Jake's Journal: The Philippines - Joyfully

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Author's note: This chapter is NOT a stand-alone...The story starts here.


My girls seem happy. They are surely not complaining to me. I ask and they all say that they have a far better life than they ever expected to have. Joy laughs and says that the biggest problem the girls have is to not get fat! There is so much food in the house. They are not used to eating so well or so often. They have access to education they would never have been able to afford and Mitch tells me that her father is doing better than he ever has in his life. They are not unhappy.

It is a happy year for Mitch who is graduating with a Bachelors in Business. I ask her if she would like to work in my office with me and she readily accepts the job. A wage comes with it, the size of which took a while for her to accept and understand that she is worth that much. She really is earning it. Sure it is outsized against Philippine salaries, but her job is serving customers in the USA and Europe, and wages there are far higher. I am simply charging the going rate and passing it on to her.

One late afternoon in mid-March, just before the end of the school year on the 20th, Jun's first as a teacher, she comes in to my office, and closes the door behind her. She sits down across from me. There is a determined look on her face. This is not normal.

Jake, I would like you to meet a girl I have been teaching this year. She is really nice and smart and I know you will like her.

Jun, what are you trying to do?

I want you to meet a girl.


Because you will like her?

Jun, what is the real reason?

Do you know why I decided to become a teacher? Why I wanted 6thgrade?

No, I don't. Why don't you tell me?

We girls were talking about how much you mean to Mitch and Abbey. They said that their entire lives were turned around by you. That you were kind to them as you are kind to me. We all know our lives are better. The lives of our children are blessed because you are their father. The fact that we are not married to you is not important. You are good in all ways. You do not drink, or smoke, or gamble. You never hit us. You have an income that allows all of us to live very, very well. We have never seen you raise your hand towards anyone or anything. Even when you were making sure you didn't get into trouble by getting the girls pregnant, instead of a bribe to a fat politician or government worker, you raised up poor people and gave them real work, pride and honor. Because of that you are treated with honor and respect here in your home and by others. ... Joy and I decided that if I could find one girl a year in my class who was worthy of your help, I would bring her to you.

Did you ever think about asking me?

We were afraid you would say no and stop us!

But you are not afraid now?

Jake, please just meet the girl. She's great.

What have you told her?


Jun? What exactly do you mean, 'everything?'

About what it means to be one of Jake's girls. What our life is like. What hers would be like.

Does she have parents?

Yes, I talked to them too.

Jun, for God's sake, what did you tell them?

Everything about how you treat us and what our life is like.

And you are telling me that these parents are willingly giving their twelve-year-old daughter to me?

Yes, Jake! They say they will have a party with a big lechon,1 if you agree to take her! They are poor and know that her life will be so much better with you!

Good God, Jun, this is crazy.

Please, Jake, please meet the girl.

Where is she? When do you want me to meet her?

She's in the hall outside your door.

I see. What's her name?


Bring Anabel in and stay here while I am with her.

The door is opened. Jun makes a gesture and in walks the damned prettiest twelve-year-old I may have ever seen. I remain sitting as the child just stands there, her eyes darting from me to Jun to the room to me.

Welcome Anabel, please sit on the chair here at my side.

She walks over and sits down. She is still in her school uniform; the standard white blouse with the big peter-pan collar, a red skirt at mid-calf length, white socks and black leather shoes. Even poor families seem to get the pesos scraped up for the uniforms.

I gather Jun is your teacher, it that right?

Opo ... Yes, Sir. I am sorry, Jun tell me to speak English to you.

It's OK, you are nervous. I understand. Anabel, I want to know two things from you. You have to be honest in your answers and they will not be easy. Here is the first question. What is the scariest thing that you will have to do if you live with me?

There is nothing scary about living with you, Sir Jake.

Really? Well, I will get back to that! This is the second question. What do you hope will happen if you live here?

I hope to give you children, graduate high school, go to college, get a good job and help my parents in their old age!

When do you think you will have your first baby?

When I am thirteen or fourteen.

Do your parents know all this?

Yes, Sir Jake! They look forward to white grandchildren! It will be an honor!

Are you a virgin?

Yes, of course, Sir Jake. If I wasn't, Jun would not have considered me.

Anabel, before I say yes I want to meet your parents. Do you think they would be willing to come here for supper?

Yes! Yes! Sir Jake, Opo, salamat po, maraming salamat po.

You are welcome Anabel ... now off you go!

The child is escorted out to the door by Jun, who then turns around and looks at me. I turn to Jun and tell her, to tell Joy, that we might expect at least three more for supper and possibly more. Jun is not leaving. She is not moving. What she is doing is crying.


