Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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LM? Well, there is a hell of a relationship. By the time she had turned eleven she had turned me into her confidant and her coach. I got to hear everything from her. I had no idea what she would be like when she turned eighteen, but I had no doubt she would be in a class of her own. Oh, she learned to say ‘no’. She did not use it often, but she was using it. I was proud of her for that. All her exploits were with girls. She claimed she was Bi, (yes I know it is fundamentally nuts for an eleven-year-old to even know the term exists,) and that I was her only man. I told her I would not touch her (again) until she reached her eighteenth birthday.

And that led to a problem on her fourteenth birthday.

It was an odd day, her fourteenth. We had celebrated it a few days in advance as everyone but I had obligations on the actual day.

On the actual day of her birthday, I chose to spend the day at the apartment. LM was to be with friends for the day. I would return to the house at supper time. Both Teach and Red were to be out of town and I looked forward to a quiet day with a book and XM 110 Classical. At about one in the afternoon there was a key in the door followed by the sound of the door opening. I did not expect Red back for two days and was more than a little surprised. But it wasn’t Red who walked in. It was LM. I had never given LM a key!


She walked in and sat on the chair nearest me. There was nothing unusual in her appearance. But her countenance was somber and a bit frightened.

How did you get a key?

Mom gave it to me before she left this morning.


We talked and decided I should.

Should what daughter?

Come to you to mark my turning fourteen.

Didn’t we do that two days ago?

No, not you and me.

And how do you want to celebrate with me?

You haven’t touched me for years now. You said it was my choice, remember? If I have a right to say no, I also have a right to say yes. And I want a birthday fuck. I’m old enough now and you won’t damage anything. I won’t get pregnant because I just finished my period.

Sweetheart, just how do you figure you are old enough? You are fourteen.

I say it’s old enough and mom agrees. She gave me this note to give to you if you argued with me.

The note was in a sealed envelope. I opened the envelope and removed what was inside. The note was in Teach’s hand.


This was not my idea, it was your daughter’s. She is determined. She says she misses you all the time and feels jealous because you have replaced her with Red. She likes Red, but feels it just is not fair. She knows she’s not supposed to have sex with any adult until she is eighteen. She knows she should not have sex with you at all and she just does not give a rip. She wants what she wants. We talked about this for hours and I need some sleep before I leave in the morning. We have come to a compromise, if you can call it that. For the next four years, her fourteenth through her seventeenth birthday, she will come to you but once a year for her ‘Birthday fuck’ the day her period ends. She does not want to take birth control pills and you will be the only man she will have. As to what happens when she is eighteen, well all I can say is holy shit. Talk to her, but give her the birthday present she wants more than anything in this world.

Love, me.

Does Red know about this?


OK’ let’s go.


Back home. I’m not going to leave evidence of anything I have to explain to Red lying about in this apartment. I have an agreement between your mom and Red and me. If I were to do anything with you here, it would be hard. At home and with this note from your mother, well, it still isn’t cool, but it will just have to be OK.

For the first time since she walked in, a smile crossed the child’s lips and that turned into a huge grin. She stood up and just about yanked me off the couch.

Once outside we put her bike in my vehicle and drove home. The whole time she was querying me as to how Red does things, how her mom does things, since they are not here to guide her, will I be patient with her? I tried to be reassuring, calming and supportive.

When we got back to the house, I made some suggestions. Get everything you think you might need and bring it to my rooms. That includes what you will want or need at the end to wash and clean up. We will start by taking showers. Your mother will not be home until tomorrow and so for the rest of the day and tonight if you want, we will be together and “our” rooms are the master rooms. If you don’t know how to do something, say to me, ‘teach me’ or ‘show me how.’ If you want to stop at any point I am going to give you a “safe word” to utter. If I hear it, everything will stop. OK?

I won’t need it!

I believe you, but if you change your mind just say RESET.


Do you have any other questions?


Is there anything you have heard of as regards sex that you want to put off limits?

With you?


No! Her eyes sparkled.

Well, in case you discover something you don’t want to do but don’t want to say RESET, all you have to do is simply say NOT THAT. OK?


Off to your room to collect what you want and need! I will head to the master bedroom and wait for you.

I did just as I had said. I showered and waited for this precocious fourteen year-old to join me. She entered the bedroom wrapped in a silk kimono and holding a few things folded in her arms with some toiletries on top. Dropping some items in the master bath, she left the rest on the dresser and came to my bed.

