Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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I had just dumped a load in Ganda's ass. I had nothing for Krissell at that moment.

OK, but not now. My body is not ready. Come here and just let me hold you. You think you can love an old fat man like me?

Opo (pronounced Oh-Po, means Yes, Sir or Yes Ma'am.) You are Pogi. (handsome)

I am holding Krissell in my arms. Her head rests nested on my right between my arm and my chest. She is lying on her side with her head looking at my chest. My right hand rests on her right hip. Her right leg crosses over my legs. We are cozy, safe and comfortable. Ganda is on my left, face down on the bed. Her left hand is on my left shoulder and my left hand is on her left buttock. The drone of the air conditioner on medium-low is the only background sound.

Krissell, I want you to start at the first thing you remember as a young child and tell me your story. The places you lived; the people in your family; the problems you and your family dealt with. The schools you attended. Who your friends are and how you got to where you are, at the bed spacer and work now. We have all night. There is nothing I want more, than to know this.

I am shy to tell you.

If you want me to accept you; if you want me to bring you to the US and be part of my family, this you must do.

Ganda mutters, Where were you born?

And so, slowly with frequent questions along the way, Ganda and I learn Krissell's story. Ganda might have had a little of it before in Tagalog, but I have it new for the first time.

As she opens up to me, she becomes a real person with a family and brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews. We learn that she has a BS in computer science, but that she is unable to get a decent paying job in her field. We also learn that she knows Chinese, as well as Tagalog and Visayan and Ilocano.

After a long time and a lot of sharing, she rests her tale and I, with new vigor, start kissing her lips. I move my right hand from her hip to her ass. She shifts her body and starts humping my right leg.

My left hand travels from Ganda's ass to Krissell's pussy and is met with a welcoming sigh. She gives me access and encouragement. I give her love from my lips to her lips, sweet kisses meant to communicate caring and love first. I roll on to her, and in a basic missionary position, enter her slowly. I meet resistance as I reach her hymen and then it is like the hymen has never been there. She gives the loss not a moment's commemoration as she pulls me into her and requires my cock's full attention, telling me, I am yours, I am yours pogi, yours.

And she is mine. Mine and Ganda's. The lovemaking is delicious and long. We shift positions time after time and finally when Ganda starts to squeeze my balls and kiss my neck as I stroke in and out of Krissell's cunt, my cum meets Krissell's inner sanctum sanctorum. I bury the word there. Hell, I bury the whole dictionary there. And so it is every time a man enters the House of the Lord, the Beth El, and pays due homage. Krissell was my Vestal Virgin and now she will be my Temple Whore forever more.

I would be lying if I say I remember any more of that night. I don't. I do remember Ganda shaking me and telling me that we have to get going if we want any breakfast before meeting the property lady about the lease on the apartment. At that point, it is all ass and elbows as we get showered and toileted and dressed.

At breakfast, Ganda has her chocolate shake. Krissell has chicken and rice. I have eggs over easy with corn beef hash, OJ and coffee ... and no, hash is not a foreign dish in the Philippines, they love their corned beef hash. Go figure.

Afterward we three pile into a taxi and head to Cubao. It's an hour drive and this time the game of chicken our taxi driver is playing has me hurtling out of the back seat, over the back of the front seat and toward the windshield before Ganda and Krissell grab enough of me to stop the impact of head on glass. The driver doesn't say squat. He just drives on.

When we finally get to the Bougainvillea Mansions on P. Tuazon Street, I am ready to disembark from that damned taxi.

The place looks nice. There are two five-story buildings, a gated security entrance and it looks well-kept and clean. P. Tuazon Street itself looks just fine and the address is a short walk from Dampa Farmers Market, SM Mall, Ali Mall, Gateway Mall and Farmers Mall. The Gateway Mall is built around and on top of the Araneta Center, a huge public auditorium venue for live events from pro basketball, boxing and cockfights to first run movies and huge TV spectaculars. Ganda's workplace is in walking distance. The apartment – I am told is a condo – a studio affair with a bathroom. It is a bit dirty but completely serviceable. I provide the down and security deposit and we sign a lease. It is ours for a year.

With the key in hand, the three of us head over to the SM Mall. I purchase a queen size bed, and sheets and pillows, and a table and chairs. The furniture will be delivered later. We carry the pillows and sheets back to the place. Ganda calls Maria Rose and tells her she now has a place for some of her stuff and gives Maria Rose the address. Ganda then takes off afoot to her bed spacer to remove her things from there. I give her pesos for a taxi ride back. I give Krissell pesos for a taxi to Makati and back to gather up things from her bed spacer. I stay put.

Two hours later Ganda is back, Cliff and Maria Rose (with Tabitha) are there with other things of Ganda's. I thank them and hand Cliff some pesos to cover the costs he had incurred getting the stuff over to the condo. They can walk home without cost now, but I told them to hang out as I was going to take everyone out for a nice meal. They are happy to stay.

Shortly thereafter, Krissell shows up with a single suitcase. What she brings, amounts to all the things she owns in this world. Ganda goes out to arrange for the electric service to be put into her name. Water is provided by the building management. That fee is paid to the building manager. The next day Ganda will arrange for cable TV and DSL, which I need if I am going to be able to stay in this place on my return.

