Jake's Journal: The Philippines - Joyfully

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Author's note: This chapter is NOT a stand-alone...The story starts here.


I head back to our rooms and proceed to get some things moving. With the major and extensive assistance of the Marriott hotel's concierge, who becomes a real majordomo for me, for a good three hours, I am able to do a number of things.

I contact Cebu Pacific and rejigger our flights to take us to GenSan the next day. I make a reservation at the Royal East Asia Hotel for the three of us in one room for two days.

I contact an account person at the GenSan branch of the Banco de Oro, right by the Sydney Hotel at the corner of Pioneer and Pendutan Avenue. I explain that I am moving my affairs to that city. I intend to make large deposits into that bank and wonder, if they might be so kind as to provide me time the next day to meet with them and open an account? (In later years non-citizens will have to have an Alien Certificate Registration card (ACR-I) to open accounts but not so now.)

While I have that person on the phone, I ask for the name of a top notch attorney for a variety of business and property matters. And finally I ask for the name of top notch realty company.

I call the attorney's office, and get an appointment there. Lastly get an appointment to meet with a realty agent two days hence.

All that done, I turn around and see both Joy and Abbey just looking at me.

Finally Joy speaks to me with something that seems like a little fear in her voice. You are an important man Sir Jake. We did not know. We promise, we be good to you.

Abbey is nodding her head up and down very fast. It is cute. I have done nothing other than what is needed, if we are to actually get things in motion. To the two of them, it is a world in which they have no experience.

Now that business is finished for the time being, the girls drag me onto the bed. They both strip and together they proceed to undress me. Joy takes a Viagra out of the pill bottle and brings it to me with a glass of water. Abbey asks her something - I don't understand and Joy seems to explain for what reason the pill is taken. A light flickers in Abbey's eyes and a smile spreads on her face. She looks at me with an earnest face and says, Take two!

Abbey then just latches her mouth onto my cock. Joy and I kiss and I play with her breasts. As I get hard I move to enter Joy – Abbey is still a bit too tender - my face is close to Joy's and I whisper, If you are willing, please lick Abbey's pussy while I kiss her. I get a moment of fear and then an acceptance across her face as she proceeds to do exactly as I have asked. I have already started kissing Abbey when Joy's tongue hits home.

As the information being received by Abbey's pussy is being processed by her brain, she starts to kiss me harder and harder.

Joy starts pumping her hips into me, as Joy's tongue brings Abbey to orgasm. Abbey's orgasm triggers mine in Joy's pussy.

And, at that moment, I think about all those years I spent alone back in the States with only my right hand as comfort. Damned straight, I am not going back to that.

Following a CR (comfort room) break, we are back at it again. I have Abbey concentrate on her mother's breasts, sucking them for all they are worth, while I enter Joy's ass with my cock. We succeed in getting Joy to squirt again during her fifth orgasm. Finally, I dump cum in Joy's ass.

We all nap for a while, and then down to supper we three go. The girls are a hoot during meals. They have never in their lives been at a buffet where they could simply take all they wanted that wasn't just rice, noodles, vegetables, dried fish, and thin soup. The amount of high priced protein on the buffet is intimidating to them.

Back in my room, we snuggle for a bit, all three in the same bed. There is some TV watching and then quickly to sleep, because we will leave early for the airport.

Three showers in the morning, (with two bathrooms,) a quick breakfast and a cab ride to the airport (this time without a bribe) gets us there in plenty of time to hear that our flight is delayed. Cebu Pacific is behaving just as I will learn to expect it to operate.

We are traveling now as a family. In the little time that we have been together, we have bonded. There are no dramatics. There is no holding on for dear life. Joy looks at me with a sense of relief and safety. Abbey is animated even though she is still a little stiff in the walking department.

The plane is late enough that it delays our check-in at the hotel in GenSan. I register at the front desk and we just drop our bags there. I ask the hotel staff to provide my family restaurant and lobby privileges until I return and then take a quick cab ride to the bank. I could have used a tricycle1, but I am too damned big to fit in them easily.

At the Bank (BDO) I meet with a Mr. Dizon, who assists me in filling out a myriad of forms. My passport is photocopied, as are other documents. I make an initial deposit and leave on very good terms.

My next stop is the law offices of Atty. Espejo. The attorney is in his late 40's and seems relaxed and comfortable in his world.

I explain that I am going to relocate to the GenSan area and there will be legal issues for which I require guidance. Atty Espejo is dubious, as he explains the laws regarding employment of foreigners in his country. I am aware of the law, and wait for his lecture to complete before I explain that my work is done remotely and is in essence overseas. I will not be providing services to anyone in the Philippines. I am providing services to companies outside the Philippines from my location. He smiles and acknowledges that there was no law barring that type of employment.

