Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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Public schools, especially elementary schools are staffed primarily with women. My wife, being a teacher, was part of that world. We did not socialize with many teachers, but there was no reason not to do so. When Teach announced that a teacher who worked in her building was coming over for dinner, I thought nothing of it.

When our guest arrived, I admit I was surprised. She could not have been older than twenty-two or twenty-three. She was barely out of school herself. This was early November and I was willing to bet that it was this teacher's first year. I also noticed a pale ring of her skin around the left ring finger. Either her marriage or the engagement had failed. So far, I was looking at a young kid with a double whammy hitting her. I figured my wife was hurting for this kid and sought to give her a safe place to be OK.

Well, that was sort'a right. First, there was another whammy with which to deal. She had arrived in her first year assignment with a chip on her shoulder and acting as if she didn't need to be doing this because her husband was a new top engineering hire at a technology firm in town. She ticked off everyone she met from the Principal to students. Then her husband dumped her and left town. She had to move out of her new big house, rent a small townhouse, and get by paycheck to paycheck. Having burned a lot of bridges coming into town, there weren't a lot of helping hands out right now. This girl was a wreck and much of it was her doing.

For all her problems, she was a very pretty young woman. She stood about 5'2" and I guess she did not weight much over 105. I would put her bra as an A cup with some padding. Her blonde curly hair was cropped at her jaw line. Like I said, a pretty little thing. She was wearing a wool sweater and skirt that looked like an 'outfit.' The color was so close to her blonde hair, as to set it off from her creamy complexion in a wonderful art-house way where all drops away as background and the face just stuns you. The sensible shoes she could stand in all day made sense but just did not belong. The smile was missing; she looked tired and beat to hell.

My wife had pawned off LM on the parents of one of the child's friends for the night.

LM was more than happy about the evening's arrangement. She told me with all the seriousness she could muster that she really had the hots for the girl with whom she would spend the night. She and I talked conspiratorially about her plans to seduce this child. On her way out the door, I gave her a high five and I wished her good luck.

So dinner was the three of us. My wife got our guest to open up and tell me her story ... as my wife actually handled it by saying, Jake, I only know part of the story not the whole thing, so if she will tell you, I will learn something as well.

And so, our guest turned to me, gave me eye contact and proceeded to open her 'self' up.

Maybe you know this, maybe you don't. But if you want someone to like you, listen to them and give them eye contact while they are talking to you.

Just listen.

If you want them to like you a lot, get them to pour their heart out to you under the same circumstances. Normally people just won't do that and if I had been doing the asking – she not knowing me – I doubt she would have. However, she was indebted a bit to my wife and feeling vulnerable. With the wife sitting by the husband, establishing intimacy seemed safer as well.

Oh boy, was our guest wrong.

I held her eye contact for over 30 minutes. After she had told us her story I asked a few questions, which were directly from what she had told me and made it clear that I was paying close attention and cared about her. I always maintained eye contact.

Then I gave her validation, telling her how horribly she had been wronged, and how close both my wife and I felt towards her. How we just wanted to hold her close and give her comfort. Would she mind?

Through her tears, she nodded her acceptance. I slid my chair to hers while my wife stood behind her. I pulled our guest close to me. I put her head on my shoulder and wrapped my arms around her, one hand cradling the back of her head. My wife hugged us both bringing us together. At first, I used my fingers to dry her tears and then I started kissing her tears. She permitted me, seeing my wife not indicating a problem.

I continued kissing her and my wife started kissing her too. With this continuing and my wife peppering her face with kisses, I chose to give her a long kiss right on the lips. She allowed it. My wife moved to her ears and started kissing her ear. I slid my tongue into her mouth. She allowed it. My wife started tonguing her ear. She started moaning. We were still French kissing. I slid my hand over her breast on top of her sweater. She leaned into me and moaned.

It was my wife's turn to make the more assertive move. She slid one hand underneath the back of our guest's sweater and gently caressed the back. She moved her hand to the bra clasp, and with a simple deft motion, the clasp was undone. I continued working the breast from outside and kissing, which she was as equally engaged in, grabbing my head and pulling it into her lips. Our guest was hungry for affection.

My wife kissed the back of our guest's neck while working her hand around to the front of our guest's sweater on the opposite side from my attentions. My wife gently cupped a bare breast and pinched a nipple, eliciting a gasp. I was kissing harder than ever, pulled tight. I heard my wife whisper in her ear, Shall we move to somewhere more comfortable? No words came but a nod of agreement with my head firmly attached to hers the entire time.