I also provide Ganda and Krissell money for a microwave, a small refrigerator, a two-burner hot plate, air conditioner, and a water cooler/heater. You know the type with the huge blue bottles you put in upside down? All these things will arrive after I leave this time but will be there when I get back. They did not need a laptop as Ganda has one. That is in itself a long story and not worth telling here.

For now we have done all we can do. We have one more day at the hotel and then I am flying back to the USA and the girls will be at the Call Center when not at the condo. Five of us walk and one is carried across the EDSA highway and down a block along the service road of the EDSA before turning, just after the stairs for the MRT trains, away from EDSA, and past the Dampa Farmers Market, across the street and around the Gateway Mall; then finally, across one more street, to the Ali Mall. This night I eat for the first time at Gerry's Grill in the Ali Mall. I will be back many times. Ganda and Krissell cooperate in ordering for the two of them and me. I get lechon, a rotisserie pork with a crisp crunchy skin and savory fat layer. There are so many dishes that I cannot remember all the wonderful flavors of the night. There is one thing certain: I love Filipino food.

We split up, as we leave the restaurant. Cliff and Maria Rose are not far from their apartment but we three have a long taxi ride back to the hotel for one last night. Remembering the ride in the morning I am not looking forward to this ride. However, it is uneventful, though slow. We return to a quiet lobby and smiling staff as we walk up to our second floor room.

The day has been a bonding experience for my girls. There is a difference in their interactions now. A protectiveness. Taking care of each other. You can see it in many little gestures and actions. This is something that will be going on for some months and I will not be there for much of it.

The feel of the night is informed by the new awareness between these two girls that their life is a bonded one, from now, and forever forward. The love making that follows is different from any I had experienced before. I am the object but the communication is between the two of them as they start to work out their communication system; how to approach me as a pair. It was erotic, sexy, stimulating but I am also distant from them a bit this time, not physically but emotionally. The kissing was between the two of them. The give and take of communication was between the two of them. Still my cock is well treated. I end up coming in Krissell's ass and Ganda's pussy.

It is a first for Krissell and me, but, it is Ganda who greases up Krissell's ass. It is Ganda, who is whispering instructions to Krissell as she learns to take my cock up her bunghole.

Still, I do have one on each side of me as we drift off to sleep that night.

The next morning is a bit different. I have slipped out of bed for a quick run to the CR and have a woody as I come back into bed. I pull Krissell's ass over to the edge of the bed. She is face up as I grease up her ass and slide in while standing at the side edge of the bed. As Ganda moves closer. I pull her over so that she is kneeling with her legs on either side of Krissell and face to face with me. I push Ganda so that her pussy is in Krissell's face. I am reaming Krissell but good. Krissell is eating Ganda's pussy. Ganda and I are kissing deeply and with real passion.

It is taking a long time to come and I decided to have the girls switch positions. Ganda cleans my cock off with a damp towel that has lain by the bed since the previous night. And then I enter Ganda, with Krissell on top. Krissell is attacking my face with her lips. She is excited and getting off on the tongue-lashing she is getting when she whispers in my ear, I will make Ganda your slave and she will do anything you ask next time you see us. I am your slave now. I will do anything you want. You will see.

And with that my cum lets lose inside of Ganda, who subsequently rewards Krissell, who then comes from Ganda's attentions. I whisper to Krissell to finger fuck Ganda until she comes. Then I lay back and watch as Krissell takes my instructions on with a vigor that is amazing to see. Krissell is tit to tit with Ganda, kissing her, mauling Ganda's breasts with her left hand and finger fucking Ganda with her right hand. Ganda is on her back with nowhere to go. Ganda's hips are bucking, her legs are flailing around and then she becomes a board as she cums long and hard, leaking juices all over the sheets.

After a morning shower and a trip downstairs to the restaurant, we finalize our plans as it is about time for me to leave. We agree that I will be back in early December. It is now September. I will stay until February and meet both their families. That includes Ganda's daughter who is nine. I will meet five of Ganda's sisters and her two brothers. I will also meet Krissell's two sisters. Her parents are both dead.

There will be an engagement party in Mindanao with Ganda's family attending. We will spend Christmas and New Year's with them. Krissell's family is somewhat disintegrated and so other than meeting her sisters there's no one else to visit other than the aunt with whom her sisters live.

In the mean time I give Krissell instructions to get certified on as many Cisco certs as possible including the security and telephony stuff. She knows I am paying for it. If getting the certs is impaired by working at the Call Center, that's OK ... She should quit the job. She's excited to be going back to school. She's excited knowing that tuition for the first time in her life is not going to be an issue. With Ganda looking on, Krissell looks at me and says, Jake, you are pogi and you are also good. I know Ganda will be the wife. But I am yours for life too and what you do for me now, I will never forget. Anything you want, I will give you. You will see.

Ganda looks at Krissell and then at me. She swallows hard before speaking. Jake, if Krissell will do anything, I will too. No offense Krissell, but I am not going to lose you, Jake, to anyone, ever.

I hug them both and assure them that neither of them were ever at risk of being left or replaced. I am not sure they believe me.

As we leave the hotel for the last time I look at my two girls. I know I don't want to marry and yet I will marry. Still this is not to be a marriage like any other of which I have ever heard. Ganda will have the honors, but Krissell is there too. The dynamics of the marital relationship will be radically different. I am looking forward to the future.

We three take a taxi to Terminal #1, of NAIA, where Philippine Airlines has their international flights. They drop me off and head to Cubao, with tens of thousands of pesos in their pockets.

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