Jake's Journal: The Philippines with Ganda

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My days and nights with Ganda are what I live for. I truly love Krissell and don't ever want to lose her. They are great when Ann or Ninay joins us, but I always insist on Ganda being with me, unless she is just feeling crumby and needs some peace and quiet. Ganda is my wife, not just in name, but in my heart. Ann and Ninay I love but if they decided it was time to take off I would wish them well and help them on their way to success in whatever endeavor they chose. I cannot abide the thought of losing Krissell. But I will go to the ends of the earth to keep from losing Ganda.

This trip back to the Philippines has helped me clarify that fact.

Still the idea of a little mischief with my sister-in-law Jojie was something I am up for, especially if it doesn't involve my cock. In the mean time Ganda takes the next day off from her social whirl of visitations and we spend it in each other's arms. In no way am I tired of my wife. Ganda is actually more lovely now than the day I first met her. She doubts that and says I am crazy. Now that she is 32, she says she is more ugly. I have no idea why she says that. If she had been relegated to a difficult life with heavy labor, she might be right on, such is not the case in her life.

Her whole body is as trim, if not trimmer than before. She still weighs 44K and does Pilates five times a week. Her complexion is clearer, her stature is more upright. She stands taller/straighter now and tends to not hunch over as she did when we first met. When we are alone she is as exuberant as a young school girl, shrieking in laughter, jumping around, laughing uproariously on occasion, noting the craziness of life and people. She still calls me pogi, still jumps up on me for a hug. We are a happy couple. And for the record her pussy is still tight and grips like iron when she cums.

We share the same views on organic foods. She has grown up on her father's farm and there was no use of chemicals there. As a child, there was little meat served and when it was served is was never beef. It was mostly chicken and fish. That is a diet that I – a red meat eater by culture and background – have come to love because Ganda cooks to enjoy food, not to diet. Her recipes are all wonderful, whether she uses a family recipe, one out of a book or the internet, or one she makes up as she goes along.

We share much of the same love for life without the need for drugs or alcohol. I enjoy a beer with supper on occasion and like to make beer, I drink infrequently and never to excess. Ganda is a 100% teetotaler, not for reasons of temperance as much as that it doesn't taste good to her. Since I am never drunk, she has no problem with my occasional drink.

We disagree on female beauty. Vehemently so!

For Ganda – from what I can tell, the addition of European features, like the nose and eyes make an ugly woman pretty. And the lack of those features make someone at least less attractive then they might otherwise be. I will have none of that and so there are many times when I find a woman attractive and she is sure I have lost it. Conversely, her choices for sexual conquests for me often miss the mark by a wide margin.

That day of just the two of us is welcome and really enjoyed. We snuggle, make lazy love on and off all day. We tell stories and laugh. What might have become a serious discussion becomes a source of rolling over in the bed laughter as I tell her what Pan and Venus are doing or at least trying to do. As they are not to return to me until the job is done. Ganda is convinced that I will have to give Pan a reprieve just to get her back to the US at the end of our stay as there is no way they will breach Jojie's defenses.

Jojie is Ganda's oldest full sister and she is a martinet. At 37 she is still a virgin, though she has, at one time or the other, had many boyfriends. None could measure up. She will not consider a foreigner. She is OK looking but not stunning and her requirement for a handsome Filipino male of her age means that she is bound to die a spinster. Filipino men her age look to younger women. The thought of her allowing both Pan and Venus between her legs is inconceivable. And so for the rest of the day we chuckle about the short term resolution of my problem. The long-term resolution remains elusive.

That lazy summer day we renew our happiness with each other and regain the center. It is a good day.

Ganda really did have some other people she promised she would see and so the next day she is off again and I am back to my lazy summer schedule.

That afternoon, once again I have a dream of sliding into a hot wet pussy and cumming. Then a moment of realization that Pan and/or Venus must be back. I open my eyes and as I see Jojie on me, the left side of my face is slammed with her hand – I gather as hard as she could do it.

What do you say to a woman who has sexually assaulted(?) you and caused you battery and whose pussy your cock is lodged within?

I choose to say, Good afternoon Jojie. You have a nice warm pussy. Care to go again while I am awake?

She hits me again, just as hard and if you are wondering, yes, it hurts.

My response is to grind a bit into her hips and grab her ass with one hand and attack her clit with the other. That, thankfully distracts her from hitting me a third time! She started humping into my finger on her clit and in doing so, humping my now stiffening dick inside her.

