Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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It was November and I was 77. LM was 28, Teach was 51, Red was 52 and Alina was 32. One old fart, an AK1, with four beautiful wives and six minor children. That meant there were eleven of us! Imagine! Eleven birthdays each year; eleven for breakfast and dinner each day. That is not inconsequential. We talked about having help, but that caused further problems.

I was too damned old to be of any real use. For the adult meals, each wife took responsibility for two days a week worth of dinners. Saturday and Sunday dinners would be with two wives in the kitchen. Friday nights we would go out to dinner or have pizza delivered. The kid’s meals were the responsibility of Alina and LM. When either of the two mothers cooked, the kids ate what we ate. When Red or Teach were in the kitchen the kid’s meals were different from that of the adults.

All other child care was the responsibility of the two mothers. Teach and I, in the early days, had split laundry and other household tasks. As I got older, and the family grew, Teach covered my needs and the women otherwise pooled their efforts with Red overseeing LM’s scheduling.

When we built the house I was smart enough to install two large industrial size, high quality clothes washer and dryers.

The kitchen was also equipped with a restaurant sized, high quality range, large fan exhausts, fridge and stand-alone freezer. There were two large ovens and separate broiler, two microwaves and a restaurant size and style dishwasher. The pantry was huge. The variety and sizes of pots and pans was somewhat intimidating. We could make anything there and we often had fun on the weekends with some amazing meals. Holiday meals were far easier on us than on many families.

Of all of us, only two regularly went to work outside the home each morning, Teach and Red. They both left at 7:30 each weekday morning but in two separate vehicles. Teach would get home by 4:30. Red would walk in around 5:30. Red’s meal during the weekdays was always something that did not take a lot of prep time. It is hard to get home at 5:30 from a full day at work, whip up a complex meal for five and have it on the table by 7:00! On occasion, she would walk in from work with cartons of Chinese take-out. We never complained. Besides, I like Chinese take-out.

If I was to ask you, who was most likely to throw a monkey wrench into the works, if you didn’t answer LM, well fuck you – you just have not been paying attention.

Why is it always LM? Think about it. She is attached to me in a way that none of the others are or could be. I have never understood what happened when she was nine years of age, but something happened and nothing has changed her on that issue since. For her I am ‘her world’ – for real, age notwithstanding. But it is not just ‘her’ world. Look at how she went over the edge about Alina having my children. So what was it this time? If you were doing your arithmetics you would note that Ruth is nine now. Does that ring any bells?

Evidently, while other mothers told their daughters, more common bedtime stories, my youngest wife had been filling her eldest daughter’s head with tales of becoming one of the special women of the covenant. What covenant, you ask? The one between my wives and me I guess.

On Ruth’s 9th birthday, LM brought her to my bedroom on LM’s night. Ruth was in a bathrobe and was barefoot when she entered the bedroom. LM sent her directly into the master bath and told Ruth to stay there until LM came for her.

Once the bathroom door was closed, I quietly but with great earnestness asked LM what was going on. She told me that Ruth was ready to take her part in the long path to her womanhood in the family. I asked LM, what part of incest do you not understand?

She ignored me and started explaining… but I was not listening. I picked up the phone and dialed Teach’s cell – and said, Get in here NOW.

And then, I did the same to Red. As it happened Alina was with Teach and she came too. While I was not ready to explain all this to Alina, it was not something I could control.

It took less than 30 seconds to assemble the troops and another 30 seconds to explain the situation to all except Alina – who would just have to hang loose.

I’m not doing this again. I lived for years with the issue of an underage LM’s sexual exploits. Not again!

Teach was, at least, sympathetic, Red was laughing and Alina was desperately trying to get a word in edgewise. Finally she succeeded.

Jake, are you saying that you didn’t know, and wouldn’t have permitted this?

Yes Alina, that’s what I am saying. What are you saying?

I’m saying that LM and I, under her guidance, have been training all three girls on this from the very beginning – even before they could talk. Each of them is looking forward to this. It has been the bedrock upon which they have been brought up to see our universe. If you refuse, you will do great damage to all the girls!

At which point Red started laughing again, and Teach gave me the – you have lost again – look.

Teach quietly asked Alina what she meant. Alina explained that each girl was told that as they approached the time when they would start menstruation, that I would introduce them to the pleasures of what it would be like to be a woman. I would be the role model with whom they would learn the secrets of successful women and once all the lessons were learned I would require them to stop being with me as they made their way in the world. Once they completed their sexual education and had experienced some of the world, they might ask for inclusion into our circle!

