A Package Deal

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The Doing the Deed

So that's it ... isn't it? He always wanted me as his wife/lover/mistress. Last night it might have felt official to me, but to Jake, I have been growing into that since the beginning. He was not in a rush before and he's not in a rush now. But I am ... I want to feel him inside of me. Mom will not be home for two more days. I will get his cock inside me tonight.

I get a text from mom. She asks how everything is. I text back things are OK. I think she is waiting for me to join her. She just doesn't know if it will happen this year or in two years.

How will Jake, dad, handle it? Wow I hadn't thought about that before. I wonder how things will be in the future. I know when I went to my bedroom this morning it felt weird, like I used to live there but maybe I don't live there anymore. And the pink walls! I am so over them! I get some texts from my friends ... what am I doing? Do I want to get together? I look over at Jake, Dad, and he says without even looking at me, Why don't you spend some time with your friends today. We can pick up where we left off later this evening.

How does he get into my head like that? He's right. I can tell he's telling me to not grow up too fast. He wants me to enjoy being a kid ... like he said, we have time. I text the girls back. Let's get together.

I am a kid ... a horny one and one in love with my dad ... but I am a kid.

I have a blast all day. I am in a good mood. There is no pressure on the sex front. I am a little horny but I know Jake, Dad, will take care of that tonight. I feel pretty and desirable. A real man wants me, what can be better than that? I am free to be myself without having to explain or excuse. The world is great.

Dad makes corned beef and cabbage for supper, with rice of course! I love that, so supper is great. During dinner Jake, Dad, says, Cin, let's be straight about this. Tonight we will be in bed together. We are not in a rush. It's all OK. We need to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. I want to watch a couple of programs on the TV and then we can both shower before bed. OK?

It is more than OK. It is one hundred percent cool! He is treating me with respect and honesty. I felt like I am older in a good way. We are a team, a couple. I am so OK with it, I start thinking it's time I start taking some of mom's duties like helping to clean the house and laundry and cooking. I have a life with a man in front of me and I have no experience doing what a wife, at least a Filipina wife, should be doing! Jake took us because we are Filipina, not in spite of it. Mom not only does all that, she does it to perfection. It's time I grow up in that way. It is nice to be with my friends ... but this is my house with Jake and I need to start taking care of things.

The programs Jake, Dad, wants to watch are some of my favorites, so we are both into it ... That is so nice and what is even nicer is that I am laying on him the whole time and he is stroking my hair, and head, and back. I am in heaven.

After the programs, we shower together in the master bathroom. That is so cool. I have never been in his shower before. There is room for both and he is flirting with me just as much as I am with him! He is washing my back and ass! Oh damn! That is weird. When we dry off, we get into bed under the covers. He slides down under the covers and is moving my legs around and ... OH! Oh yes! He's licking me down there. I feel his tongue and his lips. God it feels so good. Oh ... yes ... aahhh ... He is doing me and I am going to cum hard. Damn, he's getting me off and I am still going to be a virgin! I feel butterflies all over my belly and hips and legs. He sticks a finger up my ass and he's still licking me. I am bouncing up and down. His head is being smashed by me every time I bounce up, but his mouth stays glued to my pussy. Now ... his mouth is on my pussy, he has a finger up my ass and he is playing with one of my breasts. I can only take so much! I really lose it. I lose control of my body and I feel myself jerking all around. I see Jake', dad's, face. It is sopping wet, from me? Oh God, did I do that? I feel limp. Jake, Dad, is doing me some more, I sort of want him to stop, but I can't tell him, and my body starts jerking again. I am still cumming. He is telling me, I am a good girl; I have a sweet pussy. He is keeping me in non-stop cum. I am afraid I will shit in the bed. I am embarrassed. I have no control. It feels like forever, I am cumming. And then I am just laying there. I can't really move. My muscles don't want to work. So much for losing my virginity! But Jake, dad, hasn't cum yet. He puts my hand on his cock and I start to stroke it. After five minutes of stroking, he cums on my belly and legs. He cleans me up and we fall asleep.

