A Package Deal

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The Pharmacist's Solution

Jake is leaving his sperm in Gel, Me, Nic2x and Rose. None of us are on birth control. Lena is on the pill and so she doesn't count. None of us have gotten pregnant – until today. Today is different. Gel missed her period – she is very regular. And so as her second month rolls to a conclusion we are wondering ... that is Nic2x and I are wondering. Lena is sure.

Gel is saying to Lena, No way! I can't be pregnant. I have never been with anyone but Jake and we all know he isn't able!

Lena walks up to Gel with EPT kit.

Gel is shaking, If I am pregnant, Jake will divorce me! He will never believe it is his.

Lena insists, Oh yes he will! What do you think are in the pills you have been taking these last three months?

Lena! You were giving me fertility drugs?

You wanted a baby didn't you? Jake wants babies, right?

Gel is now talking in Visayan to Lena and I no longer know Visayan all that well, but Gel is pissed. I can get, 'Yes she wants to be pregnant, but Lena should have told her.' In truth it's both their faults and that eventually gets worked out ... Gel takes the EPT to the CR and comes out with a small smile. Yes, she is pregnant.

Both Nic2x and I announce we want the pills. Lena says no. Gel says no.

I decide it's time to talk to Jake, ... and Gel agrees? Huh?

She will talk with him right now.

She needs to tell him she is pregnant. This extra question about me and Nic2x will come up after that.

Later Gel returns. When Gel presented our case to Jake she tells us his answer is clear concise and simple. We can each have the pills the day after we turn eighteen and not a day sooner.

I turn to Gel.

You knew what Jake would say?

Yes and you should have also.

She is right, of course. But that means that before twelve months have elapsed, I may be pregnant and so may Nic2x. And that changes everything! I announce that Nic2x and I need to tackle the house now and make everything baby-proof. We need to start collecting seats for the cars. We need to work on a nursery. We need to start going to garage sales and collect baby clothing and toys and all sorts of stuff. If we are going to have all adults females pregnant or with babes in arms, then we had better get busy now!

Rose was standing right by me as all this talk was flying through the air. How many babies does Jake want?

Nic2x is the one to answer her sister. As many as we can give him. Six, nine, twelve...

Now that it really is possible, I think you need to ask him. If he really wants twelve, are we going to be able to have his babies too? I'd like that. And if we are going to have that many, where are we going to put them?

Rose is right. We are so used to acting without consulting Jake that we hadn't realized that we need to do so now! Lena is laughing and Gel is shaking her head in disbelief. Gel announces that she had already covered that with Jake when she asked him the previous question.

According to Gel ... when she launched off to speak with Jake ... when Jake learned of Gel's pregnancy – without being told of the fertility drugs that played a helping hand – he was so happy that he was frozen in place with the stupidest smile on his face than Gel has ever seen.

Then he said, Oh my God, Gel, sit down! Don't move! We are so lucky!

Jake, relax, there will be more.

How? It took so long.

The pills Lena gave me were a fertility drug. Not only am I pregnant, but as soon as you allow it, Cin and Nic2x intend to start on the pills. They also want babies.

Not until they turn eighteen they don't! ... Good lord, Gel. This whole family is going to change again. We need a far bigger house! Are you sure they want to get pregnant?

Cin's been wanting it since she was 13. Just how many do you want Jake?

How many can I get, Gel?

Abnormal ka! (You are abnormal.) Who knows. If the three of us each have three then there is nine. You want nine Jake?

If you want to stop at three Gel I accept that. If Cin wants more, I accept that too.

What if Rose and Lily want to give you children?

They are too young.

Only for now Jake. Only for now. Do you understand that with Rose and Lily and Lena ... even if each only had three, you would have eighteen children?

Yes that would be right.

Abnormal ka!

Lena exclaims, Abnormal sha! [he's abnormal!]

Gel's answer to Rose's question of how many took us all by surprise. For some a happy surprise ... that being Me, Nic2x, and Rose. For one other than Gel, a shock ... that being Lena. Gel looked hard at Lena. Lena, never underestimate the nature of unintended consequences.

I am only now beginning to understand that. Well, I had better get Rose and Lily on Birth Control pills right away. Jake clearly is fertile, just not powerfully so. It is best to take no chances.

Once again the nature of what constituted our family is kicking into a different reality. There is a concept Jake told me about that was coined in the early 1970's called future shock. I think that is happening to us now.

The Sunday morning breakfast following Saturday's pregnancy announcement is a circus. Each of us is trying to figure out how this affects us now and what it will mean for the near term and the long term. Talk continues around the table long after the dishes are cleared and then moves into the kitchen as we clean up from breakfast.

Everyone is in the kitchen except Jake and Rose. I was about to ask where they were when I caught Gel's eye. It's funny what can be said without speaking. In her own way Gel let me know that our to missing members were in the master bedroom. I decide this is something I want to join.

Joining is the right and privilege of any wife. I don't need permission to see my husband and so, into the bedroom I go. Jake, bless his sweet heart is eating Rose's pussy and Rose is laying back and just enjoying.

Jake has no idea why we want to be with him. I am not going to try to explain it to him. He does have too much weight around his middle, but he is handsome and dignified in his appearance. Yes he is old and we are young, but for some reason age issues just don't come up. We, every one of us, likes being treated with respect and Jake clearly does that. He also loves us. Each of us knows that. But I can't explain why we are all here except for the realities of where we would be without him.

Right now I am not worrying about interfering with Jake. I strip down and latch on to one of Rose's breasts with my lips. I grab the other and Jake continues his oral work on cavities. Rose is beginning to bounce around, whimpering a bit and gasping for breath. Now Rose is bouncing more and harder and then a scream announces an orgasm.