Jun answers, through tears, Wala.2

If it is nothing, then go!

Instead of going, she runs to me and jumps into my lap. She just hugs me for all she is worth and cries, or actually sobs in great heaves. I hold her; she holds me, for about five minutes like that. She then slides off, stands up, takes my right hand, with the back of my hand turned up and lifts it to her forehead as she bends forward. This is an 'honoring' gesture. I have seen children honor parents or grandparents thusly. I have never received such a thing. I know not to take it lightly.

You are a good girl Jun and I am happy you are mine and are part of this family. Now go with my love and inform Joy.

Opo Jake, Opo. Maraming Salamat.

It seems that I might be the only one who still has some questions needing answers, but this is not the time. As the matter currently rests, regarding Jun's that request I take Anabel, I have not decided to say yes. What I have decided to do is to give the parents the ability to pay their way and take care of their daughter without handing her over to me. Jun means well, but I am damned sure it is not a good thing to be doing. I like my life as it is. This is an unwelcome complication.

At this point I put the matter away and return to what I had been working on prior to Jun's interruption. There are a good two hours of work ahead of me. Because there is nothing to do on the Anabel matter right now, I put it out of my mind until later. There are no further interruptions for the rest of the afternoon.

The large dining area is set with plates, tablespoons, forks, glasses of water, and a pile of napkins for those who want them. It is possible that Anabel's family eats their meals "province style," without utensils, but we do not. It is our table and I assume they will adjust if they need to do so.

I had not specified a suppertime to Anabel when she was with me. There was no need to do so. Prepaid cell phones with ₱30 loads are common and everyone texts all the time. The time for supper is provided ... somehow. We have four extra persons for supper: Anabel's father, mother, brother and Anabel herself.

It is clear that Anabel's parents are poor, but poor does not mean without pride. Their clothing is old but it is spotless and even the Tee-shirt her father wears is ironed. Her mother's straight black hair has been curled. It probably took her two hours to get ready to eat with us. Hair is combed; nails are clean, trimmed and painted on the females. They are all smiles.

Here is a couple, seemingly ecstatic. They are about to see their prized young twelve-year-old daughter, (who is an A+ student, and who is easily the prettiest girl for many a kilometer,) enter into a commitment to be a mistress of a sixty-three-year-old man, who already has five mistresses and twelve children. If you told me such a thing was possible just six years ago, I would have said you are crazy. I still think the whole situation is crazy and I am living it.

After we greet each other, shake hands, hug, and a seemingly never-ending a round of Salamat's has been dispensed with, we sit down to a dinner of shumai, chicken adobo, pancit bihon, pork with chopped asparagus, an eggplant dish that has a layer of ground pork fried in it, fried tilapia with shrimp and egg coating, and pinakbet. There are four heaping plates of rice on the table. Since there are ten of us at the table this night, Joy has cooked 20 cups of rice. After supper, Joy brings out a serving dish of sticky rice with a brown sugar caramelized syrup topping, another of leche flan, and the cake from Goldilocks, which has been brought by Anabel's parents.

Bringing a gift of food when visiting is considered standard manners and her family may have skimped on their ability to pay bills just to bring that cake. I am aware of what such a thing may mean to them. I am also aware that it will not be considered rude for me to hand them some pesos when they leave. I will do so.

After supper, while still at the table, I thank the parents for coming. Then I launch into a speech that I prepared just prior to this supper. If it sounds stiff to you, now you know why. But, as the parents probably don't have very good English, I ask Cherise to be a translator after each sentence which makes the whole damned thing even more awkward.

I am honored in many ways tonight. I am honored that this most beautiful, young and incredibly smart girl, only twelve years old, thinks me a good and happy match for her and her children. No man could be more flattered. I am honored that her parents seem to agree with her and are happy that such a match may be made......No man deserves such a thing and no man should take such a thing without the knowledge that he is not deserving of the honor.... ... I am most certainly not. ... It seems to me that, as parents, you want to do the best you can for your daughter. Knowing I have an undeserved reputation as a good man, you accept my odd desire for young girls, so that your daughter can get a good education. I understand and respect your actions. I expect that I would do the same if our positions were reversed.... ...Allow me to make you an offer, which will permit you to hold your family together. I have land that is not being farmed. I will lend you the use of two hectares to farm. I will give you enough money to live on it, while you plant crops so that you will have enough for food, other bills and tuition for school for your children. Once the crops come in, the income you will get from those two hectares, as you know, is enough for you to take care of your family and to keep all your children in school. You can have this without Anabel needing to join my household.... ... ...Would you prefer the offer?

