Jake's Journal: The Philippines - Joyfully

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Author's note: This chapter is NOT a stand-alone...The story starts here.


When I get to the kitchen, I find my entire family just waiting there. A mango sits, cut up, on a plate for me along with a little sticky rice. A pot of coffee has been brewed and so I pour some coffee and, as well, as a small glass of OJ. With that, my breakfast is complete.

They are all awaiting news / gossip and they are going to be very disappointed, at least as it comes from me. I do instruct Abbey and Mitch to get Anabel situated on the third floor and assist her in bringing over any of her stuff. My family informs me that her parents have already done that and are waiting in the sala for me.

I quickly finished the mango and sticky rice, down the OJ and take my coffee into the living room. There, her parents stand up to greet me. I accept that as a matter of course, even though it is not necessary. We talk business. As such, it is not for this journal. The dealings, as they are worked out by us and memorialized by Atty. Espejo, can be read in my legal papers that are filed pursuant to the agreement.

Our business is concluded in under 30 minutes. They ask after their daughter. I tell them that I expect Anabel will be down soon and they should ask her directly but, as far as I am concerned, she is an angel and I am a very lucky man. And that, as much as it shouldn't, makes them very happy.

After the meeting, I ask Joy to find Jun, and tell her that I would like to see her in my office.

Of all the girls in my house, Jun was the most beautiful until Anabel entered, and it would still be a close call. She is also bright, educated, motivated and a truly decent human being. Of course, she is also good in bed.

All that being said, she has taken it upon herself to act in a way that affects me and all those in my home. She has done so without consultation with me. Yes, she evidently spoke to Joy, but I think Joy knows better. I had sent Angel home, five years ago, and warned her not to do this very thing again. It is hard to see Joy specifically telling Jun this was an OK thing to do.

While Jun's motivation was of an act of mercy, it was a rash act that is bound to cause problems. She presumed that she could decide to add one girl every year to this family. That is foolhardy beyond measure.

Such activity will draw the attention of others to my fucking young girls, and that is not a good thing. I have no idea how big of a problem we have, I just know we have one.

When Jun comes in and sits down I ignore her for a few minutes. Then I turn to her and ask her, Do you have any idea how upset I am with you at this moment?

Jun goes from complacent to terrified, in a matter of seconds.

I thought it was just fine between you and Anabel! What has she done wrong? I'll fix it, I promise!

Anabel has done nothing wrong. It is you who has done wrong and who has created a huge problem for this family.


Do you think what happened to Anabel and her family will not be told in every place where there are poor people? And do you think I could take their daughter, without making the offer to them? Even after making the offer, including the return of their daughter to them, might I not expect to get arrested? And why do you think you can decide to add a girl a year to this family? Who gave you that permission? ... ... How many poor families will be lined up in front of your school in two months trying to get into your class? How long do you think it will be before too many people will be asking questions? This is a God Damned mess!

Jun is stammering and crying. She simply has not thought about the consequences of her actions. Now that she does think about it, it scares her out of her skin.

Don't ever in your life pull another trick like that. Do you understand?

Yes, Jake. I will never again act such as I do this time.

We just better hope this does not tear us all apart!

I am worried even more that I can express. It seems to me that I must do something before the problem emerges on its own even if, in doing it, I risk making me less secure here. There are some things that must be done right now. To wait is simply to court true disaster.

I think I need to quit my job. You are right. If I go back there it will create even bigger problems. I am sorry, truly sorry Jake. I not see how my actions would affect others. All my life I saw myself as someone who has no power. But you have power. Since I was offering you as the prize, I was using your power. It is not an easy thing to do. It is too easy to cut yourself if you hold the knife! You know how to hold it. I do not. ... ... All I wanted to do was teach, and help children. Now I must not! I do not know what to do.

Jun, will you please ask your Principal if she would be so kind as to visit us?

But she doesn't know about us, Jake!

She is going to in any case, it might as well be us from whom she learns.

I will contact her now and keep you informed.

Thank you. Please allow me some time alone to think.

Jun leaves, closing the office door behind her.

An hour later, there is a knock on the door and followed by the door opening. Mitch and Abbey stand there and I wave them in. They look worried.

It is Mitch who speaks. Is Anabel in trouble?


Abbey seemed confused. Is Jun in trouble?

