Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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The trip back home is long and uneventful. Once I get stored away and immediate matters are attended to, I make my reservations to get back to the girls. I also start advertising in local and regional papers for a position in my company. The person needs to be able to speak English, Tagalog, Ilocano, Visayan, and Mandarin Chinese. The skill set includes Cisco certs in Security and a BS in computer science. The individual has to be willing to relocate. I place the ad, (one ad per month,) in three newspapers covering a two state region around me and then I cross my fingers and wait. The ads are to appear for a year.

I also investigate Philippine family law and more specifically the law regarding annulments. It is clear that Atty. Pudge Cruz is full of shit. I start pressing Ganda on the issue, asking her to get another attorney. Finally she agrees to meet with one for advice. My demands strain our relationship as she is not used to questioning the authority of an attorney.

When she meets with the second attorney – her eyes are opened a bit. This second attorney advises her to go to the court and get copies of her entire record. When Ganda does as directed the court clerk tells her that the case was about to be dismissed in sixty days due to lack of activity! Ganda asks, what is the next thing that is supposed to happen? The secretary tells her that if her attorney is done with witnesses he should file a case summary and ask for a decision. Ganda is stunned. It is now October and the last hearing had been in July. The claims of her attorney have been bogus. Now Ganda is totally beside herself. Nothing in her upbringing prepares her to go nose to nose with an attorney. But there I am demanding just that. I write an email letter to the attorney, cc'ed to both Ganda and the second attorney. In it I tell Pudge that there is ample evidence of incompetent counsel on his part and that he is either to file the summary forthwith or withdraw from the case in favor of the second attorney. There is a bunch of back and forth after that letter, but the upshot is that Pudge files the summary within seven days of my demand. We pay Pudge off and never hear from him again.

The court secretary tells Ganda she no longer needs an attorney as Ganda can do the rest on her own, with the secretary's help. Of course that includes a fifty thousand peso bribe to the Judge and a trip to Goldilocks bakery, for goodies every time Ganda visits the court. Still in a matter of weeks, the decision in favor of the annulment is signed. It is then sent to the Federal Prosecutors' office for review. That office has the right to object. There is no objection. Then the process of stamps, service on her "ex" in Mindanao and related bullshit goes on for two more months. By the time Ganda's passport is reissued in her maiden name – which is a requirement – it is three months. However, I am back in the Philippines by then and can't file for the visa when I am overseas. Only when I return from being with the girls that second time can I file for the fiancée visa. That will start a five-month clock. Five months is how long it takes to get such a visa processed by the US government assuming there are no hang-ups.

Krissell is taking every Cisco Cert she can in the order mandated for her to get certified in Security and Voice.

In the months I am back in the USA and the girls are in Cubao, we video chat every day for a few hours. It is nice, but not a substitute for being with them. I do get introduced to Krissell's sisters, Ann, 16 and Ninay, 14. They are cute kids and fun to chat with as well.

The time at home isn't restful as it is an interlude. I replace some parts of computer systems that are close to their MTBF. I re-arrange staff responsibilities to deal with things that are normally my concern. It isn't perfect but it is as good as I can make it without shutting down parts of the business.

I decide is time for me to purchase shorts and tropical weight shirts. I find that Sierra Trading Post On-line is the perfect place to get that done.

Just before I am set to return, Ganda's Call Center closes their operations and she is out of a job. She is anxious to find a new one, but I tell her not to do so since I will be there in a couple of weeks. She agrees. I send some extra money to cover costs as she will not be getting paychecks.

It is another long, and for that reason alone, unpleasant series of flights back. I arrive at night at NAIA Terminal #1 and get to our condo door close to midnight. I expect to be tired, but instead I am a little wired. I think we are all on edge a bit. Ganda is worried what her family will think of her as I have two women. She is embarrassed. Krissell is excited about her progress in her certification classes.

I promise Ganda it will be OK but she is unconvinced. I congratulate Krissell, which makes Ganda a little more nervous. We will not be seeing Ganda's family for two weeks. I tell her to give me time; she finally agrees to give it a rest.

Ganda has also gained weight. Five kilos to be exact. That isn't going to work. I tell her that nothing will stop me from marrying her with one exception. She has to get that weight off. Now Ganda is crying but I am not going to give in on that. It is on that somber note that we go to bed that night. Me in the middle and a girl on each side.

