Jake's Journal: The Philippines - Joyfully

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The next day is the beginning of the long and arduous trip back to the States. The length of time it takes and the number of planes I have to ride is appalling and not worth retelling here. A day later I am home in the US and, after a few hours rest, I have my work cut out for me.

I have to do the following: Sell off the parts of my business which are involved with physical things; Arrange for some services to be transferred to others; Notify clients that, while I will be available for remote service support and consulting, all the other things I have done in the past will now be handled by others.

I put my house up for sale. This is perfect timing. The market is high – it falls off a few years later, long after I am gone. It is not a big place and it is not in a metro area, but I still get over $350K for the place. I bought it for $94K some 20 years earlier. I am not crying. My new land in Mindanao is costing me $663,000. Fifty hectares is, in US terms, 123.33 acres of very fertile ground. The average farmer around GenSan has one or two hectares. I have an idea how to use that land to my benefit.

I sell a bunch of stuff and arrange for shipment of the rest to the Philippines via a 40' cargo container. It might take two or three months to get to GenSan, but that is just fine. I work with my banks to transfer funds.

I arrange for the installation of as fast an internet connection as I can get into the house we have in GenSan using PLDT. They are hard to work with and I cannot get a business class account because I don’t have a Philippine business. Saying you are a business doesn’t cut it. You have to acquire a license as a Philippine business to get that class of account but I get as good a connection as is possible.

I buy a plane ticket with a return trip as delayed a date as I can get and then contact the Philippine Embassy for an immigrant visa. They give me only a 60 day tourist visa, which I can renew multiple times once I get there. There is some rule about only 50 general immigrant visas per country available per year, unless I marry a Filipina. I'll have to fix that once I got there, as I gather there may be a workaround. I am not going to marry so I will have to figure out how to deal with the issue.

I have transfer significant funds to my BDO account and Atty. Espejo has sent the check for the final lease payment. That check has been deposited, and it has cleared my BDO account. Lease or own ... that land is mine.

Meanwhile, I have been in contact with Mr. Reyes, our architect, and we have finalized the plans. He, with the assistance of Atty. Espejo, to whom I had provided limited power of attorney while I was gone, has chosen a contractor. Ground is broken long before I leave the USA.

Seventy-five days after I returned to the USA, I say goodbye to one and all. I am headed back to the Philippines.

I am about to be an expat. I know there are others in and around GenSan, but I have yet to meet them. I am not sure I want to meet them. My lifestyle may make that problematic.

I am going back to a home with more things and people in it than I had when I left. Angel has arrived, as has Jun. Beds have been purchased. Kitchen equipment has been acquired, as has a 20-cup rice cooker/steamer, two hot/cold water dispensers that take those blue 20-liter/litre jugs. And, the most important addition, a hot water heater for my shower.

On the return trip, I stay in Manila for a couple of days. I need to adjust my visa and the best office to do that is in Manila. I know I will be in the Philippines for longer than 60 days and I don't want the hassle of re-upping every sixty days. My research has discovered that there is a visa that is good for up to one year, and is renewable year after year. That's the one I want. It's called an SRRV visa. The visa requires that I claim to be retired.

While I am not really retired, the nature of my work will allow me to act that way for the Philippine Retirement Authority, the PRA. It is also a little pricey, requiring a deposit that is frozen while I am here. I can't touch it, but that is not really a problem. It allows me to stay indefinitely without marrying. I bring all the needed documents with me and hope it will all be OK.

One of the beauties of the SRRV Visa is that the cargo container I am bringing in will be duty and customs free!

I am back at the Best Western in Manila again. There are nicer hotels, but this one is fine and the price is right. It does not take long to arrange for the Visa. While there is a lot of official corruption in the Philippines, the PRA office in Manila is a paradise that is completely free of the fixers and other corrupt practices. I gather not all the Immigration offices are so clean.

I fly back to Mindanao with a temporary paper copy of my visa. The fancy plastic card will follow later. My 'family' has rented a van and driver to meet me at the airport. There are six of us: Joy, Abbey, Mitch, Jun, Angel and me. Adding the driver, we are seven.

Oh my, if we start having babies in a serious way, I am going to need a Jeepney just to move us around. My SUV, loaded in a second 20 foot cargo container, will not accommodate that many people!

That gets me thinking about the new house. Maybe I should push to get it built faster than what I take is the more normal and relaxed timetable Mr. Reyes was telling me about via his emails. I will speak to him and the contractor tomorrow and see what can be done to get the construction completed as soon as possible.