No. She is not in trouble. Why do you ask?

Mitch and Abbey, together and stepping on each other's words, blurted out, Because Jun is crying and Anabel is in her room and will not talk to us.

Is everyone home?

It is Mitch who answers, Yes.

OK, call a family meeting for ten minutes from now. I will be right down.

Ripple effects. Drop a seed in still water and a ripple will expand from that point to a mathematical absurdity of the original item and the immediate event. All Jun wanted to do was help one small girl, and the result is having effects throughout the family and will reverberate throughout the province and maybe much further.

In my experience, doing good normally creates so many unwanted bad side-effects that the initial effort is insignificant compared to the evil subsequently generated ... 'Being good' is a purely subjective matter which requires a suspension of broad vision on the subject. Some may call me good, more will call me evil. So long as I do not attract broad attention, I can live with the reality fairly easily. But, put a spotlight on it and there is no way to protect yourself and nowhere to hide. What we need to do is contain and redirect the public comments to something that looks like a ‘good thing,' to limit the damage.

That is what I want to tell my girls, but there is no way to communicate it successfully. The issues are too subtle for the English/Tagalog translation ability in any of us.

They are all assembled in the sala when I descend in the elevator. I have no intention of making a royal entrance, but that is how it seems to Joy, as she describes it later. I go up to each. To each, I give a big hug and a long, full on-the-lips-kiss, ... that includes Jun and Anabel.

As they are all standing, I bid them all to sit, seating myself as they take seats.

No one is in trouble with me. None of you are in trouble now, and no one was in trouble with me, in the past. We do have some difficult times ahead because of Jun's actions. She took those actions with an honest and good heart. As with many actions based on good intentions, the repercussions can be, and often are, disastrous. The repercussions of Jun's actions have not even begun to come clear and will not for a few weeks now.... ... I am going to try to get out ahead of the most immediate repercussions. To do that, I have asked to meet with Jun's Principal. If need be, I will pay for the wages of a single teaching position, Jun's. The school can hire another teacher for the sixth grade. Parents who bring their child to the school for the express purpose of having Jun as their child's teacher will be accommodated by being placed in Jun's applicant pool. Those parents will be vetted to make sure they aren't a problem now or weren't so in the past. The child will need to pass some standardized tests and have passed the previous grades with top scores. Finally, each parent will have to sign a form that says that no child will be chosen by Jun for this family and no one will be given any land to farm.... ... Once agreeing to that, each parent who still asks the school to sign a daughter up for Jun's class, will be sent to a building far from the school to submit the paperwork. The parent will also be given a time to arrive. In doing so I hope we will space out the individuals and avoid a long line or crush of people. You will all be there to help the process move forward quickly and avoid lines. ... ... If asked, I ask you to say no girl will ever be brought into the family. All their children will get is an enhanced 6th grade education and nothing more. I also direct you to say that I am not handing out any more land for any purpose. ... ... I have yet to meet with Jun's Principal and she may not agree to this plan. But, until we know differently, this is the plan. Is everyone clear on this?... ... ... OK – the meeting is over.

My hope is that, by making it clear that there is a “Jun track,” but it is for special girls who will get one year of enhanced education, that the word of mouth about Anabel will be drowned out by the new message.

I go back upstairs to my office and the girls scatter in their many directions, with two exceptions.

Jun hops into the elevator with me. Once the door is closed, she throws her arms around me, kisses, cries, hugs, and generally is all over me as the lift stops. I open the door of the elevator and, with Jun attached, enter the hallway.

Mahal, mahal kita. Maraming maraming salamat Jake1.

You are going to have a classroom of the poorest, prettiest, brightest children you have ever seen assembled in one place and you are going to see them every day. On top of that, you may not add even one of them to our home. I am not sure I did you any favors. But I do want you and Anabel in my bed tonight. Are you able?

Jun nods her head. I ask her to arrange the change with Mitch so that no one is upset. With that, Jun leaves via the stairs. At the top of the stairs is Anabel, just waiting.

How much did you hear?

Everything. She is looking down at the porcelain floor tiles, seemingly unwilling to meet my eyes. She seems tongue tied for a bit before going on. Jake, I am sorry I created such a problem. If my going home would solve it, I would do that now. I also understand the reason you made the offer to my parents last night. We should have accepted the offer.

