Jake's Journal: Close to Home

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I have not described the house we had built. Before I go on, I must. We built the new house over two years between LM's fourteenth and sixteenth years. We moved in shortly after her sixteenth birthday. Those two years were a trial. Red was perfectly right. Two homes would no longer work.

The new house is outside of town, but it is the same town. We live in a part of the country where there are what you would call bluffs. High vertical cliff faces, fifty or more feet high. I found some un-irrigated land with a south facing bluff and the only road, traveling east-west to the north of the bluff. Got it? You couldn't see the bluff from the road as you were on top of that land mass. The lack of irrigation was no problem for me. I sank a well for drinking water. The inability to grow crops in this desert was of no matter to the family. The reality was that the high bluff and lack of irrigation made the land perfect for me, and of no use for agriculture. The price for the land was low.

The driveway took you to a free standing six car garage apparently standing all alone. In fact the garage provided access to the top floor of the house which was built as a narrow vertical structure along the bluff face and anchored into the bluff. There were six floors with twelve foot ceilings on each floor. I like high ceilings.

Each floor had a balcony, which also served to keep the summer sun out of the house for the floor below. The entire south facing wall between the balconies was glass. An elevator ran between the floors as did a series of brass poles, just like you might see at an old firehouse. One pole would move you just one floor. If you wanted to avoid the elevator on downward trips, you walked over to the next pole to drop down a floor. In an emergency, it worked as a fast way down to the first floor, which would allow you to walk out a door into the open air on the ground. LM and Red loved it. I used the elevator.

The top floor #6 was split into a living room and a game room with pool table, card table and such.

Below that #5 was a floor of offices and formal conference room with an IP-enabled video wall.

Floor #4 had in its middle a very large kitchen. On one side was a small dining room. On the other side of that dining room was a powder room (toilet and sink but no shower or tub), and two guest rooms with a common full bathroom. On the other side of the kitchen was a large formal dining room. Most suppers were in the small dining room. Breakfasts were often consumed in the kitchen. Both dining rooms looked out onto their respective portions of the balconies.

Floor #3 was all bedroom suites. Each suite had a walk-in closet and a large bathroom much like the one I designed for the apartment. Each wife had a suite, I had one, plus one spare. This and the floor directly below were the only ones where there was a hallway against the bluff face as each bedroom had its own private balcony view; we needed a way to access the rooms without walking through them all!

Floor #2 had eight guest rooms, and a common bath between each pair of guest rooms.

Floor #1 held a large gym, large Jacuzzi pool and showers, and a home theater room.

Throughout our years together, Teach had been the one to bring home the stray women. All these women were single, separated or divorced teachers or friends such as Amy. Not everyone she brought home ended up in bed but some did. Red and later LM started to have qualms that these women might end up becoming part of the household.

While Teach had the embedded need to make sure I always had access to other women, my other wives had no hypnotic suggestion whirling around in their heads. Teach's activities on my behalf, were not always appreciated by Red or LM. That was, in my estimation, just too damned bad.

Red, do you remember our vows?

Yes, I guess.

Do you remember "I further agree that I will not have any other woman except that one of my wives would be present with me during the entire time."


Does that mean I am entitled to be with other women?

Jake, that was before LM joined us!

Red, in some ways, LM had always been my wife, as she was there for the first ceremony. (This caused LM to break out in a huge grin. She had been vindicated in what she always thought.) We just held off physical contact for practical reasons. And anyway how did that change anything?

But you're ours!

Yes, I am and I will always be. Now back off. Teach was doing what I want her to do. If you don't want to join in some of these activities, Teach and I can accommodate you.

Red shook her head and acknowledged that she had been out of line. LM had gotten an important validation. If the result was that I would have some stray pussy on occasion – so be it. She could live with that. Red was munching on LM's underage pussy like it was going to disappear any moment. And she also had access to Teach's pussy as well as my cock. You could hardly call her a one-man woman.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

If there is one thing I learned from the women that Teach brought home, it is that it is easier to seduce a woman if you are a couple than if you are on your own, be you male or female. We had remarkable success.

