Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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Back at the hotel, we shower, and as full as we are, sex is a slow and sweet matter of licking and sucking and kissing for a couple of hours before we even get around to a legitimate fucking. Ganda's body is firm and if not as flexible as Drama's, it is plenty enough for me. Each time I am face to face with that hairless, shaved pussy of this Filipina, the more I feel like I am having sex with a girl far younger. From the small breasts and narrow hips to the small stature to the naked lips greeting me from between slim thighs, she is a woman in a girl's body.

As my cock slides into her pussy, I know that Ganda is mine for as long as I want her. She is not loud. She is not flippant. She doesn't demand. She doesn't ask for anything. If I offer she will accept, but never asks. She is in some ways simply childlike. For breakfast at the hotel she is ordering chocolate shakes. God bless her.

She knows that I am the real deal and she is not going to blow it. Her orgasms are real and strong. But I also know there is a side to her that is not presented directly to me but not hidden either.

I more than sensed that she could be a real character with whom to contend. Whenever we take a taxi, there is a voice and a tone that comes out to the driver that is neither meek nor is it lady-like. It is Donald Trump talking to the elevator operator on a bad day. And the drivers, once she says her piece, never fuck around taking us all over town. We get to where they are taking us without roundabout routes.

In bed, though, Ganda follows, she does not lead and she is fully compliant. Not a word of complaint as I take her in the ass right down to the root. Her body belongs to me. There is never a 'no.'

That night after two hours of comforting each other we fall asleep.

We are awakened at 5am by a pounding on our door by Drama who is hollering as well. Ganda and I stay silent and after five minutes the pounding and yelling stops. I am told later that she was escorted out of the hotel and into a taxi to the airport.

Ganda takes it all in stride. She has the guy, and Drama doesn't. Since I had been honest with Ganda the previous day about Drama, neither Drama's appearance nor her behavior are a surprise and no explanation is required.

I have two items of business that need to be taken care of quickly as my trip is ending in three days. I want Ganda out of the bed-spacer and I need a place to stay when I return to be with Ganda on a second longer trip. And there is a difficulty in marrying Ganda as she had been married at age 18 and though she has been separated for six years, her annulment is not completed. Ganda had filed for the annulment and there is an attorney I want to meet. However, first is the issue of securing an apartment. Ganda says she will work on that and by seven in the morning she leaves to go back to the Cubao section of Quezon City in search of an apartment to lease.

Ganda's call center is in a high-rise on P. Tuazon Street in Cubao. That's where she is looking to find a rental. By mid-afternoon she thinks she has one located. We will try to close the deal the next day. In the meantime her attorney agrees to meet us at a mall, and not his office. This just doesn't feel right. I ask Ganda about it but I don't think she understands my concern.

I take a taxi to a Mall in Makati where I meet Ganda. We wait for Attorney Cruz to appear. About an hour later this young pudgy guy with two toddlers shows and introduces himself. The pudge is Cruz.

He gives me this song and dance that they have done everything and are waiting for word from the court before anything else can be done. All the hearings were completed 60 days earlier. Nothing he says rings true but I don't know enough about the annulment process and the courts to say much.

When we are done with attorney Pudge, Ganda and I wander over to the food court of the mall. I ask Ganda to pick out three girls. If I can pick up one, Ganda must agree to have sex with that girl and me tonight. Ganda is a little weirded out by the request.

She selects only one.

OK I will try and if she says no, then you will pick another.

She agrees. I suggest Ganda go into one of the shops close to the food court for five minutes and she gathers herself up and does as I have asked.

The first woman Ganda selects sits down with a guy. I text her, she comes back and eventually selects another girl. Once again Ganda leaves. I approach the woman. She is nice but it comes out that she has a boyfriend. Strike two.

I text Ganda yet again, she comes back and selects a third and she says, Last girl.

We will see. I don't agree to that but no sense in arguing at the moment.

I watch what the selected woman, who is maybe in her early 30's, is doing and finally where she sits once she has purchased her food. I sit down on the other end of the same table – it can seat maybe six and there are just the two of us.

She has her hair shoulder length and it shows the effects of a trip to the beauty parlor. Lazy open curls fall down her neck. Her skin is light. She is wearing a short orange dress and pumps with three-inch heels. I see no sign of a wedding ring. She is thin, five foot two and very attractive.

I say hello and she returns the greeting.

My name is Jake. Is it OK if I sit here?

Hi Jake, I am Krissel and of course you can sit there. Are you waiting for someone?

Yes I am waiting for a friend. Are you waiting for someone?

No Jake, I just having a meal before I go to my room.

I see. I do not mean to be nosey but I am still learning about your country. Is it OK if I ask a few questions?

Yes of course you should ask.

You said you are going back to your room. Do you rent a room or a bed spacer?

Ah you know about bed spacers? OK. Yes a bed spacer.

Are you single

Yes Jake I am single. Are you single Jake?