I then indicate the need to build a house that suits my needs, and he interrupts, and informs me that I cannot have a house, as once again, I am not a citizen of the Philippines. On this matter, I am not as confident, but I have a plan and wait for this lecture to end before I broach it.

Atty. Espejo, do I understand that there is no law prohibiting me from leasing land?

That is correct, Sir Jake.

And there is no law against building on leased land, Atty. Espejo?

That is also correct, Sir.

Then, Atty. Espejo, may I inquire whether a lease may last 99 years?

It may, Sir.

Atty. Espejo I would like you to draft a document that allows for the lease of land, not yet specified, for 99 years, with a buyout provision at the end or that time in the sum of ₱100 provided that the individual is both my direct descendent and a citizen of the Philippines. Please include that I may sublet part or all of the land at my sole discretion. Is that something you can do?

Sir Jake, I must be frank with you. It is rare to meet a man of your business knowledge and understanding of how to navigate through our laws. I think it will be a pleasure to work with you.

Atty. Espejo, I think the feeling is mutual. Now, Sir, just this morning I established an account at the BDO. I only have this counter check to use today, but allow me to provide you a retainer against this and future work.

I write out a check and hand it to him. He agrees that the sum is suitable and I leave.

From there it is only a five minute cab ride back to the hotel. We complete the previously abbreviated check-in process and retire to our room for a little unwinding.

We shower again... Have I noted how hot and humid it gets in the Philippines? Besides, sexual congress ought to be with clean bodies whenever possible!

Abbey asks me while we were drying off, if I am really sexually attracted to her. I assure her I am and ask her why she asks.

Because for the past two days you only fuck my mother. You leave me alone in that way.

I laugh so hard I almost lose my breath. She is not amused.

Abbey, you could barely walk this morning! My sweet lovely girl, I would love to be inside of you right now, but you are sore.

Abbey is having none of that and her response is an animated, Hindi!2 I am not sore. Just stiff and if you put your cock inside me I will no longer be stiff!

So that is exactly what I do. I take my naked thirteen-year-old lover to bed and, with Joy right there, fuck her but good. I have her feet in the air, as I pounded her pussy. I have Joy suck her tits as I proceed and Abbey orgasms, good and long. When we are done I ask her, Better now?

With a big smile on her face, her answer is, Opo.

Dinner that night is at the hotel. The Royal East Asia Hotel restaurant has an excellent reputation. It is reasonably well deserved, though the Marriott in Cebu was far better. The menu was a combination of Filipino foods and international cooking. GenSan is famous for tuna and the hotel had tuna sashimi on the menu for ₱80. It is – I am not kidding – 8 ounces of fresh caught yellow fin tuna with soy and wasabi. I am in heaven. That, a vegetable dish of pork stuffed ampalaya (bitter melon), and rice is enough for me. I am full! The food is great, the price is right and life is good.

The next day I have three missions. One is to find land and the second one is to find a place for my girls (and me) to stay, while our house is built. I will be gone for about two months in the beginning, but I will be returning and that will be before the house is completed. The third is to find an architect I can work with – remotely when needed. I leave the girls with some pesos; they are in walking distance of two Malls. I tell them I will see them for supper, and leave

The process ends up being far easier than I expected and feared. The realty agent with whom I deal knows of a property owner who has both a home in town and farmland north of GenSan. The farmland is going for ₱800,000 a hectare, but at 50 hectares, (123 acres), I am able to get the price down to ₱650,000 per hectare. That works out to be a little bit more than $660,000. I lease the house for ₱15,000/month while our place is being built. The owner of the land loves my lease offer and agrees to it readily, so long as I pay the annual taxes for it. I agree.

We call the Atty. Espejo together and provide him with all he will need to complete the document. It will be ready the next morning. I provide the owner ₱45,000 (first, last and security, for the leased house in town) and get the keys to the house in return. The place is partially furnished. We have a place to sleep!

I have three more days in the Philippines before my flight home. There is the matter of the architect. I call Mr. Dizon at the bank. I say that I know this was a personal favor I am asking, but who are the best architects in the City. I get three names and addresses. I find a taxi driver who allows me to rent him for the rest of the day, including waiting for me at my appointments. I hand him the addresses and tell him to take me to the closest one. We will be doing all three.

The first place is simply underwhelming and we are quickly on to the next. Here we find gold. The architect, Mr. Reyes, has done some wonderful work, has an up to date office with the needed technology and a work/billing ethic with which I am comfortable. He shows me some plans he has done for another client. I immediately see that, while there will need to be a few changes, the basics are all OK. We take a couple of hours going over the changes I need. He agrees to check out the property to see if there are other issues I have not contemplated, and get back to me electronically in about a week. I leave him a retainer and all my contact information.

