Jake's Journal: The Philippines - Joyfully

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Author's note: This chapter is NOT a stand-alone...The story starts here.


Jun and Anabel vanish. I suspect have gone go upstairs to change and spiff up a bit. Joy, after rolling her eyes at me, instructs Abbey and Mitch to get the kitchen cleaned up, as we have a guest coming. All three of them start moving around in a well ordered but rapid fashion. I repair to the office to await our visitor and answer some emails while waiting. I send a text to Jun and Anabel to join me in the office as soon as they can.

The two girls are in my office when Jun's principal arrives. Her arrival, by the elevator and escorted by Joy, is solemn. She clearly is unhappy. I welcome her and thank her for agreeing to meet with me.

She informs me that she is not accustomed to being summoned and thinks that I am a bit of a bully, much like most foreigners she has observed. Further she relates that she is aware of my highly improper relationship with underage girls. She finds me to be a truly unacceptable individual. I guess I could have quoted her here, but I think I have provided enough to make her feelings toward me clear, though I suspect she is guessing at my relations with the girls, rather than knowing. If she was so damned sure, why hadn't she called in the police? Still she might have other reasons to hold her fire in that regard. It's hard to know.

Anyway, with that as an introduction, I have nowhere to go but up. It can hardly be a worse beginning. I thank her again for joining us. I tell her that her feelings toward me are noted and understood. However, as one of the underage girls, and the youngest by far, to whom she is referring, is in this very room, maybe she should convince the child that it is in her best interest to leave this house immediately. I offer to leave while she does that. She demurs, granting that her opinion will likely not be shared by the girl.

In light of the fact that Anabel would not agree with your evaluation, either of me, or of this place as a suitable home for her, allow me to note that Anabel's recent addition to our household has created something of a real problem, both for my family and, most likely, for you and your school.

That gets the old girl's attention. I explain what might be perceived by others, might create a deluge of applicants next year for that very selection. It will create a real mess for her. I advance the proposal I had sketched out earlier to my girls. After a few initial squabbles, we work together to make a better, tighter plan. She might think I am the devil, but she knows that I am right, in that we need to do something before it becomes impossible to remedy. When she hears that I am completely opposed to adding more girls to this family, she is mollified even further. By the end of what becomes a two hour meeting we are in agreement and she agrees to meet the rest of our family.

Jun has not said a word up to this point, now she does. You may disapprove of me ... and of all of us; but unless there is a way in your world, using your rules, for deserving kids to be able to attend school when their families cannot afford it at all, when they can't even afford a uniform, I think it would be prudent to hold your tongue. Sir Jake was gracious to you today for the sake of the kids, even though you were not at all gracious to him. Do not make the mistake to think you can say tsismis1 about Sir Jake and our family without injury to yourself.

The Principal stands, looks at Jun and then at me, and finally at Anabel; her eyes rested on Anabel. Anabel are you truly happy here?

Oo Ma'am, I am with a loving family here. Plus, I have not lost my mother and father who are here on the land. I can, and do, see them whenever I want! There is love, support, laughter, nice beds, good food, and a nice place to study, all here. Plus I will be able to go to school without worry from now on. Do you know my mother and father have supper with us sometimes? Sir Jake is the best. When you say bad things about him, I get angry with you. You do not say the truth.

There was a silence.

Please excuse my girls. They speak from their passion and not their wisdom.

As did I, Sir Jake, as did I. No apologies are needed. I did not take offense. They spoke the truth of their hearts. That is a good thing and to be respected. Do you really love and protect all of them?


Do I understand that you tried to talk Anabel and her family out of this?

I tried, but obviously, not effectively.

And you don't want any more underage girls to join you?

Ma'am, I don't want anyone else to join me and most assuredly no one who is underage, whatever the reason she is here. My life is filled with wonderful females. I do not need any more in my life. And may I say that perceptions of what my life is like, based on gossip outside this house, does not reflect the reality of life here in the house.

Sir, I still think what you do here is wrong but, maybe I am not as sure I understand now. Just be good to them. Do not hurt them.

