Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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Author's note: This chapter is NOT a stand-alone...The story starts here.


Saturday morning I was barely out of the shower when my doorbell rang.

I wasn’t expecting anyone. I put on my robe (a twenty-five-year-old LL Bean light blue chamois cloth model) and went to the door. There they were, Mother and Daughter.

A little bewildered, I asked, What?

Teach answered, Get dressed fiancé.

I left the door open for them to come in and I withdrew into the bedroom to do just that. From the kitchen, I heard coffee being prepared and then a shouted warning to pack an overnight bag. By the time I had my jeans, shirt and boots on, I entered the kitchen to ask just where we were going.

Las Vegas. We’re getting married tonight Jake. I have reservations at a hotel for the three of us and we will be back here by tomorrow night.

Well, her timing made sense based on the screwed up logic resulting from the rules I had set up in those damned hypnotic trances.

As to the trip, we could do it. It was a ten to eleven hour drive to Las Vegas. We would be exhausted by Sunday night. But she was also right. I did say her daughter would have to be available to me the night before the wedding. I hadn’t thought that I had been establishing a deal when I made the rule. Still that is what it was in her mind. She had kept her end of the deal. In spite of my desires, I would keep my end of that deal.

I went back to the bedroom, finished packing a light bag, with some clothing suitable for the wedding that night. When I returned to the kitchen two thermal travel mugs were being closed up, and two glasses of OJ and bowls of corn flakes were on the kitchen table. (Yes, I know it sounds ‘corny’ but I do eat Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Due to lactose issues, I have it with soymilk if that makes it sound less corny.)

Teach said, I’ve already had breakfast but your future daughter here, and you, need something before we head out. Eat quickly. I will load your bag in the car in the mean time.

We did. Each of us then took the diligent last bathroom stop for however miles before getting into the car. It was not long before we were headed south-south-west. We would get to the interstate in two and one half hours. From there on it would be Interstate highway all the way. I drove and stayed inside my own head for most of the ride.

What can I say about Las Vegas? Let us start with the fact that I do not gamble. We have casinos here where I live, minutes from my home. It is not a moral or religious thing. I just have no interest in it, but that is not why we were going to Las Vegas.

It is in the middle of a desert, but so what, I live in the middle of a desert, just a colder one. It is much hotter in Las Vegas. Yes and I did not like it, but that is why God created air conditioning. He did, didn’t he? Now that we have established that I do not like Las Vegas, it is true that it is the one place to get married if you are in a hurry.

The drive down was subdued the entire way. I was getting married and not 100% happy about that, but I wanted to hold on to this woman and I was afraid of what would happen if I rejected her now. She had been giving me what I had needed. I did not see her as a disposable commodity. I had screwed up with the hypnosis, but it was not just the hypnosis.

She had changed the rules on me before that. By establishing the level of stability in our sexual encounters, I had allowed her to factor in other thoughts and needs to our relationship. Was I to blame or was she? Like in two of my three marriages, I saw enough to make us both deeply responsible for the results. Was this another case of me structuring things so that the outcome could only result in marriage? Not only could I not “date” without consequences, I could not even have a prostitute without the same outcome.

We got to Las Vegas at seven that evening. We did not head to our hotel.

We headed to 201 South Clark Avenue. That is the address of the Clark County Marriage Bureau and yes they are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am until midnight. They are also open 24 hours on holidays; no excuses there! They do not require blood tests and have no waiting period. I had to tell them the date of my last divorce and the court that handled it; so did Teach. It did not take long before we were holding a license to marry in the State of Nevada. I had been married in Vermont, New Mexico and Montana. I do not know that such facts hold meaning, but who was I to say. I was not planning to marry this evening when I got up this morning.

We had reservations at the Monte Carlo. Obviously, this was a trip that had been planned – I just was not invited to the planning. OK I gave it to her this time, but I did not want to make it a habit of giving up all control. It was not just once. This was twice, at least and maybe more. The decision to make the relationship public was hers as well. What else had I missed?

