A Package Deal

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Cin Expanded

I am pregnant.

I am eighteen years old. I have been married five years to my husband and I am carrying his child.

I am a woman now in every sense of the word. There is a sense of freedom I have never felt before. I am no longer a junior partner. I am not diminished by age anymore and now I will give my husband a child. Maybe his first daughter!

I am happy.

It is true that my husband and I love each other. But now there is life in my womb he and I share. That is a connection that is greater than any marriage certificate. My husband and I will be connected forever now, through all time.

I am joining my mother in the club of mothers.

I am now across a divide from Lily and Rose who will have to wait some years to cross that divide. Nic2x has yet to join me, but I am sure she will soon.

I am happy.

I snuggle into Jake and his arm holds me to him. It is warm and safe under the comforter on our bed. Mom/Gel spoons against me on the other side. I am encased in love. It is an early Winter morning. There is snow outside. It is quiet here in the dark. On these days when the clock informs of morning before the sun can, it is the playful exuberance of my bed-mates that gets me moving.

Jake gets up to get ready for his work day and Nic2x gets up with him and will get his coffee prepared. She has classes this morning at the local college, I am taking the year off from school and will start college next year. I snuggle more emphatically into Gel who then turns towards me and takes me in her arms. She kisses me on the lips. We haven't been like this since Mindanao.

I kiss her back with emotion and need. Her fingers entangled in my hair, mine in hers, legs entangled in each other's, our kissing goes on the on. Nipping at each other's lips, exchanging whose tongue is in whose mouth, our passions mounting, we egg each other on. Gel is still with milk and I slide down to suck on her breasts. As I do so I also start fingering her clit. Her milk is warm in my mouth and I suck harder to get more as Gel explodes in a very loud orgasm, her pussy shooting juices. I give her no relief as I continue to suck and frig her clit. Her orgasms continue as she screams, weeps, moans and spasms. Finally... Please, Cin, please, ... I am yours, ... you know that. I have always been yours. Now give your love some rest.

And I do, allowing her to curl up in my arms and sleep.

As much as I worried about stability on the family when we added Lily to Jake's bed, no problems have surfaced. For the first time, Lily is not always on edge. She is however no longer dressing like a fourteen-year-old. The rest of us do wear jeans on occasion. Lily is wearing dresses. We do wear flipflops as slippers in the house, Lily wears slippers too but prettier ones. When it is cool she is wearing hose with garters which the rest of us only wear when it is really cold out and some stockings are really needed. She is often the one making Jake's coffee in the morning and she is often in his office helping him keep things organized. What she is not, is as often with me. But that works out just fine. Things are re-balancing a bit but they are in balance. Gel's time is more with Abe. Lena isn't making it home every weekend as she gets more engaged in her work. Nic2x is assisting Gel as much as ever but that also takes her away from Jake quite a bit. Rose, Lily and I are filling the void with Jake and we are surely not complaining. I am aware that once my baby is born, I will also spend less time with Jake.

Jake and I have talked about these changes and it seems like he just decides to like whatever life throws at him and decides to believe it's just what he wants. He's happy with Abe and happy that Gel spends as much time with him as she does. He's happy that Nic2x is there so that Gel does not feel isolated and alone in the process. He thinks it also gives him time to grow his new relationships with Rose and Lily. He thinks that our conversations about the changes will provide for a smoother transition for me when it comes about.

As to Nic2x not being pregnant, it's not an issue for Jake. He loves her whether or not she gets pregnant. But he does think it is good she has the family's support if it turns out she cannot. So for Jake, all is good. And for now, he is sleeping each night with a pregnant eighteen-year-old, a sixteen-year-old and a fourteen-year-old. He says he's the luckiest man in the world.

Lily is rubbing lotion on my belly every day. I guess I'm pretty lucky too.

Since I have time and Lena hasn't been able to join us for two weekends straight, I am going to spend some time up in her apartment. I was just about to pack my bag when I found Lily already doing it for me. When I asked her why, she looked at me like I was crazy and answered in a "I'm sorry your brain isn't engaged" manner, Because I am your wife, idiot!

Lena gets off work at 5:30pm so I will leave here at 4:00pm. This is the first time any of us has spent time with her, in her town. She seems to be looking forward to it.