We get back to our house and I walk through, checking out what is what. I had let Joy know I needed a room for my office. The girls have set up one of the bedrooms for this purpose. There is a little table. My desk is in the bigger cargo container that will arrive in a couple of months. The Internet is running to the house, but we need a wireless router, a printer/scanner/copier, a couple of large monitors and some patch cables. I figure, I will do that tomorrow. Though I am shipping that sort of stuff in the container, I need it now.

But… today I have 'personnel' issues.

First is Jun. After giving each girl a hug and a kiss, I retire to the bedroom with Jun. She starts to get undressed. I smile and sit down to enjoy the view. But I stay dressed. Naked, she looks and asks if something is wrong.

Nothing is wrong. Jun you look beautiful and I am pleased that you are here. Are you OK? Have you been treated well?

Yes Jake, they all treat me good. They say we are all family. I know we are not, but it is fun.

Jun, did you finish high school?

Yes, but no money for college.

I am told that there are good colleges in GenSan. What would you like to study?

Will you let me study business?

Of course. Tomorrow morning you go and get the forms and sign up for the next semester. I want you to work hard at this and graduate.

Maraming salamat, Maraming salamat, Maraming salamat. God bless you Jake.

You are welcome. Now, because you are mine, I want to know if you want to have children. Do you? If you do not, we need to get you on birth control.

Do you not know?


Mitch is pregnant and we have a contest to see who will be next! I hope I win!

There are times that words are useless. Here is a naked seventeen year-old girl, who has declared herself to be mine and wants me to get her pregnant.

I take my clothing off and get into bed with Jun. Starting at her ankles, (she claims her feet are too dirty,) I kiss and lick my way all the way up. I have described her to you before. Nothing has changed. But this time we are alone with each other. And in this one-on-one time we take care of each other: touching, talking, kissing, teasing, and earnest licking of hidden places. When I finally center in on licking her pussy we have been going for forty-five minutes. She loves having my mouth on her pussy and she grinds her cunt into me with a power and determination that is beyond measure.

The decision to mount her and give her a baby, if I can, occurs after fifteen minutes of pussy munching. I take her missionary style and her orgasm is almost immediate. I keep her going for a while, but the scent of her body, her body's insistent need for cum, makes the rest of it unimportant. I pound her pussy until the urgent need to cum produces the result we both want.

After I give her the cum, she does what Mitch had done. She is just about on her head with her legs up against the wall. Nothing will leak out.

I leave her there and take a shower.

Now is the time for me to get to know Angel, not that I am able to fuck anyone at the moment. But, I do not know if she even belongs here. When I find her in a back room, she is a little reserved, maybe even frightened.

Angel, I know exactly why every other girl is here. Do you want to be here? Do you want to stay here, and if yes to either, would you be kind enough to tell me why?

My father say I have to go to you. I tell him I have boyfriend and I can live with him. Tatay1 say hindi.

Is your father still out of work?

Yes, Sir.

Does he know how to work construction, like build houses?

Yes, I think so.

OK, listen closely and stop me if you do not understand any part. I am going to offer your tatay a job. If he accepts he will have to move near here, but it is a real job. I am telling him that you are a good girl but not right for me. He can either take care of you or let you go to your boyfriend. If he wants to accept my job offer, you can wait here until he comes. But I will not touch you and you will never become part of this family. Do you understand that?

Well, she does and she doesn't. I have to explain parts of it a few times and I even have to enlist her younger sister, Mitch, to explain parts to her. And that creates a minor shit-storm. Mitch is insistent that Angel stay and I am having none of it. Only after I get it into Mitch’s head that her father will have a job and be able to support Angel, does she relent. As Mitch is already pregnant there is no talk of her returning to her father.

In the end, Angel is relieved to not join the family and I am happy with the result. I do not want unwilling girls. Joy is also a little irritated until she hears I have offered her brother a job. Then all complaints stop.

Her Tatay, Joe, accepts the offer, only an hour after I have spoken to Angel. Tomorrow, I am going to meet with the contractor anyway. It won't be hard to get him to agree to hire Joe to help build the house. After that, the contractor will have no obligation to keep Joe on the books. I will arrange for Joe to be able to live in a Nipa hut on my land. As part of the deal, Joe has agreed to allow Angel to go to the boyfriend. We put Angel on the bus tomorrow! All matters seem to be resolved.

I am down to four girls. That is far more than enough. That first night back, all four are in my bed. It is silly, out-of-control, sweet and just plain fun. Abbey will not allow Mitch anywhere near my cock. Mitch is pregnant and Abbey says she is not. In Abbey's mind that is enough, she wants a baby too. But so does Jun. They both get some cum that night, but from then on, I insist on a schedule. Each non-pregnant girl gets 2 nights a week. Pregnant girls get one night per week. When there is no pregnant woman, then each will in turn give up one day per week.

