A Package Deal

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Bigger, Better, Improved, All-in-One!

This has been an amazing nine months. Gel put Nic2x and me on birth control soon as we learned Gel was pregnant, just to be safe. Nic2x turned eighteen two months ago. I turned eighteen yesterday. I will graduate High School in two months. Nic has been off her Birth Control pills for these two months. Lena says we need six months off the pills before we can take the fertility pills. I sort of think we have been screwed in this deal ... we should have been off the birth control pills for half a year before we turned 18! When Jake heard about the confusion he just smiles and advises patience, no harm is intended and we don't want to rush into an early pregnancy in any case.

We have a new baby in the house, my brother Abraham. We call him Abe. Abe is three months old. He never gets a chance to cry. With Gel and Nic2x, and Rose and Lily and me taking care of him, he is always in someone's arms. He is the happiest baby ever. Gel reminds me that this is how I was raised with all my aunts and cousins.

We are moving into our new home in a month or two if all goes right. That will be so cool!

Jake and Lena have been talking about the Pharmacy and they think there needs to be a second Pharmacist up there where Lena is working. The question was, could the Pharmacy afford it and the amazing answer was it could! That is, so long as the salary range is where it is for Lena, and if Lena and the new Pharmacist could share an apartment. Since the extra Pharmacist would also be a Filipina, that seemed possible. The extra Pharmacist would not be part of our family so that was not a problem. They presented the findings to the original sponsors and later to the town council and the co-op board. The numbers where straight forward, no additional funds would need to be 'donated'. The Pharmacy operation itself could fund the costs involved. Lena and Jake were authorized to make the search. That is happening now. Jake may make a trip back to the Philippines in a little bit to conduct some interviews. Gel and I are jealous! We want to go too.

Lena and Jake have this interesting relationship. It is not husband and wife. It is more like – huh – like two good friends. They don't always see things the same way. They like and respect each other's space and position. They really like each other on very personal ways, but they 'keep their own counsel'. That's a phrase I learned from Jake and I think it fits here. Gel laughs when she thinks of the time she threatened to cut Lena's throat if Lena tried to take Jake.

Lena has no interest in taking Jake from Gel. Lena likes fucking just fine but she doesn't want another husband. That much I have figured out. Jake has figured it out too. He told Gel and me that he had been wrong to be too concerned with Lena's challenge about another man. If she found one, she could probably handle it without risking the family. Gel thought about it a minute, shifting Abe into a new position while he suckled, and told Jake that while he might be right, it was best to sit on the idea until Lily turned eighteen. Jake just nodded and said that he figured that Gel was exactly right.

So when I say Gel and I are jealous about going back to the Philippines, we mean just that and nothing about Jake and Lena.

Most of my time these days is with Rose and Lily. Well, mostly Lily. Rose and I both have access to Jake and we see each other now not nearly as much because of that.

Lily is so cute. She is trying to seduce me into giving her full access to Jake, promising me that she won't be like Rose. She will be with me more! She has been on this campaign for about four months. She is fourteen now. She points out that when I was fourteen I was already Jake's wife. I think about it ... I was and I wasn't. I grew into being his wife over all these years. In truth it was a process. The sex happened sort of all at once, but the growing and maturing happened over years, just as Jake was trying to tell me. I just didn't want to listen. Explaining all this to Lily helps not a bit. She is intent and in that I see myself.

Jake asked me if I am a lesbian who likes his cock or am I a bisexual? That has me stumped. How do you answer a question like that? He suggests that if I dream of other woman and get sexually excited I might be a lesbian. If I dream about both men and women, I might be bi. But I only dream about my lovers. Jake, Rose, Lily, Nic2x and – yes – and Gel. So I have no idea what I am. I only know that I am happy and secure. I know I will be holding at least one of my lovers every night.

I haven't talked about school at all, have I ... I think you don't really care about that anyway. Oh well, it does take up a good deal of my day so I will say a little, OK? Look, I spent half my middle school years and all my high school years not needing a boyfriend as I was already married in my heart and head (and pussy). So there was no distraction. There was no concern of, am I pretty enough, or anything like that. I wasn't worried about being accepted. The funny thing was I was accepted by just about everyone. I have so many friends both boys and girls in school that it is sort of funny. I think I am popular because I am not competing with anyone. I am nice to all and I have no fear of being rejected. I am active in swim team, drama and band. (I am too short for Varsity Volleyball here.) I still play the flute and I picked up the piccolo. I have been on the honor roll every semester since I started here. I will graduate with either a 4.0 or a 3.99. So school has been a good thing.

When it comes to dances, I do go and I have had dates for the dances. Jake told me early on that if asked to go to a dance with a guy, I should say yes, if I thought the guy was nice. So that is the thing I have always done. I do say yes to dates. I have fun and I hope my dates have fun. We just don't develop a sexual or romantic relationship. Jake also told me to tell each date that if I heard he, the date, was bragging about 'how far he got with me' – and I would hear – he would never get another date again. That was good advice and there have never been any rumors.

Girlfriends know I will not steal their guys and so everyone tells me everything! I know so much dirt on so many kids that if Gel hadn't taught me to not gossip, I would be very dangerous!