Oh, ugh, oooo, ah oh! Oh ... Jake! Oh ... I hate ... I ... hate yooooooooouuuu ... oh!

I ask, between humps, Why?

Jojie is trying to tell me but she is having too good a fuck for any of that and she gives up the cause as she gets wetter and wetter sliding up and down on my dick. I reach up, slide my hand up her shirt, push her non-wire bra up over her A cup tits and start playing with her nipples. She is humping me harder and, as I squeeze hard on her left nipple, she comes hard and long.

I roll her on her side, take her face in my hands and kiss her hard and intensely.

Releasing her I speak. OK I believe you hate me and love me both. Now what is this about Jojie? ... and don't assume I know anything. Start from the beginning and tell me everything.

Jojie looks at me and asks, Why do you say you don't know? Huh? You know everything!

Jojie I never thought you were stupid, but I am about to change my mind. Now do as I say!

OK I start from the beginning. Two nights ago when Muriel and Venus come back home, we all know they have been with you. We all know why. We know you are calling Muriel Pan now. They say they cannot go back to you for now and they have to stay with me. I say OK. They start getting sexy with me but I tell them to stop. We go to sleep. Then I wake up and they have an eggplant1) in my pussy. I am fucking it! They are kissing my breasts and I can't stop! I have to have more. I start kissing them and they are kissing me and I am fucking the eggplant. Then I have what you call that ... an org ... ah yes, orgasm and they just keep the eggplant going and then I feel a finger up my back hole and they are sticking a greasy finger in there. I can't stop, they put a greased eggplant in my rear and there is the one in my front and fuck me with both of them. I cum again and again and again and I can't stop. When they finally stop and it is over I ask them why they do that and they say you told them to do that. I cannot walk good yesterday. So I come today to hit you. I am not a virgin anymore since the eggplant took that away so I don't care that I put you inside me as I really hurt you.

OK, are you still angry?

I want to be but I am not. Jake, you took my virginity!

Not exactly. I never told the girls to do that. I never taught them about using an eggplant or anything else up your pussy. I did say that they were to try to seduce you. Honestly, I thought they would fail. I never thought they had a chance of success, so I wasn't worried for you.

What did you think would happen?

I wasn't sure, but I figured that they would not be as sneaky and get the success, but they are far better than I thought.

You ruined my plans!

Jojie, your plans were fantasy. You were well on your way to dying alone and a virgin. For that, I do not feel bad. You deserve to learn what you have been missing all these years before it is not too late.

You had no right!

Maybe you are correct, but I am older than you are, and if not smarter than you, I may be wiser than you and I claim that the right as an older wiser person to save you from your own bad judgments. I may think you are a difficult female, but as my sister-in-law, I love you anyway.

Who will want me now?

The same men who would have wanted you before. The ones you don't want!

Am I good at sex?

I don't know yet. Do you want me to find out and tell you?

Opo, Jake.

I had cum twice already and so I suggested we clean up, shower and then start as two lovers would, with clothes on and go from there.

While showering, Ganda texts me that she would spend the night at her friend home in Davao. I text back that Jojie was here. Oh hell, here are the texts.

Pogi! I will stay at Mary's tonight.

OK Jojie is here.

Ganun? (Really?) What happened?

Pan and Venus succeeded.

Wow… Why she there?

Complicated. But it's OK.

OK. See u tomorrow.


And so Jojie and I have the rest of the afternoon and all night together. We are both dressed. I tell her she is attractive. I slowly kiss and fondle her. We gently and slowly disrobe each other. I kiss her nipples and suck on them. I eat her pussy and get her to cum gently. She asks me how to give head and I teach her the fundamentals. She is a quick student. Since I tell her that it is required to swallow or the job is not considered really done, she swallows like a pro.

I take her doggy fashion and missionary position, and then from the side of the bed, with her on her back and her legs on my shoulders. We are changing positions when Pan and Venus appear and before Jojie is aware, they are naked and on the bed with us. They attack her breasts and clit. In no time we have Jojie cumming hard.

I whisper in Pan's ear and she gets the KY for me. I grease up Jojie's bung hole and had no argument about it at all. With Pan sucking on Jojie's clit, and Venus sucking on Jojie's left tit while rolling her right nipple between her fingers, I slide my rock hard cock in Jojie's asshole. I go gently but I do not stop until I am firmly and all the way inside her, my loins pressing against her ass, and then I slide back and down hard. Jojie just about levitates off the bed her orgasm is so strong. My cock is being squeezed and scissored at the ring of her bunghole all at the same time. I explode inside her. She flips out, her body flopping like a fish out of water. She is cumming hard.