The expression, no good deed goes unpunished, applies here. What happens next is something I will long remember and it informs all my actions from now on.

This is a list of things that happens:

  1. Jun
  2. Joy
  3. Abbey
  4. Even Cherise, as she completes the last sentence!
  5. Mitch
  1. Her mother
  2. Her father

Somehow I regain a semblance of control and get the room quiet.

Stop this! STOP! I never said Anabel is not welcome here. She is and she can move in tonight if you, and she, wish it. If you were only doing this because of money, I gave you a different way, if you wanted it. It is clear you do not want it. ... ... Now I have one other question and there is to be no screaming! After I say what I have to say, Anabel's father will speak and NO ONE ELSE!!! ... ... Sir, if Anabel comes to me, will you accept the land and farm it as I explained before?

Cherise is needed to translate as I am just not understood, and the man's answer is returned to me via the same method.

Sir Jake Po, I am looking forward to Anabel's children. I hope to be a grandfather very soon and, even though her mate will be older than her father, I will be happy to call you son! Yes, as your father-in-law I will be happy to farm your land!

OK, I tried, but it is clear I have a new girl. So I turn to this precious beauty and ask, Anabel, when would you like to join me?

NOW! Right now, Po.

If you will all excuse us, Anabel and I have some things to do right now!

I take Anabel by the hand. After the shouting and fearful excitement, she is somewhat nonplussed but, she willingly takes my hand as we head to the elevator and the top floor. When the elevator door closes and we have ascended a floor, she looks at me and asks, Am I here for good?


God bless you, god bless you. Oh yes, God Bless.

I am not thinking that God has much to do with this, nor that God will be cheering no matter what the parents and this child think. On the other hand, I am about to take this most stunningly pretty girl in the most complete way. She is going to be part of my household and in my bed from now on.

This was, sure as hell, not my plan. It is sure as hell going to cause a multiplicity of problems. But that is for tomorrow. Right now, I just have to make sure that, no matter what happens tonight, it doesn't blow up in my face as I take this little one.

The elevator is a bit slow and the trip up is memorable for the silence of it in the cabin. Then the lift stops and I open the door onto my floor; the fourth floor... my domain. Tonight Anabel will lose her virginity here. And here, she will start her new life. That is not a simple thing. In moments, she will be transformed.

From an amazingly lovely and bright child who had a very limited future, in no more than a few heartbeats of life, she will become a girl whose future is assured. The basics of food, shelter and clothing will be something she will be able to take for granted. Schooling will take her as far as she wants and her intellect will allow. She will finish college, whereas she would not have gone on to high school. She may get an advanced degree. She will probably have a career, where she would have been lucky to be selling cigarettes one at a time from a sari-sari store, or packing asparagus at a piecework rate at the Dole plant north of Polomolok.

Her beauty would assuredly have faded in the hard life she would have led. Now her biggest problem is to learn to moderate her diet so as to avoid getting fat with all the food in the house. Her intelligence would have been left unused and dulled by inattention.

But tonight, it is all about the sexual capacity she carries within her, and the sexual attraction she has created in me. There is a great deal of attraction.

There is not an ounce of fat on her. She already may have the breasts she will have for life, unless they are artificially augmented, and I will have none of that. Her waist is tiny and her hips are as big as they will likely get in her lifetime. Her face is that of an angel, unmarred by time and its petty cruelties. Her straight black shiny hair has been curled into sweet lazy swirls that hang down in surrender to gravity. Her skin is a beautiful light mocha. She will in the future probably want to use lightening / whitening agents on that skin. I will fight her on that, but I will lose. Her color is magnificent. Her teeth are a bright white and her eyes as black as it is possible to get.

When I undress her, there is not a rib to count, nor a roll of fat. The skin is smooth and fits a perfect body, neither bone nor excess exposed. Her breasts have small nipples; they have never been touched by man or boy. They are mine, as is her hairless pussy, her sweet rounded ass, and her sweet shapely legs which run down to the sweetest women's size 4 feet.

Because she has lived most of her entire life in flip-flops, her feet are not deformed as are the feet of women in the "first world." Each toe is rounded and perfect, the nail for each floats on top and is painted with a gentle pink nail polish as are her hands. No tattoos, nothing pierced except for a single earring in each ear.

I guess I want to say something here about naturally shaped feet. My feet have been in boots all my life, since I was a little boy. The nails on my toes have been 'trained' to form in a pattern related to the limited space they had to operate within. I look at my feet now and compare them to those of Anabel, or any Filipina who is almost always in flip-flops, and I can see the damage that the boots caused. But what do my girls think? They think their feet are pangit3 and mine are nice. There is something wrong with that.