Yes Krissell I am single. I am trying to decide two things.

Haha. What are those two things Jake.

Well, Krissell I am trying to find a woman to marry and I am trying to find a Mistress for my wife and me.

Why you want a Mistress if you do not even have a wife? I understand if a wife is no good then you get a mistress but you don't have a wife yet. And why do you say for 'your wife and you?' Why you not just say 'for you?'

Krissell, those are good questions. I want two women not just one. It is the way I am. And I want them in bed with me at the same time. So it needs to be with my wife.

How you going to treat the wife and the mistress?

I will treat them the same. I will support both and take care of both.

I think you are lying, no woman would agree to this and be your wife.

Krissell, if you meet the woman I might marry and she tells you that she picked you out for me to talk with, would you consider being a mistress?

Really, she is here and she picked me out?

Truly Krissell. Do you want to meet her? I will only introduce the two of you if you will agree to come with us tonight and see how we work out together. If it works well you will no longer be in a bed spacer ever again.

Sure I will meet her. I do not think this is the truth!

I text Ganda and ask her to join us. Two minutes later Ganda walks up and Krissell immediately starts chatting in Tagalog with Ganda. Ganda is answering. This is a long and involved discussion and I have no idea what is being said, but at some point the discussion seems to be completed and the two are smiling and laughing.

Krissell has not even touched her food and Ganda is motioning for both of us to get going. I tell Krissell to leave it, I will pay for a nice meal back at the hotel.

In the taxi Ganda tells me that Krissell is working for a lower wage than Ganda is getting. The call center will hire Krissell if she goes to work with Ganda at her next shift. The two of them can share the apartment and so my costs will not go up, in fact they might be lower. As I learn the economics of it all, I find that Ganda earns ten thousand peso a month. She sends a quarter of that to her mom and sister for the care of Ganda's daughter. Krissell's story is similar. At the exchange rate I experience during that trip, Ganda's monthly salary in US dollars was approximately $215.00. And since she was sending $54 of that back to Mindanao, it left her with $161 a month to live on. The bed spacer was costing her one thousand five hundred pesos or $33 a month. The rest went for food, toiletries and sundries. It was a meager existence.

We go back to the hotel in Manila from Makati. The staff at the front desk and the bellman just smile broadly as I escort both women up to my room. Ganda insists they need the bathroom which she calls the CR (for comfort room). She says they need to freshen up before we go to dine. Once up in the room the girls disappear into the CR and while I hear talking and laughing I don't see them for twenty minutes. When they do come out, each one gives me a peck on the cheek and Ganda announces they are ready.

The dining room staff hovers over the girls and me so attentively that I think Krissell is about to panic. She has never eaten with staff just standing there watching. I beckon the guy who I think is the head waiter and whisper that a little less attention to our table would be nice. Within seconds the army is in retreat. My reward is a volley of giggles.

The girls have bangus (milkfish) and pancit (noodle dish). I have shrimp and pancit. We share a large platter of Yang Chow fried rice. The girls are chatting in Tagalog and I do not have a clue of what is being said. I say as much.

Ganda looks at me and lays it out. You want two of us? OK I accept that if I must, but she is going to be my best friend in life. So we have a lot to talk about. OK?

OK, I gather 'I have been told' and it is a direct consequence of my desire and request. I concentrate on the food in front of me and ignore the girls. And that is what I am doing when I get one of those questions it is hard to answer in public over dinner without everyone listening in.

Jake. How you going to get Krissell to the USA? You only allowed one wife. One visa.

You are correct Ganda, only one fiancée or marriage visa. But if Krissell has skills I need in my company, and there is no one I can hire where I am to fill the job, I can get a visa to bring her in on a work Visa. I can bring both of you over. Not at the same time ... but I can do it.

She is not a nurse or med-tech, so no way.

There are other types of jobs. This one time you are just going to have to trust me.

No. You are wrong.

Let me restate that. You don't have to trust I can do it, Krissell has to trust. You, I will bring over, with a Fiancée visa, so for you this is no worry. Krissell needs to work with me to build up some skills for her visa. So long as she has faith and cooperates with me, I can get it done. Besides, I have only met Krissell. Let us get through a day before we are sure. OK?

I get two double eyebrows. And that requires explanation. With Filipino's, the eyebrow when raised, once but usually twice, in answer to a question means, 'yes'.

After supper we head back to the room. Both girls say they are stuffed and it occurs to me that they probably are truly stuffed indeed! With their meager incomes, their normal diet is one of getting enough to get through and never really eating until full. That may be one of the reasons they are slim. That is something to think about as I start to make their lives easier.

Back in our room there is the issue of how to deal with a girl I have never been with before while Ganda is in the room. In truth she needs to stay in the room. The thing I had been saying to Ganda was that the extra woman will not be in replacement of Ganda. It is not because Ganda is not good enough, and it is not a separate arrangement which excludes Ganda. It is always to be with Ganda. The two of us plus a woman. And so Ganda has to be in the room.