Over the years, Teach developed serious and meaningful relationships to two of the women with whom she and I had shared a bed. Those two women would remain in Teach's life for many years. I never objected to that. Red and LM had each other. As I got older, I knew my time would end, and my wives needed something (someone) which outlasted their old fat husband. And so, there were times when there were other women at the breakfast table who had spent the night with Teach. It typically happened when I had spent the night with LM and Red. As LM and Red became a tighter couple, when I joined them I was joining them as a couple. They preferred it that way. As much as they both loved me, they were deeply in love with each other.

But when she didn't have a guest and I had been with Red and LN, it had meant Teach was completely alone on that night. It was happening more and more.

LM continued to work for me on a daily basis and took over making sure all my wives were getting their time with me. She also took care of the family schedule in general. Nothing could happen without going through LM. She bloomed. Her relationship with Red was fascinating. Red got her involved with strength training. She was now taller than I was. She started shopping for clothing with Red instead of her mother.

LM's strutting around the office, in four-inch heels, caused me no end of distractions. She was towering over me as Red did and she was enjoying it immensely.

I pushed LM to go on to college. Her compromise was to pursue an Associate's degree at the local community college and then use an on-line school for her BA. The online BA was the only logical option as by the time LM was a few weeks beyond her eighteenth birthday, she was already pregnant.

I was dumbfounded and beside myself. My wives thought I had truly lost it! They were laughing at me. What did I expect? LM had always said it was her goal to have as many of my children as time would permit! Did I think this rock of determination was kidding? At what point in her life had she given up on any goal she had set for herself?

They were right. I had been living in the clouds. By the time I turned 70 I had one new child, eighteen months old and one on the way due in October! Red told me that unless I died soon, there would be more children. Evidently LM loved being pregnant. Go figure.

LM's first pregnancy resulted in a beautiful daughter who we named Ruth. She was born on the fifth of November 2013. LM's labor lasted seven hours and she cussed more than a few times in the process. Who wouldn't? Ruth weighed 9 pound and 13 ounces at birth with a little wisp of blond hair. While first children are often a handful for a first time mother, this was not the case for LM and Ruth. No colic and few issues of any merit appeared. Mother and child simply spooned together much like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together. LM might be a handful for me, a trial for Teach, but Ruth had a mother who was as contented and as happy as the morning sun on a cloudless July day.

Our second, Rebecca, was born on the twelfth of October 2015. The second labor only lasted five hours and was a lot easier on LM. Becca, as we all called her, was eight pounds and eight ounces. Her hair was darker, more like mine I guess. She too bonded with her mother. There was no doubt in my mind. LM was a very good mother.

I took the obvious to heart and after Rebecca was born I decided we needed to look at the structure of how the family was working.

When I suggested at dinner one fine late Fall evening that with two kids already and the threat of more that maybe we ought to look into getting an au pair, I almost had to run for my life. It was Red who lowered the volume, calmed the other two down and looked at me with the 'you're such a dope' stare she has and said, Husband ... your wives know you better than you seem to know yourself. If we were to hire an au pair, we would have in short order a fourth wife. We, your wives, are not interested in sharing you with another wife. You can have your stray stuff, but no more wives! Do we make ourselves clear?

They had, yes, indeed.

However, there are times when they might be clear and clearly wrong. This was one of those times. In the telling of this tale of my later life and loves, you might have come to the conclusion that I never had my way and my say as the final word.

It is true that I didn't like to do that often. Most things, even if they got off course, could be put back to right. I would just as soon allow my women their heads and wait. But, sometimes it couldn't be done that way. In my estimation it was long past needing adjustment and it was time to act.

LM and Red no longer had separate bedrooms. They were a couple fulltime. That was the way the world saw them. They were a committed lesbian couple, with two children.

And that was great for them, but what about Teach. She and Red had been lovers for years, and remained lovers even after Red had her first sexual encounter with LM. Since that time however, it changed. Red spent more of her time with LM and less with Teach. By the time LM was 18, Teach was no longer in Red's bed.

That caused a number of problems for Teach and me. Teach would never tell Red, but her heart was broken. Teach slept alone the nights I did not spend with her. I arranged to spend more than 50% of my evenings with Teach. LM knew, as she was doing the scheduling, and I think she understood why I wanted it that way. Red was so head over heels with LM I don't think it ever occurred to her that I was not making the changes intentionally so that she could have more time with LM alone – which was indeed the result of the new policy. Teach and I have always been so completely in love with each other, that it did fill the hole in her heart, to some extent. But, I knew it still affected her.