§ § §

This is it. If I don't lose my virginity now I have to wait for the next time mom is gone. She will be back tonight. Jake, dad, is still sleeping. It is very early and I go to the CR (that's the toilet to you) and pee. I get back into bed. Jake, dad, is still sleeping. His cock is semi-soft and he's sleeping on his side. This is going to be difficult. I touch his cock gently. It stirs, but he does not. I continue gently to touch his cock and it gets harder. But he's still on his side. I start touching on the "up" side and pull away so that my fingers are just up, on the side, from his cock on the front part of his hip. He moves a little to get the touch back on his cock! It works! So I do it again. Again I get him to move a little. By the third time I think he's on his back enough that I can mount him and stick that damned cock in my pussy.

I am wet between my legs. I am so damned horny I could scream as I straddle Jake, Dad, on the mattress and move the tip of his cock across my pussy lips, getting some of my juices on him. I am afraid he will wake up at any moment. I would like to go slow and ease his cock into my hymen before I break it, but if he wakes up, I am afraid he will stop me. I have to get him completely inside me. I center his hard cock on my opening and with all my weight sit down on him, forcing his cock deep within me. Aray!1 Aray! Aray! It hurts! But the pain is lessening and I am adjusting to what has just happened.

Jake is awake and his eyes are big! He is just looking at me. I can't help it, I get this big smile, start to giggle and then the feeling, without the pain, hits me, Oh, this is good. I bounce up and down and Oh God Yes ... I bounce harder, it's in-fucking-credible, Yes ! I am going up and down on Jake, Dad, and I can't stop. It's too good. I cry out, Fuck me! Fuck me! I am going nuts it is sooo good. He is getting bigger I think. Harder. Wider. He is saying stuff but I am not listening. And then my body explodes with him deep inside of me. My muscles clamp around his cock. It is sooo tight and he is sooo big. Then he explodes inside me. I feel the hot cum deep inside my pussy. I cum again and I am done, drained of energy. I lay over on him. I am now his wife and daughter. Thank god. It's done.

Jake, Dad/husband, puts his arms around me and kisses me. We kiss. We hold each other. We kiss more.

You just couldn't wait?

No, I had to have you in me.

So what do you expect to happen now?

I expect that you will treat me as your wife.

You want to sleep with me?


You know your mom will continue to sleep with me?


You know I still and will always love your mother?


OK. I need to talk with your mother when she gets home before I let you move in.


Now let's shower and have some breakfast!

Yes, husband!

I think Jake texted mom during the day and also maybe talked to her by phone before she arrived home. As soon as she arrived, she grabbed my hand, and pulled me into my bedroom and closed the door. The following conversation happened in Tagalog ... but you don't know Tagalog, so...

Child, did he force you to have sex?

No! He didn't! It was me, mom.

He didn't threaten you or promise you anything?

No! He asked me to wait!

Wait for what?

Until I was older!


Yes really.

And this is what you wanted?

Yes. He wanted to know what the rush was.

What was the rush?

I just needed him inside me. That's all I know mom.

I see. OK, then that's all. That is that. You are wife #2. It is not easy you know.

I think I do, but I am sure I will learn more mom.

OK. I will talk with Jake. Are you moving into our bedroom?

I think so, can I?

Yes, I will make room for you in the closet and in the drawers.

Later that evening, after supper, mom and I moved my stuff into the master bedroom. Just a year and a half ago I was so happy to have my own bedroom. Now that room felt like it had been solitary confinement. I was so glad to leave it and join mom and Jake.

The next day mom takes me to the doctor for birth control pills. She is not going to discuss how I can have a baby without a problem – I tell her I want one right away and she has a cow at that! So I am on the pill and under orders to make sure I do not get pregnant until I turn 18. Crap! I want a baby.