We did not want to overplay our hand and we could have chosen the couch, but Teach was right to risk it and move us (all still holding together, laughing, and kissing) into the bedroom. When I am with my women, we generally like to shower before sex, but this time was an exception.

My wife removed our guest's sweater and bra, before backing away to remove her own. While she was doing that, I started to remove the skirt followed by the dreaded pantyhose. Damn that crotch was going to taste nasty.

Our Guest had panties below that. Go figure. Some do, some do not. These were already soaking wet. I dropped them on the floor. She stepped out of them. Slowly I rose while kissing her knees, the front of her thighs, her hips, her belly, her breasts, her shoulders and finally her lips. My wife was behind our guest. My wife's hands were on our guests shoulders and she turned the girl around and brought her in for a face to face, breast to breast embrace and kiss. The offering was accepted and returned in spades. There was no daylight between these two women. I took the opportunity to get undressed. I was sure as hell not pretty like these two wenches. I was now behind our guest and I took my time with my hands exploring her body from the position. There was much to admire.

I knelt down and started kissing and licking her calves, slowly moving up to the back of her knees. I could see my wife's fingers between spread legs, working a wet pussy with thin, dripping, blonde pussy hair. I moved up to the thighs with my lips and tongue and then up to her ass. I was not going to move up any further for now. I was working over to the ass crack. My wife had two fingers inserted and I could hear and see the juices all around. I spread her ass cheeks and give her one long hard lick from the back of her pussy, almost but not quite entering her anus and up to her spine. At the same moment my wife moved to our guest's clit and attacked it. In truth the last half of my journey past her anus was lost to her. She was screaming in ecstasy.

We had yet to move onto the bed. With my wife gently guiding, we all reassembled and regrouped, kissing and fondling. Then bless her again, my wife asked just the right questions in just the right way. Addressing our guest face to face, while kissing her throughout, Sweetie, would you like my husband to fuck you? I promise you that I would be happy if he did. He's a good, gentle lover. He's STD free but he will wear a condom. You and I can put it on him.

This time our guest was able to speak and with bright eyes, kissing her colleague repeatedly, she said, Yes. Please.

There were condoms in my wife's nightstand. She had always had them in "her" nightstand for as long as I had ever known her. When we married, they remained in the nightstand. I asked her after the marriage why they were still there as I was not using them anymore. At the time, she just smiled and said, "you'll see. There will come a time when you are glad they are where they are." Half a year later, I found out how right she could be.

There were all sorts in a box. She brought the box out and the girls had a lot of fun picking out exactly what I would be wearing.

Before they applied it, I interceded and asked my wife to go down on me while I first went down on our guest. The girls agreed and I got about the business of learning the ins and outs of a new pussy. There are times you just have to put up with the smell and have a good antibacterial gargle later. So be it, tuna smell and all, I gave our guest a tonguing she enjoyed enough to cum twice.

Why is it when every man knows that every pussy is different, nowhere in the literature do you see a man who takes the time to figure out how sensitive certain spots are, how long the clit is and how protected. How sensitive is the clit is to direct contact. How responsive the G-spot is. Whether your mate wants action up her ass only, while other things are happening, or not ever, for that matter.

It gives you a chance to gauge her sense of rhythm, her breathing. It also gives her a chance to communicate to you at a time when you can pay attention to her cues. Besides, getting her off by mouth is a great way to put her in the right place for when you enter her. By the second orgasm I had her pussy figured out. Her clit was not too sensitive and could take heavy contact. My fingers told me that the nerve endings on the inside, that we call the G-spot, were there and super sensitive.

And so, with some attention to detail, exploring and listening and playing, and pressing her limits, I got my reward. She came on my face twice, grinding her pussy into my mouth. My wife had all the while been helping my hard-on stay at attention. It was my wife who rolled the condom over my hard-on and brought it to the pussy lips I was about to enter.