The other problem was mine, and all of theirs. But they weren't thinking about it, I was. On LM's twenty-first birthday, I was 70 years of age. Teach was 44 and Red was 45. I was still active and evidently able to produce children. But how many more years I had were unknown to me. My father died on his 76th birthday. His only brother died at age 94. My mother lived until 98. How many years would I live and of those, for how long would I be of any use to my women?

All three of them, say they don't want another man. I suspect they were 50% lying but that left 50% of each answer that was truthful. So, I would accept it on good faith. Still Teach needed someone and there needed to be balance when I am gone. There were children involved now. I had to think about the structure of the family when I passed from the scene. Did I want to see Red move off with LM and my kids, while Teach was on her own? I did not. I wanted my kids raised by all three women and maybe a fourth. And if there was a fourth, might not Teach take another lover?

I was approaching eleven years of real wedded bliss. It had worked out. I loved all three of my wives. I loved each without measure. I have not fallen out of desire for any of them.

But it was time for a change. Normally I speak to all three of them at one time when making significant changes to our home life. This time I did not. While still at the table following Red's question of whether they had made themselves clear, it was time for me to speak.

I have heard you and I will let you know my mind within the next 48 hours.

You could have heard a pin drop. Then followed an explosion of three voices, all were talking at the very same time. I smiled, got up, kissed each one on the forehead and announced that I was going for a walk. Teach said, I'm going with you.

I nodded my consent and left the table.

Teach's fears notwithstanding, I have always looked forward to my time with her and I hope she knows it. It is a simple fact that each day as it passes I am able to say I love her more today than at any previous time. As I said at the beginning of this journal, she's class from the first step she takes into your world to the kiss goodbye at the door when she leaves. With all the craziness of our lives, I do not know how it could have worked out better. For all the beauty that Red and LM bring to me, none of that could have happened without Teach at the very center of my world.

That night as we stepped outside, Teach held my arm tight.

We have been through a lot Jake. I have trusted you and you have never let me down. You have never stopped loving me and I don't think you have stopped now. But something was happening in there that I sure don't understand.

The walk lasted a long time and I took her through my thoughts about my will, the family compound, family dynamics now and maybe in the future, my hopes for her and my fears about where we were headed without a course correction. I acknowledged my propensity for loving – long-term relationships. I pointed out that she needed a lover.

Teach looked at me like I was out of my mind, but I was not having any of that and took her through her feelings about Red; even though I knew it would hurt her. I took her through my end days. I took her through where she would be and how she would be feeling then. At the end, she was in agreement and agreed to participate in the search for a nanny or au pair. She was not happy talking about life after my death and her survivor-hood, but she knew the likelihood ... I would go decades before her.

Amy was no longer in her life. There really was no one else who was in a position to be the love of her life when I was gone.

In my mind, we were looking for two things in one person: a lover for Teach, and a caregiver to the children.

I spent the night as had been planned with Teach and it was a sweet night filled with the care and gentle touch that we often gave to each other. We have changed over the years. Teach's hips were a bit wider, her legs a bit thicker. There were more lines on her face and her breasts needed a bra more now than they had before, but she was still a beautiful woman and my delight. I had changed far more than she had. But she was never going to mention it to me unless I apologized for something related to it, so I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed my loving wife, leaving a deposit of my desire for her to feel, warm and deep within her.

The next day was a weekday and both Teach and Red headed off to work. LM worked for me and cared for the children, which was more than a part time job at their ages. So most of the time I worked alone and she was doing childcare. Once LM got the kids down for their afternoon naps she slid into the office with a sharp question.

Why are you going to do this? It's going to screw everything up around here!

I loved my 21-year-old wife, but there were moments when I just had to take a deep breath. This was one of those moments.

Talk to me. ... What do you think I am doing and what am I screwing up?

You're trying to get me interested in someone else so that Mom and Red can get back together and I'm not going to leave Red! I'm NOT! Do you hear me!

What time is it sweetheart?

Don't you sweetheart me you bastard! It's 2:30, why?