I like the drive up to Lena's. While I am traveling, my mind wanders back to the amazement of the girls in the Philippines that I was driving. I think nothing of it. My life is on such a different arc than it would have been if Gel and I have never met Jake. It scares me to think about it. We would have survived but life would likely have not been kind to us. I wonder what type of man I might have met. Would he have beat me when he learned I liked women/girls too? There, you can't have both. You are one or the other. Would I have ever learned I like girls? Maybe not. I would not be driving. Would I be living in a nippa hut? Would I be washing my family's clothes by hand in a big tub? In the future would I look older than I am quickly? How long would I live? But I don't have to worry now. I am with Jake. It is a commitment, not a boyfriend. And yet no one outside my home would understand it.

§ § §

Lena's apartment is nice. It is twice the size of the condo Gel got in Cebu and we were, at the time, happy with that! There is a nice queen sized bed. I will be sleeping with Lena tonight. I wonder how that will go. We have never really been alone together before.

I unpack my stuff, get my bearings and Lena suggests we go out for supper. She isn't near the cook that Gel is (no one is) and I guess this is a response to that reality. We go to a modest little place called the Cowboy Cafe. Lena has the trout and I have a patty melt. Both of us have Sprite. We skip dessert and slowly walk back to the apartment. It is cold, but we are dressed warmly.

By the time we get to the apartment we are ready for the cozy warmth it offers. We remove the boots, coats, scarves, gloves and hats. Hehehe ... I never owned such things when I was growing up in the Philippines! Lena makes up two cups of hot cocoa. I hold onto my hot cup to gain its warmth. I am relaxed. I know and love Lena and she me. We are now family in many meaningful ways, just not on paper.

As I warm up more, I remove a sweater, and decide to get dressed for bed. Lena is doing the same. She says if we want to, after we get changed maybe we will watch some TV.

When Lena exits the CR she grabs the TV remote and turns the TV on as she climbs onto the bed. But no sooner than we are next to each other, we are kissing. Not a peck on the cheek kissing. This is raw sex kissing and we are moving our bodies in ways to pursue the sexual session that is about to take place. Sometime during all this the TV remote is grabbed; the TV turned off and the remote chucked on to a chair.

Lena is leaning into me, pinning me down and mauling my clit. I don't have a lot of options other than to allow her what she wants. As that doesn't seem like a bad thing, I give her my body without contest. I have no panties on. She has been playing with my clit for a while. I think she is going to eat me next but I am wrong. The next thing I know I feel a tug as a handcuff is attached to my right hand. Lena is handcuffing my left hand while I am complaining that this is unfair! Then she sits on my legs as she secures these. I am cuffed hands and feet!

I look at Lena and ask why. She smiles and licks the inside of my left thigh.

I have always wanted men who dominated me, and never thought I would ever be with a woman in my bed. Then Gel taught me ... I really could love a woman. I liked it but it took me a while to really understand that and how I felt about it. Slowly I realized I like to dominate women. I like to be in control. Sometimes that can be less obvious. Sometimes I want it to be complete. When Lily borrowed my cuffs, I was curious to see how you handled it. It seemed to go OK, so I had Lily send them right back to me in the mail. Your mother started as my owner, I am now her owner. Did you know that? Do you know that Jake and I tie her up and then have sex with her? Did you know that we tied her up and gave her to Rose one night last month? Tonight you are mine. Tomorrow you will be mine as well. You are mine until I decide to release you from my desires. That may never happen. You will always be Jake's. He is my boss, but in every other way you belong to me now. Do you understand?

I will need to hear it from Jake.

That is fine. You can talk to him tomorrow while I am at work.

Lena gets off the bed and stands by her night stand. She opens a drawer and pulls out a weird shaped leather belt and plastic penis, a dildo. She attaches it to the belt through a ring of sorts. Some of it sticks into her and the rest hangs like a man's heavy wood. Lena coats the dildo with KY jelly and climbs into bed again. She positions herself over me. She is going to fuck me! I have never been fucked by a woman. I guess there is nothing to be scared about but I am scared anyway. The dildo Lily used, did not penetrate me. This one will.