The next day Ganda is moping around and Krissell is doing her best to cheer Ganda up while not trying to act like it isn't serious. Krissell asks me how much time Ganda has to take off the weight. As she has added it in two months I tell them that she has to get two and one half kilos off in a month and the other half off before I leave. At that, Ganda brightens up. She is sure she can do that. She wants to know if I will make love to her now? Or does she have to wait until she has lost the weight? I tell her I will make love with the both of them without penalty and without delay.

A minute later both are in bed, naked and telling me I need to join them. We spend four hours in bed, playing, fucking, sucking, talking, fondling and in general re-bonding. When we are done, both have cum in their cunts and both have smiles on their faces.

We are still just lying in bed but not doing a damned thing when there is a knock on the door. Giggles followed by both girls jumping out of bed and telling me to put my pants on. Then following a yelled message to the knockee, in what might have been Tagalog, we all get clothing on before Ganda opens the door. In walk Krissell's sisters, Ann and Ninay. There is a bunch of hugging between the girls and then Krissell is about to formally introduce them to me. But since we have already chatted on-line that sort of seemed redundant. Ann, Ninay and I all say as much at the same moment causing a lot of laughing.

Hey, I don't need to be introduced, I need a hug from each of you.

Ann steps up first, gives me a hug and then a kiss. But, not a sisterly kiss and her hands weren't doing sisterly things to my crotch. It has been a good ninety minutes since I had last cum in her sister's cunt and Ann is getting me hard.

As we stop I ask Ann, What was that for?

Her answer is honest as she stands back enough to show off her figure. Krissell and Ganda aren't the only ones you can enjoy. I can make you happy too.

At which point Ninay inserts herself between Ann and me. She sidles right into my arms and if I had thought Ann was being provocative, Ninay leaves nothing to the imagination. Her left hand pulls the zipper on my shorts down and slides her hand into the shorts, finding my cock as I am not wearing underwear. She is kissing and working my cock for all she is worth.

I disengage from her and ask her if she is also wanting in my bed.

I got an Opo from Ninay as clear as a bell.

Krissell moves to my right side and whispers, Ganda will accept this now, it's OK, lets all get into bed.

I whisper back. No Krissell, these girls are too young.

Krissell whispering again. They know you can't take them to the US now, but you fuck them now and support them in school. Then later they will have the education like mine and you can hire them too! You will see, they will be good to you.

I am saying no. All the while there are four pair of hands pulling me on to the bed. My shorts are removed. I am, honest to God, the blue plate special. Ann and Ninay are the hungry diners. Ganda and Krissell are the waitresses, serving me up. With the exceptions of CR breaks, there are five of us in that queen size bed for another three hours. In the process, the sheets get bloody. I clearly have broken the law, but for the life of me, I didn't ask for this. What I need to do is limit the damage.

I tell them no more sex until each one has turned eighteen. They don't say a word, but they don't say no either. Ann has graduated high school so I tell her to get her ass enrolled in a college offering a BS in computer science. Ninay has two more years of high school but her aunt says she could not afford it and Ninay has not been in school since the previous May. We spend the rest of that day getting her tuition paid and Ninay back in school. I also pay for some tutors to get her back up to speed with her class. It looks like I have a larger household than can be accommodated by the studio apartment. I speak to the building manager and arrange for an upgrade to a vacant condo on the fifth floor that has two bedrooms and an open room for everything else. Five days later we move upstairs.

Ninay tries to have sex with me the second day they are there, but I refuse and tell her she will just have to wait.

But I need help to play tuition. If I don't do this for you, why you help me?

Ninay I am helping you. I will continue to do so. You must stop trying to have sex with me. You are too young.

Hindi, (no)I am not!

I tell Ninay to knock it off or I will stop helping her and that ends it.

Ann is another story. She has Krissell and Ganda helping her at every turn. Ann is stunningly good looking, and convinced that she is simply not too young. I will go to bed with Ganda and Krissell and by morning while Ganda is still there, the pussy I am in is often Ann's. I give up trying to stop her and she is often in our bed.