It is late afternoon by this time. I head back to the Hotel. The girls have not returned yet. I pick up my cell phone and call Jun. She answers on the second ring. She is in good spirits when I give her our temporary address. Once her employment is over, she is to come here. There is not a moment's hesitation. She takes the information down and tells me that she will tell her parents that she is no longer returning to them. She will give them our address as well. I tell her I think she is doing just fine and look forward to our all being together.

About thirty minutes later my girls arrive with just three small packages. I am surprised, but they just laugh. When I ask why, is was my turn to laugh.

Joy looks at me like I am an idiot. You are getting us a house? Yes?

I did. It is done.

Then we will be spending money on that. So, we save for the house.

They know I have money, but they are being careful with it. It is my turn to laugh and I do. I tell them we will go to the house tomorrow.

But now Joy is excited. When we go?

Using the limited Tagalog I have picked up, I ask, Bakit?3

We have surprise for you tomorrow.

What do you mean surprise?

They laughed and Joy repeats, When we go?

After breakfast, tomorrow.

It is far from here?

No. It is about ten minutes by taxi.


For dinner we go over to a new place that has just opened called 'Grab a Crab.' The food is excellent and the kangkung (Joy laughs and says that's a weed! Hehehe) is braised and out of this world. The Crab in Chili sauce is not all that bad either.

After dinner, we shower and I take Abbey in her pussy and Joy in the ass. I am spent by that time. I tell them I want to watch Joy lick Abbey, until she has an orgasm. And that is what happens. Mother Joy bringing daughter Abbey to a bigtime cum. I am processing what this means on so many different levels.

Sleep comes upon us all.

The next morning we move into our temporary home. Like all such places in GenSan, the exterior of the property is an 8 to 10 foot high fence/barrier with something like broken glass embedded into the top. It is designed to be a security barrier and it does that pretty well. The weak spot is usually the gate. This gate is iron and substantial.

Inside any such compound there will be a house, possibly a carport/garage and a shed type structure plus a yard, some with plantings. Ours has all of it.

The five bedroom house has two large kitchens, (one inside and one outside,) a large dining room, a living room, two large porches and two bathrooms. My girls are in awe.

Joy asks, in the quietest of voices, This is for us?

Yes, but not only you.

You know about the present?

No, why? What present?

Then why you say, 'not only you?'

I will explain in a bit. What is your surprise?

Take us to the Bus Terminal at 5pm


The girls spend the day getting things in order while I clean up some business issues and ready myself to leave in the morning. Everything, and I do mean everything, gets washed down and cleaned. The floors are shined. It is clear that Joy and Abbey are not afraid of work.

Based on where we are living it is evident that I will need a car when I return. Cabs are not hanging around the house. I have to take a tricycle to Atty. Espejo's office. Later, we take a tricycle to the Bus terminal on Bulaong Ave. That is where the girls say we needed to be.

At the law office I meet with the land owner and Atty. Espejo. We review the lease. It is clean and perfect. I hand a check of earnest money to the landowner. We both sign the multiple copies of the lease forms. Following the earnest money, this would be a one payment, 99 year lease with buyout provision. Perfectly legal and skirting the problem of citizenship. I have ninety days to provide the rest of the money. It will not be a problem. I just have to transfer some funds. I provide a check to cover the balance to my attorney and he will send it via LBC (their version of FedEx) to the landowner once the money is in my local account. It takes less than an hour to conclude the transaction. It is clear that I have hired a good attorney.

It is done; we have fifty hectares of land a little north of GenSan. It is good farmland, and it will allow us many options. I am happy and relieved.

I get back to our house mid-afternoon. The place is shining and all put in order. The girls are laughing and generally in a great mood. There is an open-air market just a few streets away and Joy has prepared a fruit plate for me of banana, mango and pineapple. All are incredibly sweet. At 5:00PM we go to get my surprise.

Once we get to the terminal, we wait only half an hour, which by my calculation in Philippines time is short. We are waiting for a person who evidently had just gotten off a bus. And as she walks to us, the surprise is another very young girl, close to Abbey's age.

Her name is Michelle but she is called Mitch. She is fourteen and she is Joy's niece. Mitch's mother has taken off. She has been living with her father who has recently been laid off. Joy tells me he was a welder and diesel mechanic and had worked at a company that operated Caterpillar earth moving equipment. He now has no income. If we will take in his daughter, it is one less mouth to feed ... and as Abbey notes she is both pretty and a virgin.

