Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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This is Christmas time. Christmas in a tropical clime is a different experience. Fireworks are an integral part of this one, as are roaming groups of carolers. Two of the suitcases we have brought are filled with nothing but presents, called pasalubong, and we have a fun time giving them out. Coins are also big for the kids and by only dumb luck, my random choice to empty my pockets of coins on Christmas night is a big hit with the small kids.

With all the food being pushed on me, I am not losing any weight, but Ganda is refusing food except in the most meager portions and she has dropped another kilo. She is on a mission and I let her know I appreciate her for her choices.

We have the engagement party between Christmas and New Years at a pleasant place about 25 kilometers north of Gensan. I pay for two lechon, whole roasted pigs, and the works for the party – including Red Horse beer. The party is a big success. The pigs are devoured, and everyone is happy.

Through it all Krissell, Ann and Ninay are welcome as part of my family and treated with warmth and dignity. I let Ganda's mother know I appreciate it. Krissell and her sisters learn that as far as I am concerned, they are an essential part of my family and they don't have to worry.

The Muriel and Venus issue is a wonder and a concern. Muriel will be coming to live with Ganda at of the end of the school year in March and I am including her as a dependant for a K-2 visa. She will be with me. She is young now but she is already being groomed for something – I just am not sure what. Venus is pretty clear that I should call her "girlfriend." That sounds ominous to me; but nothing has happened on this trip. I should note that both girls are at the very top of the school classes. These are smart kids.

New Years comes just days after the engagement party and the fireworks are incredible. It is an event in the round, that is independent of where you stand. We have a nice celebration and the next day fly back to Manila with four suitcases, two of which are completely empty!

Three of the girls are now in some type of school or training and not at the condo during the day. Ganda and I have lots of extra time together and while not all of it is sexual, there are many late mornings and early afternoons of sexual congress.

Ganda and I work on all the forms I need to fill out for the K-1 visa. We collect forms and official papers, both from Mindanao while we are there and from Quezon City. An NBI clearance, a police clearance, the birth certificates for both Ganda and Muriel, the annotated marriage certificate which notes the official annulment from the NSO, a copy of the passport pages for Ganda and Muriel ... it all had to be right.

Through it all Ganda cooks my meals and I must confess amazement – Ganda is a world class cook. She has a deft hand and everything she makes is beyond good. I am going to marry a beautiful, sexy, compliant, fun, woman who also is happy to wash and iron my clothes and clean the house. She even required that I let her clip my finger and toe nails. That last thing became an issue one day when we were in Mindanao and her mother decided that Ganda had failed to keep my nails in good shape. Ganda's mother then instructed Ganda's sisters to correct the matter, much to Ganda's humiliation. That had produced the only dust up I saw among the family members.

When I talk about ironing – that includes my briefs! I told Ganda there is no reason to do that and, man alive, that girl just about blows a gasket telling me to mind my own business. My clothes are her business, not mine. Now I am seeing the assertive side of Ganda. I also see that it is done with love and commitment. So far so good.

Ganda continues to lose weight. She has lost almost four kilos and is looking good again. I have lost six kilos and Ganda is now feeling like she can joke about just taking a knife and cutting off my belly. But she lets me know that if I lose too much she will not like it because she wants a soft shoulder to sleep on. She is worried I will get too bony.

At night I am always in bed with three girls. Which one I am having sex with is often not my choice. Between their three individual and dissimilar menstrual cycles and their horny times – who is really ripe changes almost daily. All I know is that I never have to go to sleep horny and that is something new to me, in my life. Even with a wonderful and accommodating female, there will be times that she has cramps or is flowing too heavy or really doesn't feel well or just doesn't want to have sex. That's life. With three females, even if two don't, one does. Normally at least two do and there were plenty of times when all three are ready to go. That's when the girl on girl stuff really is useful. So every night I sleep well and satisfied. I have no need for anyone else. But I am going to go back to the USA without any of them. And then, I will have only one for a while. It might be years before I have all three of these girls in the USA.

I enjoy my two months with my girls. I do remote work while there but over all I am enjoying life and living a life I have never known before.

And then it is time to go. It is already February and I need to return to the USA. I say goodbye to my girls and fly back from Manila NAIA Terminal #1. I had flown in to Manila, on the last hop, via Philippine Airlines. I am on PAL again to HongKong and United back to San Francisco and then to Denver. Then finally on the PropJet of Great Lakes Airlines back home and alone.