The dildo is close to my pussy. She grabs it and positions it, moving it up and down in short strokes as it separates my pussy lips. Once she finds my entrance, she pushes gently. The large dildo starts to disappear inside me. God, it is big. Bigger than Jake and his is the only thing I have ever had inside me. This is maybe twice as big. Oh God, I am afraid of being ripped apart. But I am not feeling any ripping. It is going in me. All of it! And then the real fucking starts and the rhythm starts and my hips find Lena motions and match them. Oh shit, it feels good; better than good. My body is falling in love with this feeling. I want this thing pounding away inside me. I do not want it to stop. I need it. Lena's mouth finds mine and I kiss her with every ounce of my strength. I am screaming, Fuck me, fuck me Lena.

It seems to go on forever, but at some point it does stop. I have no control of my legs, which are twitching. I think about the baby, but the doctor said sex will not hurt the baby so no worries there. I ask Lena to release me from the cuffs. She does. I still can't move anyway.

Is this what you plan on doing to me tomorrow too?


Is this what you do to Gel?

Yes and more.

What type of more.

I take her ass too.

She lets you?

Yes and now she lets Jake too.

You have a girl up here too, don't you.

Why do you think that?



Does Gel or Jake know?


Tell me about her.

She's a girl who works for me part time in the afternoons.

So she still goes to school?


How old, Lena?

Fifteen. Her name is Ann.

You fuck her with cuffs and that dildo?


You fuck her ass?


Does she love you, Lena?

I think she does.

Does Jake and Gel know any of this?


Jeeezus, Lena

I know. It's a problem.

In so many ways.

You need to meet her, don't you.

Yes, I think so. How often do you fuck her?

Almost every day after work.

So I am cutting into her time with you. She will be jealous.

Yes, maybe.

You were also with her these last two weekends?


Well, that's for tomorrow. For the record you don't need cuffs to get me to accept that dildo. It was great. But don't try restraining me again. I am not my mother. I allowed it once from Lily and once from you. Try it again and I will have you bound, gagged and fucked by a goat. You got that?


And one other thing. No one owns me. I am Jake's wife by my consent not a deed of sale.

I see. OK.

Lena and I have slept together many nights, just always with Jake and Gel too. Sleeping with Lena alone even considering the cuffs and difficult words we have just had will not be a problem.

In the morning I wake up refreshed but troubled. I must meet this Ann. Either she can be integrated into our family (unlikely) or Ann needs to go which may mean Lena needs to go too. We all love Lena, but she has put us in jeopardy and that cannot be allowed to continue.

As Ann is high school age and I am closer to her age than anyone else in the family but Rose and Lily ... it probably falls to me to make the assessment. Even though I am sure of myself, while Lena is at work I call Jake and have him put the call on a conference phone. Gel, Nic2x (yes I know Lena is her mother but she has to be part of the discussion) and Jake are all there as I break the news about Ann. All agree with my assessment and plan. That includes Nic2x, who actually had to be initially held back, after she argued that we should cut her mother out immediately without any assessment. Before I get off the phone each of my family members tells me pretty much the same thing. They all say in their own way, thank you.

But Jake gave me some very specific instructions. I am going to be doing some research and learning today. It evidently is stuff that Jake knows all about, but he's not here and he's not the one to make the assessment. So he told me what I need to learn. He didn't try to tell me himself. That is so typical of Jake. He fills in the holes without being a know-it-all. He does know it all, but you don't walk away feeling bad. You walk away feeling good.

I have a job to do. I have to assess if it is possible to bring a white girl from the USA into a home of Filipinas. She would need to want Jake – unlikely – and want both real cock and pussy – unlikely but possible – and be happy being one of seven wives, beholden to no wife, only Jake – most unlikely.

First things first. Can she play in threesomes or she a one woman girl? Plus whatever Jake needs me to assess.

I have a laptop with me and while Lena is gone I do the searches; first on domination and submission, then on bdsm, and finally on master slave relationships. I learn that these types of relationships are based on 'pair bonding' unless there is one master and many slaves. In any case, if this is what Lena is into with Ann, it is clear that Jake is right in his concern that 'we will be unable to integrate Ann, or even keep Lena' in our family. Jake said something else that got my attention. It looked like he might need to have a talk with Lily.

