Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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Until now, Muriel had what amounted to a big sister who was not sexually active and certainly not sexually active in the home. Muriel had not been there the day I met Ninay and that had never been discussed with her. Each evening at the dinner table sat her mother, my wife, Krissell, also an adult and clearly my mistress, Ann, also an adult and also a mistress and then the two of them, Ninay and Muriel. The three older ones had been my sexual partners from our time in the Philippines. There had been no additions once we got to the States. Muriel was accustomed to those matters, she just accepted as life, my connections to her mother, Krissell and Ann. She has never seen me when I wasn't with them. She has never seen anyone added.

Now she has. As Ninay is added, her place in the conversations and in the functioning of the family has changed. She doesn't want to spend time away from the family as she had before. Now she is inward looking, more considerate of the feelings of others at the table and more careful in teasing and speech in general.

And now Muriel sees a seventeen-year-old who is going to school in the US, who has US friends and who actually seems to be happy in my bed. Plus Ninay is getting more attention from me and more respect from the other females.

For this twelve-year-old whose own emotions are a virtual roller coaster minute to minute and whose body is developing seemingly as fast, it is a very confusing message. Muriel is the only female in the house I am not fucking and all of a sudden, that fact comes crashing down on Muriel. She is pissed off, confused, envious, repulsed and attracted all at the same time.

There are moments of intense teasing and there are moments when I am the smelliest dog in the pound. She alternates hanging on me for dear life to wanting nothing to do with me. I have not laid a hand on Muriel in any but the most appropriate ways. I do not ask Muriel for anything inappropriate. Quite the contrary, my requests are always sotto voce and mild and totally within the bounds of normal parenting. I learned years ago that the quieter I am the more effective I am. So there is never, no matter the behavior, never a raised voice or threat from me. I never 'ground' Muriel, never spank her, never do anything other than to let her know that some behaviors are not acceptable, or that actions have consequences and here are the current consequences to her behaviors. Ganda is fully in support of my parenting and she backs me up completely. In some ways Ganda is far harder on Muriel than I am on the child...

As she approaches her thirteenth birthday the flirting behavior gets more intense. The need for my approval gets stronger. Her need for physical contact grows. I keep it in the safe zone, but she is wanting core physical contact. She is competing with four women, all of whom have access to my bed and use that access. And at the same time all the hormones that create sexual need are coursing through her little body. We are not intentionally setting Muriel up, but it is a setup.

Still I am the adult and nothing is going to happen because I am not going to let it happen. I give Muriel as much appropriate contact as I can. I try to spend more time with her and try to be interested in the things that matter to her in her world, but she is not welcome into my world and that is where she wants to be. When I ask her what is going on in hers, she becomes visibly upset.

On other matters, I am in heaven. I have four beautiful women at my table who all are happy to be mine. If I go out, I often have at least two of them on my arms. It might raise eyebrows but it also is my life as I want to live it. Work continues to be good and the income is fine.

That is where we are and how things are, when Ganda, Muriel and I take a trip back to Mindanao that summer. The idea was we will have a lazy month and a half, Ganda visiting friends and family, Muriel reconnecting with her best friend, and cousin, Venus. I will scout out some land Ganda might purchase – as I am not allowed to purchase land there. We are thinking about a retirement/vacation home there.

If I have not complained about it enough before, getting between the two locations (heartland USA to Mindanao in the Philippines) is brutal. Flying in, this time, we land at NAIA Terminal #3! What was for domestic flights before is now seemingly the replacement for NAIA Terminal #1! We have not been gone that long and yet it seems like we have been gone ages.

After the long flights we eventually get to Mindanao and settle into our rented digs.

I have an air conditioner so I can sleep and relax as needed. Ganda who now knows how to drive – women in the Philippines do not drive! – has our rental car, and takes off hither and yon visiting in a manner she was never able to do before. The vehicle is always filled with friends who are along to see other friends. I see Ganda most nights but there are times she is away for two or three days. I am not concerned for her loyalty, she is just having a good time.

Muriel connects with Venus and I think the world is good.

Muriel and Venus are hanging around Ganda's parent's place. I have our rental house all to myself. I am getting a lot of nap time in, as the heat of the day is not conducive to much activity. Since I am neither a Mad Dog nor an Englishman, a siesta works just fine. It is too hot to sleep in clothing and I strip down before I lay down.

I spend mornings with a fruit breakfast, a book to read until lunch, a lunch of more fruit and then a nap until I awaken and read again before supper. This is my routine and I'm happy with it.

I am enjoying my afternoon nap but a dream becomes highly sexual and I dream I am cumming inside a beautiful Filipina I saw at the market this morning. I open my eyes to see a naked twelve year-old Venus astride my loins with my cock buried in her little cunt; there by her side is Muriel and she is naked too. Venus has not stopped the slow cantering motion of her hips as I am now soft but still inside her. I am not soft for long once I see who is riding me. It is not a voluntary thing. My mind is doing back flips. This should not be happening. My mind tells me I should be puking. My body is saying Fuck Yes!

Venus continues to ride me until I am again rock hard, and then as if by some unseen signal she is off of me and Muriel is climbing onto my shaft. I am not exactly in a righteous position to say no after fucking her younger cousin. As she settles on the pole, I think I sense a hymen breaking as she winces.

Muriel's face is not a mask. She is supremely happy with herself. Once she starts her motion she is confident and composed. She is riding her dad and there is a sense of ownership. This is hers and she belongs here. I would like to say I am motionless but I am not. What I am not is actively pushing all her sexual buttons. My hands are at my side. I don't touch her breasts or her clit, or her ass. But that is my rock hard cock inside her.

I look up at her. Anak, is this what you really want? (Anak means Child)

She is pumping up and down hard now. She slides her right index finger onto her clit and starts rubbing. She begins gasping and then her pussy goes wild on my cock; spasming and squeezing. My balls explode dumping a load up and into Muriel.

The orgasm continues until she is spent. She collapses on me, holding and hugging. Looking up at my face with new eyes, she says in a very different voice than I have ever heard before, Yes father it is.

She lays her head down on my chest, her breathing regular and easy. I am still inside her. Venus snuggles in on my right side and both girls fall asleep. I do the same.

And that is how Ganda finds us when she gets home.

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