Within days I have filed my I-129F, three sets of I-325A's, an I-134 and all supporting documents and a postal money order for $445.00 to the USCIS in San Francisco. Seventeen days after that I get the 797 acknowledgment form with my case number.

Ganda and Muriel's K-1 and K-2 visa request is in process. Two weeks later I have a copy of the Cisco Network Security certification for Krissell. With the help of a consultant, I file for an H1-B visa for Krissell and an H-4 for her sisters, as she is their legal guardian. H1-B visa's if approved tend to take between 3 and 6 months.

In the meantime, there is a prenuptial agreement to have prepared by an attorney. I contact the local school system to prepare for Muriel's arrival. Find someone to marry Ganda and me when she gets her visa. I buy a car with which Ganda will learn to drive. I am not going to have her learning with my Hummer.

Since I have been advertising for the job, far in excess of the number of times required, and for longer than required, and because the person I was trying to bring in under the H1-B fit the description entirely, Krissell has her Visa and the H-4 Visas in four months! At about the same time Krissell gets her Visa and I am about to arrange air travel for her, I get word that Ganda will within a very short time have her interview in Manila. We put off Krissell, Ann and Ninay's travel.

I fly out to be with Ganda for her Interview. This time I am coming in via NAIA #2 as my ticket is on Delta. Arriving just two days before the Interview, I also have with me, the one-way tickets for Krissell, Ann, Ninay, Ganda and Muriel to return with me in twelve days.

We have filed all the documents needed other than the DS-156, DS-156K and the DS-157, which we have just now filled out as needed. We pay the fees of $131 each, in pesos, at the Banco de Oro, for the two DS-157s. We get the receipt. As a result, the interview at the Embassy with Ganda, Muriel and me is somewhat pro forma. Possibly the fact that I am there mitigates any question about if she has really met me or if I have really come to the Philippines. In any case, the visas arrive five days later via Air21 – a private courier service.

We still have a few days before we fly out, but there are a number details not cleaned up yet. The big one is the condo. We speak with the building manager and buy our way out of the year's lease. Ninay and Ann will continue their schooling in the USA.

We have five visas! Never in my wildest imagining did I see this happening.

We board a Delta 747-400 flight from NAIA Terminal #2. We don't all get to sit exactly together but with some horse trading we are all close. It is a long trip but we survive and I return to my home with five new residents.

The house I live in would have been too small if I were not sleeping with two or three of these girls every night. As it is, we fill up only two bedrooms. The Master and one extra, leaving the third for my office. The Queen size mattress I have gives way to a King. The extra sixteen inches in width matter when there are four in the bed! The Double in the other bedroom gives way to the Queen. We dispose of the double. Ninay and Muriel share the second room and sleep together.

There many things to do. First is to get a marriage license and get married. And before the wedding I have to get Ganda to sign the pre-nuptial agreement. She does though it causes her to cry a bit. It is only to protect me if she leaves me; so long as she stays, she gets everything.

The wedding is six days after we all arrived. Attending along with Muriel, Krissell, Ann and Ninay are Cliff and Maria Rose, who are now back in the States, and a variety of local friends. It is a small ceremony but there are twenty-five there to help us celebrate our vows. It is a nice wedding.

Then I have to get three girls into school! I had previously prepared for Muriel's entrance but not for Ninay or Ann.

Ann is in some ways the hardest as she is sixteen. In the US they want her to go back to High School. But she has graduated high school and has started a four year college program in the Philippines. I get the local two-year college to enroll her in their computer science program. She can transfer to a four year school in two years. Ninay is the loser in her eyes as she was a senior in Cubao and she is being told she is a sophomore. I challenge that and ask if she can test out and up to her grade level of competence. There is an agreement and Ninay blows the doors off the tests. She qualifies for senior year. There is a bunch of foot dragging from the school district after the results come in, but they eventually agree to put her in twelfth grade. Ninay is mollified.

After an argument with the USCIS approved civil surgeon about forms and requirements, we file for an adjustment of status ten days after the wedding.

My home has gone from a home where I was bach'ing it to one that is full and filled with activity. Ganda takes over from me and runs the house with an efficiency that is a marvel. Neither she nor I ever look back.