I am still thinking about how to handle it when Ganda says, Krissell and I will go to the CR to get ready. You get into bed now and turn off the lights. OK?

I, not being a Filipino, just smile and nod my head.

In just a few minutes the sheets move from both sides of the bed at the same time. In no time I have a girl on either side of me. The first problem is to figure out which one is Ganda. I have a hunch based on the side of the bed that Ganda prefers and the hunch is right. I give Ganda a long slow kiss and tell her she is an angel, and a sexy angel too.

Then I turn towards Krissell and take her into my arms. We kiss and I caress her back and down her ass. I pay attention to her breasts. They are larger than are Ganda's and her hips are a little wider. Her pussy is shaven and that is no longer a surprise to me. I would have been surprised if she had hair there.

As I am kissing Krissell I feel Ganda's breath on my right ear and then a very quiet whisper, Jake, be careful, she is a virgin.

I speak to Krissell, Until we are sure, I do not want to take your virginity. OK?

Krissell throws her arms around me, Salamat po. Maraming, maraming salamat po. (This requires some translation. Salamat means thank you. Po is sir, or indicates respect of an elder / someone important. Maraming should be translated as 'very much.' So what Krissell was saying was 'Thank you Sir, Thank you very very much.'

I am just learning Tagalog, but I know how to answer. Walang anuman. (Filipinos and books say that means 'You're Welcome.' Well, it does in the same way the Spanish 'Da nada' means that. However my mother told me to never say, 'Oh heck it was nothing' and be a gentleman and say 'you're welcome'. So you figure it out. All I know is I hear my Mom pounding away, saying that I am diminishing the thank you by saying 'it is nothing.' Every time I say Walang anuman, I get Mom in my head. Jeez that is all I need at this moment!)

I teach Krissell to give me head. Ganda already knows and helps show Krissell some techniques. They are handling my cock like a science experiment. But Ganda is getting the ideas across and Krissell is a willing learner. Ganda has turned on a lamp by the bed for purposes of instruction. My god these are two good looking females.

Soon enough Krissell has her suction working, her rhythm established and she is going to town on me. Her attitude is good, her technique for a beginner is excellent. And based on Ganda's instructions she swallows my cum while maintaining the suction. I am on cloud nine.

I give her a good pussy eating, with Ganda sucking on one of her breasts the whole time. This brings the girl to her very first orgasm.

Once she comes down to earth, I quietly tell her that she needs to eat Ganda's pussy as I ate hers.

Ganun? (Really?)

Talaga (Truly)

I slide down with her. Ganda spreads her pretty thighs and I engage in a physiology lesson with Krissell. Two minutes later my help is long past being needed and as she digs into Ganda's pussy, I whisper into Krissell's ear, She will be your wife as much as I will be a husband to you. Make her need you and you will always be happy.

I get the eyebrows from Krissell and she is no longer paying any attention to me. She is going to get Ganda off. I slide up and latch on to one breast by mouth, the other by hand and we do not give Ganda a moment without stimulation. In a matter of minutes Ganda starts to orgasm and she doesn't stop for three solid minutes. But she is not done because her reaction to all that is to pull me on top of her and demand that I fuck her.

Krissell moves her head out of the way as I mount Ganda missionary style. I pull Krissell up and push her head towards Ganda's right breast. Krissell knows what to do from there as I slide into Ganda and kiss her in anything but a gentle way. Ganda explodes again. I turn Ganda over and with some KY oil I brought with me, I slick up her ass. I lean over to Krissell and ask her to start kissing Ganda and, make her your lover.

Krissell gets on her back and slides over to get below Ganda's face. The two are now kissing as I slide my cock into Ganda's bunghole.

Slowly I penetrate her ass, back and forth. At the same time, I find Krissell's right hand and I bring it up to Ganda's pussy. From the back of Krissell's hand, I push Krissell's middle finger into Ganda's pussy. Krissell indicates she can take it from there and starts finger fucking Ganda while I take my girl's ass.

Ganda is going through nonstop involuntary spasms and I cannot contain my load. I dump my cum deep in Ganda's ass. I withdraw from her ass as Krissell is withdrawing her fingers from the girl's pussy. Ganda is totally out of it.

Krissell kisses me and tells me she will be right back. She quickly ducks into the CR, returning with a washcloth. She proceeds to clean up my cock along with the surrounding area.

Krissell asks me, If I am good to you and Ganda, you will always treat me good like you treat Ganda? You not get drunk or hit me? You not do drugs?

I assure her she is not in any risk of any of that.

Take my virginity.

Not without Ganda's agreement.

Ganda, face in a pillow and seemingly totally out of it, mumbling muffled through the pillow, oo, sige (oo pronounced Oh-Oh is Tagalog for yes, sige pronounced sig-ee means OK or go ahead.)

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