We started in the missionary position. I knew from the earlier attentions that my young guest had a very tight pussy. No children, and evidently very little use! I am not big, but I was stretching her as I entered. Even with the lubed condom, it was slow going the first time. I got about three quarters in before I pulled back and reentered. I got in a little better this time because of the extra wetness. I got to the bottom, only to hear her grunt. Gently back and in again a few times allowed her to orient herself to being filled with cock and get comfortable. I scooped up her legs in my arms and lifted her legs and bottom as I worked in and out for a while. More grunts came. I turned her over and entered her pussy from the back. It was a straighter shot, missed hitting the G-spot, but to loosen her up, it worked well. I turned her over again, dragged her to the edge of the bed on her back, slid a pillow under her ass. Holding her legs in the air and standing on the floor I entered her, driving all the way in, and hitting the G-spot. I had her cumming over and over. It was like a roller coaster for her. She would peak, catch her breath and peak again.

Our guest had converted my name into a mantra. She was in a state of non-awareness as the orgasms continued. My wife whispered in my ear, asking if I wanted to come now or later.

In truth I prefer to come outside a condom and there is sure as hell nothing wrong with saving my cum for my wife. I had already given our guest orgasm after orgasm. She had not been short changed.

I was just about to pull out and encourage my wife to have at our guest's pussy while I came in my wife, when our guest between gasps asked my wife if she was sure I was STD free. My wife assured her I was. Then the most intense throaty growl came from the sweet young woman I was fucking as she turned her body to see me and yelled at me to take that damned raincoat off my dick and give her some cum, she needed cum! I looked at my wife and she said do it. I pulled out just long enough to remove the rubber and re-enter. God did she feel so much better.

As I pumped, I heard a refrain, give it to me, give it to me. Her next orgasm just about squeezed my dick in two. My balls got tight and then I let loose deep in her. She felt it and came again screaming YES!

My wife licked me clean and then the guest was licked clean. We all snuggled with my wife sneaking me that damned mouth guard that inhibits the snoring. We laid in a tangled mess well into the night. At some point the women re-engaged and pleasured each other, my wife cumming for the first time that night. She was certainly due.

The women got up early as it was a school day and one of them needed to go home, shower and change!

We saw our guest about once a month until the end of the school term. At that point, it was time for her to move on, but in the mean time, Teach and I had some real fun with her. She had been on the pill and so cumming in her did not precipitate a pregnancy.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

The daily and weekly routines worked out. My two wives each had outside obligations and schedules that made me, on occasion, something of a supernumerary. That allowed me to set up a schedule that worked well for me as I moved between the two properties. I split my time so that I was at each place three days a week. On the seventh day both wives and I would spend together at either place or somewhere else. It was actually a bit more flexible than that as most weeks we spent more than one day all together. In fact, that flexibility led to a real problem a couple of years later with LM. Overall, though there was no tension over the arrangement and I enjoyed it. The women were not fearful of each other, but there was a gentle competition between them having to do with how well I had been satisfied. As they were both excellent at that matter, the result was fun and no anger or hurt feelings. Plus, they loved each other and that helped more than I could have imagined.

Both women seemed to like the fact that I was not always under foot and so two separate places of abode, one each for the wives was their forward-looking preference. There would be no large compound or mutual backyard for us.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were coming up and now I had two homes and two wives.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

For the holidays, it wasn't a question of "guess who is coming to dinner?" The question was for each happening, where to hold which part. Both of my wives had family – though not in town. I had never celebrated any holiday with Red before. How do I do it with both of them at the same time? It was time for the wives to work these matters out. I discussed my interest in having them make the decisions in these matters and I would only raise my voice if I saw us headed towards a train wreck. Otherwise, their decisions would rule the days ahead.

The results were promising. With the double apartment we had created for Red, we had plenty of room for the dinners. The larger kitchen we outfitted the attached second apartment with, was very handy.

How was I handling all these massive changes and upheavals in my life? Damned if I know. I had never felt so lucky. Improbably so! I had never had a more beautiful wife than either of these two women. I was getting off more than I ever had in my life. I had not thought I wanted to be married. The hubbub did at times get to me. Having two places helped. The apartment (my side of it) was a sanctuary. My wives might be there (normally only Red) but the rest of the world was shut out of it. And so, if everything got to be too much, that was where I would head. It seemed to be working, but I admit my past history had me worried. The wives told me it was so different this time that it would work. I hoped they were right. They had as much riding on this as I did I guess.

Were either of my wives pregnant? No. Red was not going to get pregnant. She was on the pill. That was not the case for Teach. I suspected that I might be shooting blanks. Time would tell.

Things were not pure routine, even if the routine was, in my eyes, perfect. Teach was and would continue for years to be worried that I would get bored. She continued to keep her eyes open for possibilities.

