Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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And then all hell breaks loose in the shape of the most pissed off woman ever seen on the face of this earth. She is screaming at me in Tagalog and while I know a little Tagalog, I sure don't know it well enough to keep up with her. But more to the point, I am not thinking of the Tagalog, I am looking at the 8 inch kitchen knife in her hand.

If she thinks she has a clear strike at me with that knife without hitting the kids, I figure I'm a goner.

But then the kids cover my body and start screaming back in something that is not Tagalog. It seems like Ilonggo, the language Ganda's parents speak. There is a whole screaming session back and forth.

I am naked as are the girls. It is hot in that room but I feel cold and scared. Ganda is waiving the knife around. Spit is frothing from Muriel as she speaks back to her mother, and cum is dripping down her leg at the same time. God I hope Ganda does not see that!

Then a pause. No one is speaking. No one moves. The knife does not move. Five seconds. Ten seconds. A minute.

Ganda is still angry as she spits out a question. Muriel screams back, Hindi! (No!)

Ganda spits out another question. Muriel screams back, Hindi!

Ganda is still angry as she spits out, Ganun? (Really?)

Muriel screams back, Opo! Talaga! (Yes Ma'am Really!)

Dead quiet.

And the knife drops.

And then Ganda drops, sobbing.

From deep in Ganda's belly she growls something I just cannot understand and in a split instant the two girls vanish from the room.

She crawls. Crawls, sobbing, heaving, retching.

She crawls to the bed and then to my arms.

She is a mess.

She grabs on to me and sobs, gulping huge slabs of air and then... choking and coughing that same air back out.

She shakes.

She is cold and clammy.

She smells of stomach gas.

And she holds on for dear life.

And she tells me she loves me.

Much of what Muriel has told her mother is the truth. But she has also lied. She has told her mother that I was asleep when she crawled on me and slid down on my cock. She tells her I had started cumming inside her before I woke up. She tells her that I was not happy with her and didn't touch her with my hands. She tells her mother that when it was over I was distressed and asked her, "Anak, is this what you really want?"

She tells her mother that it was Venus, but mostly she who had decided to do this and I knew nothing about it until it was done. And she tells her mother that she is glad she has done it and would do it again. And so would Venus.

Ganda is now apologizing to me! She believes Muriel because Ganda has attempted to wake me up at night when I am sleeping. It is very hard to do. You can even hit me. If I am sound asleep, then much could indeed transpire without my knowing it. As that is pretty much what happened with Venus, Muriel just left Venus out of the description and it tracked just fine for Ganda.

Eventually we both go to the CR and take a shower together. Ganda is still crying on and off but the retching is over. Before she dresses – she cleans up what is on the floor and strips the bed sheets. Once the room is put back to order, Ganda is exhausted. We sit together in a one person wicker chair.

Jake what do I do?

About Muriel?

OO, of course!

Ganda, I do not know what she told you, so I am at a loss to know how to answer.

She said she will do it again. She say if we stop her, she will find someone else and maybe many else’s. Why do we treat her like a child? I say to her she is child! She say hindi, she is a woman and she needs a penis inside of her! Mahal, you treat her good, OK. Do not let her go out to others. You be careful with her and give her what she say. Maybe it will be OK.

Oh holy shit! I really did not want to hear that! Even if the law doesn't paint a big bright line distinction between fucking a seventeen-year-old and a twelve-year-old, it should and I do!

Ganda does too, but something profound has happened in Ilonggo that I am not privy to and the upshot is that Ganda is telling me to be gentle as I make love to my twelve-year-old daughter and niece. This is beyond wrong.

I notice movement in the house and I whisper to Ganda that I think Muriel is home.

Ganda says something in Ilonggo and Muriel appears. There is a discussion that I am not privy to even though I am right there through the process. Then ... silence. Muriel is just standing there and Ganda takes a deep breath.

Jake, this girl is now your wife. She may not leave you, ever. She will have your children and she will care for you when you are sick. Take a good look at her. She is no longer my daughter. She is only your wife to me from now on.

Ganda, you are my wife.

Yes, I am your wife. So is this girl. But you should find a name for her because my Muriel is dead to me.

Anak, I am told you do not have a name. Is there a name by which you would like to be known from this day forward?

I don't know Father, what would you like to call me.

First I am no longer your father, I am your husband and you are to remember that. I think I will call you Pandora and Pan for short.

Then that is who I am, asowa. (can mean husband or wife)

For now Pan get a pillow and sit at my feet. I have some thinking to do before anything else happens around here.


I knew what I wanted to do but Ganda had told me to be gentle with her. I wanted to run my cock up that little girl's ass and corn-hole her but good. But that would not be appropriate I told myself. That was the anger talking; the hurt I felt from Ganda coming out. In the end I told Pan to cook my #1 wife some supper. I went to bed alone until Ganda and Pan climbed in with me later that evening.

At some point in the middle of the night I awoke to a pussy impaled on my cock again. I panic until I realized it is Ganda. She giggles, and whispers in my ear, I am glad you act worried, now I know you are my good guy! Please give me cum?

And cum I do. Holding on to my wife for all I am worth. I fall back asleep.

Ganda and I awake at the same time. I shower first while she prepares my fruit breakfast. And then she showers. Once she is dressed, she texts her sister, and then tells me approximately when she will be back. She is gone before Pan wakes up.

Is Mom, sorry I mean, is Ganda gone?