The offer really would not have solved the problem, and you are right. Your going home would solve nothing. You are wrong about one thing only. None of this is your fault. You did not do this. This happened to you. You did not create it. But I think you can see why, the way it was done by Jun has created a real problem. Maybe it might have been possible to have done things differently, and avoided the public notice, but now it is too late. Jun is right in wanting you to join us, in some ways, but wrong in how she went about it. She knows that now, and as you can see, she is not in trouble with me. You certainly are not in any trouble with me. So, will I see you with Jun tonight?

Oo, Jake!

I mean, how can I tell a girl I just fucked last night, that I wish she wasn't here? Sometimes, I guess, lying is not optional, but rather, a requirement.

The rest of the day is quiet and without event. Suppertime is a bit bawdy. The joke around the table is that, if you are horny and need a little of the good stuff, all you have to do is piss Jake off and that I, Jake, will screw the daylights out of you that evening!

Joy is having the most fun with that, and warns me that, if she doesn't get the next night, she will cause a ruckus. I promise her all she wants, starting as soon as supper is over tomorrow, and she just smiles for the rest of the evening.

As supper ends, I take Mitch aside and ask her to forsake Abbey for the evening and go to Joy's room. After I ask Mitch to give Joy the ride of her life, Mitch slides over to Abbey to explain what I have asked her to do. Abbey turns around to look at me with a big smile and a thumb up. Her mother is going to have some fun and I am concerned for her mother. For Abbey, that is enough to mitigate the loss of Mitch for the evening.

Anabel has not been with a woman before and she probably does not see, in Jun, a woman who enjoys being with women or girls. She is about to learn very differently tonight. Jun will never admit it, but she would like having access to Anabel's charms every bit as much as I do. Tonight she will have her first chance.

One thing different about the States and the Philippines, is that girls dress sexy all on their own without prompting in the Philippines. Jun and Anabel show up in short skirts, thong panties and very small and pretty top. Both are wearing house slippers, as is the custom in Asian countries. The slippers fall off as they climb, unbidden, onto the bed.

It is hard for me to put in words the joy I have with my girls. First is their beauty. Their bodies are exquisite. Their faces beyond lovely. Their desire and willingness to do anything I ask of them is beyond my understanding. There is also the thing we call attitude... theirs is loving and caring.

The girls are still dressed. The girls are still dressed. None of my girls wear pantyhose and, as they are fastidious about hygiene, their pussies are without any odor. At least partially, because they don't wear pantyhose, they also never get yeast infections.

(As a general rule, no one here wears pantyhose; the climate is too hot. The only exception is for the girls who work in an air conditioned mall business and their company requires it.)

There is no hair on their of them other than what is on their heads. Everything else is shaved as a matter of normal hygiene. Their pussy lips are full, plump and, though currently clothed, they are waiting to be touched.

I kiss them both and then ask Jun to undress Anabel. Jun shoots me a quick glance of surprise before attending to the request, which doesn't amount to a much of a task, as far as Jun is concerned. There are only four articles of clothing: skirt, blouse, bra (they always wear bras and you simply cannot get them to do without,) and thong panty. Once out of those, the only things on Anabel's body are the dainty pearl earrings she has put on this evening.

Anabel, now it is your turn to do the same for Jun.

Now, that gets Anabel a little shaken but she does it. And she does it with the same results. Four articles of clothing. The results are almost the same. Earrings, and a ring.

The color of both girls' skin is comparable, neither unusually light nor dark by Filipina standards. (They all demand that I allow them to purchase whitening/lightening lotions. I tell them no. I do not like such things; I think it is a waste of money; I think it is crazy, as their color is beautiful. They think I am crazy on this matter and proceed to ignore me. However, I am adamant that there is no nose surgery to make them look more European mix, and no breast implants. On that, my orders hold with some grumbling. But, I swear, if I had a peso for every time I hear one of them complain about their pango2 noses I would be rich! Telling them that I love their noses gets me nowhere.

I am still dressed in shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and a pair of briefs.

I turn to Jun, and instruct her to eat Anabel's pussy until the girl cums. Now there is a look of instant surprise on Anabel's face, but only a knowing nod from Jun. I scoot over on the bed so that I can kiss Anabel but will not be in Jun's way. Jun goes right to business and, Anabel, once over the shock, sighs deeply. I start sucking on Anabel's left breast, fondling her right breast with my right hand as Jun is going down in a serious way on Anabel's pussy.