I decided it was better to continue speaking with Alina and leave LM to stew for a bit. You two have taught each girl this myth?

Yes Jake and we talk about it almost every night as they go to bed. Rebecca is old enough that she knows Ruth is with you tonight and I had a hard time getting her to sleep! They’re excited. If you turn Ruth away the consequences will be traumatic! If I had only known I would have told you, but LM has been doing it since the girls were born, the harm started before I arrived.

LM, I can’t begin to describe my upset, with you, right now.

It didn’t hurt me Jake! It isn’t hurting them!

There was no good option. The only option was to limit the damage, but I didn't know how to do that! One thing I was sure of, was that I didn't want LM in the room. Teach you stay. Everyone else go – including you LM. No arguing.

They went. I looked at Teach.

Help me?

She nodded.

OK, go bring me Ruth.

Teach went into the bathroom alone. Three minutes later…

Ruth came out of the bathroom alone.

She was dressed as her mother had been the night her mother and her grandmother prepared me for marriage in the room at the Monte Carlo. The high heels and the garter belt, no panties, and hose on that child. There was even a Gardenia on the wrist, and the same perfume. Her lips had lipstick on them, a soft pink rose color, which matched her eye shadow. Her eyelashes had been given the mascara treatment. Her nails, fingers and toes, where polished. She wore earrings and a simple gold necklace. Yes, I remembered the perfume.

But this little one had been coached by LM and not Teach. Teach at least, evidently, had some sense of restraint. I had not appreciated it at the time, but with LM as the tutor, this time was different. Ruth stood straight, looked me right in the eye. She was not scared. She was here to claim her rightful place in the world!

Mother told me that I should stand like this and you would touch me all over. And after you did that, you would bring me to your bed where I would take your clothes off. Mother told me to tell you that I have been practicing with dildos for the last six months. I will take you inside me without injury.

Teach had been listening to all this from the bathroom. Now she slid out behind the child and made her way to the bedroom door. She gave me a look, which I could not interpret and closed the door behind her as she left.

I felt very alone in the room with Ruth. I did not think that LM understood the risk she was forcing me into taking and the risk for us as a family, for her, for the kids. I was sad to the deepest place in my heart. Here in front of me was a highly sexualized version of LM as she was at age 9, and that is saying something.

Ruth knew in her heart that was she was doing was both right and necessary. You do not mess with that easily… and if we were lucky, nothing bad would happen – maybe.

I got up and talked to the child. I knelt down and took her in my arms. I just held her for a bit, but she started squirming.

Don’t you want to touch me? Is there something wrong with me?

No child, you are perfect.

Then why aren’t you touching me all over like Mom said you would?

Patience Ruth, patience.

But, patience wasn’t going to cut it. Ruth was about to have a meltdown, right then and there. I either, needed to stop her and deal with a meltdown, or we needed to get on with the program.

I ran my palm over her head and down her back settling on her rump. She settled down. I kissed her forehead, her cheeks and her neck. I kissed closed eyes and then her ears. The hand on her rear glided down over her left leg and down to her heel. My left hand gently lifted up her chin and I kissed her neck. I kissed my way down her flat chest to her belly.

Remaining on my knees, I righted myself, held her head between my hands and told Ruth that we would move to the bed. Her eyes sparkled. She nodded and followed me once I got up, which is harder for a man of 77 to do than you may think.

Ruth this time I will undress myself and I will lie on my back. You will do what is expected of you today and then we will talk about it. OK?

Mom told me that this might be what you would do. I know what to do. Thanks!

And so I deliberately disrobed, folding my clothes and putting things away. I had taken a Viagra before LM had come into the room so that was not an issue. I lay down.

I had a woody. Why lie about it? Ruth climbed onto the bed and squatted over my cock and just before she began, I stopped her. Was she wet enough? If not she would rip herself apart! I reached down to her pussy, it was coated with KY jelly. LM had made sure Ruth would be OK physically but she had no idea what this might do to the child long term. No one in the world was ever going to be like LM on the inside. Evidently, the only one who did not know that was LM!