Sleeping arrangements in the bed take a bit of working out because Jake likes to sleep on an edge of the bed and I do too. Mom is willing to sleep in the middle, but that means I don't get Jake at night to snuggle with ... then Jake suggests we use a little lighter blanket and I sleep naked. That allows me to feel comfortable in the middle of the bed. So now, Mom and I swap off as to who gets next to Jake each night.

Here is the way we resolve who gets the middle. The first question is which one of us, mom or me is most horny. If there is a horny one and not both of us then that person gets the middle of the bed and Jake. If it is both then the person who had him last loses. If neither of us is horny – so far that hasn't happened – the person who had him last gets the edge and the other of us would get the middle ... but that really has not happened even with the exception of periods. And so far when one of us has her period the other seems to get real horny for a good solid three of four days. Jake has a horny partner every night, which is good because I found out that he was struggling with mom alone. He had wanted it every night, but mom just wasn't up to that! Jeez. I would have been! Hehehe.

Jake doesn't have us do any kinky stuff, with mom and me I mean. He does hold my hand sometimes when he is inside mom. I think he does that with mom when he is inside me. Inside the house, Jake treats me like a wife. That is hardest for me ... I can no longer have tantrums if I am unhappy. I can't expect mom to pick up after me. I cook three meals a week. Mom cooks three times a week and Jake takes us out to dinner once a week. I have laundry on Saturday morning and mom does laundry on Wednesday. I vacuum on Saturday and Sunday and mom does it on Tuesday and Thursday. We do the bedroom together each morning and we normally go shopping together on Sunday. My grades must stay high, there are no excuses for that. There has been no change on my clothing because Jake always insists I dress like mom does, not the same clothes as she is wearing that day, but we just wear the same sorts of things, except for school clothes.

One thing that has changed, and not just when I'm around, is that Jake talks about sex more, and about other women, and girls. I mean mom says he never did it before. If we all see a girl, he might comment that she is do-able or not do-able. I guess that means that Jake wouldn't mind fucking her or he would mind. Mom rolls her eyes when he says that and tells him he is abnormal! I asked Jake why and he said he would like to have another girl with us just for fun every once in a while but that it might include some girl on girl stuff and while mom has done that with Jake in the past before they were married, she hasn't done it since. I sort of would like to try that and I tell that to mom too. She rolls her eyes at me and says we are both abnormal. So then it is Jake and me who discuss who is do-able. It's sort of fun just to think about it. It gets me horny. And that makes for really sexy talk when we make love. I also find out that mom is not a talker when she fucks Jake. I think he likes my dirty mouth when we fuck.

Another thing that has changed is that I warn mom and Jake before I invite a friend over. If she is spending the night, I act as if my old room, is still my room. Jake and Mom insist that I do homework and practice in there. That way it looks lived in and in use, whenever someone comes to the house.

Time seems to move a bit faster now and I do not know why but all of a sudden, I am no longer 13. My 14th year goes quick too. Mom tells me that my being Jake's second wife is a guaranty for us that he will not decide that she is too old. That's crazy, she is young, but she thinks she will lose her beauty and no longer be desirable to Jake. I just don't think Jake sees things that way. But mom sure does. These days mom and I are more like sisters. I am an inch shorter than she is and I am a B-cup to her A-cup, but we wear the same clothing and other than bras, we are using the same drawers. Our makeup choices are a bit different ... She doesn't go for my blue nail polish. Hehehe. Jake is happy. He is always smiling. We all laugh a lot and while there might be a little frustration over failure to share information on occasion, all is great. The communication issue is because mom and me talk in Tagalog and Jake just doesn't know what we are saying. Sometimes, as Jake points out, it is information he needs too! We are working on that.

§ § §

I am in my 15th year and we are talking about a trip back to the Philippines for two months this summer over school break. This gets me thinking about do-ables and for Jake and me. I will be 16 by the time we make the trip and I think Jake and I deserve a little sexy action when we go back there. I say so over supper one night. Mom is not happy but not saying no, and Jake is all YES! about it. We start making plans. Jake and I set up an account on a dating website under his name. But he and I are using it. We are cruisin' for pussy! Hehehe. This is so much fun! This will be my first girl-girl stuff and I will have Jake there to help and mom if she is willing.

