Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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For the next two days, precious little normal work got done at my desk. I practiced and practiced induction. It would be dark when she came out. I would have fire going in the fireplace. The ceiling is peaked in my living room and the fireplace is under the peaked, sixteen-foot ceiling.

The room was very dark and I had the metronome set to operate in a manner whereby it was visible due to the fire light. The house is out of town and there is no street noise. It was going to be very quiet and very dark.

Once I sorted it out, the operating theory on how to poison the well was simple. Silly ideas would not work. Coming up with something, that felt and sounded, plausible was not hard. I knew that I would never molest Teach’s daughter, libido notwithstanding, but I could lay in a subconscious fear that if we were living under the same roof, married or not, the child was at risk.

When Teach arrived, I got her as comfortable as I could, poured her some SleepyTime tea from Celestial Seasonings and started the metronome. I kept the timbre of my voice even, as I slowly (painfully slowly that first time) induced a trance state. Initially I was not sure she was in a trance. I had read about using a pin in the arm to test whether I had been successful. I tried it. She was in a trance. I then provided two deepening sessions.

Before I laid in a suggestion, I wanted the truth about what was happening. I brought her to a state where she was very deep and had no problem answering truthfully. To my surprise, the reasons she had previously given me were pretty much what she admitted to under hypnosis. Rather than do anything else this first time I gave her a trigger phrase “Say goodnight Gracie” to re-enter the trance state telling her that each time she would go even deeper into the trance state. I told her she would only remember how good and how wonderfully relaxing it felt to be in the trance. On a count to five, I brought her back. How do you feel? She smiled, reached out, and kissed me and said great! Say goodnight Gracie. She blinked and then slumped back on the couch. Four more times; I made sure that the trigger was working. So far, so good.

Now, I knew in some sex stories men write about making women sex slaves and of having sex with them based on suggestions made while the woman was in the trance state. I do not know if you can do that and I was not interested in trying. That was not what I was doing. First, I needed to make sure that if I was going to invest the emotional commitment in this relationship, then there could be no other men, I did not want to look publically like a cuckold. (A prostitute that I saw secretly was one thing; but a public relationship with her seeing men as a prostitute, that was something else entirely and it could not be.) I needed to make sure she could emotionally bond to me without demanding marriage or expecting to live together. Further, I did not want to be tied to this or any woman exclusively. I spent half an hour this day and I would do it again each time we met for the next month reinforcing that, while she was in trance. She had to be committed to me but had to want me to taste as many women as I wanted, so long as I told her about it and told her that she was always number one.

The poison! I told her that we must never marry. If I lived under the same roof as her daughter, I would want to take her daughter as a second wife. No, I did not tell the truth. I was trying to frighten her enough, by the power of that little girl to excite my desires. She would believe that I was not marriage material. It seemed to me like a good way to make sure that I was never trapped, finagled, conned, convinced into marriage. She would see to it. So, I put a final piece in the warning to her subconscious that if she ever considered that she might be willing to allow that to happen to her daughter it would be her responsibility to present her daughter to me as my second wife on the night before our wedding. I told her that so long as we were not married or not living under the same roof, that there was no risk at all.

I told her that while she would act on this knowledge in her waking state, she would not remember what I had said at all. I repeated this injunction every time I spoke to her about this while she was in the trance state.

I made no changes or suggestions during the session, other than those that I have mentioned.

Was I really going to be with other women? Well, I had no direct plans, but I was not going to give up any options I had up until now, to solve someone else’s problems. I guess I hate to close doors. I never want to give up what I have, even if pursuing something new. It is screwed up. OK and so what. It is my world and it is my choice.

Did I have designs on her daughter? Well, I would be lying if I told you that first night had not made an impression on me, but no, I had no designs on the child.

What I wanted most of all was to have what I had before, but that was no longer possible. What I got was something different.

The rules about 'good intentions', and 'unintended consequences' were going to be played out in spades.

As the weeks and months progressed, I ate more and more of my suppers at her house, and the times when I didn’t were the nights she joined me at my house for the sexual connection. We were essentially always together after working hours, but I always slept at home, alone.

LM did stop much of her acting out. I spent time with her on her homework a couple of days each week. It was mostly spelling words and math problems and we developed our own logic about how we studied and practiced. LM’s clothing and choice of dress in front of me continued to be a problem, but the issues she had been having at school subsided and her manageability at home had improved noticeably. Teach was ecstatic about the transformation.

When Teach and I were alone, the passion that always had been in the lovemaking continued unabated. If anything, she was more animated. Our sessions were more frequent, two or three times every week.