Yes, of course. Once again, thank you for meeting with us.

The meeting ends with more 'thank yous' and 'you are welcomes'. Jun escorts her principal out. Anabel holds back in my office. She wants to apologize for speaking. I stop her from finishing the apology by kissing her. When we are done kissing, she no longer remembers that there is anything to say and leaves the office.

Jun returns to the office after introducing the Principal to the rest of the family. If she hadn't returned, I would have called for her. It is time for me to set the parameters of the selection process for the next semester. Jun's parameters are far too large and would create a logistical nightmare for us. We have to set the parameters so narrow that few will be able to qualify. That being the case, after the first year it is my hope that we will not see the crush we are about to see. In that and, because of my later decisions, I am deluded in the hope.

Jun and I chat about it for a while. She is reluctant to accept some of my proposals. There is some give and take, but the decision is mine. The child has to be very bright, a hard worker, and very pretty. She has to be the child of a mother without a husband. The mother has to be attractive. (I just hate to see ugly women. It is a fetish of mine.)

That ought to make for a small class and it will kill off the gold rush ferment we may see this year.

I call the contractor who built our house and arrange to use an empty warehouse for the evaluating of those who might apply to the school to enrol in Jun's classroom. I have previously had Mr. Reyes and the contractor build a one-room schoolhouse and a roofed but open-air gymnasium on our land. It sits a few hundred meters from our house. I now ask him to add on another schoolroom and a dormitory for up to 20 mother/daughter pairs. It is to include alcoves for beds, an eating area, CR and shower functions. It needs to be completed by June 1st. I know I am not giving him much time, but I also know he can get it done. (There is a side benefit for Mitch. Her father will be a supervisor on the crew! She will get to have meals with him for a month or three.)

I create a form for the school to use and provide a calendar and time slots for the interviews. Once that is done, Jun runs it over to the school. The school will need to provide us with the records for each student they are sending to us so that we might have some background on each child as we evaluate her. We will need the records prior to the interview.

I ask Joy and Cherise to join me and I explain what is happening and ask them to join Jun in evaluating the candidates. However, when it comes to evaluating beauty, they will not make the decision. They are to take pictures and we will discuss it. What they think is beautiful has more to do with the addition of perceived European features, even if the person is truly ugly. It has far less to do with the beauty of the Asian form.

School ended on March 20, and will begin the first week of June. May is when the parents sign the kids up for the next year. By the third week of April, applicants are coming in to us. In the beginning, we see three or four applicants and their families a day. By the second week in May, we are seeing twenty. We are able to eliminate over 80% of the applicants based on one or another of the criteria I have set for the selection process. If we can eliminate them, they are told immediately that they will not be considered any further. It is the most decent thing to do. I do not want to leave people hanging if I can help it.

We announced a cut-off date of May 20 for all applications and the school knows of the date right from the beginning. Anyone coming in after that date will be told the class is full.

Of the approximately three hundred and fifty applications we receive, we are able to eliminate two hundred and eighty without considering issues of beauty, though truly ugly girls are turned away immediately. That leaves seventy girls and twenty slots. The remaining girls are decided on beauty alone, as all are well qualified in all other matters of substance. Each girl's photos, and those of her mother, are evaluated. There are four of us evaluating, but I make the final choice.

I wish I could post the photos here. There are only a few easy eliminations; seventeen are removed by general consensus in the first sweep. That leaves us with fifty-three pretty girls with reasonably pretty mothers. We are not making any headway so I ask for the ages of the mothers. Of those who had made the previous cut, one is 23 years old! Others range from 25 to the mid 40's. We arrange them by age and select the youngest twenty. No mother we select had a child when she was older than 17. One had a child when she was eleven.

We invite the twenty parents to a meeting at the warehouse. I attend with Cherise and Jun. Jun runs the meeting. Each parent is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. If either the parent or the child violates the agreement, they will immediately be removed from the program. Anyone who refuses will need to leave immediately. They all sign.