I relinquished control. Ruth centered herself on my uplifted member and slowly engulfed it. All of it. If LM had felt like pushing a rock through a straw, this time the rock was slick with the KY and the heat of Ruth’s pussy felt like she was running a temperature, she was so physically hot. How can I explain how tight it felt? There are no words. It felt so not possible. And yet Ruth started rocking up and back down on my cock. Faster and faster. Her arms were out straight and placed against my chest as her body bounced up and down. She could not cum. She was too young.

Ruth stated talking to me, or to some phantom in the room. You’re going to cum for me. You need me. You want me. You can’t live without me.

I could cum and as Ruth’s body squeezed my member beyond where it could go and provided the needed friction, I came inside Ruth with a force far more intense that I had imagined. My cum blew into Ruth with real power. This is the one thing that Ruth could not have planned for and it did take her breath away.

She rolled off me and we snuggled a bit. Following which came LM’s training for act two. Ruth slid down and using her mouth, cleaned me up before collecting her robe and departing.

That was the end of the evening as I sunk into sleep alone. But, it wasn’t the end of Ruth. I awoke the next morning with a new Hoover on my cock. Ruth was back in the room. She was taking full advantage of her access to my body. LM had taught her very well. I lasted only about five minutes.

I kissed Ruth’s forehead and sent her off. I then called a meeting of my wives for 5:30 that evening. No one would have to take off work. The older children would watch the younger ones, with the exception of the infant who would be with us. By now Ruth was 9; Rebeca was 7; Asher was 5; Lily was 4; Abraham was 3; the infant, Irina was 18 months.

I gave LM a job to do the first thing in the morning when she showed up. I asked her to research incest and statutory rape prosecutions in our state and the laws regarding incest and sex with a minor. I also asked her to look up any literature she could find on the outcomes of families involved with such matters. I told her I wanted a report ready for the meeting that night. Lastly I told her not to speak with me about it until the meeting.

It was a grim day.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

We assembled in the living room upstairs and formed a circle with our chairs. I asked LM to tell us exactly what Ruth was instructed to do so far and what she was expecting from now on. I wanted the report in detail and I wanted it in front of all the wives. LM, did not want to tell. One by one, we all told her she was not welcome in our rooms until she told us what she had been up to. Alina offered to tell us instead, but I was not having any of that. It was time for LM to come clean.

What we heard appalled me and I think Teach and Red. The girls were being taught to be baby making machines by age 14! They would be in my room almost every night. Ruth only for now, but in two years it would be Ruth and Rebecca. Lily was so young that we didn’t really think of her role for now but at four and a half, she already knew what her role was suppose to be!

I told all assembled what had transpired so far.

I then had LM read the report I had her produce earlier that day. It was sobering for all my women. I already knew just about all that was in the report. Alina was terrified. She had not known. LM was scared.

I opened the floor for discussion.

There was silence for a long time. We just looked at each other. Teach went first.

Husband… Jake, I think I speak for all but maybe LM when I tell you that your children are not the only victims here. You are a victim. You have been put in an impossible place. If there is something I know, it is that we must not divide into fighting groups but must cleave together even more strongly than we ever have in the past. We must be impenetrable to the outside world. We need to start home schooling the children. We cannot risk exposure. I have enough time in the school system that I can take early retirement and I will be the children’s teacher. Next, I think we are done having children in this house. Every additional birth will raise our visibility. Lastly I think that I need to mentor Ruth and Red should mentor Becca. Alina can work with us as regards Lily. ... Jake, here’s the hard part of what I have to tell you. You can’t stop it cold turkey. We can slow it down and then stop it gently, but if we put the brakes on too hard or too fast we are going to have more problems. Certainly we do not want our children having children. Ruth will be back in your bed and eventually so might Becca for a while.

Red was squirming in her seat and almost started speaking before Teach was finished. Jake, I bear some extra responsibility as LM would talk about such things but I thought it was only fantasy! I never believed LM, that she would really do this! I guess I have to agree with Teach in all regards and I will be responsible for Becca. I think Teach was wrong in one way last night. She should have stayed with you. At no time should you have to be with the children without a wife present. It was what you wanted last night. From now on, you will have it. That can be communicated to Ruth right away. She has no permission to enter your room without one of the wives, other than LM. Sorry LM. I do love you but on this matter only, we can’t trust you. Do you understand sweetheart?

LM was clearly devastated but indicated that she understood and agreed.

