A Package Deal

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Part 3: What Cin (& Jake) hath wrought

Take two in the morning

It is not an inconsequential task to figure out how to build the case to bring a Pharmacist from overseas and arrange for the creation of the position in a town that has been without a Pharmacist for twenty years.

Luckily my husband, Jake, has a number of influential friends in the town which is about eighty miles from our home. It is also lucky that each of those friends thought it was a great idea. So Lena had three very wealthy local town sponsors for her as a person requested for the H1 Visa and the town was doing a special deal to make a building available for the Pharmacy and set it up as a community co-op Pharmacy, which the town funded for the pilot year. Everyone involved called it a win-win.

There had to be a supervising State accredited Pharmacist until Lena could obtain State accreditation, but that was a hurdle not a block to the efforts. Nine months after our return to the USA and five months after the filing for the H1 visa, the visa was granted along with three H4 visas.

That little town of 1456 souls some 80 miles from the next nearest town has for the first time in two decades, a Pharmacy. The fact that there is a little awkwardness in Lena's English or awkwardness in the style of how things are done in her new little town compared to a city of more than a million in the Philippines, well that is just a speed bump on the road. Everyone is thrilled and problems experienced are cherished as good things! They are things that would never have happened at all if Lena wasn't there. Lena is welcomed and is happy.

When asked why her kids are in the next town, she only says that they are with her very best friends and that as a single woman Pharmacist she is happier knowing that the potentially odd hours she works will not put her children at risk. She has had suitors but turned them all away saying she is a good Catholic and though she is separated, the marriage had not been annulled and she is not free to date.

And so five days out of seven she is at work or on call. Two days a week, she is at our house. If you ask Lena if the bargain she made is one to her advantage, she will assume you are somewhat stupid. Lena thinks herself the luckiest of Filipinas.

For Gel, Jake and me, life has changed completely. We were a threesome: one husband and two wives. Now Gel is wife to Jake and Nic2x. That has her more than a little confused. I am a wife to Jake plus I have two wives of my own, Rose and Lily. Jake beds Gel, Nic2x and me during the week. He sleeps with Lena and Gel on the weekends. On those weekends, I bed Nic2x, Rose and Lily. So far I have not asked Jake to take Lily's cherry. Rose needs Jake to take her and I am arranging a ceremony for that this weekend. I want Rose to feel how special it is. Rose is fifteen now. She is, in my eyes, way overdue in the cherry busting business.

Lena brought Gel some pills this morning. Lena's instructions were to take two every morning. Gel asked Lena what they are for and Lena answered cryptically, that they are for the family. Bless Gel's heart! She, who refuses to take aspirin, took the pills. She trusts Lena completely.

Nic2x and I are both seventeen. Jake says he is looking forward to our next birthdays when fucking us won't be a felony any more. The problem is that I will be committing a felony every time I have sex with Rose and Lily at that point, and so will he! He just hasn't thought that far ahead yet.

Nic2x graduated high school in the Philippines and so the local school here says she cannot attend high school, but the community college says she can't apply there until next semester. Rose and Lily are in school and are doing fine. Rose is in high school and Lily is in middle school.

Our house is so filled with females! Poor Jake, he is the only guy here. Not that he seems to mind.

Jake no longer talks about do-able women. He says he has more than enough for the rest of his life. This Sunday night, after Lena leaves to go back to her place, Nic2x and I will present the sexiest Rose that Jake has ever seen. Gel, Nic2x and I will sleep elsewhere that night. It is time for Rose to join us. Jake has no idea what is about to happen.

This is Saturday morning. Lena got here last night and gave Gel the pills this morning. I will talk to Rose about the upcoming events tonight.

Tonight Gel will lay with Rose and Lily. Nic2x will be there too but I will keep her busy. I am excited to see what happens with my two girls and Gel. I have already primed them to gang up on Gel. This is going to be fun. Jake and Lena have the night all alone tonight.

Gel and I have not made love together since that week we had Nic2x with us alone. We sort of look at each other differently these days and I sense a longing between us. But tonight will be about something else.