The Monte Carlo is not one of the newest or fanciest places on the strip and rooms cost less than some other locations – but the rooms are nice. We had a suite with two bedrooms. Once we were married I would occupy the larger bedroom with my wife, but for now, I would take the smaller room while the females got ready in the larger room. I guess that made sense. The next instruction took me entirely by surprise.

Before we retired to the bedrooms, I was to take a shower and very thoroughly clean myself. I was then to return to the living room, stand naked and wait for further instructions. While the instructions were coming from one female, the other smaller one was giving me as intense eye contact as is possible. She clearly knew what was happening. I was the only one who did not. OK my fiancée and I had played at being both sides of the Dom/Sub puzzle before. Nothing extreme and it was clear that I was to be the Sub for now. I had been since I got up in the morning. So be it. I did as instructed.

The room wasn’t too chilled to make standing in the all together really uncomfortable, but it was not warm either considering that being just out of a shower I was still a little damp. I did not have long to wait and what I saw had its intended effect. My cock had been as limp as possible a moment before. Then I saw the two of them, a full-grown woman and a little girl.

Both dressed, if this constitutes being dressed, in white hose and white garter belts but no panties. For my fiancée a fully shaved pussy matching her daughter’s hairless one, a white lace demi-cup bra on one and nothing on the other (this being the only difference). There were white lace veils held up by Mexican silver combs pushed into buns they made with their hair. Around their left wrist’s each had a ribbon affair with a white gardenia. Each had on white high heel sandals. They looked beautiful, stunning, erotic and exotic. I could not have taken my eyes off them if I had wanted to and I did not want to. My cock was now rock hard.

They positioned me standing in front of the back of an easy chair. They had me bend over just a bit with my hands holding on to the chair-back and me leaning forward a bit. Then the little one scooted on her knees between the chair-back and me. My fiancée came up behind me and knelt down. Two mouths attacked me. LM sucking my member – not licking or kissing and playing with - no, we are talking Hoover suction. All the while, she was caressing my balls.

From the back, my fiancée spread my ass cheeks and slid her tongue over my crack. I may normally be a marathon man but right then it felt like a sprint. Miss Hoover was now using her right hand on my shaft in addition to the Hoover action and her left hand squeezed my nuts hard. She had my full attention for a moment until a tongue entered my ass and then withdrew followed by a finger… deep and then two? Man! I blew my load.

There was another surprise. LM had attached a partially unrolled condom to the head only of my dick. When I blew my load it went into the rubber and not down her throat. LM carefully removed the condom and used a twist tie on the open end. What was going on here? In the meantime, my fiancée produced a warm washrag and was in the process of cleaning me up. I was instructed to go to the small bedroom and get dressed for the wedding.

Evidently, Teach had been busy when I was in the shower. When I got into the room, there was a note on top of my bag. I was to wait for five minutes after the females said goodbye before I exited the room. At which point I was to get a cab and ask the cabbie to drive to 1401 Las Vegas Blvd. South.

There also was a ring in a box on my bag. Along with the ring was a note saying that it was her grandmother’s, and even should we choose another for her, she would like to be married with this one. OK, that worked for me. It is a nice ring. The rest of the note said, Jake, this is a single ring ceremony. I don’t think it is fair to expect you to wear a ring. If you want to later, let’s talk about it. OK? It is hard to argue with a smart perceptive woman.

OK, I was here for the party; I played along. I wore good black slacks, a very good custom tailored white dress shirt with spread collar, a good silk tie, my Lucchese high gloss black dress boots and a gray silk sports jacket. I changed my normal belt with a black leather dress belt and connected my silver buckle to it. I exchanged my every day hat for my “go on Sunday” version of the same. I was ready. The cab took me to the chapel.

As I entered, I was greeted by a fellow who said, You must be Jake. No arguing there, I followed him.

My bride had added a sweet white satin dress with lace and pearls. The short mandarin collar was closed around her throat and the layers of lace made modest her lovely breasts. The calf length dress hid most of her beautiful legs, but even with so many of her charms hidden, she was a beauty. LM ditched the veil but kept the matching silver comb in her hair. Her white satin and lace knee length chemise was perfect.