Jun welcomes them. Thank you for coming. You all asked for your child to be taught by me, maybe, because you thought that your daughter might be brought into my man's household. You have been told that will not happen, that no one will get a farm and there is nothing that a parent will receive from this. If you didn't believe this before, you must believe it now. It is the truth. You will not get money or land or anything of value. If you would like to leave, you may do so now. Nothing bad will happen. The only consequence is that your child will not be considered for the program. Further, as I have already said, no child will enter our family. ... ... All your children are or will become twelve years old this coming school year. You have told us that they are virgins. If you want them to be virgins next year at this time, withdraw now! Nothing bad will happen, other than your child will not be considered for the program. ... ... If your child loses her virginity that is not in any way a promise that she will join the family. In fact I will promise this to you. There are twenty of you here. Not one of your girls will be a virgin next year at this time. I further tell you that none of your children will be selected to join the home. If that is not OK for you, withdraw now! Nothing bad will happen, other than your child will not be considered for the program. ... Your participation in the program will be required from time to time. ... About your daughters, I can tell you that, of all the girls who applied, we only chose the smartest ones and, of those, only the prettiest girls with the prettiest and youngest mothers were selected. If that makes you uncomfortable, withdraw now! Nothing bad will happen, other than your child will not be considered for the program. ... ... The program will be taught at the location on the second form you were handed today. You do not need to provide the uniform. Because all of you are poor, Sir Jake is supplying the uniforms and all school supplies. You have the following responsibilities:

  1. To provide a safe place for your daughter to live.
  2. To make sure she gets a good night's sleep without interruption each night.
  3. To make sure she gets to school each day.

On school days, we will feed her breakfast, lunch and supper. Her school day will be from 7am to 7pm each day, six days a week. That includes the times she will eat her meals. She will be home all day on Sundays only.

If you cannot provide for that, you can talk to me after class, it will not disqualify your daughter as we have built a dormitory good for your daughter or both of you, if you need it. Use of it is free, but there are restrictions.

There is no tuition fee. It has been waived for the girls in this class. There are no fees of any kind. The school will pay for everything.

The classwork your daughter will do will cover everything she will need to know to pass all exams with a perfect mark. We expect every child we accept this year to have perfect grades and be able to score perfectly on any examination. She will also have advanced English lessons far beyond anything taught in a public classroom.

We make no promises about what happens after this school year ends.

I am going to give you five minutes to talk among yourselves. I will then ask for any questions you still have. After that, if you do not need to talk to me and have no more questions, you may leave. If you have a need to talk to me, you will form a line and I will speak with you one at a time.

The women do just that. They are talking among themselves. Some are crying. Others just look bewildered. Jun says nothing to Cherise, who will be teaching our children in the classroom next to Jun's. Jun says nothing to me. She just sits there looking at the women, all close to her age. She has a five-year-old and a three-year-old. Their children are more than twice the age of her oldest. She lives in comfort; not so these women.

At the five minute mark Jun asks for questions.

How will the children be punished?

Are they being taught any religion?

What do Jun or Jake expect of them?

Why is this not at the regular school?

Jun writes down all the questions and then answers them in order as received.

There is no punishment. The girls have to really want to be at this school. If they don't, this is not the place for them and they should go elsewhere. For girls who want to be at the school, no punishment is needed.

No religion will be taught. The mothers have Sunday and, if there is to be religious instruction, it should happen then.

Jun tells them that we expect their complete cooperation. Nothing less and nothing more.

This is not a regular school for any number of reasons, the first of which being that they want Jun to teach their child, and the second being that Jun has quit her position at the public school. (This is technically a prevarication. I am paying Jun's salary but Jun is technically on the public school's staff. The children are granted regular 6th grade diplomas, at the end of the year, and the kids are on the regular rolls of the school. However, the class size, curricula, hours, food services and all other things are at variance with what public schools do. And public schools do not have dormitories.)

There are more questions that have been asked and they are all answered. At the end, Jun thanks them for coming and tells them that, unless they need to speak with her directly, they are free to go.