Anabel can't be more perfect to the eye. I have steadily been losing weight; I am no longer overweight at 155lb. But I am a sixty-three-year-old with gray hair and a small bald spot from male pattern balding. And... here she is naked in front of me and waiting for me to take her.

I undress. It's not a pretty sight, but she smiles when it is done and, I swear to God as my only witness, she says,You are pogi4, Sir Jake!

I just smile, and shake my head. I take her hand and climb onto the bed as she follows me. I lay her down on her back and let my hands discover every inch of her body. There are times that, from the intense and sudden breath she takes, I know she is sensing something in the manner of stimulation. I take it slow. The odds are that she has never had any sexual education prior to tonight. (That turns out to be wrong, as Jun has seen to it that she has a sense of her body and other necessary matters.)

I make love to her lips, neck and breasts. I spend a long time kissing her and paying attention to these things. My hands wander down to her belly, hips, and legs. In the beginning the pussy is left alone as I work around it. Her entire body is one huge erogenous zone and just about everywhere I touch seems to elicit a response. When I finally pay attention to her pussy, her hands fly to the back of my head and bring my lips to her mouth. She kisses me deeply and swaps so much saliva that it was clear she is more than a little excited. Her legs have opened wide for me. The pussy lips are so smooth, wet and tender that they feel buttery.

With one finger, I enter her pussy. She smashes her face into mine with her hand on the back of my head and cries out my name into my lips. She bucks her hips into my hand but, as my hand is on her body, it does not force my finger in deeper and does not pierce her hymen. Nevertheless, she bucks, trying to get me to do just that.

When she finally figures out that I am not going to take her virginity that way, her hand in a flash moves from my head to my cock. I am semi-hard but hard enough to get inside her. She pushes me onto my back and climbs on top of me. Problem solving skills, Anabel seems to have in spades, as she centers her pussy on my cock and lowers herself down.

The head enters and immediately meets her hymen. At the same moment when I know we have met it, she rams down on my cock. Her hymen is no more.

She rides me like a pony, bouncing up and down. She is exquisite. As my cock is ridden, this girl, with a smile as big as Texas, is doing the one thing you would never expect a twelve-year-old to be doing. Her pert little breasts flipping up and down. Her pussy lips, pulled down and outward by my cock, as it briefly emerges from her smooth skinned pussy. I am so excited that my normal slow pace is lost as I cum deep within her pussy this first time. She has not had an orgasm, but that is irrelevant to her. She wanted my cum inside her and that she has.

As soon as I am out of her she flips around so that her feet are held high against the wall over the headboard. The cum running into instead of out of her pussy. I have read that this makes no difference at all, but you cannot tell that to my girls. They believe this is how to get pregnant. To the extent that they have been very successful at getting pregnant, it's hard to argue the point with them.

Jun has evidently given Anabel the advice, as she leans back and says, I will stay here for about half an hour. Why don't you go down and talk to my parents. I will join you when I am done. I will not shower tonight.

Getting advice from a twelve-year-old takes getting used to, but as she is just parroting what Jun has taught her, I accept the suggestion and leave. She doesn't know that we are not done yet this evening.

When I get dressed and back downstairs, everyone is having a good time with the MagicSing Karaoke machine. Anabel's father is in a duet with Jun as I come into the room. They don't even notice me. But Anabel's mother comes up to me.

Sir Jake, is everything OK for you with our anak5?

Yes, Nanay6, your daughter is mine now and happily so.

Anak say that Jun teach her things. I hope you like that.

Yes, I liked very much.

I am glad you like her, you are pogi!

Nanay, I thank you, but your husband is a more handsome man than I am.

Oh no, Sir Jake ... If I were young like Anabel I choose you.

Nanay, I understand that you are only 31. That is still young. Joy is 37. She is older than you and I find her very desirable. I am sure your husband still finds you desirable.

Maybe he does, but he can't give me white babies like you can do. If you want I can give you more babies.

Nanay! What will your husband say if that happens?

He will be happy for me.

I doubt that! I think your desire clouds your good judgment, Nanay.

And with that, the duet ends as does my doubly awkward conversation.

I shake the father's hand and ask him to stop by during the day, to work out the details of the farming agreement. I hand him two ₱1,000 notes and tell him it is for a taxi ride back to his home. I know the van-taxi he will share with others will not cost him more than ₱80 for all three of them and the tricycle he will use to get to the van will only cost them ₱24, but it covers the cost of the cake, plus more than ₱1,200 extra. I wish my entire new family a good night and retire back to my rooms.