We would go to the movies and out to dinner. Sometimes these dinners were with LM and sometimes we got a sitter for the child. We started socializing as a couple with her friends and acquaintances from work. To the world, we were a “couple.” We started fielding the question, were we getting married? The answer was always a firm ‘no,’ we were just good friends.

Then about three months into this regime, after a pleasant but every-day dinner, LM climbed up on my lap facing me and slid over to one of my legs where upon she slid her crotch up and down on my leg while holding onto me and biting my ear. This first time she did it her mother was not in the room. I removed her immediately. This was not going to happen. I did not say a word to Teach. I just was not going to permit the behavior.

Fifteen minutes later Teach entered the room. LM climbed back on me and did it again right in front of her mother.

I started to remove and speak harshly to the child. Teach stopped me!

She asked me to allow LM to express her happiness with having me there. The biting on the ear became nibbling and her crotch was transferring moisture onto my pant leg. What the hell was going on? From then on I only permitted LM to dry hump on me when her Mother was in the room. I was not happy.

There were two reasons for my unhappiness. First, the child’s actions stimulated me. Second, I was getting a real fear that my “programming” of Teach had failed, but not by a little. It had failed spectacularly! I was in deep trouble.

As the craziness continued at her home, our private meetings at my house with Teach were better than they had ever been. I was even getting encouragement to make love to other women so that I not get bored with her.

Dinners at her house got more and more weird.

Then, one night LM announced that I must marry her Mother. Teach was looking right at me with her eyes big as they would get. Teach said nothing.

Do you have anything to say Teach?


Do you think marriage would be a good idea?

Jake, I know you said you didn’t want to be married, but would it be so different from what we have now? I think LM was probably just picking up vibes from me.

The trigger should have gone off in Teach’s head like the Fourth of July.

Nothing doing. No fireworks. No trigger.

I had failed at my attempt to use hypnosis. I would be a damned fool to use it again. OK, so how about some more truth? I had to accept that I had really fucked things up, but another truth might solve the problem.

I announced quite sincerely that neither LM nor her mother would like the results of marriage. I snored very loudly and no one but me would get any sleep. LM basically said, prove it. Teach said nothing.

I do snore incredibly loudly. That was not a lie. I do not have to have special circumstances to start snoring. All I have to do is go to sleep. The problem remained how to show the child that her Mother would never be able to sleep.

I looked at her mother and said. I could stay in the guest room one night. You would both clearly hear the snoring.

Teach looked happy and relieved. Why?

Why had she even allowed this to progress this far? My best guess is that she had crossed the line – desiring marriage – and the hypnotic suggestion was not causing her to stop. Rather it was causing her to make her daughter available to me. Just what I did not want. From making sure I would not get married, the hypnotic suggestion turned out to be a way to make sure that I would have sex with a (now) ten-year-old. I was drowning.

LM indicated she was OK with the arrangement to test the severity of my snoring, with one exception. She wanted to provide a snore reducer if my claim was true. I pointed out that if that reducer worked but inhibited my ability to sleep, she would have to accept that the test failed. She and her mom asked for time to acquire the “snore reducer” and then we would have the test. With that proviso accepted by all three of us, the matter was set aside.

I still had no intention of marrying. I figured that even if the “reducer” did reduce the snoring, it would also keep me up all night. With that, I would to say it prevented me from getting any rest. So snoring or not, I would still have a way out of the marriage. The down side is that it was probably time to end the relationship with Teach. If a woman wants to marry you and you do not want to marry, then there is no choice, the ride is over. Either you marry, or you walk away.

I needed a way to end the whole relationship without lying, without breaking promises and without causing conflict with the hypnotic suggestions. The reason for this last issue was simply that I did not understand the ramifications if I should cause conflict with what I had instructed her in the trances. It had been a blunder on my part and I was concerned that all the unintended consequences were not yet played out. What worried me most was if the expectations I set up in Teach’s head, as regards LM, should play out as in conflict with my real life actions. What would happen to her mind? I did not want to find out. What would happen if she offered her daughter to me and I walked away from her while her subliminal belief was that I desired the daughter? What were the long-term psychological ramifications to a woman who would offer up her own daughter, and even then be spurned? I was quietly freaking out.

Now I had a compound goal, to avoid marriage without coming into that conflict.

Ten days later, on a Wednesday, the day of the test came. Dinner that night was bland comfort food without any real spices. I was not surprised. Homemade chicken noodle soup, a small pork chop, mashed potatoes and cooked carrots. That was it; no tea or coffee. Both Teach and LM were excited and uncommunicative. We all watched a movie on TV after the dishes were cleared and cleaned. I sat in the middle of the couch with Teach snuggled up on one side of me, and LM snuggling for all she was worth on the other side. I had an arm around each of them.

After the movie, it was way past LM’s time for bed and I got ready for bed as well.

