Jake's Journal: The Philippines - Joyfully

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There is a problem that happens once you start fucking young girls. It is not that older women don't get to you anymore. They sure do. No, you do not lose interest in older girls, it is just that you no longer see innocence. You see untapped sexuality.

Normally, a young girl doesn't share that view, and if you try anything, you will be explaining yourself to a cop. But when you are in a culture that permits or winks at it in some circumstances, and where the girls are in real need, it becomes more than possible. It is the real means to a real end. And that is when it really becomes addictive. The girls are saying yes and you are able to have one or two or, in my case, over fifty. I suspect I could have any little girl, no matter how young.

I have twenty-seven students, between ten and eleven years of age, when the third class starts. They are mostly a year older by the time I need to work with them. They are still very young, and the youngest two, who aged out of our program at age ten, are the most difficult. But none are opposed to what was happening.

The school years for the third, fourth, fifth and six graduating classes are otherwise uneventful. In the US, Jake's Girls remain very active. I visit every year with Joy and Jun. After the sixth graduating class, I take Abbey and Mitch. Both are legally full adults, and it is nice to show the husbands pictures of me and the girls when they were young. It also gives the daughters a reinforced role model for the future of their lives with their dads.

I am only seventy years of age. I am in good health. I now weigh 145lb and am stable at that weight. In seven years I will have four sons here, who will take over all or at least part of my sexual duties with the school. Abbey and Mitch have been learning my business and are already taking over some of my accounts, so the income should be able to continue. The husbands of the first through fifth years have been talking. There are seventy of them. Some of them are very well off and they are looking at setting up a charity to support the school. It will provide them a tax write off, reimburse me for some of my outlay and allow the school to continue with broader funding. There is even talk of a twenty million dollar endowment.

This is a special year. Abbey's oldest girl, Mitch's oldest girl, and Jun's twin girls will all turn twelve. It is a year I have long waited for and so have the mothers and the girls themselves.

The first to turn twelve is Abbey's girl Desiree. (Yes, Mitch was the first to announce a pregnancy, but Abbey was the first one to be impregnated.)

Desiree is a sweet, lanky girl with a disarming smile. Her grades are always on the top of the class, and that is a hard feat, considering that all the kids are very bright. She didn't wait for an invite from me. On the morning of her birthday, as I am just waking up with Joy by my side, we find the child standing there.

Good morning Desiree. Isn't it a bit early?

Tatay, oo, it is a good morning. It is also my birthday and this year is my twelfth!

Indeed it is, anak1 Do you wish for me to give you a baby?

Oo, Tatay. I want you to be gentle with me. I am happy, but scared, Tatay.

I will be gentle, anak, but we will do it later today. Now I will shower, and have breakfast.

And so, that afternoon, with Abbey present, Desiree on top, I take my true daughter's virginity. It is exciting and erotic. Each pussy is different, and this one is certainly that. This is my own flesh and blood. As her blood drips over my cock and I hear my daughter ask me to give her, her first baby; I am in a place I cannot describe. There is no physical distance between us. I feel a connection that is ineffable. And I give her cum far beyond my usual measure. I fill my daughter. She knows it.

She, my blood, speaks to me as if in a dream, Seal me into you and make me one with you. I am your daughter, your mistress, your wife and I am the mother of your future wife. I am all to you. I am you.

I have cum so fast the first time that I feel like a school kid.

After that we settle down. Desiree and I stay together all afternoon. Her pussy is ridged on the inside. I can feel the ridges as we work back and forth. Her legs are strong. She clamps to me. Her brown hair and brown eyes are mine as I look into myself and her at the same time. Her breasts are already B cups. They are on their way to C cups.

If not that day, then that month, I give her a child.

Over the next two years, Desiree becomes a regular in my bed. She develops amazing muscle control in her pussy. She does develop the C cups and hips to go with them. She grows to 5' 4" and is a beauty.

At age thirteen Desiree bears the daughter we call Jacqueline-Jake. This child is the first of my children who have the description of DoubleJakes. In time, and there is time, I will have TripleJakes.

Jacqueline-Jake is the first mother of a TripleJake. We call that child TeeJay.

Desiree is a joy. She loves sex as much as I do and, in the beginning, brims over with questions about how to do something, or why people have issues with this or that. For her, sex is the only reason to be alive; everything else just fills in the gaps. The combination of her raw intelligence and her sexual passion makes her an unusual but perfect companion. She and I discover that she is a lesbian quite by accident one day. I am looking at one of the mothers over at the dormitory and Desiree just sighs, as I was doing about the same, but far more quietly.

She asks me, Can you really have any woman here.

I answered, I can in most cases.

Then Desiree asks, Do you want to fuck that mother across the way?

Bata2 do you think the mother looks desirable?

Yes, if I were you I'd fuck her and then I could have a taste too!

How much do you want her, Anak?

I want her a lot, Jake. But I want a lot of the mothers and some of my classmates. I wish I was you and could have any girl I wanted.

It is clear, Desiree loves me, but I am the only male she loves. She loves females. From then on, our exploits together are to share girls between us.

The next of my daughters to reach the age of twelve, just three days after Desiree, is Mitch's girl, Girlie. Girlie's face is almost the spitting image of her mother (but she is bigger), and that is something special. Girlie tells me that she wants ten children and she needs them soon, because her mother told her I am old and will not be around for long. I hold my tongue when she tells me that.

Girlie is a real competitor and does extremely well in school, either tying with Desiree or coming in right behind her. The two girls are pals and so there is no ill will between them. They just see themselves as the top of the talent pool.