Ninay is fifteen, Ann is now seventeen, and Muriel is ten. I still have my no-go on sex with Ninay. Ann is clearly a different story. Although I clearly should not be touching Ann – it is fruitless to try and stop the contact. I just hold my breath and hope for the best. For Ann's part, she sees herself as an adult and just doesn't understand the issue. On the issue of emotional bonds with me, Ann is as much a mistress as is Krissell and Krissell is as much a wife in real terms as is Ganda. So to say it most simply, for all practical purposes, I have three wives. Ganda is clearly the first among equals in all ways, but on a daily basis there is no way on a functional level that you can discern a difference, other than I am careful to never show an untoward affection to Ann in public. However it is a gas going out with all four of them when we might walk five abreast with me in the middle. I am one proud SOB.

The next two years are some of the happiest in my life. Krissell takes on more and more of my daily work. Ganda is the greatest of all wives, knitting my life into one seamless and sweet existence. Ann is so busy with school we hardly see her except at bedtime most days. She is carrying a twenty-two credit load. It is unheard of and yet she is pulling A's in all her classes. She finishes her two year program in 18 months. She enrolls in an off-campus degree program for her BS in computer science. Ninay graduates high school at age 16 and proceeds to college, following in Ann's footsteps. We file for the removal of conditions from Ganda and Muriel's green cards.

At age twelve Muriel is developing into a young woman. She is quite pretty. As with my three wives, I insist that all dress nice and as it was something they want to do anyway, they are all to dress sexy whenever possible. That means just about all the time.

Ann is now nineteen and no longer jailbait. I am happy about that ... but that brought up the issue of Ninay, who has waited longer than had Ann. Ninay is seventeen and she demands to be allowed into my bed. No one is supporting me in the prohibition. At seventeen Ninay gets what she has wanted for close to three years.

By the time Ninay has access to me, with Ganda's help, I have dropped forty-five pounds. Ninay has a very different companion than she had three years prior. My stamina is far better.

Ninay's first night in bed with me is, alone with me! Everyone else joined Muriel in her bed. Ninay was always pretty and she has only gotten prettier in the intervening years. Why she wants me rather than a boy her age has to do, I suspect, with the fact that she is in the USA because of me, her sisters are mine and she wants what she has been denied for so long. I can think of no other reason why a seventeen-year-old wants a sixty-one-year-old.

Ninay has all night with no interruptions and we took all of it. I am methodical with her. First gentle caressing of her feet, legs, back, arms, and belly. Then stimulation of her breasts and sucking of them. Her breasts are not large and they are never going to be large, but they are pretty and her nipples are rock hard as I suck on them. By the time I get to Ninay's hairless pussy she is leaking juices in a serious way. I get there first with my fingers and this seventeen-year-old is more than ready to oblige. When I push myself down and start eating her out, she moans long and low. She ramps right up to orgasm but not over the threshold. I work and work her pussy with my tongue with the same result.

Her ass cheeks are wet and I slide one finger to her bunghole as I lick. That was the key as her orgasm comes on strong. Her pretty little thighs wrap around my head. The perfume of her natural body fills my nostrils. I smell my little seventeen-year-old as she fills my lungs.

Once the orgasm subsides I move up on her and bring my cock to her small hairless cunt and drill in. I bring her legs up, her knees on her shoulders as I pound the pussy.

Tatay give me a baby. Please Tatay. Please I want a baby Tatay. Tatay pleeeeeeaaaaase! (Tatay is father)

I keep on ramming my cock into Ninay. She's pleading for a child. She's begging. I keep on ramming my cock into her cunt.

Tatay, I'll do anything I swear anything. Give it to me, I'll do anything. Please give it to me, Please Tatay, anything you want, I don't care. Please.

My right thumb enters her bunghole. I am still reaming her. I am covered with her juices. The sheets are soaking. My thumb is now all the way up her ass as my cock continues its work.

oh! Oh shit! Of fuck! Oh Oh Oooooooooooh! JAKE!!!!!

And the world explodes for Ninay. I cum deep inside her, while her next orgasm blows her mind. At seventeen years old, Ninay has been taken. She lays crumpled on the bed not moving for a good twenty minutes. Then she turns her head to me.

Jake, I told you anything, I told you I would do anything for you. I promise you I will. Just ask me Jake. I will show you.

I hold her and we go to sleep in the mess we made.

When we wake up in the morning, Ninay turns to me and asks what she can do for me.

I tell her, For as long as you love me, be good to my other wives.

I get a big hug and a kiss before Ninay runs to the CR.

And with that I thought OK, just hang on for another year, pray real hard and it will all be OK. Certainly Ninay was going to be discrete. But the dynamics of the family change every time the status of an individual in the family changes. This time was no exception.

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