Jake has not stopped and so I don't either. How many times have I thought 'OK you can stop now' as he drives my body to an even greater explosion. He, no we, are doing that now to Rose. It doesn't take long before Jake gets what he is looking for. Rose has lost it as she enters an orgasm that rocks her entire body.

Jake rolls me from my side to my back. He rolls Rose on top and facing me and then mounts Rose from behind but into her snatch. I put a finger on her clit. We are face to face and I am kissing Rose as Jake takes her hard. Her hot breath enters my mouth. She is moaning loudly now. She is sucking my mouth in hers one moment and screaming 'Yes!' the next. Rose screams our names like a mantra as she peaks for the third time and I gather Jake paints her vaginal walls with cum.

We are, the three of us, just laying there on the bed side by side as the door opens a crack and Lily's head pops into view. May I come in?

I answer, Yes, come and join us.

Lily enters, disrobes and climbs up to us. I whisper in her ear to lick Jake and Rose clean and Lily goes to work which brings on sounds of pleasure from both lick-ees. After, Lily snuggles face to face with Jake and gives him a big kiss.

We are all four cozy together on the bed when Gel and Lena come in. They are not there for more festivities. They need Jake at the dining room table. If we are to build a new house we need to talk about finances, and land, and that means Jake needs to engage. Playtime is over.

Back at the dining room table about half an hour later following showers, the question of what we will need to build is first up for discussion. Lena has a cup of sweet light coffee in her hands and she looks beside herself. Jake, really? ... You really want 18 children? Ganun? (really?)

Jake looks at each of us, pausing as his eyes sweep the room. Each of you are ganda (beautiful) and each of you is smart. You would, each of you, give this family good looking and smart children. Do you want me to say 'you can give me children and you cannot?' Do you want me to say 'you can only give me one child because she wants to give me one as well and there must not be too many?' Each of you should decide on your own if you want to bear me children… … He takes a good look at each of us again before continuing. … I do not make it a condition of being here. Hell until yesterday morning I didn't know it was possible. Cin, do you want me to pick favorites? Nic2x, do you really want me to tell you how many children you can have or even should have? Gel, what would you think of me if I told you I didn't want as many children as you yourself wanted to give me? My only requirements are (1) that no one gets pregnant until they are eighteen and that (2) if a doctor tells you it would endanger your life to have a child, you do not get pregnant anymore. Every one of you is dear to me. No one is expendable. Does that answer your question, Lena?

Yes, I guess so. Who here does not want to have children?

There is silence. We are all at the table and not a single person says 'me'. We all want to bear Jake’s children.

Lena had not received one response. She asked us as a group of females, ignoring Jake, How many children do you think you would like to have?

In the ensuing commotion, the average as we discovered came out to be 3 or 4 children per Filipina or to total the five of us, between 15 and 20 children. Of course they would not all come at once and so the needed nursery did not need to look like an orphan asylum. Children did not need single rooms or even rooms limited to two.

The decision was made that we needed six more bedrooms for the children and another two for the moms who were nursing and needed to be sleeping close to their children. Jake's Master bedroom would be far from the children's rooms. We would need a larger kitchen that was between the adult dining areas and where the children would eat most meals. Toilets, baths for the youngest, showers for the older ones, storage, coat closets, a huge mud room, a playroom ... all were listed and Jake was asked to choose an architect very soon.

As soon as Jake found one, Gel, Nic2x and Jake would meet with the architect and report back. Nic2x, Gel and I were assigned to find the land once we knew the requirements based on the building plans.

It is a blessing that the house we live in is paid for and on prime real estate. The value of our house is doubled because of where it is situated. We would build elsewhere and plow all that money back into the new place. At least that is Jake's plan. I hope he is right, we will need a very large place.

I ask Lena if she wants any more children. She only smiles and kisses my forehead.

I ask Jake what he thought of all this and he smiles, gives me a hug and says, Cin, all I ever wanted was my two wives and I never wanted more. You wanted to sow some wild oats – sorry, Cin, but that's just an expression that means you wanted a chance to taste what life had to offer before completely settling down – and I thought it was a good idea. Your mom saw things from the vantage point of those who we would be hurting. I can't blame her for having a good heart. But it meant another wife. I really didn't want that but, OK, if she was OK with it, I was not going to complain and then you would have had your fling. … He sighs and shakes his head … But Nic2x was a bomb that blew up in my face. When I went for that walk after learning of her lies, I had to ask myself a number of things. Understanding that many people would not consider what I was doing with you and your mom honorable, I do have a sense of honor. … He just pauses for a second before continuing. … If I chose Nic2x, it was going to be complicated. Of course at that point I didn't know how complicated. I know I was maybe giving you more than you would really want in the long run, Rose and Lily did seem to be what you hungered for at the time. I had no intention of adding Lena to my bed and no intention of adding Rose or Lily to my bed. That exploded once the decision was made. And so for me I went from two wives to four plus two girlfriends who will become wives. Six wives. No man in his right mind wants six wives. No man in his right mind would believe that six women would want me…. … There is a sheepish grin as he shakes his head. … I have thought for six years that I was unable to have children. So I never considered what would happen if I could. Lena, bless her heart, heard that Gel really wanted kids. Well, Cin, if it was just you and me and Gel, that would never have been a problem. If it was possible then absolutely. There would not have been a panic like we saw today. … So here I am, living a life that makes no sense. To be good to one, I must be good to all or all hell would break loose. Some of the consequences are just crazy. I often think ... Cin, what hath we wrought? … There is another long pause and he shakes his head again … Maybe if we were living in the Philippines, this would be a lot easier ... but this is the USA and it is not going to be easy and it is not going to be inexpensive. … But Cin, for the record, just so you know ... I would love it if you have my kids.

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