There is not much to say about the wedding other than what happened at the end. There were two carafes and three small silver cups on a small table to the right of the official marrying us. At the end of the ceremony the preacher said, …as a symbol of your faith in and allegiance to your mate you will partake of the same elixir.

Where upon LM who was to the far right, (I was on the left of my new wife,) went to the table. With the small carafe, LM poured no more than a couple of ounces. My wife whispered, “It’s juice” and for the next two she poured from the larger carafe but no more than a couple of ounces each cup. She handed me a cup. LM then swirled her mother’s cup briefly and handed it off before retrieving her cup. The official then intoned, and may your lives be as one as the source of this which enters your lips. And, we drank.

We were married. This was going to take some getting used to and it was clear that my bride had been spending a lot more time thinking about it than I had.

As we headed back to the Monte Carlo I asked Teach if she had dinner plans already laid out. She had.

We are eating in our room via room service.

She placed the order before we left and when we entered the lobby, she spoke to a concierge to let the kitchen know we were ready. I would be paying for all this, but what is the saying? ‘You break it, you pay for it.’

At that moment, I was not unhappy with my bride. I was just unsure of how I will handle married life. I did not do well in it three times before. Maybe, because of how we had based this marriage, things would be different. I sure as hell hoped so. I also hoped that it did not end up with me in jail! That marriage service was a bonding based not on wine alone but my semen. It was not in my cup, but I was giving odds it was in theirs.

Our supper was perfect and nothing fancy. It was late and we were tired. The menu consisted of fried chicken strips, dipping sauce, BBQ ribs, fries and coleslaw and iced tea to drink. We ate, we laughed, we cuddled, we tried on calling each other by our role names, wife, husband, daughter (LM insisted she was not to be called step-daughter), and, was I ready for this?, dad. We retired to our respective bedrooms; I, with my bride, and our daughter to her separate room. That at least seemed like a good sign, or was I whistling past the grave?

There was a little present by my side of the bed. The anti-snoring device my new daughter had discovered. I was not looking forward to sleeping each night with this plastic guard in my mouth and my bride informed me that I was to leave it out until she asked me to use it.

Now, Teach knew I had false teeth, and she had once seen me without them, but this was a sweet beautiful thirty-four-year-old woman on the night we had married. I cannot express how humiliating it was to have to remove my teeth for the night, on that night. I told her as much.

Teach looked at me directly and asked me to do it.

Jake, you never hid the truth about who and what you were from me, from the day we first made our arrangements. You know I am, or at least was, a prostitute. At least I was until the very moment you married me. Both of us have issues. You are almost twice my age. I know that. You’re fat. Sorry but it’s true. You might want to say you’re heavy and overweight, but the truth is you are old and fat. I know this and I still love you. I grew to love you over time. You have looked out for my best interest when it was no skin off you either way. You did that long before I asked for anything from you. You have never denigrated me, and never made me feel cheap. You always behaved as if I was precious and priceless, even though you were paying very significantly for that very time. I will love you with and without your teeth. Now be quiet and fuck me. I have stopped taking the pill and I want a child.

She wanted a child.

Did I know that before? No, I did not. Did I want a child? I might be dead before the kid gets out of high school. Was it flattering that my wife wants the whole package from her husband? Yes it was. But I did not know if my semen could produce anything other than sticky sheets. One thing was for sure. My house was too small if we are to have even one more child and I did not like her home.

At that moment, it was all of little matter and for the very first time I entered my wife’s pussy without a condom. The very thought of impregnating her got both of us very hot. In no time at all, she was cumming and so was I. We fell asleep with my cock inside her. Then, I was being jostled and not too gently. She asked me to put the mouth guard in, which I did, and we fell back asleep.

I woke up on Sunday morning to more bodies in my bed than the night before. LM was taking up the edge where I normally sleep. I had moved more to the center because of the love making the previous night. LM was stroking my cock and balls. Her mother was spooned against my back.