By the middle of the afternoon I can see exactly what Jake is concerned about and why they won't fit into our family. Jake would have to play the role of master within the family structure and he is as far from that as it is possible to get. Yes in truth he is the master and we obey him, but he never exercises that power once you join him. Why? I do not know, because he has the power. But Jake does not want slaves, he wants personal initiative, empowered women who are emotionally attached to him.

If that is a contradiction (and Jake says it is) maybe that's why it only works with us Filipinas who would not be here if it weren't for Jake. Jake says that's exactly it. Each of us accepted his requirements to join him, but we did it willingly. We did it because – for us – it was a good deal. That would not be the case for others. He is very honest about that. Now that we are in the family we don't want out because it is a very good thing; but you don't really discover how good it is until you are in it but (to discover and here's the contradiction) you have to join first ... so unless you're a Filipina or someone like us, you would not have joined him.

I put my laptop away and I call Jake once more. I don't need a conference call this time.

Husband, thank you.

For what, Cin.

For not wanting slaves.

Ah, you are welcome.

I think Lena does. She tried to tell me she owned me. And she told me she owned Gel.

Yes, I have spoken with Gel about that. It is at an end. Gel rejects that.

Good. Ownership is part of the Master Slave format, right?

Yes and in our family there cannot really be a Master other than me and I reject the concept.

So if her relationship with Ann is based on that, they need to both be out?

I'm afraid so. If being a Master with a Slave is what Lena has discovered she needs to be in her life, I respect that. But it doesn't belong in our family.

I know Nic2x will survive it, but what about Rose and Lily?

I think Rose will be fine. There may be a problem with Lily.

Shit. Will you let me know what's going on with Lily?

I will try but right now your hands are full.

OK, but can I ask you that there be no hard decisions on Lily until I get home?

Of course, Cin. A wife's request is to be honored. You know that.

I do know that. That's one way he means 'empowered.'

At 5:35pm Lena and Ann come into the apartment. Ann is a dirty-blonde. She is about 5'4" and has a nice figure from what I can see. Her clothing is unflattering and hides her body. She is about three years younger than I am.

I told Ann to do anything you say, Cin.

We are talking in front of Ann.

She does this because you own her?

That's right.

So Ann, are you Lena's slave girl?

Yes, Mistress.

Ann, take off all your clothing.

Ann does exactly what I tell her. She is a very attractive girl. She has a nice figure and beautiful skin. But she keeps her eyes cast down, just like how I read submissives and slaves behave. I doubt this is an act. She will play with three because her Mistress told her to and told her I was another Mistress. If I do something to blow that image, she is going to be very confused. I gather we will have sex with Ann, and that is not a real problem at this point, but it does spell the end for Lena's participation in the family.

I have to be absolutely sure before I make the decision that Lena must be severed from us.

Lena, is this just a game the two of you play, or is this your real relationship with Ann?

Well, we don't show this at work, Cin!

That's not what I meant. I'm sure you can play act a different way. The question is, is this play acting now, or is it play acting at work?

It is acting at work.

What would happen if you released Ann from the slave status?

Ask her.

Ann, how would you feel if you could still love Lena, but you were no longer a slave and have the right to say no or do what you wanted.

I couldn't! I must not! I must be Lena's slave.


It is my purpose in life.

Lena, this is what you want?

Yes! But we must hurry, Ann must get home soon!

Ann eats us both out. Lena runs a dildo up Ann's ass and she cums hard and fast. And then Ann is gone.

This simply will not do.

You know this is not going to work for the family, don't you?

Yes, I guess I do.

I am not going to ask you to make a choice because you can't. You need this.


You are going to have to separate from the family.

What does that mean?

You can visit your kids, but you cannot sleep with us, nor are you part of our deliberations.

I see. Is this you speaking or is it Jake speaking.

It is Jake, Gel, Nic2x and me speaking. All the adult wives plus Jake. It was unanimous conditional on what I found tonight. I found exactly the conditions they feared.

I see. I guess you all are right. I did see the contradiction in it but hoped there was a way around it. I guess there isn't.

I'm sorry Lena. Look, let's get a bite to eat and then I think I need to get home.

§ § §

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