I settled into their guestroom bed and evidently went to sleep. It was less than an hour before both females were in the guest bedroom shaking me. I must have been snoring up a storm. Good!

My false teeth were in a glass by the bed. At this point, I was not the prettiest picture. I had no reason to make myself be anything other than I truly am. LM slid something like a double-sided mouth guard into my mouth. I mumbled something about the Green Bay Packers and went back to sleep.

I woke up.

It was morning and I was alone.

There was a note by the bed written by Teach and signed by both of them. The note announced that my snoring problem was solved. This was not good news.

The next night was one at my house as per the original intent. Love making was on the rough side. I took Teach with nipple clamps. I was in her ass, with a vibrating dildo up her cunt. Now that I was the only one screwing her – and following more STD checkups – whenever I took her in the ass, I did it bareback. When I finally came inside her, well into the second hour, she just crumbled and passed out.

As she came back to the land of the living, Say goodnight Gracie put her under. I had to know what was going on. Sweetheart, are you trying to get me to marry you?

I do not know what I expected. What I heard was what I had feared the most. It was what I had guessed.

You told me that you’d marry me if I gave you my daughter as well. I desperately want to marry you and your future Step-Daughter wants you to fuck her. She has wanted it for a while now. I know on any given night when you are with us, if I told her she could, she’d just about rape you to put you inside her. I intend to marry you. I don’t have to make her fuck you. She’ll do that on her own. And if I allow it, I can have you as my husband. I never intended to fall in love with you. Hell, you’re a toothless old man! But I have fallen in love with you. You did that to me. I had no choice. I love you now.

I was scared and stunned. In that weird way, she was right. I had disallowed the other men. I was all she had. However, she had done that to herself by roping me into the damned public relationship with her. The result was not what I wanted but it was the consequences of what we both at separate times had set up.

If I seemed to her subconscious to be going back on my word, maybe nothing would happen, maybe the wheels would fall off. I did not know. I did not understand the impact of these hypnotic suggestions. I sure as hell did not want to lose the love making part.

I asked, Are you really prepared to be in bed with me and your daughter?

Now I got back an answer that I was having a hard time believing. It just should not be!

She answered, Yes.

I took a deep breath. I was not prepared to move in with anyone but I did have feelings for this woman. Along with fear, I felt rising lust (which I knew was wrong) for her LM. I was not seeing anyone else. My house was large enough for the three of us, but I would have to lose my home-office to provide a guest room and I did not want to do that. I needed to have space that was mine and mine alone. I needed space and privacy.

After the last divorce, I had created a world around me that worked for me. I might have to give up a bunch. The more I thought the more confused I got.

Finally, I asked her, What is it, that you are going to get by marrying me, that you don’t have now?

Her answer was simple and straightforward. I want your name. I want the stability to be legally binding, not just your word. I want to make sure that when my pussy no longer satisfies you that so long as I let you have your head, you will always come home to me. I’m pretty sure you will wean our daughter off you as soon as the newness wears off her and she will be better off. You tried to stop her before and I bet you will again. I think your desire for my daughter is just fantasy and it will wear off. Her desire for you will wear off too. It will just take time. Give it to her... And I don’t care where we live so long as it’s together. And I’m pretty sure I can hold on to you for a long, long time.

I had one more question to ask. Why does your daughter want me?

Her answer was not completely sure but it seems to have come from some base of knowledge. She wants you because I want you, because you treat her with respect, because she has no other meaningful father figure, because you have become a father figure in many ways to her. Because of that, she emotionally attached to you. But, the father/daughter “birth” connection is not fully there and so the taboo is not firmly built between the two of you. She will grow out of it and want to be with boys her own age and I know you will encourage that. So long as you never stand in her way as she needs to spread her wings, there will be no real damage and it might be a good thing in the long term.

Now that was pure rationalization, but it explained how she was justifying it in her own hypnosis addled brain.

I was far too scared of what had already transpired. I chose not to change anything. I would not know where to start without doing some additional damage somewhere. I brought her back to wakefulness and sent her home.

The next day I was to have dinner with the two of them. It was Friday evening. I did not try to spiff myself up. I went as is.

Dinner was pretty special. A nice salad to start, then rib steak, twice baked potato and Brussels sprouts. (And if you’re taking notes, that’s about the best you can ever serve me.) There was a nice wine for the adults and apple juice for the minor. There were three candles on the table.

Both of them were wearing dresses and heels!

They had their hair done up and had perfume on. They both had used the same perfume. It was one I had purchased for Teach called Black Gardenia. It was getting to me.

They both looked lovely in their own way. One a beautiful mature woman whose body I knew and of which, I loved every inch. The other, a little vixen, coy, but intense in her certitude of what she wanted and how she was going to get it.