Alina was crying. I had no idea whether she would want to take her children and leave our home. This was a fucking mess. Teach was trying to comfort her when she spoke up. For all that has gone on, and for what is wrong, you, my family, have found a good way forward and will find a way to make it right. I especially like that no one has been pushed out. We are a family and I know now even better than before… we are a loving family. I will work to undo the messages LM and I have given to Lily. And I think both LM and I will need to know the new messages that Ruth and Becca are getting so that we don’t get played one against another.

Teach and Red agreed.

The only person who was deeply unhappy with Teach’s outline, other than LM, was me. I don’t think these women understood the emotional bond that was going to develop between the young girls and me – or the revulsion if things went wrong – after years or even only months of sexual intercourse.

LM, you are now and will forever be my wife and I do love you as much today as I ever have loved you. You have disappointed me because you schemed. This is not the first time you have schemed and that has to end. If you love me as you say you do, you must accept my word and my primacy. With my other wives, I give them freedom to make choices, that I must not allow you to have. Your ability to make choices is poor. We all have our limits and this is yours. My other wives will likely never be required as I require you, but from now on, in all things, LM I am not just your husband, I am your master, and if you disobey me there will be punishment. And from now on, so that you remember this change in your status in this family, you will address me as Master at all times. Is that clear?

Four pair of eyes were on me; each pair as big as they might get. None of my wives had ever heard me speak in such a way before. There was silence. I waited for the answer. LM needed to make this choice and she needed to do it in front of her sister-wives as well as me. There would be no misunderstanding about what I had done or why I had done it.

I continued to wait. My eyes stayed on LM.


Yes what?

Silence. And then LM picked her head up and looked at me. She was not angry, or cowed. She was calm.

Yes, Master. I will obey you in all things.

I looked around a bit relieved if not happy. Did anyone else have anything to say? Evidently not. I asked Red and Teach to come to my office while LM and Alina got dinner together.

Once the three of us had regrouped, I wanted to pursue a possible strategy. I wanted to know how the two women who would be responsible for the girls would react to my thoughts. How would it be if we took the following line with Ruth… 'Jake’s reaction to you was not what your mother expected. Jake was supposed not to react to you, as a woman as strongly as he did. He was only to be a trainer. The problem is that Jake is concerned that by the time comes for you to go off on your own, he will have fallen in love with you. Jake is scared that his feeling for you will be too strong. Can we find a way to teach you what you need to know without risking Jake’s feelings for you?' ... In other words, tell her she is too pretty, too good at what she does and that makes it harder for me to teach her safely.

Red was confused, Jake are you sure you can fake those feelings?

Red, what would you say if I was telling the truth? Do you think I’m immune from my emotions when I am making love to someone who desperately wants to make me sexually satisfied every time before she stops? My emotions are in roller-coaster mode right now. Getting head is one thing. This child was fucking me for all she was worth.

But she’s only 9!

I had no answer to that, but Teach did. You didn’t see her last night. Jake’s right. We have to intervene more forcefully than I was thinking. Jake, you fell in love with LM a long time ago, didn’t you?

It was really a statement, not really a question. But I nodded, How could I not?

Teach finally grasped my plight and desperate need to stop this. OK, I’ll go find Ruth right now. I need to explain what has happened to Jake’s heart.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Teach did explain to Ruth how she had been too good at what she was doing. That her mother LM, had taught her so well she in truth didn’t need to see Jake to get better. Ruth was obviously flattered and at the same time sad. The Grandmother and grandchild sat and rocked for a while and then Grandmother suggested that Ruth might want to eat with the adults tonight. To this Ruth’s spirits perked up and the drama of the moment was resolved.

Ruth did eat with us that evening and but I could not let it continue as I didn’t want to give Becca the concept that Sex was her way to the adults table. I arranged for Becca to come to the table one night the next week. And so for the time being the crisis was over. But in some ways, it was not. We were still going to have to home school these kids. Teach was going to have to retire, and this was really unfair, to her. And finally, we had told Alina and LM, no more children. That was particularly unfair to Alina who had but two children and might very well want more.

I suggested that Alina could be primarily responsible for home schooling now and we would monitor the progress of the kids. Teach could put off retirement for the moment. I privately queried Alina as to whether she wanted more children. She was hesitant to tell me, but the answer was that she did want at least one more. I agreed to it and informed the group that I just couldn’t in good conscious punish Alina for LM’s acts. It was a bit more risk, but not nearly as great as the primary risks with which we were dealing.

By the time Ruth would come to maturity I would assuredly be too old to be a factor in anyone’s calculations.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

1 - Alte Kaker (Yiddish) old shitter

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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