I asked her to lie on her stomach and I started to gently massage her body, from the very soles of her toes up. I was in no rush and I wanted her to relax. She was more than tense. She was tight as a spring.

I worked her calves and gave her friendly grief over her fears as I got her to relax a bit. I reminded her that I would be moving to and from sexual areas and back again. That she should just try to relax through the whole process. I would do her back and then her front before we made love.

She laughed that she would be an old lady before I fucked her. I simply replied that I wanted her to remember the experience as special and not a five minute dash to the finish line. With that she really relaxed. We talked about how my hands felt as they moved over her body. What felt good and what felt special as it proceeded. I showed her different techniques in touching areas that produced very different results depending on what you wanted to elicit from your partner. I showed her sensitive areas she really didn’t know she had. The back of her knees, the small of her back, the small area at the lower back of her skull, the inside of her ankles just above her heels, her toes.

When she turned over I initially avoided her pubes and breasts and then finally returned to her breasts first. Four and a half years made a huge difference in her breasts. She was not quite as large as her mother’s, but the B cup beauties she had were wonderful in their own right. She had developed into a beautiful young woman. She was exquisite. From her face to those wonderful breasts, to the waist, hips and legs, she was a knockout. Nothing was too much. Everything was just right. If you saw her for the first time that day, naked as I was seeing her, you would lose your heart, right then and there.

I applied oil that caused her nipples to tingle a bit. I provided attention to her breasts and belly for about 30 minutes. During which time her breathing became a bit ragged.

As one hand moved over her flat belly and down to her pubes she began to moan. At this point I started ever so light kissing from my lips to hers. This wasn’t like kissing a nine-year-old. LM had the attributes of a young woman and I was responding to all those markers in spades.

I told her how lovely she was, how desirable she was, how much I loved to touch her, how her scent rocked my world, how much I wanted to be inside her. Simultaneously my fingers were beginning to explore her pussy; sliding in and out, touching her clit, touching her g-spot. Then all at once, I slid two fingers in while one lingered back. I attacked the g-spot with three fingers and the clit with my thumb and I slid my pinkie into her ass all at the same time, while I pinched her left nipple hard with my other hand and kissed her with real passion. She went off like a roman candle. Breaking away from the kiss she started screaming, her hips were bucking way up off the bed and her arms flung around me pulling me tight to her. It took minutes before her body stopped its spasms and she regained her breath. When she finally caught her breath, she grabbed my head with two hands, just like her mother had five years ago, looked me in the eyes and said in no uncertain terms, Fuck me now!

I flipped her up on top of me. She would control the amount and speed of entry.

She was so wet that she needed no lubricant. Still she was so tight that I felt like she was pushing my rock through her straw. Inside was velvety smooth. But once inside I wasn’t sliding in and out of her. I felt like I was moving her with me as she pulled back and shoved forth. A vise grip surrounded by a velvet glove is the closest I can come to describing it. Her eyes were wild and her breathing was loud and raw. She gathered her legs up with her feet to the side of my hips. She was effectively squatting on me. She slowly raised herself up until I was almost completely out of her and then, she sat down HARD. Slamming her body against my hips and causing my cock to plow through her with incredible force. She let out a cry and did it again, and another cry. She settled a moment and then all hell broke loose as she started literally jumping up and down, my cock ripping through her and her screams coming nonstop. Then… her legs gave out from under her and she collapsed with her body crumpling on top of me, and twitching as in small seizures.

I held her like that for a long time, and my cock eventually went semi soft, even though I was still inside her.

She kissed me. A soft sweet kiss, and she whispered in my ear, tell me you are not done yet please. I whispered back, I’m not.

The kiss I got back was full of desire and need. The movements of her hips were of the same variety. I was hard in a flash. She rolled us over, and asked just one thing, Take me.

Now in the missionary position. I did what was asked. I fucked her until I was convinced that if I went further she would not be able to walk for a week. I knew she just had her period and so the request was a fantasy and not imminent reality but she started begging for a baby.

I know it is perverse, but that tripped my trigger. My cum filled her so fully and completely that it was being pushed out of her pussy while I was still inside her.

I half rolled off while staying in her and we both went to sleep.

When we awoke, I urged her to use the Jacuzzi in our tub and following that, I applied lotion to her pussy lips.

