Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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Author's note: This chapter is NOT a stand-alone...The story starts here.


My workday was much the same as normal with the exception that I headed downtown to rent (with my wife's understanding) an apartment over a commercial enterprise on Main Street. That same week I hired a contractor to rebuild the interior, removing non-weight bearing walls and then re-flooring the place with walnut flooring purchased from Lumber Liquidators. Afterward I hired a painter to paint the entire place. I put in a new small kitchen and ordered living room suite furniture and bedroom suite furniture, delaying delivery until the contractor's work was completed.

When my wife and I had time to talk more, later that first day, I told her that I would be out of the home every Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. She looked at me softly and smiled.

She asked, Afraid to be locked in?

No, afraid that I might feel locked in and I do not want to ever resent you. This way I won't. I'm going to make sure I don't screw up this marriage.

It was the best answer I could give her.

Will you wear condoms when you are with her?

Well, she was both right and wrong. There was no 'her, ' at least not yet. Had I not always worn condoms with her until we married? However, while it was my intent to create a new arrangement with a prostitute, I had not started looking yet.

My answer was simply, Yes, of course.

She did not ask if I would be discreet, because she knew I would. The next question I was not expecting.

May I participate with the two of you?

To say I did not have an answer is to beg the obvious. Was she bi? I had no information that she was. Was she trying to assert her primacy? I did not have an answer. Did I have a problem with it? In theory, no I did not.

I punted, If you want to join us and if she is OK with a three-way then, of course you may. Just as I never forced you into something with which you were uncomfortable, I will be the same with her.

There was no 'her' yet. Finding another woman was a significant difficulty. I had a sense what the next question would be and I was not disappointed.

Who is she?

Dear Wife, I only lost my last 'she' 24 hours ago. I haven't even started looking. I had no one on the side while you were not my Wife.

You mean while I was your prostitute?


Then may I assist in finding you a woman?

Are you sure you want to?


Then yes, you may assist under the following restrictions. Neither you nor I ever meet her here at our home. We only meet her at my new apartment in town. She must not travel in our normal circle of friends. I am not looking for a harem and so no setting me up in that manner. OK?


And so it was, that a few months later, after the apartment was fully ready, one night as I reading a book at my apartment, there was a knock at the door.

May I help you?

She was stunning. Far taller than me (she was 5' 10"), red hair, nice curves.

I think I'm here to help you, Jake.

Come in. And she did.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

My home life was not quite settling in yet. There were lots of comings and goings to move things between locations and to sell things no longer needed and to get the other place ready for rental. We rented a storage facility for things we might want after we built a bigger place. My wife and daughter had a stream of people coming through the place, getting a feel for the change and checking me, and the change, out I guess. It was a big surprise to many, though it had not been a surprise that we were keeping company. The adjustment period we had earlier created to help LM adjust and settle down had the other effect as well. But our repeated denials and the speed of the wedding did cause a small commotion and some idle gossip about pregnancy and a shotgun wedding. As Teach was clearly not pregnant, the talk died down after a few months. That is not to say we did not try to get Teach pregnant, but it was not happening.

The gaggle of friends LM had strengthened my belief that I was not a pedophile as a rule. These kids where of no interest to me. My desires and dreams were now a combination of some with Teach and some with my new friend, the redhead.

I made very few demands on my wife. She knew I cannot tolerate pantyhose. I know garters and hose are a fetish, but it was a fetish she knew about. Now that we were married, it was not a two-day a week thing anymore. She agreed with a smile and a shake of the head. The pantyhose vanished and in their place via overnight delivery from Victoria's Secret came a complete supply of garter requiring hose in different shades, along with a few new garter belts.

All through this, I continued to protect my need to get away to the apartment.

My life changes whenever a new woman enters my life, to be sophomoric about it. If it does not happen that way to you, I cannot help you. It does for me. That first night with the redhead was a surprise in a number of ways. The obvious ones: I am 5'6", maybe 5'7 ½" with my boots on; Red is 6'2", in the four-inch stiletto heels she walked in on. She towered over me. I had never in my life, made love to a woman so much taller than me before. Nor had I ever made love to a woman so strong. Red worked out in a strength-training regimen at a local gym. The winner was not assured when we wrestled in bed. It was more a question of who started with the better position. When it came to pelvic muscles, I do not think that just doing kegel exercises can explain what Red can do with a cock inside her. She can seem perfectly still looking at her, while she is doing things to your cock that defy explanation. It might make for some interesting public sex!