Eight stay. Of those, five say that the home in which they are living cannot be depended upon to meet Jun's criteria. Jun hands each a packet to fill out, related to staying in the dormitory. The child can stay in the dormitory either on her own, or with the mother. However, if the mother is staying in the dormitory, she needs to understand and obey the rules of the dormitory. Those rules are in the packet. The rules have to do with cleanliness, good order, and no boyfriends of any kind on the premises. Those with boyfriends are urged to stay elsewhere.

Five girls and four of the mothers choose to live in the dormitory.

Had I known that we are going to feed three meals a day? Was I aware that Jun would tell the mothers that every one of their children would have sex before the end of the school year and that was just that? No and No. I sure did not. I am not happy once again. What the fuck is the girl thinking?

After the meeting I ask Jun to meet with me. Before I could even say why, she stops me.

Jake, we are starting with four totally unemployed mothers who will be in the dorm. They are your housemothers and they are the cooks. We will have more before the end of the term. You need to supply the rice, fruit and some protein. The mothers can start a garden for the vegetables. I assume you will want some of these girls - as you like girls. By saying all, no mother later can say, I hoped you would not pick mine.

As a matter of fact, I don't want to have any sex with any of them. Damn it, Jun is still unable to see that.

By the first day of school, the classroom and dormitory are both complete. The four families, and the one other girl, move, in. Jun lines out the mothers on the cooking duties.

The uniforms Jun selects for the girls have shorter skirts than are the norm; they end mid-thigh. The white blouses were more stylish than the average school blouse. Rather than the simple, old style 'buster brown' black leather shoe that is the norm in the region, Jun has me spring for good quality sandals with two inch heels for each girl, plus athletic shoes and socks for the PE class. When the girls are dressed and in class, they are a beautiful sight. Jun arranges that year for a beautician to come once every two months.

The girls get lessons on clothing, hair, makeup, menstruation and personal health, and birth control. That is just some of the stuff that is not normally part of the 6th grade school curriculum. Sometimes the mothers sit in as well.

Jun has told the girls that their mothers are welcome to come and sit in on the class at any time, are welcome to eat with them, and may even spend the night at the dorm.

The number of mothers in the dorm with their kids climbs to eight (including the mother who had previously just sent her child to the dorm). The nightly count climbs to sixteen. There are plenty of cooks and the mothers keep the dorm spotless. The garden is well tended and the vegetables are in abundance.

When the female health classes are taught, we have twenty girls and eighteen mothers in attendance. It is quite a sight.

Some three months into the classes, I have not dipped my toe in the sexual banquet laid out before me. I already have a loving and wonderful family. In no way am I needing any extra stuff on the side. I am just not hungering after these girls. Though ... it is a blast to see so much beauty all around every day. I am in heaven. Everywhere I look, the females on the compound are lovely.

In mid-September, Joy comes up to the office mid-morning to say there are six of the mothers downstairs asking to see me. She has no idea why they are making the request. I ask her to bring the mothers up in five minutes.

When they enter, it is apparent each of them has worn the nicest thing she has. I have eight chairs around my conference table but, in the preceding five minutes, I have arranged two rows of three behind my desk. I swivel my chair so I am looking right at them and there was nothing between them and me.

I stand as they enter and ask them to all sit. Once they do I reseat in my office chair and ask them, How I may assist you?

The youngest, Rose, speaks (evidently for the group). When we all signed our daughters up for this school, we assumed you were just some horny old guy but at least our children might get something out of that. And we wondered how many of us mothers would have to sleep with you as well. But you haven't touched our daughters and you haven't touched us. The classes your Jun teaches are far beyond what the girls learn in public school. You have brought in experts to teach them about personal issues. You dress them very nicely, feed all who come very well and treat everyone with respect, just as you treat us now. We want to know why you do this. Are you just waiting to have sex with us and our girls later? What is happening?

Rose, what do you think happened last year with Anabel?

You selected her from Jun's class to make her one of your girls and to keep her family happy you gave them land to farm.