The rest of the day, we just snuggled.

The next morning when I awoke, it was to her giving me head which I had not had in four years from her. She got me off in no time flat. And then, she swallowed all of it again.

We took showers and dressed. Both of us were hungry and I whipped up some pancakes from scratch. Hey, it is not hard. She sat down to a filling breakfast.

My head had been going a mile a minute since the head I got that morning.

I figured that this was probably the best time to talk with her without any negative backlash. We start talking. I told her how wonderful it was for me, but I wondered was it a bad thing to put off sex with boys? She agreed that all things being equal it was not. But she wanted me. I told her waiting for me is just goofy. I asked her if she knew how old I will be when she turned 18. She just gave me a shrug. I would not give up.

Do you?

Of course I know.

OK, how old then?

How old will you be when I am Free, White and Eighteen?


Sixty-seven. Don’t you think I can do simple math? You’re sixty-three now!

Right, 67, you’re really waiting for a 67-year-old? With a birthday fuck once a year thrown in until then?

Uh-huh, sure am. And then you are going to give me a baby every two years until you die or I say stop!

You don’t even know if I can make babies. There’s a real possibility that I can’t.

Oh yes you can. Mom and I talked about it. She was worried because she hasn’t gotten pregnant. She filched some of your cum and had it tested. You are not the problem. Mom and I agree. I will be the one to carry your children.

Now wait a minute, I suspect that your Mom did not agree to that. At least not from what she said in the letter.

Well, she agrees that if you are to have more kids it would have to be me to have them.

And how do you know I want more children?

I just do. You do. And by the way, after yesterday there isn’t any way in hell that I’m going to wait until my next birthday to get my next fuck!

You and I need to sit down with your mother. Until then I’m not going to go any further. I will say this. It was incredible yesterday. You were beyond wonderful. No matter what the decision is in the end, it will not be because there was something less than perfect with what happened.

At that point she jumped into my lap, held me tight and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

We spent the rest of the time until Teach came home just holding each other. When Teach did come home the two of them sequestered themselves in the bedroom.

I went back to the apartment. Later Teach called me from the house and asked me to come back. That was unusual. But the past two days had been unusual. Fifteen minutes later Teach and I were in the living room. Teach was telling me I needed to make room for LM to be my third wife and do it now, not in four years.

I cannot say I liked the idea. I did not. We had – both of us – held back the details of the original wedding and all the info about LM and me from Red. I had no idea how she would take it. I did not want to lose Red over it. I also did not want to go to jail should she report it. I was convinced that if it became a regular part of my life there was no way to keep Red in the dark. Even if I would have been OK with it otherwise, and I was not, Red’s presence in our lives made it a deal breaker.

Teach backed off. Kissed me and we just spent some time holding each other. We decided to have supper all three of us and she went to talk to her daughter.

Dinner was nice with no theatrics. We laughed and shared. Since we three knew what had taken place in the last 36 hours, there was some very bawdy comments made and comparisons sought. We all three settled down to a romantic comedy on HBO and then headed for bed. I thought the storm was over.

I was wrong as usual.

But it came from the one place I didn’t expect it. Red.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

It was not a week later. I was walking into the living room of the apartment from the coat closet. I tripped over baggage and boxes. Red was moving out! Why? She did not want to talk. Bullshit to that. She was my wife and damned well owed me an explanation. We argued over that for a while. No, we screamed over that! What the fuck was going on?

I was in the process of calling Teach to talk some damned sense into this redhead when Red freaked out and said, No! I can’t talk to her!

Well, if she could not talk then, she’d better talk now. And she did.

Red was mortified. She had made love with LM. She was convinced it was she, Red, who had seduced the child. She was a criminal. She was embarrassed. She had violated our trust in her.

This was a time for triage.

First, call whoever thought you were moving in with and cancel. Tell them everything is OK. I’ll wait. DO IT NOW!

She did and I did.

Now sit down g’damnit. I have to talk. You have to listen. You must not say anything until I am done, but I will not start talking until Teach is here. You are not in trouble. Your sister-wife will not be unhappy with you, she will love you as much today as she did yesterday. But you are not to say anything until you have heard me and it will be as I said in front of your sister-wife.

Red just stared at me.

I got hold of Teach and she got to us in a flash; which constitutes ten minutes in this case.