I get hit on by male teachers every once in a while; not often, but it happens. Once again Jake warned me that I might have this occur and his advice was right on. If the advance was without strings, I should tell my teacher I was flattered by his interest, but I was saving myself for someone else and he was just a little too late, but thank you very much. If there was an implied threat, I should walk right into the principals office and report it. I have never been threatened, but I have thanked three teachers and each one got a kiss on the cheek from me as a consolation gift.

By agreement within the family, I don't hit on anyone from school. What we have at home fills my plate and that is that.

But my school years are coming to an end in two months. Both Jake and Gel are pushing me to go to college. We will see. In fact that there is a weird discussion related to that one day. Gel is there but is silent for most of it. I know that she agrees with Jake because this is the sort of thing they talk between each other about before they speak with me.

Jake suggests, Cin, it is time for you to reconsider your commitment to me and the family. You have my permission to say something like... 'I thought I knew what I wanted for life when I was 13, but I have grown up and I find now that I really want something else.'

Why would I want to do that?

Because it is time for you to go to college and spread your wings.

Do I have to leave you and the family to go to college?

No, but it is a logical step.

Logical or not I am not going to do it.

Please take some time and think about it.

Are you telling me that you are done with me?

Jake is somewhat upset and angry. Don't you ever even think that. I love you as much today as the day we sealed our love in our bed. That will never change. I just feel an obligation to release you from bonds you made for yourself as a child.

Then never bring this up again. I am your second wife until the day you die. Understand husband?

Yes, Cin, I do.

So I don't know if I am going to college. We will see. If I do, there is a two year college here I can attend and then we will see.

Lily is in eighth grade this year. She has really bloomed in the last year in her physical appearance. She is tallest Filipina in the house at 5'3". She has full B-Cups and with the pushup bras we get from VS she fills out a C-Cup! She is so sexy in a dress I just soak my panties. When she wears her four inch heels with a sexy dress she is so incredible!

Remember when I did my Valentine's dress in seventh grade? Well, when Lily dressed up this year it was almost a disaster. She looked so good, so mature, so sexy that the school almost sent her home. After she was dropped off at the dance, we got a call to come pick her up and take her home. Gel and Jake went and dealt with it. The dress she was wearing met their printed criteria as did everything else she was wearing. So what was the problem, Jake asked ... and they couldn't explain. With that Jake told them to either specify the offending item or let her in. And so, Lily got to attend the dance.

At fourteen she is as grown as she is likely to get. And Lily is in my dreams every night. I give her the talk about boys – and girls – that Jake gave me. She looks at me like I am truly stupid.

Cin, do you really think anyone from school is of any interest to me. I have the sexiest senior as my nightly fuck buddy. You are my wife! I am not looking for any romantic or sexual hookup at school. I just want good grades. I will go to dance and date so that no one will start asking questions about us, but my life is in your arms and hopefully in Jakes bed when you guys think I am old enough, hint-hint. As a matter of fact, my pussy needs licking. Are you in the mood to assist or do I need to find Gel? [big grin]

With that I whip off her panties and shove her back on to the bed. I dive in after her with my head finding safe harbor between her gorgeous thighs. I am smaller than she is and not as pretty. I joke with Jake sometimes that he is not the only one with a pretty young wife. Right now my cheeks are wet with Lily's flow. She is humping my face and has her hands on the back of my head directing my efforts somewhat. God, she is horny tonight. I haven't done much and she is cumming hard. I keep at her and a second orgasm rolls through her body. I still don't let up. It is a risk, she might become too sore. But the risk pays off with a crashing big 'O' that shakes the bed. I really hadn't done much other than give her head. She was just primed.

I roll off Lily and onto my back and fall asleep. I wake up as Lily is securing the last of four handcuffs to my right ankle. She has attached padded handcuffs to each arm and each leg and to the bed posts. I can barely move. We have never done this before. I have no idea when or were she got the cuffs. Admiring her work, she announces that I am all hers now and there's nothing I can do about it.

She has a long feather and she draws it over my breasts. Oh God! Where the hell did she learn this? It is both so good and torture! She draws the feather down over my abdomen, across my hips, down my legs, across my ankles, up the inside of my calves, the inside of my thighs, and then between my wet pussy lips. Jeeeezus, Mary, Mother of God. Oh shit, that is not fair! It is so good, so not fair that she is doing this to me. Damn – just fuck me please! God, no more tease!

She takes out a small powered dildo. Where did she get that? She is sliding it all around my exposed pussy lips. She spreads my lips with the fingers of one hand and the dildo hits the hood of my clit. Oh God! Not fair. I can do nothing and she is driving me crazy. Slowly the vibrating dildo is describing circles around my clit. I am cumming and cumming. I can't stop. I am gasping for breath. She ignores my state and inserts the dildo into my snatch as she starts to suck my clit into her mouth.

I am out of control, I have been cumming for, I have no idea how long, but at this point I will do or say anything. She must know this as she moves her mouth to my ear and whispers, Do I have to keep this up or can I have Jake?

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