I do mix things up a bit on a regular basis, having on two nights a week both Joy and Jun with me and then, for a while, for two nights a week both Mitch and Abbey together. I am able to introduce more real girl-on-girl activity with the two younger ones. Joy and Jun are a little embarrassed to show that they are really enjoying it.

Abbey and Mitch are becoming very close and I count that as a good thing.

It seems to me that Joy is my true de facto wife. I think she knows it. I depend on her a great deal and in the ways I need a wife to be.

Jun is a beautiful unknown. She says she is committed to me, but I remain unsure about her and her future in general. Yes, I fell for her looks at the hotel in Boracay, and yes, she punched all the right buttons to end up here with me. And no, I am not sorry about any of it. But it was so random. I take her virginity and, in her mind, as she would have me believe, that is that. She’s mine. Really?

Oh, I guess I understand Mitch. A cousin to Abbey, a niece to Joy, it’s sort of the family plan. From what I understand, these two girls have been with each other since they were in diapers. Having one grab the brass ring, while the other is left out, just isn't going to wash.

On the subject of bedding teenagers, my working theory at the moment is that it is important not to assume you can communicate with them or be on their level. As much as you think you are, well, you aren’t. You can’t be and you can’t play mind games on them. If they say they love me, I take them at their word, but my interests are not theirs. Most of the time during the day I don't see them. I don’t expect to see them and there are no demands. But, for all the differences, they choose my bed and I always let them know that they can choose to be elsewhere. There is no arm twisting from me. The pressure to stay is in their hearts and heads; it is a pressure based on their reality to a large extent. I haven't created it; I haven't amplified it; but I do enjoy the fruits of it. I do make sure that all three are in school. I let it be known that school, including college, is not optional and that I am paying for it.

On the transportation side, I have a problem. There are just five of us now, and my SUV will have worked, but with Mitch already pregnant, an SUV will not make it a year if we all need to go somewhere. Or so I think at the time. In reality, Filipinas have no problem putting six on a bench made for three. (I am only to learn this later!) The best answer is a van, but for short trips, it is just too big for the city traffic. The result is a modest motorcycle plus the van. The purchases are done within a week. With my US driver's license in hand, I am able to secure a Philippine driver's license. As I settle in, it is very unusual for women to drive in the Philippines, though this will change in later years. But for now, none of my girls want to learn. So be it.

The decision to purchase a van is doubly right. Just days later, Abbey finally tells Joy that she has not had a period since I left for the USA. She is ever so pregnant! That makes two of them. Joy is having her periods regularly. I hear talk that some Filipinas are used to irregular periods because of what amounts to malnutrition. My girls are eating well, but Abbey might have been assigning a missing period to the vagaries of life. On a hunch I ask Jun when her last period had been. She had one the week before I arrived. That gives me a benchmark to track Jun's cycles.

With both Mitch and Abbey pregnant, they both start on the one day a week regimen. That means that I have five days each week for Joy and Jun. While it is nice to be alone with them on occasion, I normally have both of them with me each night, making sure that I split up the distribution of my semen.

I am having some luck with the two of them as far as three-way play. Jun is getting good at getting Joy off with her tongue. Joy is less comfortable and needs some urging, but now it is not just me urging, Jun is directly asking Joy for action. Joy just isn't getting into it. Then Jun pushes a button when she asks Joy, If you don't want to be with me, should Jake find a girl for me?

That sure as hell gets Joy's attention. Joy looks at me but I do not say a thing and wait to hear what Joy will say. Joy remains silent. It appears to me that she is getting real scared. But I think both Jun and I need some clarity. Joy, if you do not like being with me and another woman, you need to say that is so. I will not send you away, but I will not lie, I will be with you less often. If you are only afraid of enjoying being with Jun, you need to get over it. No matter what, you are here for life.

Mahal, I will try to make Jun happy. If Jun is not happy, then you go get another girl.

Joy does start taking care of Jun and Jun in response is so nice to Joy that a week later Joy comes to me crying.

Jake, I have a problem.

OK, what’s your problem?

I think Jun loves me. She is so nice to me now. She sleeps with me when we are not with you and loves me in bed on those nights.

How do you feel for Jun?

I not know. I confused. I love you. How I love a girl if I love you!

Are you saying it is not possible to love two people?


Do I love all four of you?

Yes, I think so.

So it is possible for me to love more than one person. Why is it not possible for you?

You different. You a man.

Joy, I know you love me. You will make me happy if you allow yourself to have feelings for Jun too.


Yes, Joy, really.

OK,I will try

Two months later, Jun is pregnant and Joy is her constant companion making sure that Jun has all she needs.

Now there are three pregnant girls in the house and I am worrying about the consequences. I need the new house ready sooner than ever.

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1 - Father.

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