When Teach walked in she saw the boxes and baggage and started to go ballistic. I asked her, firmly, to cool it and just sit while I talked. She was frightened and just sat down.

I walked Red through the bizarre courtship that Teach and I had, including the issues of LM, the hypnosis suggestions and the events surrounding the marriage. Teaches eyes were big as saucers. We had just days ago talked about the danger of Red finding out and here I was, spilling the beans. She was shaking with fright. I went on to describe the scaling back of the sexual contact until it was stopped and what had transpired the previous week, along with my discussion about how it couldn’t go on because I didn’t want to lose Red.

None of this was news to Teach, not even the hypnosis. We had talked about it years before. She was just terrified that Red would call the cops on us. By the time I got to the end Teach blurted out to Red, Please don’t leave us! We’re sorry!

Red looked stunned.

Before anyone else said anything else, I turned to Red and said, Now tell Teach what happened to you.

She did but this time she was not as sure that she was the aggressor. She was not, of course. She admitted being smitten by the child and that had freaked her out.

I turned to Teach and asked, What did you tell LM after our talk last weekend?

Pretty much what you told me... I guess her way of dealing with it was to bring Red into the circle by the only way she knew how, without risking Red’s turning both of us in to the authorities. Teach looked at Red and once again apologized. Then she looked at me and asked, What happens now?

That depends on the three of us. I love you both. I love LM but at some point she will have to blaze her own path. I am far too old for her. I do not want to live without either of you. It’s up to you to tell me if you are staying with me. Once we sort that out, we will sort out with to do with the child.

Teach looked back and said, You know I’m staying. I’ve been part of this since the beginning. If you’d have LM, I‘d have her in your bed or in Red’s bed. She is better off there than anywhere else I might find her.

Red looked at both of us.

As if to herself she said, I have some things to say and I want you both to hear me out. First, this is fucked up beyond all recognition. It has got to be the definition of fubar. Jake and Teach, I don’t how you taught that child so much, but she rocked my world yesterday. I have never felt for a woman what I felt for her. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control myself around her and now you tell me I can continue to have her and still be your wife Jake and your sister-wife Teach. That’s fucking nuts, but I can’t walk away from it. I thought I was letting you down.

Red continued.

Jake, it took a lot of courage to lay it all out on the table for me today. You probably could have kept me without the risk you took. The fact that you took the risk and placed your faith in me moves me a great deal. If anything, I am more committed to this marriage. However, it makes things more complicated. Prior to this, I had two lovers, the two of you and either of you individually were enough to hold me. The two of you together was something I could never see myself walking away from. I just had the shit scared out of me. I don’t want that to ever happen again. No secrets! OK? No secrets!

Teach and I nodded in assent.

After a pause, and a sense of some real relief, it was Red who spoke again.

Teach, I know you have felt that one big house would be better than what we had, but you were holding your tongue because Jake liked it. Jake, it just isn’t going to work anymore. We need a large house. There are four of us now and we are, what is your term, fully meshed? That’s how it seems to be. Two residences are not going to work for that.

She was right, but, there was a more pressing issue with which I had to deal. I asked my wives if I might leave them to put Red’s things back and dispose of the boxes. They agreed, Teach saying she would spend the night here. Was she reading my mind? Maybe, but she certainly understood what I was going to do next. I bade my wives a goodnight and headed back to the house.

LM did not mean to cause a wreck; she meant to create space for herself in my world. The fact that she had not thought through the possible consequences were more a factor of being fourteen than anything else. Or, so I thought.

On my way home, I called home and dear daughter answered. I asked her if she had eaten yet. Receiving a no, I asked if pizza was OK. That elicited a yes and so a call to Domino's followed before I pulled into the driveway and parked in the garage.

LM was on edge. Where’s mom?

She’s out for the night.

Is she OK?

Yes, she is OK… but you and I need to talk.

Am I in trouble?

As much as I am pretty unhappy with what you did, no you are not in trouble. However, we need to review what happened. You need to learn from today’s events because what caused them must never happen again.

Jake, I’m sorry.

Child, how can you be sorry when you don’t even know what the problem is?

It’s because I made it with Red isn’t it?

Yes it is.

Mom told me that I couldn’t keep on fucking you because of Red. I only wanted her to accept me as an equal and see that I had needs just like her! I figured that if she was fucking me, she wouldn’t be upset if I fucked you too!