Because mom is a little grumbly about this when Jake is not around, I sit down and talk to her. I point out that these girls can't come back to the US with us so they are by definition short time contacts. Nothing comes back to our home in the USA and Jake and I can have a little excitement even if she doesn't want. She asks me if I don't think it means Jake loves us less. I look at her like well, like she's lost it! Mom! He wants us with him the whole time. We are his girls. Relax mom, we're not losing him.

Mom has a hard time getting the fact that while Jake loves sex, he loves us for far more than the sex we have with him. We are his family and we are in his head. So long as we don't drive a stake through his needs, and force him to choose, he will never ever leave us. She squints at me. She is trying to understand that, and then, like a light bulb turning on, she does get it. OK! We are all OK on this now. Now we are all logging into the website.

We line up some dates. Jake does the first part, and then the girls say they will agree if the wife says she is OK with it, but they think Jake is lying. We get me, and mom, on a webcam with Jake and each time, the girl stops accusing Jake of lying and starts a chat with us. We are having a lot of fun ... except that, mom is feeling bad for these girls. She understands even better than I do, what their real needs and hopes are. There is this weird war going on in moms head. It is a war between the part than needs to keep Jake ours alone, and the need to help these girls in a more meaningful way.

That much she has told me. She isn't sharing anything else. I speak to Jake about it and he knows less than I know about it. Mom has not shared her thoughts with him at all. I think mom is wrong on that. She needs to be open with our husband. I tell her that. Finally, at supper one night it all floods out – and that is real unusual for her. She tells the two of us that we can have fun playing around, but that we have to be doing that, to choose the one girl we want to add to our lives, and then Jake must find a way to bring her here. We have to help one of them and we girls must be able to love her as we love each other or it is no good. So we wives get a say on who gets selected.

This is weird but I get mom's point. Jake says he will think about it. When he says that, he means it. He often ends up agreeing, but sometimes he wants a few changes before he agrees to things and most of the time his changes are good ones. Mom knows this and so she smiles and says OK.

The next day at supper Jake is ready to talk about it some more. He says that he wants to suggest a few changes to mom's plan.

I may not be able to bring the girl we select over. It depends on a lot of things and so since I am responsible for bringing the selected girl home, I need a veto if I decide the girl cannot be brought.

We decide that so long as we select, he can veto.

Next ... We cannot tell the girls that they are in a contest to see who gets selected.

We ask why and he says something that makes mom smile.

If we do not tell them, they will not feel like they have to do something that they do not really want to do. If the reward is coming to the USA, they will do anything and then if we expect that later, both we, and they, will be unhappy.

Mom says Jake is right and she agrees 100%.

Lastly, Jake says, No one younger than 18 and no one older than 24. (That makes them a lot younger than mom ... )

Mom asks why.

Jake says, Because Cin wants a girl lover and if the girl is too old, it will not work for Cin.

Mom looks at me, blinks and asks, Ganun, anak?2

I have this big smile and I am giggling. Jake knows me sooo well! I answer, Talaga!3

Mom agrees and it is done. Once again, when mom or I asked for something that Jake did not count on, he gave it thought, made good suggestions to change a bit, but preserved the intent and we all win. God, I love this family. It just works.

We have five girls we are going to meet in the Philippines. We have whittled that down from twenty-eight. Jake has rented a furnished house for two months this summer outside of Davao. That's on Mindanao for you geographically challenged. We will have each girl with us one week. And for the last three weeks, we will invite the winner back and make sure she's the one.

§ § §

§ § §

1 - aray = ouch [pronounced, ah-RI]
2 - Ganun, anak = Really, child? [pronounced, gah-NOON, ah-NAK]
3 - Talaga= Truly [Pronounced, tah-lah-GAH]

§ § §

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