Red was not a wine drinker. For her it was beer or whiskey. My stock of single malt Irish whiskey began to show the impact. For the first time in a long time, I was not the only one drinking the ale I brewed.

And, Red liked women.

Not 'liked' as in want to be in a book club with, but as in 'I'd like to fuck her.' So conversations got amazingly raunchy on occasion.

The bottom line is that if I had done the picking, I never would have picked out Red as a lover: too tall, too buff, too raunchy. And that would have been yet another of my mistakes. Red was priceless and I was lucky to have her.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Over dinner one night when LM was spending the evening with a girlfriend, Teach asked me if I had an interest in any of her woman friends. Now, I do not know about you, but that was a question I never expected to hear; not in my entire adult life. It took a minute as I worked my way through a particularly nice green salad with warm beets before I could wrap my head around a response.

Sweetheart, I know of no straight man who does not fantasize about such things. However, fantasy and reality, as you know better than most, are two different worlds. I need to hear your rationale for your question, which I know to be sincere.

She was ready for that question.

I have been worrying since before we married how I was going to keep you in the marriage ... no wait ... I mean it Jake. You have a wandering eye and no one knows that better than I. I assisted in finding my replacement because I knew it was critical that you should have that outlet. I did it with mixed heart. You must know that. I appreciated that you said I could be with the two of you on occasion as that opened the door for her to be my friend and not a competitor for your affections. You might have a wandering eye, but you also prize long-term relationships. Whomever you chose may be part of our world for many years.

She stopped briefly but it was clear she was not done. I waited.

But it occurred to me that by solving a problem for me I might be taking away something you need. Jake, I am afraid of you forming a long term relationship with another woman who is not also part of my life because, very simply, you don't know how to fuck, you only know how to love. It is both your biggest blessing and your biggest curse. I don't think you'd have any difficulty loving both of us intensely. But, if I am there too – with her – there is no sense of other. You may not need that now, but you will and if I don't make sure you have it, I will lose you even with a prostitute on the side! That's why I asked about the other women. They would tend to be far more short term and maybe fill a need without making me crazy.

She stopped once more. I was not sure if she was done but I also was not sure I had anything to say. We ate in silence for about a minute before she spoke again.

Would you tell me about the new girl?

Don't you know her?

No, it was handled through a discrete intermediary, who carried a note I wrote. The intermediary didn't know who you are. The intermediary handed the sealed note to someone, but I do not know who that someone is.

Then yes, I will tell you about her.


How much detail do you want to know?

Everything. I want to know everything you know about her, everything you've done with her, what gets her off, what doesn't, how she gets you off, how she talks to you, her middle name, ... damn it Jake, EVERYTHING!

Right now?

No, after you answer my first question. Do you want to pursue any of my friends?

Maybe. But not as you envision it.

How then?

With you, and in our bed. Not separately.

Why the change in rules? That's counter to what I envisioned!

I'm not changing the rules. You asked about something very different. Instead of a standing service from a prostitute, we are talking about affairs with your friends. If they are really your good friends, they'd be stabbing you in the back by engaging in an affair with me on the side, without you there. If they are not your friends, you are giving them fuel with which to hurt you. Plus if we do it together it makes our relationship sexier and less predictable which solves the real problem you thought might exist which is my getting tired of our relationship. I don't need to lie to you to find excitement in sex. In fact lying makes me feel creepy.

Jake, do you understand what you are doing? You're putting me in the middle of all of your life, not just one portion of it. Do you really want that?

It's more what I have fantasized about than what you offered. Can you handle it?

Yes, I can! I really can! Are you sure? I don't want to lose you!

Well, I married you. That has to mean something more than a set of financials. If we are to be successful, we might as well be a team. It would be living out the deepest fantasy I have.



OK, tell me about her!

I have a better idea. I'll tell you a little. You get a sitter for tomorrow evening. Come with me to the apartment.

That got a smile, a giggle, a hug and a kiss. Later it didn't hurt the lovemaking – although that would have happened anyway.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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