Child that might be the logic of a fourteen-year-old but it is not that of a thirty-nine-year-old. She freaked out. When I got to the apartment, she was already packed and moving out.

What? Why?

Because she was afraid we would file charges against her, because she’s nuts for you, because she felt she had let me, and most importantly your mom, down.

But that’s not right. You wouldn’t do that or feel that way!

Red didn’t know that. All she knew was that she had made incredible love to a minor and the child of her sister-wife. She was devastated.

Is she gone?

No. With your mom there, I told Red everything. Your mom backed my story up and convinced Red to stay. That’s where your mom is now and she will stay there tonight.

So am I in trouble with mom or Red?

No, I speak for all of us. You’re going to be a very busy young woman.


You are going to be in my bed at least once a week and in Red’s bed probably twice a week, plus you still have school and all your activities. You are as of now my third wife and with that all the responsibilities that go with it.

Like what?

Looking out for your sister-wives and making sure you act in a way to protect their good name, their personal feelings and the harmony of our home life, even when that means not getting what you want. And remember that Red is only one of your sister-wives.

That brought a huge stare back at me.

You mean my mom? She is my other sister-wife?

Of course I do. You have asked to be treated like I treat her, love you as I love her. Haven’t you?

Yes, I guess I have.

Is this what you really wanted?

It was clear she had not thought that out. She did not know. She also did not know that I was completely willing to allow her to back out of this and return to a child in the home and no more sexual contact. However, the decision had to be hers. What she asked showed me that she was indeed weighing it.

So you are saying if I want to be a daughter to you and not a lover, I can be that again. No sex with Red, none with you and I would be my mother’s daughter. Or I can share your bed, have Red – who is so great! I so wanted to tell you! – But I take on the responsibilities of a real wife to all three of you?

Yes, that’s it exactly. Want time to think about it?

No but I have a question to ask you first.

Go ahead, you’re entitled to ask as many questions as you need to ask.

Jake, do you really love me? I mean, I’m a kid. I don’t know much about the stuff you guys talk about and you don’t seem to care for my music and stuff. Do you really love me? The sex is great and I don’t want to give that up, but I want my husband to love me. Do you?

Child, I am far too old for you. Hell I’m too old for your mother. Yes the sex is great, but sex without love wears thin before your very eyes in a moment’s time. Do I love you? Yes. I love you and cherish you. In spite of that, I wish you would look for a fellow your own age. But, if the question is, do I love you then the answer must be, Yes.

Then I have my answer, I am your wife. And then, with a wry smile, Do I get a ring?

We’ll see.

Am I sleeping with you tonight?

You’ll be in my bed. I’m not promising you any time to sleep.

Whoooopie! Let’s go!

Pizza first, and I just heard the doorbell.

The rest of the night was a combination of blissful and hilarious as this young woman now promoted to, and with the real obligations of, wife, slowly started coming to terms with what the term might imply. All of a sudden she was worried for my welfare. Was the pizza really good for my diet? Ought she not be on top more so as to not strain my heart.

But the meat of it was a young woman, emotionally straining at the limitations of childhood while her needs were for a husband, a desire to raise children (the rest of us – all three – pushing back saying it just wasn’t OK yet,) and a real honest need to nurture. Her school grades remained good and there were no problems on that front. However she dropped all outside interests and started wanting to have a real say on how the house was run. At first I tried to steer her back to school activities, but it just made her miserable. Since her investment in home management was causing real problems with the other women in the house, I made her my office assistant. That was luckily a wonderful decision. She was always a quick study and it was also true that she knew me very well.

When school released for the summer, she started working for me full time. The results were beyond measure. I was not looking forward to losing her back to school in the fall. When she suggested she could home school, I was all for it, but the decision had to be made by her mother, or so I thought. When I inquired of Teach whether she would grant permission, she looked at me like I had lost it.

LM’s your wife is she not?


And you are considering her welfare as well as yours?

Yes, of course.

Then why are you asking me?

Because you are her mother.

Do you call my mother to ask permission on things involving me?

No. But you’re not a minor.

Jake, when you took her on as a real wife that responsibility transferred to you. She is my sister-wife and I love her, but you make the decisions.

Got it.

And so, the next school year simply never happened. LM’s grades via home schooling were excellent and she eventually tested out of high school with top scores by the time she was sixteen.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Chapter 9