I had the mouth guard in my mouth. LM saw that I was awake. She reached up and helped to remove the guard, placing it back in its carry container. Then she snuggled up and tried to kiss me. I was not prepared for this. I have no teeth to speak of, I was sure my breath was miserable. I was embarrassed, but she was not. She would not take no for an answer. We kissed. She played with my cock. Well, that was not going to work that morning. We had a long drive and needed to get going. I told my daughter that I appreciated her attentions, but that we needed to get on the road. I woke up my wife and repeat the message that we needed to get a move on it. We were out of the room in under an hour. Considering everything, that was fast.

My wife is a highly organized woman. She had to be, to hold the different parts of her life both together and truly separated in the past. Now, I would hear for the first time what I expected was the rest of the information dump that she had been storing up. My best guess was that it would come in two sections. One on the way home, with LM catching every word, and one later when we are alone. I was not surprised. That is pretty much what happened.

Jake, I know I haven’t discussed this with you, and anything I suggest, is just that, a suggestion, but there are a lot of decisions to be made. Would it be OK if we live at your house? I’m not attached to mine and we could rent it out. I know you don’t need the cash and we haven’t spoken about my finances now that we are married. I can cover the expenses of that house by renting it out. It’s probably a good long-term investment, unless we need the cash. I assume that I will not have one of the sources of income I had before. Still, not having to cover the cost of that house will leave me in a better position.

I had given this some thought on the way down. But what was this, 'will leave me in a better position' crap? I was OK with her renting out her house, and we could live in mine for a while, but it really was too small for a family. I figured it was time to build a bigger place. As to the cash payments I had been making to her all along, she was right, there technically was no ‘need’ for them anymore, but it was easier to provide her with added income rather than give her access to my general finances or to make her come to me to ask if she needed something. The spread between the cost of her mortgage plus utilities, food and such was probably around fifteen hundred a month. So on one hand I might have considered dropping my contribution down to five hundred a month, but what the hell, she was my wife now and she had a right to more.

I figured LM was listening and so I responded carefully.

I asked, I'm not sure with what you meant by, 'will leave me in a better position,' as with the marriage, that makes no sense. You are now financially secure. As to the day to day finances, how would it be if you just had an extra $2K in your personal account every month? Or, I could put $24K in once a year. Either way that is not meant to be a hard cap, as my wife, there is legally no distinction in our finances, but just to make sure that on usual stuff you have autonomy in such matters and don’t have to ask permission from me. If you stop teaching we can re-evaluate this, but until such a time, what do you think?

She looked at me and took a long deep breath and said nothing. Had I screwed up already? I hadn’t answered her about the house. Maybe I had better! As to where we’re living, yes we will live at my house. Rent yours out or sell it. That’s up to you. LM will get what was my guest room for her bedroom. We will have no guest room for now so we should probably plan on getting a larger home very soon. You and I will need to work on that together. Will that work for you?

She was looking at me as if I was a foreign animal. She almost shook. Quietly, almost in a whisper, she managed to get out, I didn’t know what to expect. The more I thought about how I just presented all this, I thought maybe I had really crossed a line. I have no right to expect the generosity of your heart. Thank you. I know ours is not a normal marriage, but I promise, knowing you as I do, to make it a good one for you.

I told her I knew she would and we could discuss the rest when we get back except for one thing. I need to have an “it’s ok to say no” conversation with my daughter. Is there any chance you could swap seats with her at the next rest stop?

My wife wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to say and seemed anxious, but she allowed as how I asked, it should happen. When we pulled off to get gas we switched seats. Teach was now in the back; LM in the front seat. It seemed that our daughter hadn’t heard the earlier conversation as her ears had been the receptacles for iPod ear buds.

The change in the seating initiated, in LM’s mind, an opportunity for some touching. Before she could get my jeans unbuttoned, I asked her to hold off for a few seconds as I needed her full attention to something that was on my mind.

Daughter, who owns your body?

I got a blank stare and then, You? She answered as a question.

No. Would you like to consult with your mother?

She turned around and asked her mother what I meant. Teach knew based on the question what the only answer could be and she looked at her daughter and said, You do, sweetheart. You are the one and only owner of your body for all time.

The little one turned back at me and asked, Is that what you meant? That I own my body?