§ § §

Saturday evening has come now. Rose and Lily have never made love with Gel. Their older sister has, as has their mother. They want to taste Gel. Gel has never made love with a female so young. My job is to hijack Nic2x to keep her from Gel tonight, at least long enough for my girls to have access to Gel. My girls make my job very easy. While I am talking to Nic2x they grab Gel and drag her into their bedroom. By the time Nic2x and I get done with our conversation my girls have a half an hour head start with occupying Gel for the evening.

When Nic2x and I walk into the bedroom, the lights are on, clothes are on the floor, Lily is eating Gel and Gel is kissing and frigging Rose. I put my arms around Nic2x and start kissing the nape of her neck as we watch the scene in front of us. Rose is taller than is Gel with larger breasts and wider hips. Lily is Gel's size and with her A-cups. Gel may be older but on this bed, it just looks like three beautiful Filipinas enjoying each other. From a woman who didn't want anything except her man and only grudgingly accepted the fact that I would join her husband, she has changed in big ways. I watch as Gel brings Rose off, their tongues and lips devouring one another. Gel's legs are accepting little Lily's tongue as the most natural of things. I pull Nic2x out of the room and we will settle on some cushions downstairs. I have Nic2x to myself tonight, something I have not had since Mindanao.

Nic2x is a force of nature. She created room for herself in our world, not because she knew the end game, because she didn't. It was that, for her, we were the only game in town – ever – and she was not going to lose the opportunity no matter how short it was. For her – we were what she had dreamed about and did not think possible. For us, we would never have been able to bring her here if she had actually been the nineteen-year-old she claimed to be. It was only because of a lie and the fact that her mother was a Pharmacist that she is here now. Luck plus need plus lies equaled a result that worked for Nic2x. For us it also gave me the two girls I could have for my own. That was my fantasy. For Gel, Nic2x was scary, and a complication that she did not want but fell deeply in love with.

But Nic2x meant Lena and Lena was a complication to our life that we really hadn't wanted and for which we hadn't planned. The Lena we first met would not have worked with us at all. Jake had no interest in her. But Lena had a strong bargaining position. We all wanted Nic2x and I wanted Rose and Lily. To get them we had to have Lena. Lena made the sexual dance in the house very difficult and confusing. If it wasn't for Gel accepting Lena and the fact that Lena is as smart as can be, it probably would have not worked at all. But Gel did accept Lena, partly as a lover, and partly as a sister. They are tight now. They talk every day. Lena is only in the house two out of seven days, but she misses nothing.

The funny thing is that 'he who must be obeyed' is our sex object but unseen and unheard from on most days. He has too many pussies to fill, too many lips to kiss and so, much of the business of the house is dealt with, by the four of us: Gel, Lena, Nic2x and me. We rarely consult with Jake unless the decision is unclear to us. He loves us and we all love him, but each of us receives loving elsewhere as well and each of us is busy. This is what I think Jake would call a prime example of unintended consequences.

Nic2x is hot and ready to go, having watched Gel with her two sisters. She strips off my top and skirt and pushes me down on the cushions. She strips her own clothes off, and then climbs on me in what you might call a 69 position. That is exactly what we start doing with each other. I have a hairless hot dripping pussy over my face. She has my hairless and wetter than all hell pussy in her face. I don't know when she shaved her pussy last, but it is as smooth as mine is, and I shaved an hour ago. God she smells so good. I get lost in her juices. I hear nothing as her thighs engulf my ears. All I know is my body and hers. I do not want to know anything else. We are sisters, we are lovers, we are bonded for life to each other. I may not be her wife as Gel is, but for the life of me, I do not know what the difference would be.

I feel Nic2x's fingers gliding over my back, across my ass, down my legs. She can have all she wants. I am satisfied. I am her slut and she is mine. She is sucking my clit deep into her lips. Oh my God, that feels good. Her tongue is playing with me as she sucks. I can't take much more. I feel hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart and then something trying to enter my ass. It is all too much. I am cumming. Please love me Nic2x, I am cumming. Oh Nic2x, Nic2x, God I need you.

§ § §

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