I greet Mitch. Her relations make a fuss around her. The kid has not had a bite to eat all day. I ask her where she wants to eat and her answer is Jollibee. (It is the Filipino answer to McDonalds, although McD's is here as well.) Jollibees is not a place where I want to eat, but to this fourteen-year-old it is the gold standard. And so, that is where we go. There are five Jollibees in GenSan, Abbey is sure the one closest to us is just up the street from the Hotel Sydney on Pioneer, but I remember from the driving around I did when looking for an architect that there is one at the RD Plaza. That's not much closer, but I win the bet!

It is a short tricycle ride. We could have walked it, but I don't want to get there dripping with sweat. I get in a tricycle on the front seat. Joy, Abbey and Mitch ride in the back.

Jollibees is as plastic as possible. The food is not to my liking but it is not meant to be. Mitch orders a "Yum with Cheese" burger and a Jollibees Spaghetti. When I start going for my wallet to pay, Joy whispers in my ear, Let Abbey pay, Mahal.

This requires two explanations. Mahal can mean dear as in a loved one. It can also mean expensive, as in 'You are paying dearly for that!' In a store if you hear mahal, it often means the latter. Here, it was meant as a term of affection. The reason Abbey would pay is that, for Abbey to have that much money would, in and of itself, be unusual. Mitch is without more than a five-peso coin when we meet her. It is Abbey's way of saying, 'things are very different here.'

Mitch's eyes get big when Abbey withdraws the ₱500 note to pay for the food, but she makes no comment. She proceeds to wolf it all down and then she leans back, burps and laughs out loud.

Mitch looks at the three of us and asks, Where do we live?

With that, the Visayan dialect is in full force as the three of them chat up a storm all the way back by taxi.

When we get back to the compound, Joy takes care of unlocking the gate, getting us all in and relocking it completely. Once inside Mitch asks if we are the only ones who live here. Joy takes a long look at me and says, oo5, for now.

It is time I take Joy aside. I tell her about Jun. Once she has the story, she only asks, May I talk to her?

I pull my cell phone out and speak to Jun, before handing the phone to Joy. This conversation is in Tagalog and Joy is welcoming Jun into the family. She tells Jun that I am a good man and that I have already made sure they have all they need. I am only hearing one side of the conversation, and as it is Tagalog, I don't know what is being said anyway. I only catch a few words but, by the tenor of Joy's voice, it sounds OK to me. She tells Jun that we have a farm; a big one. She is excited, animated and happy.

When the call ends, Joy looks at me and asks, how many more?

None that I expect, how about you?

Joy laughs. Maybe one more but you will like her. She is Mitch's older sister. Angel is nineteen. She laughs again. You better live a long time Jake!

I ask Joy when Angel is going to appear and if she does not think she needs to ask my permission for any of this.

Joy looks at me with big eyes filled with fear. I tell them to go home if you want mahal. I am sorry to make mistake.

I smile at her. No, Joy, no one is being sent home, but after Angel, no more additions unless you come to me first and I agree. You understand?

Joy takes a deep breath, her head held down a little and answers me. Opo, Jake. I make no more orders unless you agree.

I just say, Mabuti.

The younger ones are in the house. Abbey is giving Mitch the tour. When they get done I remind the girls that, as this is my last night at home for about two months, I will be spending the early evening getting to know Mitch; following that, Joy and Abbey should also join me.

We find two double beds in the house. We will order other beds later. But for now, these two have been pushed together. So Mitch and I enter the only bedroom with beds.

Mitch, are you expecting me to take your virginity tonight?


Is that what you want?

Opo, if you let me stay with you.

Will you obey me?


Then, Mitch, it is time for you to take your clothing off.

She does, and I am not disappointed. I take a picture of Mitch and later I save it to my computer where I will look at it from time to time. It is a simple photograph, but it captures the sweet innocence of the girl just before I take her. Mitch is all sorts of ready until the moment comes, then she is all sorts of worried or scared. I cannot tell which and so, naked though she is and lying on the bed ready for me, I stop.

Mitch, I will not take your virginity with you shaking like this. There is nothing wrong with deciding this life is not for you. I will give you money for the ride home, give you money for food both on the ride home and for you and your father for the month. Would you like to go home? It is really OK if you do.

Hindi, Sir Jake. I am not scared, I am worried that I will not be good enough for you and you will tell me to go home. Sir Jake, I do not want to go home. I want to stay with you. Please don't send me home. I am young. I do not know how to please you or even what to do.