Anabel is in all sorts of arousal. She moans, groans, bucks, thrashes about, swings her legs around Jun's head, and smashes Jun's head into Anabel's pussy. And then Anabel does something for which Jun is not prepared. Anabel squirts a stream of pussy juice into Jun's face, hair, and onto Jun's shoulders and arms. Anabel's orgasm is profound. We all just rest as Anabel calms down a bit.

We take a break, I strip down and we all shower before changing the sheets on the bed.

When we get back to the bed, Anabel tackles Jun, after announcing that it is her turn. Quick as you please, Anabel's head is buried between Jun's thighs, bobbing up and down. Jun's eyes are big and looking right at me. I smile back and kiss her long and deep before moving down to her breasts. Anabel's cheeks are dripping wet with Jun's liquids and her face is glistening with those juices as she looks at me before returning to her business. Jun lasts about fifteen minutes before her orgasm, following which she grabs Anabel's shoulders and pulls the girl up so that they are face to face. Jun then plants a long, passionate kiss on Anabel, which is returned as passionately. Each finds the other's pussy and are fingering each other while they kiss.

While they were kissing, I take a tube of KY jelly from my nightstand drawer and start applying it to Jun's ass. She likes a finger up that way and I grease her up very well with the one finger. The girls continue to finger each other's cunts as I get behind Jun, spread her ass cheeks and slide my cock into her bunghole. I hear a gasp from her and then she pushes her ass back to greet me as I slide further in.

Anabel's hand now notes my ball sack smacking the back of her hand as she continues to play with Jun's clit. And now point, I ram all the way in. Jun stops kissing long enough to say, Oh God!

Anabel shoves as much of her hand up Jun's pussy as is possible, while I maul Jun's ass. Anabel is urging me on, Take her, Jake! Take her good. Make her your slave. She is yours, Jake.

Jun then utters, in a raw fashion, Yes, OK! Make me a slave. Make me. Make me. Oh God. Yes, make me. Make me, and make her! Make us both! Oh God, do it ... Noooowwww.

And she cums with a force that is every bit the body of a girl that size can possibly deliver. She lies there for minutes shaking, crying, and gulping air. When she finally calms down, she flips Anabel over and says to me, Do her now!

I have not cum yet and so there is no reason why I can't. Jun starts playing with Anabel's pussy and sucking her breasts. I load up Anabel's rear with the KY. Anabel has never had any type of anal play. She is in for an experience. I start with one finger deep to one knuckle. Slowly I build her up, until I figure that she can take my cock. Then, applying a liberal amount of KY to my cock, I gently enter her that way for the first time. My cock slides in just below the ring and stops. Ever so slowly, I go deeper and deeper, until I am all the way in. I start a gentle but persistent fucking motion, while Jun starts to get three fingers into Anabel. AsI increase my tempo, Jun does as well and Anabel starts begging for more!

Anabel wants it harder, more. Yes, God, give it to me hard. Make me your slave! Just like Jun. I will be your slave. Give it to me. Make me a slave; I am your slave. Come inside. Deep! Please give it to me. Please, please, please ... Yeeesssss!

And, as hard as it is to fathom, the two of them are, from then on, two slaves, who will, when alone with me, call me Master.

We sleep together and rouse the next morning all looking a little ragged.

When we get downstairs, I find that we are not the only ones looking ragged. Joy looks like she has not had a moment's worth of sleep. Mitch must have really done a job on Joy. But when it comes to looking the most used up, Anabel and Jun are the dubious winners, sporting pillows on which they then sit; their asses are a little too sore.

Abbey looks around and can only giggle, giving Mitch a high-five.

Breakfast for me is a mango and some sticky rice. The girls have everything from rice and adobo to 'nothing for me'.

During breakfast, Jun's cell phone signals an SMS text message. It is her Principal. She will be here in about 90 minutes.

§ § §

1 - I love you. Thank you very, very Jake!
2 - Stub or flat. It actually refers to the bridge of the nose, not the entire nose. The low or nonexistent bridge makes eyeglass wearing a bit more problematic.

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