Jojie, I am happy to report that you are good at sex, but that you need more than one person in your bed to do your best.

Yes I can see that! Wow. What I do now? I can't explain to some guy why I need my niece in bed with us!

At that moment I hear a little door slam in my head. The resolution of how to provide the resolution to the problem I just created is clear.

Jojie ask your friend who works at the Local Civil Registry how hard it would be to make a change in Venus' birth record to have you as the child's mom. And Jojie, remember how you refused my money a couple of years ago to study for the CPA exam? Well, now I am giving you the money and you have to take the exam and you will take it over and over until you pass, is that clear?


Because I am going to create a job position in my company that only you can fill if you have the CPA board certification. At some point in the future – once you pass the boards, you will get an H1-B visa. And when you do, you will bring your dependent daughter Venus with you. Pan will already be in the US waiting for you as will I, and that will solve your problem. It solves Venus' problem and if everyone behaves, I will not be arrested and go to jail.

I am going to have sex with my new mother?2

Yes, anak. Are you complaining about that?

Venus giggling, No, Sir.

I wander into the CR and return quickly having only washed my cock. I stroke it a few times as I return to a bed filled with naked females. I grease it up again with KY and roll Venus onto her back.

I lift Venus' legs onto my shoulders and take the child in her asshole. She is not expecting this and her eyes get real big. I tell Pan to fist her and with Jojie looking on, Pan has her whole hand up Venus' cunt while I butt-fuck Venus. I lean over to Pan and start kissing her. She is kissing back just as good. I stop briefly enough to tell Jojie to stop watching and start finger fucking Pan. Pan thanks me as we go back to kissing. Venus loses all control in a cum so intense that she seems to faint. While she lies in front of us, we ignore her.

I am now playing with Pan's breasts and Jojie now has her hand up Pan's cunt. Pan – eyes as big as they might ever get, looks at me, and says, Anything ever, anything. And then the child orgasms until the muscles are simply spasming. Jojie removes her hand and we lay Pan down next to her cousin. I take Jojie to the bathroom and we both shower. As we clean each other up, Jojie takes me in her arms and kisses me.

Me too Jake. Anything ever. Anything.

After the shower, I go out on the porch and call Ganda. I ask her to move to somewhere private. Once she says OK, I tell her briefly what has transpired and put Jojie on the phone with her. They talk for twenty minutes before the phone is returned to me.

Pogi, salamat.

Why are you thanking me Ganda?

You are a good guy. You tell me the truth and you do not hurt my sister, you take care of her. That why Pogi. You're good guy.

I am still with Jojie, Pan and Venus when Ganda comes home the next day. I get a big kiss from Ganda and she tells the others to get her house clean right now. If they are going to screw her husband then the least they can do is keep the place spotless!

Now, it is one thing to yell at Venus and Pan, but Jojie was her 'Ate, ' (pronounced ah-tay and means respected and older sister). It is not Ganda's place to be yelling and ordering Ate around! But ... Ate is fucking her husband and the rules have to change.

Jojie, Pan and Venus jump to it and stay at it for a couple of hours while Ganda and I unwind and spend time debriefing each other. At the end the other girls have sort of reassembled on our periphery. Ganda calls them and informs Jojie that she should henceforth consider herself assigned to making the meals. Jojie is also to be responsible for keeping my nails clipped. Pan and Venus are assigned to doing all the washing, ironing, mopping, sweeping and keeping everything picked up. From now of nothing is to be out of order and all meals are to be on time.

Though I am never without companionship for the rest of our vacation, there are no further surprises either and for that, I am grateful.

§ § §

1 - This requires an explanation. Asian eggplants, and especially the ones grown in the Philippines are not like the big bulbous things in US markets. They are long slender and are approximately the size and shape of a dildo. Using an eggplant in such a way is not an unusual substitute for some Filipinas in need, though most won't admit to it!
2 - Venus's real mother is what Filipinos call an OFW or Oversea Foreign Worker. She lives in Jordan. She has been gone for ten of Venus's thirteen years. She has abandoned the man who fathered Venus and now is the mistress of a man in Jordan. She will not even know that all this has transpired.

§ § §

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