When I get back upstairs, Anabel still has her feet in the air.

Do I need to leave?

No, you do not. I will re-join you.

I thought we are done.

I smile at her, finish undressing and slide onto the bed. There is much to enjoy and I restart with the lips and the breasts.

Her feet are in the air, but her head and back are flat on the bed. Eventually, her feet come back down and I spread her legs and start eating her pussy. This is a first for her, and she starts bucking her hips into my face as my tongue finds her clit. I grab her hips to control the damage to my jaw as I continue. And then it happens, as I constrain her hip movements, her feet planted firmly on the mattress, she literally tries to lift me up in the air with her hips as she bucks her way into her first orgasm.

She is a screamer and all of it is in Visayan, as her orgasm explodes throughout her body. This little one is gasping for air. She is trembling from something akin to shock. Her muscles are still going through spasms.

Anabel looks at me with a panicked look and asks if she will be OK. I ask her how she felt. Her answer is priceless.

If this is what it feels like when you die, I want to die now. I never feel this good in my life.

I do not know how it feels to die. What you had is called an orgasm. If the sex is good, you get one of these. It is possible that you might have more than one of these when making love. Some girls do and some do not.

Ganun, you will do this to me again?


She rolls over and hugs me. We lie like that for a while. At 82 pounds, there is not much weight to handle. My hands roam over her body once again and her right hand finds my cock. Then her body shifts and I feel a tongue on my cock; this is followed by her lips. Her right hand now cradles my balls. Jun has clearly spoken to Anabel but there is no technique in what she is doing. It feels good, but needs work. I decide to wait on instructions until I have Jun join us in bed another day.

I am hard enough to enter Anabel again. This time it is a slow comfortable screw and I want it to take a long time. As we screw, I speak to her.

Is this what you expected?

No, I not know it as much fun making babies!

Did Jun tell you that there will often be three of us in bed at one time?

Oo, she did. But I not understand why.

Because I want my girls to love each other as much as they love me.

But we can only make babies with you!

Yes but the stuff that feels good can come from a girl as well as it comes from me.

Anabel laughs, saying,But a girl not have a penis!

Did I use my penis when I gave you an orgasm?

Oh! You used your tongue and so could a girl! Wow, I never knew that!

I am playing with her breasts as we fuck. As we are no longer talking, kissing resumes.

Anabel breaks off a kiss to speak.Sir Jake, you will never be sorry you say OK to me. I will always be good to you.

At which point, Anabel changes positions and starts a fast fuck that is clearly hitting some sensitive spots inside her pussy. She is screaming,Yes, Yes!

Then, for the second time that night she cums. This time, however, I am inside her and feel the walls of her pussy do everything except grow teeth as the pussy muscles collapse around me and milk me until I do cum deep inside the girl.

I have no idea how long we stay locked up. I know I fall asleep inside her, but wake up with her back to me and my arm around her in a spoon position.

Nature calls, and I have to take a leak. As it is morning, I shower and such before exiting the bathroom.

When I come back to the bedroom, Anabel is awake.

Good morning, Anabel.

Yes, good morning!

Did my snoring keep you up?

Ganun? Do you snore?

Are you telling me you did not hear me snore?

I fall asleep. I hear nothing.

Joy also claims that she never hears me snore. She just sleeps through it. So I take Anabel at her word.

Anabel looks fantastic in the morning sunlight, but it is time to re-join the family ... and there are other very pretty girls in my family. Anabel is maybe in a class by herself as far as young beauty is concerned, but that is a matter of personal discernment and not to be shared with anyone else.

I have been dressing as we speak. Now finished, I come over to the bed, pull back the sheets and take a good long look in the light of day. If anything, she is lovelier now than she had been last night. She is perfect and, to be crude about it, she is mine.

You like what you see?

Yes, very much. Understand that, up to now, beauty was a matter of what God gave you. From now on, it will be a matter of how you take care of what God gave you.

Thank you for that advice, Po.

Anabel, we are lovers. In this house you will call me Jake. Understood?

Yes, Jake.

I kiss her gently and then go downstairs by elevator.

§ § §

1 - A roast pig. It is spit roasted over a very hot fire. With the use of basting oil, the skin is slick and crunchy. The average weight of a lechon is between 30 and 40 kilos.
2 - Nothing, or It's nothing.
3 - Ugly.
4 - Handsome.
5 - Child.
6 - Mother.

§ § §

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