Girlie is having a bit of a fit the day of her birthday. She has selected a special dress to wear the first time she is to be with me - not that she will be in it all that long. Nevertheless, it is important to her and, now that the day has come, she is busting out of it, literally. She has grown a cup size and added an inch around her hips since the dress was bought.

I send Girlie word via Desiree that she is to put on a robe, nothing else and get her damned ass up to the fourth floor "now!" That does it and three minutes later my daughter is in the bedroom. She is crying, apologizing and I am having none of it. I tell her to sit down on the bed and to shut the hell up.

Girlie, I think you have things hooked up backwards in your head. I really don't give a hoot or a holler, what you were going to wear to get here. From the moment you entered this door you are supposed to be without clothes. When I take you out with me, I will make damned sure you have the prettiest damned dress that fits you on your sweet body, but as of tonight your body is more my concern than it is yours. ... ... ... There is no competition to win favors in this bed. And you are not replacing anyone. This is where you belong. Now go to the bathroom, dry your eyes, take that robe off and get your sweet ass in my bed.

Girlie does exactly that. When she slides into my bed, she has washed her face and she looks fine.

Are you ready, daughter?

Oo father, I am ready. Do me good and give me a son, father. There are so many daughters!

Girlie is bigger than Desiree. She has more curves than Desiree has. She is already 5' 5". Her C cup breasts are the biggest of all my girls and she is as hungry for sex as Desiree was. I taste her breasts and then her pussy. She moans with excitement. My finger finds her hymen, but I break it with my cock as I take her from behind. Blood is on the sheets but I do not care, nor do I take time, right then, for her to recover. I continue to plow her. That seems to work well, cock up cunt, finger up ass, mouth to mouth. I am relentless until she cums, in my arms.

Fuck me father, fuck me! Make me your bitch. Make me your cunt! Make me a mommy. You own my ass! Fuck me!

Her thin waist is perfect as her hips attack me with an urgency that suggests she had been needing this a long time. She bites my ear as she begs me to give her babies. The boobs bouncing, I can hold back not one second more and then loose the cum she is wanting! She whoops and hollers. I suck my daughter's big and springy tits. I fuck her every moment I am not in Desiree. Once I get her pregnant I will take my daughter up her ass. She is every bit mine as is Desiree.

Jun's twin girls were next. These two, Becca and ReBecca, are a fantasy if there ever was one. Both are perfect, already developed, sexy as hell, horny to beat the band, and each one has been munching on her sister's pussy for a couple of years. They have brown hair, brown eyes and look like little Jewesses. All my girls think that they are the prettiest. They are pretty, but it is the prejudice against Asian features that raises their stock in the house with my girls. Still, it is weird, as they are the most like me, and they are twins. I take them together and they lose their hymens within 60 seconds of each other. It is a family scene with blood all over three pair of legs. Cum is dripping out of two hairless and now evidently pregnant cunts. My cock refuses to go soft. After fucking right through their hymens, one after another, and then fucking them ruthlessly on their backs with their legs pinned to my shoulders until they cum, I dump cum in both of them. I am still hard. I flip them over and, with just a squirt out of the KY lube, take both virgin asses all the way to the root.

These are my daughters in all including looks, and I go off the beam. They are screaming for me to make them my whores and I am telling them they are my little whores. I cum again in each of their butts. I do not know where that all comes from but, in the end, we are covered with blood, cum and pussy juices. The sheets are wrecked and these two twins are on the floor kissing my feet. Damn, I am out of control; and then we all just crash, as is, in the mess that we have made.

I wake up. They are still crashed out. I shower and head downstairs for some food. When I get back to my room, the twins tag team me with Desiree and Girlie. My four daughters keep a pussy on my face, one each on each hand and one on my cock for 30 minutes!

The last of my oldest daughters, and the last one to turn 12 when I am 71, is Joy's daughter, Lori.

This is my daughter from the loins of the woman who should be my wife. As rough as I was with the twins, it is soft and sweet with Lori. Lori is patient and she explores every part of me. I do the same with her. We learn what tickles and what doesn't. We learn what is sexy for each other. She learns to talk dirty, in a way that few know how to do with me.

She leans into my soul, as we fuck, and whispers, Your other daughters might have your cock, but I own your heart. You are mom's and now you are mine, too. Now give your daughter the first of the babies she will have for you.

And I do. I do that night and I have given her more babies since.

For six weeks straight, the only pussy I get is twelve years old. The tight, hairless pussy of my own daughters.

Five months after I took Desiree, all five of them are quite obviously pregnant.

At this point, it is completely clear that our house cannot contain all those who are living here. Mr. Reyes, bless his heart, is still practicing his craft. We design a new building, much larger, which the family expands into nicely. It is attached to the original home via a new, significantly enlarged dining room. I stay right where I always have been. I am told Rosemarie is writing something about that and that Lori has volunteered to help her.

The children of my children and their children, (the DoubleJake and the TripleJakes) have a number of oddities.

Not what you might think ... no diseases, no retardation, and no deformities.

No, it is much weirder. All the Double boys seemed normal as far as we can tell.

The Double girls are all lesbians. They dream of and get hot over females. However, all of them like my cock in them, like being pregnant, and have a number of daughters for me.

Those are the TripleJakes and there is not one boy in the group. All the TripleJakes are also lesbians and but shared the same willingness to take my cock so long as there is no kissing involved.

Their one other oddity; these girls get hornier by the generation. The Double girls are as horny as a teenage boy is, but they never grow out of it. It seems to be a lifelong need. The Triples are insatiable, which has created real problems, and is a subject that is being dealt with by members of my family who have more to do with the matter, and more energy.

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1 - Child.
2 - Kid.

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