The issue of Krissell's coming with Ganda and me to Mindanao got even more confusing now with the addition of Ann and Ninay. I send a basket of flowers, chocolates and cakes to Ganda's parents with a note that says,

Dear Nanay and Tatay, (mother and father)

Your wonderful daughter Ganda has, to my great happiness, accepted my offer of marriage. I look forward to seeing you next week at Christmas time. I am an unusual man and you may find me odd, but I promise you I will always love your daughter, she will always be my wife. No one will ever replace her. I will never raise my hand in anger towards her. Neither she nor you will ever see me drunk. I will support her forever more, and when she and I marry, I will provide the two of you with fifteen thousand pesos a month for the rest of your life. You will soon see that there are others in my life, but none of these women will ever replace your daughter and none will ever be my wife. My only wife for the rest of my life will be your Ganda. I hope you can accept me and accept my choices.

Respectfully, Jake

I show the note to Ganda before I send it and she says OK. ... I can only hope for the best.

I have already rented a house for our stay in Mindanao through a realty agent, so the added two girls will not be an issue on that account. We do need more tickets on Cebu Pacific. Luckily I am able to get seats on the same flights as Ganda, Krissell and I are on. There will now be five of us flying. Three, Krissell and her sisters, have never flown before. All the schools have a long break between Christmas and New Years, so none of them are losing any school by going with us.

It's interesting. The girls are watching me as their role model. As I don't seem to be concerned about flying, it doesn't occur to them to be concerned. The result is that they handle the flight without any concern at all.

We leave from NAIA terminal #3. It is a new, huge and seemingly underutilized facility. Our Airbus 321 lands at the General Santos City (Gensan) Airport to find a very different facility. While not quite as small as the one at Caticlan, it is not large. The visual aspect ... this little building sitting out in the middle of what looks like a flat version of nowhere ... under the intense heat of an island seven degrees north of the equator. For this northerner ... it is daunting.

When we finally get our bags, and there are four of them for the five of us, we leave the sanctuary of shade, which the building has afforded, and venture out into the heat to find a taxi.

I have Ganda provide the directions to the driver, and four hundred pesos later, we are at our rented home. Before we will go "meet the family" we decide just to spend some time at the house and settle in a bit. We figure out what we need to purchase right away and what things we can get later but will need at some point.

Ninay announces a list of all the places in the house in which she wants to have sex. These included a long kitchen counter, the living room couch and the front porch. Ganda laughs, whispers, 'children!' and gives me a kiss with more heart in it than need. She is going to be my wife and with all the other females around she has noticed that I am hers. In a real sense, the more the others circle around, she sees the difference between that and my commitment to her. She also sees that I have not had sex with Ninay since I put my foot down. Ninay can fantasize all she wants, she isn't getting any from me.

Ganda is relaxed and confident. She has just a few days earlier gotten word from her mother indicating that so long as I am not an axe murderer, I will be welcome. Ganda then had a very long conversation with her mother via cell phone. The upshot is that Ganda is no longer worrying about the consequences of this trip.

There is one other thing to note. Ganda has been dieting and she has already dropped over a Kilo. I am dieting as well. Not a crash diet; just more fruit, and less of everything else. I have already dropped two kilos. Ganda is giving me grief!

The trip to the family home is by a rented car I have arranged for, through the realty agent. I don't know where I am going but I am the only one with a drivers license. Ganda gives me directions. We arrive without incident. While driving on Mindanao is not for the faint of heart, it is far easier than attempting the same in Greater Manila.

If Ganda originally had doubts about coming home with me in tow, her mother had very different ideas. Now that Ganda has been open with her, her mother aged 72 has made sure that the young girls of the family are front and center as I was introduced to all. And when I say young, I mean young.

There are of course many little children and many older ones. There are many adults to meet. But there are only three to whom I was first introduced. Ganda's daughter Muriel and Ganda's brother's daughter, Venus. They are within months of the same age. In three months they both will be ten ... but now one was ten and one nine. And they are cute kids. But both come up to me, gave me a warm hug, a kiss on the cheek and say they have been looking forward to meeting me. From then on while I am at the family home, I will be in the company of one of these two girls.

I am then introduced to the youngest of Ganda's unmarried sisters. She is a nice girl but a bit homely.

There are many others gathering around day after day. I remember some but not all. There is an unending array of foods and meals. Fresh, twelve-inch long, whole grilled tuna, eaten out of the pan, working the flesh from the bones and dipping the flesh in a clear liquid, with a hot red pepper broken in half and in the middle of the liquid. It is the tastiest tuna I have ever eaten. I have a paella unlike any I have ever had made with sticky rice and raisins; fresh coconut literally right from the tree; a fruit salad with fresh coconut, and the list could go on for paragraphs.

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