see what's up. That doesn't expose the family since I am just a guest.

I ask some of the other women, via the website, if should Marish act out the crush if it would violate the 'rules'? They don't think so, but it is really up to Marish's husband.

I decide to ask Marish. She giggles and tells me that her husband thinks it's a gas. He has no problems with it and wonders if he gets to bed the girl.

The girl is pretty enough. I agree. This will be my second attempt to pick up a girl. I put on a short and pretty skirt, a cute top with a cute pushup bra. That makes me a little more than a C cup. I have painted my nails a pinkish red, fingers and toes. I am wearing open toe high heel sandals. I think I look good, cute and perky, not slutty. I decide to go down the street and just say I had seen her around and as I am visiting the area, I thought I'd see if she is up for visiting. She is up for a visit. She offers wine and but I decline due to the pregnancy, she takes some for herself.

Her name is Lindsey. She's a redhead with green eyes, five foot five and of Irish descent on both sides. She's not seeing anyone right now. She has been in a few complicated relationships. I note she avoids words like boyfriend or girlfriend or first names. I comment on her earrings. They look custom made and are lovely. Yes, they are custom made by a local artist. I reach out to feel the weight of them on her ear. My hand brushes her skin, she doesn't pullback. I go in for a kiss and she kisses back. Contact! By the time I leave we both have pussy juice on our cheeks. I have a surprise for her tomorrow. We will do a threesome with Marish.

Once Marish knew that Lindsey eats pussy she was thinking of only one thing. But that didn't mean her husband, Cody, got shorted. No, he got a three course meal that night. His three pregnant women all in bed with him. Marish tied his hands to the bedpost. Marish and I started by shrimping him while his youngest wife, Isabella sucked on his nipples. Two hours later after teasing the hell out of him, Isabelle had a strap-on up his ass, as Marish was giving him deep throat and I was sucking his nipples as hard as I could. I think it is safe to say that he came as hard as he ever came in his life. He sure as hell slept hard.

It's, sort of, funny as this was such a turn-around from the first night I stayed with this family. That night I was the 'victim.' Marish had me handcuffed to the big bed and I was on top of Cody with his dick deep in my pussy. Marish was on top of me with a strap-on up my ass. Once they were done with me, they gave me to Isabelle for the rest of the evening. So watching Cody get it was a lot of fun!

The next day was a hoot. We just about tackled Lindsey and kept her going for as long as we could. Lindsey was surprised when I showed up with Marish in tow. My way of dealing with it was to go up to Lindsey, take her in my arms and give her a kiss from the depth of my heart. I then did the same walking back to Marish and giving her a deep kiss. I then brought Marish to Lindsey and said, "Girls, I think you need to kiss." Marish took it from there. Lindsey reciprocated and the three-way was on in good fashion.

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