Ever since Teach and I had started going out publicly together, we had socialized with a couple in which the wife, Amy, was close to Teach's age and the husband, Steve, was in his forties. Teach was well aware that I thought Amy was exceptionally attractive, but she also knew that not only was I not going to act on that, but had struck up a real friendship with Steve. I do not know if you can call it honorable, but it is my way of keeping my demons in check.

A year after we married, Steve and Amy divorced. It was difficult, as we liked them both. However, Steve chose to leave town and so no balancing act was needed. We started having Amy over for dinner once a week. There were no hidden agendas. Amy just needed a safe place to land. My wife and I are not vultures, at least not with our friends.

The once a week dinners became twice a week dinners and sometimes long discussions into the evening. Amy met Red as it was impossible not to if you were around us much. One night when Red was aware that Amy would be there, she brought over the massage table we normally kept at the apartment.

At dinner, Red announced that after dinner Amy was going to get a massage. Amy was more than happy with the offer. There was room for the table in the living room in front of the fireplace, the family room downstairs or in the master bedroom. We all agreed that the bedroom was preferred. LM was home and this would provide privacy to Amy.

When Red led Amy into the bedroom, Amy turned around and asked why we weren't coming in. We laughed and said something about privacy. Amy smiled and said she wanted to be with us all, as it was all of us in a way who were giving her the massage, was it not? Red agreed and we all entered the bedroom.

I was a little uncomfortable. I was in the room but looking for a way out. Amy don't you think you'll enjoy the massage more if you weren't concerned about being pretty much naked in front of me?

Amy smiled and put me totally off guard and causing no end of laughter with her reply. Jake, you know full well that you've been ogling my body for two years now. You think a girl doesn't know when a man wants to do her? Now's your chance to check out the package!

That I did. Amy had dark brown hair to her shoulders, a trim and well toned physique with small but very pretty breasts and lovely long legs. Not an ounce there was extra or not needed.

Now it was Red's turn to catch Amy off guard. Ok girl, you get to choose the nature of the massage you get. Here is the menu. I can give you a therapeutic massage that will loosen up those tight muscles and stop. I can give you a combination of a therapeutic massage first that moves into a sensuous massage. I can give you a therapeutic massage first that moves into a sensuous massage and then causes you to have multiple orgasms, all of them in front of your friends. It's your choice girl.

Amy, now naked, turned bright red from head to foot! I want it all!

Red worked on Amy for a good 30 minutes doing the therapeutic piece of the massage. It seemed unlikely that Amy would have anything left after that exhausting process. It was followed by a 30 minute cool-down and sensuous massage which left Amy squirming. Then Red started in earnest to pop Amy's cork.

Amy was in the hands of a master. At first, there were small orgasms, then stronger ones, and then Amy hit the big time as wave after wave of orgasm racked her body under Red's deft touch.

Red called me over to the table and told me to stand at the far end of that table. She them manipulated Amy's body so that her legs were now over my shoulders. With Amy fully aware of all that was going on, Red bid me eat Amy out. I agreed and started at my task. Amy bucked, screamed, gushed cum juices and was generally out of control. While I was still at it, Red called Teach over and said it was time for Teach to replace Jake at this assignment. Amy did not complain and started bucking again against Teach's mouth.

After Teach had a good long go at Amy, Red moved Amy off the table and onto the bed so that I might fuck Amy. Amy was hearing all of this and not one word of complaint was made. Teach got a condom for me and applied it. I mounted Amy who was nothing but a cum machine at that point. I rode Amy for quite a while before I deposited my cum in the condom.

Teach, Red and I showered, leaving Amy to sleep. When she did wake up, she smiled, hugged each of us and told us that never in her life did she feel so relaxed and so well fucked. Until Amy started up with a new boyfriend a couple years later, Amy engaged in sex with all of us from time to time. While most of the times I was with one of my wives, I did have Amy alone, with the wives' knowledge, on a few occasions.

After Amy started dating, she stopped coming by completely for a while.

And then, one day, we got an invitation to dinner at her home with her new husband. We, my wives and I, had a great time and no one was going to spill the beans. Amy seemed a bit stiff. Later, as she saw us out at the door, she mentioned that her new husband was going out of town on a business trip the following week. Might she come over? Amy got three immediate answers, all 'yes.' We knew Amy truly loved her husband and had no interest in divorce. However, for whatever reason, she got her batteries charged at our house pretty regularly during the next eight years.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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