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I am ninety-four now and about to lay my hands down from journal recording because of advancing age and, finally, infirmity.

I do have some final things to record.

My Girls, their ages at my 94th birthday, and their children:

Joy/68: Lori, Willie, Joe
Abbey/49: Desiree, Loni, Gale, Analyn
Mitch/50: Girlie, Nomi, Rosealie, Lili
Jun/45 (at passing): Becca, ReBecca, Rowena, Adel
Cherise/59: Sam, Ramon
Anabel/43: Nikki, JoJo
Rose/52: Ivy
Rosemarie/41: Jou, Karen, Steve, Krista, Manny, Dodong
Jana/40: none
Desiree/36: Jacquine-Jake, GuyGuy, Tom, Lora
Girlie/36: Ma Lynette, Maria, Mary, Vennessa
Becca/36: Honey, Ann, Leo, Henry
Rebecca/36: Diether, Luisa, Krisa, Abe
Lori/36: Sara, Kala, Jola, Francisco
Lori has the rest of the list. Check with her...

Of my initial kids, not including the Double and Triple Jakes, there are twenty-six children, split evenly between boys and girls. Every one of those daughters has given me at least one Double Jake. The first five gave me four each! I leave it to Lori to write that history, as I am too old now.

The oldest of the TripleJakes are twelve years of age, but I am ninety-four and just too damned old to deal with these hyper-sexed nymphs. I have had a good run. The school continues to operate with the assistance of nine of my sons, who have also dipped into the talent pool at the school to take on their own families, as well as help others find homes in the States.

I traveled once a year for eighteen years to the Jake's Girls conventions we held, though we moved them to Mexico due to issues of getting too much attention in the US for our families. The school has done very well. Due to the generosity and bequests, we have a one hundred and fifty million dollar (US) endowment. That's one hell of a lot of Philippine pesos! It pays for the whole damned operation and provides income for the family as they function as staff. My sons now do the traveling to the annual event, along with Rosemarie and Anabel. Those boys impregnate the daughters who did not take the first time. Joy no longer goes. She is the matriarch of the outfit at the age of sixty-eight. She tells me she is fine, but Abbey tells me Joy has health problems that I am not supposed to know about.

Joy tells me that she has had the very best of lives and could never have wished for more. She is happy and I have no reason to doubt her. Anabel is forty-three and Rosemarie is forty-one! Can you believe it? Both are still stunningly lovely. Jun died of breast cancer a few years ago and I really miss her. Cherise is the principal and head teacher of the school. There are many of my kids, and the twenty of the program, in our school; three of my daughters are now certified teachers and work in the school. Mitch and Anabel run what were my business affairs but now are clearly theirs. They have readdressed the market, made many changes and I have no idea what they are doing any more.

As to all the families in the US we helped to create, all I can tell you is that we created, in twenty years, about three hundred and eighty families. We had only sixteen the first year and, lately, my sons have been poaching the talent pool for their families. Of those, there are about 300 of my children in the US as first-born kids of the daughters. As early as with that first year's group, it became a tradition among those families to name the boys Jacob and the girls Jacquie. So, if you know a half-Filipino by that name ... well, you never know!

Of my own original family in the US, my mother died just a couple of years after I moved to the Philippines. Neither my son from my first marriage nor the daughter I fathered the next year survived me. Neither had any children.

When I moved to the Philippines, I was pretty much the last of my bloodline, as the older kids would never have children of their own. That is no longer the case. My bloodline will live on for many more generations.

So at this point let me quit. I am too old to even go back and edit any more.

Jake Xxxxxxxxx,
May 20th, 2044
General Santos City,


This addendum to Jake's journal is being written by his current attorney, Raymon Espejo. It is written at the request of those who I will call Jake's wives and whom he had called his girls. My father, Alvin Espejo was Jake's attorney for many years. I have taken over that practice and Jake had kindly left his legal affairs in my hands.

I call these women his wives because his will and trusts specify that his executor, Joy, and I are to treat, equally and equitably, as wives, for the purpose of the settlement of his accounts and obligations, all those who lived with him as his girls.

The land the wives and the whole family lives on is based on a ninety-nine year lease. However, last year, an early settlement of the lease, permitting a sale into the hands of nine of his sons as a trust, was accomplished. The owner is now a trust but the boys, as a board, make the day-to-day decisions. They cannot sell the land without the unanimous permission of Jake's Wives. The wives control the trust of ninety million Philippine Pesos (two million dollars US) for the general welfare of the family. Mitch and Abbey own the business but are directed, after paying their own salaries, to assist in the support of the wives in their day-to-day needs with those funds where the operation of the school and its ancillary activities are not concerned.

The school operates as a standalone, which Jake spun off ten years earlier with its own board and financing.

Jake passed away on November 20, 2044. He died in his sleep. For some reason, Joy thinks it is important that I state he was with Jacqueline-Jake when he passed.

The following was transcribed by my secretary as the wives dictated it to her.

I am Joy. Jake never left me, never told me I was pangit (ugly) when I got old. I am pangit. He loved all of us, and he was good to all of us. He did more for us than anyone else would have done. We have a very different type of family, but we love each other. We have property and good houses. We have money and income. Jake left us with everything we need to continue for generations if we follow his instructions. I know Jake is Jewish but there was no way to bury him in a regular cemetery here. The day after he died we got a call from a Muslim religious man. The man said he had been in contact with Jake and we could bury him in the Muslim cemetery! That is where he rests today. Haha. Jake used to say that Muslims and Jews were cousins from the same family - they just had a hard time getting along sometimes. And then he would say family arguments are the worst. I miss Jake, but I will see him soon in heaven. My health is not good and I have given instructions that when I die, Abbey is to assume my legal responsibilities. I signed some papers here today for that.

We are Abbey, Mitch, Cherise, Anabel, Rose, Rosemarie and Jana.

We are the rest of those Jake has said were his wives. Two of us, Rose and Jana, were surprised by being included. Rose because she never felt she connected with Jake the way the other wives did and Jana because she could not give him children. The rest of us know that Jake loved each of us for who we are. We were aware how Rose made him laugh, and Jana was special for him. He never forgave Jana's mother but was forever grateful for the love Jana gave him.

Lori is, with the help of all of us, writing a formal genealogy and a history of later events. It seems that Jake as he got older just lost patience with keeping the record up to date. At his passing Jake had 71 children here! That includes all of us, the children from his wives (26), the DoubleJakes (34), and TripleJakes (11). There is a huge amount for Lori to do. Jake wanted his beliefs to be understood and not die with him. To the extent that we, his wives and his seventy-one children, live in his world and have understood what he believed, Jake succeeded.

Jake was our husband and he will be missed. We his wives are still vital, very horny but not young. Hehehe. What we will do now, bahala na!

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The End

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