Thank you for your honest answer. It is reasonable to think what you say. But, it is not what happened. ... I never knew Jun was intent on bringing Anabel to me. I had no need for another girl in my house. Anabel was the only truly poor child in her class last year and she was both lovely beyond description and very bright. Jun's heart went out to this girl. She wanted to help her in the girl's own home. But there was a problem. The family had lost their home and were living on the street. Jun told Anabel what Jun's life was like, and warned the girl that if she joined my family she would become pregnant with my child. … … By the time I knew anything about the matter. Anabel and Jun had many meetings with each other and with Anabel's parents. They all agreed that this home was the best place for the child. … … Close to the last day of school, Jun brought Anabel here and told me that this girl would be joining our home. I was not happy. I spoke to the girl, who quite honestly was looking forward to having my children and had told her parents she was moving in here. I tried every way I could to get her to change her mind without forcing her to do so. In the end, I gave up and agreed to allow her into the family but was concerned for her parents. So I arranged for them to farm some of my land. They are nice people. … … But I can't take care of everyone. That's the job of Government, not one person. I knew that this year, because of Jun's actions last semester, there would be a demand for Jun as a teacher. The result was likely to be a disaster for many people, including me. Jun quit the school at my insistence; I contacted the school and put a plan into action. We would take on a few very needy families. For at least a year we would give these girls the best schooling we could and relieve some of the economic pressure on their parents by paying the school-related fees, providing food and shelter... … … I never told Jun I intended to sleep with anyone and certainly never told her I would take the virginity of anyone. Yes, I heard what Jun said that night in May, but that was the first time I heard it. I did not approve the comments and didn't agree with them. Are some of you and your daughters highly desirable? Yes, hell yes, you are all beautiful! But, I never lie down with a woman who has not asked me to lie down with her. Even then, because I already have so many loving girls, I do not need any more. … … If you really want to have sex with me, and I cannot imagine why you would, ask me, or ask one of my girls. I am not going to take any woman against her desire. But no matter if I do, no one will join my household because of it. … … Does that answer your question?

Some but not all. Why are you really doing all this?

Because I enjoy beauty. Because I had to do something for Jun, whom I love.

Do you want to make love to us?

Of course I do, I am a man and I want to have sex with every beautiful girl I see, but do you really want to make love with me knowing that nothing will come of it?

I can only speak for myself. Yes I do.

And do you want me to take your daughter?

Yes, and so does my daughter.

Is there anyone else who would like to speak?

They all do want to speak. It is a frank discussion and the main question that comes up is, does my making love to someone affect what happened at the end of the school year. If it does, they all want to have sex with me. I tell the truth. I have no idea what will happen to them at the end of the school year. I have no intention to expand my family. I know of no plan for anything else that Jun might be considering. So, as far as I am concerned, the answer is no. Even if I do have sex with one of them, I will not tell Jun that I had sex with that person. So she will not know.

That being the case, five don't, but Rose still does want sex with me. It does revive the question of why I am doing it. I smile. I told them that I am just trying to handle the pressure created by Jun's decision last year, so that nothing bad happens to me ... I tell them, I love the beauty that girls create just by being there. If they want me to be happy they should just dress as sexy as they can while on campus. When their girls are not in classes, they should also be as sexy has possible. That seems to play into their perceptions of me as an old rascal, and gets them to leave without further, complaint ... with the exception of Rose, who holds back.

Rose wants to get fucked in the worst way and, as soon as the door closes on the other five women, she lets her desires be known. Rose, the twenty-three-year-old who got pregnant at eleven years of age, is looking to get it on.

Without a word, she slides her panties from under her dress, walks over to me, unzips my fly, fishes my dick out from my briefs, sits her ass down on my desk, raises the skirt of her dress and pulls me into her. She is small, dark, pretty and without any reservations. Her thighs are soaking wet as I enter. Her lips find mine. As her legs lock around my ass, and her arms lock around my chest, her lips just attach themselves to my face. She is smashing her pussy into my groin. In the middle of all this, Joy comes in the office.

Through my peripheral vision I can see her, just standing there, with a bemused smile on her face. She knows I would never choose to have sex in this manner. I gather she is getting a kick watching this young woman attempt to claim her territory, not knowing that such a thing is impossible with me. But, hey! Maybe Rose is just that horny for an old geezer like me. Hell, I don't know. All I am aware of is that there is a woman who seems quite desperate for me to bust a nut in her love canal. And that is exactly what she gets.