Yes, she will be back late this afternoon.

Can we do something?

You mean can we have sex?

Yes that is exactly what I mean.

Call Venus over here first.

Bakit? (Why)

Because your husband told you to do so. Is that a problem Pan?

No, Sir.

I have to admit I am still pissed off about everything that has transpired. But I am not sure exactly what has transpired. With Venus and Pan in front of me I intended to finally get some closure on the events that have already passed and how I might move forward.

I can't say I will ever be completely sure I understand all of it. But I do learn that Pan and Venus had conspired together. Each had her own reason for wanting to do what she did. Venus wanted me to find a way to bring her to the States. There were so many reasons that she gives me that it seems more a question of if there is any reason why she would not want to have that happen and the answer to that is no, there isn't.

Pan's reason is one of inclusion and isolation. She is the one outside the circle within the home. She is close to me but was barred by culture, by (lack of) maturity, by everything including me from getting across the gap. Pan is an A+ student who never quits on anything. She is also equally determined, to do anything and everything to be something, she has no business being, to be a sexual partner and wife to me.

I am aware that in more primitive cultures girls do marry at 13, but not ours damn it. Still she has played her hand, if not deftly, then successfully to achieve her end. There is a huge loss in doing so and she is learning about that now. She will continue to learn in the weeks to come. But Pan is stubborn and she never states any regret.

Once the talking is done and I have learned all I can hope to learn, including what they told Ganda during the screamer the previous afternoon, I have two horny kids on my hands.

I am still ticked off. I decide to not make it easy on them. Rather than ease them into anything, I decide that the first thing they will need to do is show me that they can eat pussy. In this case, each other's pussy and bring each other to orgasm. We 'practice' that all morning. I just sit back and watch. After I decide that they actually know how to do it, I gave them each an assignment for that evening.

They have to select an aunt of theirs, who is not occupied with a husband or children at the moment, and get between the aunt's legs and lick the woman to orgasm. They look scared, but I tell them that if they want me to take them as real wives, that is something they have to be willing to do. Then after lunch I decide to not follow Ganda's request. I take both of them in the ass. All the way in, while the other eats her cousin out. Both orgasm and I leave a load of cum in each ass. Each is walking gingerly afterward.

Fucking them in the ass was incredible. Each was so tight as to keep my cock squeezed from beginning to end. I was taking them like salmon wiggling on the end of a spear. So small, so precious and so completely… fucked. When I am done, their eyes are big and they aren't saying a word.

So you little girls really think you want to be playing big girl games?

You are my husband. That is all I need to know. What you need or want, I will do. It is very simple. I demanded to be your wife. And now I am. There is no more playing games. I lost that right when I lost my mother. That much I have learned and will never forget.

She says it in a way that sounded less like regret and more like she understands the cost of her choices.

Venus just nods her head at that statement.

I wash my cock but good and then proceed to take Venus via the cunt. The last time I was in her cunt, I was asleep. This time I am awake and I feel how tight she is. As I enter her I am looking right in her face and she into my eyes. We are slowly fucking in a gentle rhythm as this conversation takes place. Little gasps and moans intersperse with the questions and answers.

What do you want Venus.

Your baby tito Jake. (tito means uncle) And then maybe you will take care of me too.

Is that what you want, for me to take care of you?

Opo. Take care of me, ... love me, ... protect me, ... teach me, ... FUCK ME!!, ahhh ... make me your whore, ... own me ... I WANT all that!! Yesss!!! Oooohhhhhh

Will you do what I tell you from now on?

Yes ... yes ... oh, oh ... Yes ... Yes I will.

We fuck for a long time, Venus having small orgasms. I am just working the girl in a methodical manner. Finally as she is wearing out I run a finger up her ass, slip a finger on her clit and keep on pumping. Venus comes hard and long and then crumples in my arms.

While there is a prohibition against fucking young girls in the Philippines, if you have some money and take care of your girls, all is not only forgiven, you can be sought out. I imagine that I could have had any number of juveniles if I wanted them. I don't. I do feel both angry and sad for Pan who has lost her name, mother and identity to achieve her desire of being included in my world. There is no reason to want into my world other than her screwed up perceptions, but they are her perceptions and by the time she knows better, she has already crossed the Rubicon.

I do know that I was quite happy with my adult women and I don't need to be sleeping with children. But here they are and I have already had sex with them and they want more.

It is time to teach them more about girl on girl sex. It is time to make sure they learn that girls can like pussy and cock. Just because they did it for me when I am here isn't enough. They seem to be willing to do anything for me. Since they both have said I am the boss, I take on that role with a flourish and have them loving each other for the rest of the day. I have them tonguing ass and fisting pussy. By the end of the day they are sore and can hardly walk. I have not been in them for hours. That much I loved.

Ganda has a sister who is a bit holier than thou. I change their instructions and I assign both girls the job of completely seducing their tita (aunt) Jojie. I tell them I want photos from the phones and a full report of their time with their tita before they return to me again.

I am in no hurry to hear their report. I hope they will be successful but not too soon! Jojie is staying on holiday with her parents. Normally she lives in Quezon City. So the two girls will have to be hanging out there for a bit. That is a benefit to me.

When Ganda comes home late that afternoon she asks for a status report on the girls. I tell her everything. The only thing she says before kissing me is 'good'. Ganda loves her sister, but as far as Ganda is concerned, Jojie has become something if a pain in the ass lately.

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