Yes, that is what I meant. What happens with your body is entirely up to you. Because of that, I need to talk to you about the obligation to say ‘No’ when it is not right for you. You have been very nice to my body. Do I have a right to your body? No, I don’t. Even if you choose to give it to me, you have an absolute right to change your mind and decide that I cannot have it. It does not matter how young or old you are. It does not matter even if you said yes to someone in the past. Everyone has the right to say, ‘No.’ LM was just looking at me, somewhat perplexed, somewhat angry, somewhat frustrated. I expect you to say ‘No’ numerous times throughout your life. I absolutely expect at some point, whether it is this evening or three years from now that you will say ‘No’ to me. And when you do, I will love you as much as I did before you said it. You are under no obligation to do anything physical with me or anyone else. The choice to engage in physical sexual relations, with me, is not and never will be an obligation. There will be a time when you do not want to. That is 100% OK and I expect that day to come sooner rather than later. I promise you that I will be as happy for you then as I am now. Are you OK with this?

LM looked at her mother and out the window. She looked at me and then away. There was a faint anger in her expression and then fear. She started to speak and stumbled twice before she caught her breath and started to speak clearly.

Yes, guess so, but I want to do this. Are you telling me to stop?

How do I deal with that?

No, I am not telling you to stop. So long as you really want to, it’s OK with me.

Having said that, dear LM, my daughter, asked me to slide back the seat as far as it would go, to which her mother, Teach said, No! Pull over at the next rest stop. I will drive and the two of you will get in the back seat! Crimonently!

And so, I did. My wife drove and my daughter got a protein shake.

Not a drop ever saw the light of day. LM was feeling pretty proud of herself. She was really getting very good at this very quickly. It was obvious that the knowledge her mother had acquired providing me services had been at least partially shared with LM. One by one, LM was adding to her technique things that only her mother did for me. As time progressed, when she would finish, she would on occasion look at her mother for final approval. Sometimes her mother would simply nod with a slight smile. Sometimes there was a hint passed. I never knew the meaning of these.

I really did not understand the psychology of my daughter’s attachment to getting me off and I was feeling the need to know, but I doubted the efficacy of hypnosis on a ten-year-old. I also wondered how much insight she had into her own actions.

I know. I have heard you.

I hoped that making it both OK and not required, along with learning how to say ‘No’ and feel good about the ability to say 'no,' might mitigate some of your concerns (and mine). You say she is too young, to be expected to be able to say no. You are right, but in reality, with this child you are wrong. She was very able to say ‘No.’ The problem was, from me, she was unwilling to accept ‘No.’

Anyway, we drove the next two hundred miles with my jeans over my boots as LM decided she wasn’t done with her Dad’s cock. Towards the end, I was very hard again. Just when I was about to signal that I might blow my load, my wife announced that it was time to stop for gas! Oh, shit. I was truly fearful of blue balls as we pulled into a service station with me pulling up my jeans. After the stop, it was my turn to drive, which I did for the rest of the trip.

We pulled into our town about 8pm. We stopped at their house to grab some things they had packed previously for this very purpose and then drove home.

LM was so tired that I carried her into her new bedroom. Her mother got her into bed in short order.

We retired to the Master bedroom suite and took showers. As my wife came to me that night, I marveled at her beauty and her willingness and desire to become my wife. Did she do it fully willingly or did she because I set her up via the hypnosis? I am pretty sure the hypnosis was not the cause of the desire for the marriage. There was one thing of which I was sure, no mother in her right mind would have given me full access to her prepubescent daughter like my wife had without some intervention from the hypnosis. It was the cause of the addition of LM to the mix. Because I could not assume I could control the outcomes from hypnosis, I knew I should leave it alone as much as possible. That was sobering enough. I had assumed it would be the block. I had been very wrong.

I was feeling a bit ornery that evening and tied my wife up before I took her without condom and filled her pussy twice. Only then did I untie her and settle down for the night.

In the morning, I awoke to a raging hard-on, and a naked daughter firmly attached to same, who was able to suck the chrome off a bumper hitch. I lasted 15 seconds of conscious thought before she got breakfast.

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