Before I tell you how Mitch and I make love, please keep in mind that I am still that overweight 58-year-old. I still have to take Viagra to get it up and I really do snore. And the girl sitting on my bed is a very cute girl, not close to being a woman. She is looking at me and telling me she wants me to take her virginity. This is in a country where virginity is important. Also, keep in mind that I already have a beautiful 32-year-old and another thirteen-year-old in the next room plus a seventeen-year-old on another island. I have already taken two virgins this trip.

At this point, I am sure I am the luckiest bastard in the world. I know that is not what I should expect out of life, but I am not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I undress and slide onto the bed next to Mitch. Putting my arms around her, I pull her to me; her skin against me. There is no resistance. In fact, there will not be one moment of resistance the entire time. I taste her breasts, her hairless pussy, her back, and her lips. I explore her pussy and her ass with my fingers. She is wet all on her own and I do enter her. She is tight, but not tighter than was Abbey. I run into her hymen. She winces in pain. She urges me to break it and make her my girl. I pull back a little and ram down, ripping through her hymen. She cries out, Aray!6

I am through and I stay at bottom for her to relax a bit.

Now, slowly, we start a gentle tempo and the noises from Mitch become mewing sounds. We are in no rush to finish and the slow, steady fucking has us both happy, but not orgasmic. As we fuck, Mitch starts asking me questions. Will I love her? Do I think she's pretty? Do I love her cousin Abbey? Can she live with me forever? Will I pay for her to go to school? Do I want babies? I answer yes, yes, yes, yes, and oh yes.

Good, give me a baby Sir Jake. I think this is a good time.

And that gets my fire going; Mitch also picks up the tempo. We are not doing anything special. This is straight-ahead fucking; Mitch and I, working on making a baby. She whispers in my ear, Give your baby now!

And that does it, I blow my load inside Mitch. When I pull out, not a damn drop is going to dribble out as she does all but a headstand to keep the cum running in the right direction. Still upside down, Mitch looks at me and says, I am going to be your best girl. You will see. No one will ever love you as good as me!

Even though I have only met her a few hours ago, I have no doubt that she means every word.

After sliding on a pair of shorts, I go to the door and open it a little. Mitch is still on the bed with feet against the wall and in the air. As I stick my head out, Joy sees me and asks if I am hungry. I am, and so, after a few words of thanks and encouragement to Mitch, who is not hungry, I put a shirt and sandals on and head to the dining area. I ask, What is for supper? The answer is a Sitaw and Pork Adobo, and Eggplant cooked in Coconut Milk with garlic and sautéed onions. There is a desert of Leche Flan. (Sitaw is the Tagalog name for what you might call Chinese Long Beans.) Of course, there is a copious amount of rice on the table. The meal is beyond delicious! (masarap!7 Who knew she could cook so well?

While we are eating, Mitch, in a borrowed robe from Abbey, joins us with a big smile. She takes some rice and adobe, but between bites takes center stage.

I will have the first baby here! I will be the first mother to Jake's children.

There are both howls and laughs from Abbey and Joy, but there is also, as of now, a race to become pregnant. I have no idea if I can get anyone pregnant. There was a time when I could, but I haven't fathered a child in decades. For all I know I am shooting blanks. Though it is a fantasy, it is not a priority. I assumed that I might have one or two more kids if it is possible. But a contest? We will see. And how do I deal with children from children? There are midwives here ... but the kids still have to have birth certificates. I do not want to spend my days in prison. This is going to take some research.

Before we leave the table, I chose to address them all at the same time. Girls, I came from the US to see if I might find a wife and maybe a mistress and return to the US. Joy, as you already know, I am not going to do that.

They just stare. I continued.

I am moving here and will live with you because I simply can't get all of you to the USA, ... but if I stay here we can all be together. Does anyone have a problem with my decision that you are my girls forever?

No one says anything for a bit. Joy is the one who eventually speaks, Are you saying we will all live together here forever as a family, each of us girls your mistress? Preo, hindi Ganda?8

I answer with a simple, Yes.

Mabuti, we are your girls.

That last night I have something I had never had before and had never even dreamed of having. It is a foursome in bed. It is as unlikely as it is outrageous fun. I cannot begin to describe it because I am at the bottom of the pile. Half the time I have no idea who is holding my cock, or whose tit is in my face. All I know is that I go to sleep a happy man with three girls in my bed, all happy and committed to the plan. And to think, three weeks prior and for more than a few years prior, the closest I was to a pussy was my right hand. Who knew?

§ § §

1 - A motorcycle with a sidecar is the ubiquitous and inexpensive form of travel.
2 - No.
3 - Why?
4 - Good.
5 - Yes.
6 - Ouch!
7 - Very delicious!
8 - But, not Ganda?

§ § §

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