When will the kids wake up?

Not before 4.

Good, then sit there and stew for the next 45 minutes until your mother gets home. I've got nothing to say until then.

How dare you tell me....

But I interrupt her.

Damn it LM are you my wife or are you not?

You know I am!

You sure aren't acting like it! Now I have had about all the crap I am going to listen to. You will wait until Teach gets home and then I will proceed to straighten out that head of yours. When I am through I think you're going to owe me an apology!

LM did not see it, but I sent Teach a SMS text message to head home as soon as she could once the kids were released.

LM was less than happy but she sat at her desk and took care of things that did need some attention until about 3:15 when Teach walked in the front door. I asked LM to get her mother to come to the office and to say nothing else to her. LM wasn't wanting to obey, but she did and Teach walked in to the office with a question mark across her face.

I'm sorry to have to do this Teach, but LM has really gone off the rails and I wasn't going to say anything to her until you were here, as I will not talk behind your back.

Thank you Jake. You don't know how much that has meant to me over the years.

Now LM here thinks I want to hire an au pair so as to break up her relationship with Red so that you might have Red more to you.

She said that? Daughter, is that what you accused your husband of doing? Is it?


You don't know your husband very well. I am disappointed in you and I know that you have done your husband harm by thinking such a thing of him. The extra woman in this house was to be for me. Your husband doesn't want Red and you to break up! He recognizes that the two of you are deeply in love, as do I. If we are to have another woman in the house, it was so that I might find someone else. Your husband was concerned about how I would be when he was no longer around. You would have Red but I would be all alone. That was unthinkable to him, and he wants me to have someone just as you have Red.

What? Jake? The Au Pair is for Mom?


Holy shit. Does Red know this?

No, I was going to talk with both of you tonight when we were together. And I still need to as Red needs to know.

Are you dying?

No, not yet at least.

You know, Jake, we are going to have real scheduling problems.


The Au Pair you guys want to add! Because if she's not part of this, how do you hide the rest of this from her?

With a gentle smile on her face, Teach reached over to LM, stroked her daughters cheek, as she explained, That's my problem to solve with Jake's help. I think we can do it for a while anyway.

I figured it was time for a little consequences and closure. Is there an apology floating around somewhere?

You were right. I was completely wrong, made assumptions that were inconsistent with how you have always acted. I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

A smile now appeared on LM's face, So you guys sort’a think Red and I are married too?

Teach and I both answered Yes.

True to all I knew about Teach, burying the hurt she had felt in losing Red, she told her daughter, Red loves you like there is no tomorrow. You hurt her heart and you'll never hear the end of it from me.

So that's it, we're a pair for life in your eyes?

Teach looked hard at LM and asked, Would you have it any other way?

No, no I wouldn't. I just didn't think you guys would understand. We both love Jake. You know that, don't you?

We know you love him.

So what's the plan for the Au Pair?

Actually an au pair normally only signs up for a year and the limit is two years. Jake and I will be looking for a Nanny. Once a nanny is hired, we'll see if she fits in, if not we will let her go. We look will again until we find one that fits perfectly. She will help you with the kids. I assume from what you have said you plan on another pregnancy soon. So I want a nanny here to take care of the two you have while the third one is in progress. It will be easier on you and on Red, especially as to sleep once the next child arrives.

I'll talk to Red tonight but, LM, you need to be in the room at the same time. Just no interruptions, OK?

Yes, husband.

I did talk with Red that night as planned. She was at first relieved that the plan was for Teach and then when the full impact of what my acknowledgment meant sunk in, there was a combination of panic and elation. The panic was fear that I would think she was somehow leaving me. The elation was the understanding that both Teach and I saw Red and LM as a married couple and that marriage was sacred, not to be disturbed. Red had a wife ... not a sister-wife ... but a wife of her own.

The funny thing is that it changed the interaction between LM, Red and me. Rather than being with them together, now it was the opposite. I could not be with them together, only separately. I asked Teach about it. Her theory was that before we recognized the marriage, they felt uncomfortable being apart from each other. Once the marriage was recognized, they wanted their time together to be dyadic only. Either could be with me, but the marriage stood apart. I don't know, but as theories go, it worked for me.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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