I let loose the cum deep inside her and she continues to grind away until she is convinced I am done. She dismounts, and Joy, who is still, standing there, asks her if she needs a towel or anything. Rose's eyes get big. It is not clear whether she is about to be embarrassed or angry. Joy defuses the mess by giving Rose a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. He's OK for an old guy, isn't he?

You OK with me? You not angry? Why you smiling?

Friend Rose, none of us owns Jake. None of us controls what he does. And if you become a regular in his bed, you will find that you are rarely alone with him in his bed. You will be with one or two of us. We will learn to love you and you will learn to love us. That's the way it is here.

But he was cheating on you with me.

I am not his wife. He is not married and no one is cheated. He will not marry for that reason. You should think about why you want to be with him. All of his girls love him and understand that they can never have him as theirs alone. We must share him. If you really love him and want to share him, then you should join us. If not, then enjoy the fuck. That is all it will ever be!

And with that, Joy leaves the office. I have no idea what is in Rose's head, but I do know that if she is considering Joy's proposition and chose the former, I just had another woman added to my life without anyone asking me if that was what I wanted! It is exactly what I have just minutes before said will not happen! Damn it! What the fuck was Joy thinking?

As the door closes behind Joy, Rose drops to her knees and takes my limp dick in her mouth. She starts reviving it. In a few minutes I am hard again. This time Rose bends over the desk and asks me to take her ass. I use my finger to lubricate her ass and my cock with her pussy juices. In two quick motions I enter her asshole and then ram all the way in. What I hear is an 'ah' and then a deep grunt as I reach bottom. As I have just cum earlier, it is going to be a long ride. That seems to be just fine with Rose. I reach under her hips and start playing with her clit as I ream her from behind. The stimulation brings on what I had not succeeded in doing before, orgasms. Each one just about squeezes my cock in half. They are intense and awesome in the effect they are having on Rose. She is squirting almost constantly out of her pussy onto the floor, where the puddle has gotten so large that both she and I are standing in it. My legs are soaked with her ejaculations. Her body has lost any semblance of control. She is a limp rag with liquid leaking out when I finally cum inside her. She quivers, but she has already collapsed on the desk.

I text Joy and asked for assistance. When she comes, she understands what is needed and retrieves some cleaning things from a hall closet. I extricate myself and go first to the bathroom and then to my bedroom for a change of clothing. When I return to the office, the floor has been mopped clean and Joy is cleaning up Rose. I suggest she take Rose down a couple of flights in the lift and put her to bed for a while. There are still two free bedrooms on the second floor. (The others are all occupied with my kids; twelve kids in six rooms.) Joy agrees and assists Rose to her feet. It takes them a while to get to the elevator, but it is done.

Once Joy has succeeded in putting Rose to bed, she returns to me. She enters the room, comes over to the desk behind my chair and puts her hands on my back and neck.

Do you have anything left for me?

I think I have just the thing.

I take Joy's hand. We walk out of the office and to the bedroom. I lift her skirt, remove her panties and take her with my mouth. She can handle a coarse tongue on her clit and so I do not need to be careful. I am giving Joy all I have when she cums hard.

Mahal kita, Jake.

Meaning every word I speak to Joy, I love you too, Joy. I love you, want you and in truth, I need you. But I am pretty well ready to spank you too! What part of 'no more women enter this house' do you not understand?

You angry with me?

Yes, but that doesn't mean I love you less. I just really wish you would not tell someone they can join us. I love you and the others here. Joy, that's enough.

She needs you. Like I needed you.

Joy, there are many like her and you. We can't take them all. No more! But now, the very problem I was trying to solve with Jun's actions last year may be even worse. I am not sure how I will fix it.

OK. Sorry, sorry. But you love me, correct?

Oh, Joy. Yes, and forever.

She wraps her arms around me and snuggles in.

We lie together on that bed until it is time for lunch.

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