Maybe my ego needed pumping up, but why me? Why?

I could almost buy some of the explanation I had heard the night before, but looking at this intense ten-year-old, I just was not sure. How much did Teach work on her daughter to make this happen? How much was it the daughter’s own desire? I was about to commit a felony. Do you think I did not know that? So was Teach. She had to know it too.

After dinner, they made me wait in the living room as they cleaned up the dinner dishes. I fidgeted.

When they entered the living room, Teach sat across the room. LM walked straight up to me and sat on my lap. Do you care what she looked like? She was a thin to athletically built child. Clear fair skin, auburn hair, much like her mother’s. It was straight and parted in the middle. The hair came down to her shoulders. She had no bangs, blue eyes and an oval face without baby fat. The smile (closed lips) was a demure but secure one. She stood four feet nine inches and weighed eighty-two pounds. Her teeth were straight and regular; there was no need for orthodontics on this child. At her age, there was no sign of sexual development: no budding breast, and as I was to discover later, no genital hair. Still, in her head, there was sexual development. I had not caused it.

LM established eye contact and then leaned into me giving me a very long kiss.

That was awkward. I had never kissed a child like that before. I really was not ready for her physically or emotionally… and her mother was watching us! Holy shit, how wrong did it have to get?

Her mouth was working on mine, like a trout kissing an oak pier. How wrong could this be?

I felt her right hand loosening my belt buckle and open up my jeans. The audience across the room sat passive as LM was gently freeing up my cock. She pulled up the hem of her dress. There were no panties. With her hands on my cock, she tried to mount herself onto my cock. This was more than I could handle. I stopped her.

Her hands remained on my cock as I looked at her and told her, You can touch and you can taste but you are too young for any cock to enter you without doing harm to you. Do you understand?

It took her a few seconds to regain her composure.

But I want to feel you in my pussy. Touching and kissing doesn’t do that. Mom! Tell him I can!

Her voice was not that of a little girl’s. It had self-knowledge attached to it with an admixture of anger. She knew what she thought she wanted. I was unwilling to do that. Yes, I was already way over the line and I was aware of that. My actions were not to conform to the law. They were to conform to some balance between my fears of what I had wrought, and my sense that this was a bridge way too far to cross.

Her mother sat silent.

I told LM, I’ll take care of your pussy and you play with my cock. But there will be absolutely no fucking. I will not enter you.

With those instructions given with authority and full eye contact, I lay down on the couch with my head and shoulders against the arm on one side. I moved her over me so that I had access to her pussy and she had access to my cock. With my fingers and tongue, I played with the outside of her pussy – never entering.

She was not experienced with my cock. She had never seen it before. I do not think she had ever seen any cock before. She was clumsy, but I did not say anything. I heard movement. My eyes focused on her hairless pre-pubescent pussy. I did not look up. I sensed/felt another hand on my cock and then some whispering. Slowly order came from the clumsiness, followed by intense stimulation.

LM had hooked up her suction. Very little of my cock actually made it into her mouth but that was all that was needed. I grunted.

That was all she needed as a signal to mash her pussy into my face. At which point, cum entered the child’s mouth. I was normally good for a couple of hours. This was blowing my mind in a multitude of ways.

Much to my surprise LM swallowed my cum. (She told me later that her mother had told her that if she did not, my cum would be sticky and uncomfortable. It would be bitter as broccoli and salty, but it was good and healthy to swallow.) She swallowed it all and licked me clean. She stayed where she was, mouth on my cock, until I started moving.

After a while I pulled LM back around to me so that we were face to face. She kissed me on my cheeks and held me tight. I took her to her bedroom and laid her down, bidding her to sleep well.

When I got back to the living room I found Teach fingering her own pussy; close to an orgasm. I knelt down and started licking her. I would bring her off. Slowly at first – with time not a factor, I gave her body attention. My tongue darted in and out of her pussy, every so often lapping at her clit; my hands were all over. Down on her calves, over her thighs, playing with her ass, her back, her arms and her breasts. After about a half hour of such attention, I ramped up my activity on her pussy giving her clit more attention and inserting a finger, one knuckle and then two into her ass. Her juices were very heavy when she came and she came very hard. Her breathing was ragged. In between her gasps for air there were half elucidated ‘thank you’s’ and ‘oh, Jake’s’. As much as I did not deserve her love, I felt obligated not to disappoint her.

How had I gotten into this? All I wanted was a prostitute whom I could see once or twice a week.

I took her to her bedroom, bid her to sleep as I had her daughter and went home.

By the time I slipped into my own bed that Friday night, I was already a felon. It was bad.

However the hole was about to get dug deeper.

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