A Package Deal

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Part 2: Cruisin' for Babes

A Nic in time

If I lived here in the Philippines, I would have graduated high school three months ago. But in the US I will start my junior year in a little less than three months. By the time I get out of High School some of these girls in the Philippines will be done with a two year college degree. That has me a little frustrated, but I am now a USA citizen and a Philippine Citizen. I am what you call a dual citizen. These girls would just about kill for that, so there is more than a balance, I guess.

We just arrived here yesterday. The house we have rented is nice and not too far away from our family here, but far enough that while we can drive to them, they probably won't be dropping in on us. Jake bought a motorcycle and rented a car. I have a US driver's license, and the minimum age to drive here is, yahoo, 16! We all can operate the bike and the car.

Today we head into Davao to pick up our first date! She will spend a week with us. Mom and I will be there some of the time and sometimes I will be gone or she will. We want to see Nanay and Tatay and my aunts, uncles and cousins too. Jake will also on occasion be gone. Jake says that having different mixes of us with the girls we are meeting is a good idea.

We have already been to the family home and had supper with them last night. Jake was drooling over my cousin Alyssa, who we call Ays (pronounced as Ice,) and who is about my age and sexy as all get out. Ays wasn't hiding her charms either. When she saw Jake giving her the looks, Ays sat down on his lap. Jake looked at mom, winked, and said can we add her to the list? Mom said she was too young! Hehehe. Ays had no idea what they were talking about but was sure as hell unhappy to hear that she was too young.

Today we meet Monica. Nic2x (remember? pronounced as Nic-Nic) is nineteen and working in a Robertson's department store. She is taller than both me, and mom, at five foot two inches in height. She was really uneasy about meeting us until I chat with her. Now she says she wants to meet me before she meets mom and Jake. We say OK and so while mom and Jake shop for supper at the market, I go to meet Nic2x in the SM Mall on Quimpo Blvd. Nic2x is not there when I arrive but I do come about ten minutes early. We are meeting at the food court and we have seen each other via webcam, so I know what Nic2x looks like. I must be daydreaming when she arrives because the first thing I know is that she is sitting down next to me and saying, Kmusta ka. That means 'how are you." And the saying, you normally use in answer, is what I say, OK lang. That sort of means, 'I'm fine.' Nic2x speaks Cebuano, Ilocano, Tagalog and some English. I speak Tagalog and English. I can sort of understand Ilonggo (I used to know it but I am losing it), but not Cebuano or Ilocano. We figured that out via web chat earlier, so we stick to Tagalog now.

We just have a nice time visiting and sharing stories, Nic2x really wants assurances that Jake will not hurt her and that mom will not rip her head off. We talk a bunch about mom and Jake and then it is time to meet them. They text me, that they are entering the mall. We are meeting them at Bigby's Café, there, in the Mall. So for us, it's a short walk. We all get to Bigby's about the same time and get a table for four. That is nice. Tables have four chairs, we are four, hey I think four works! Jake orders a Pollo Saborito, mom has the Pescado Al Fresco, Nic2x has a Singapore Swing Bowl and I order the Shanghai Surprise. Four fish dishes ... I miss fish so much. The USA just doesn't have fish like this! We three girls all want Sprite. Jake orders a coffee, but he gets 'Nescafe three-in-one' and grumbles about how hard it is to get real coffee here. Mom gets Nic2x busy talking about Nic2x's family. It's all in Tagalog and Jake has no idea what is being said. Every once in a while if I hear something important, I say something in English to my husband so that he doesn't get surprised later. If I have one complaint about mom, it is that she is too willing to fall back into Tagalog when Jake needs to know too. But I do that too, a little bit, so I understand. We know English, but not like we know Tagalog.

Nic2x is relaxed. Mom has been telling Nic2x about how Jake treats us and how things work at home. Nic2x is peppering mom with questions. We are all full when the meal is completed and we leave the mall as a group of four. The car Jake has rented is a small sedan and it fits four comfortably. Nic2x and I sit in the back. Mom drives and Jake is in the front passenger seat. That surprises Nic2x in a big way. She doesn't know any woman who drives.

I explain that in the USA all the women drive and we all have vehicles. Nic2x looks at me real hard and asks in a tone of amazement, You drive? You have your own car?

I tell her I do. Nic2x says loudly to mom in Tagalog, Is it true that Cin has a car and drives?

Mom only says, Oo, talaga (Yes, it is true)

I tell Nic2x that I can drive here, but that mom knows the roads around here better. Now Nic2x doesn't even know what to say.

The drive to the house takes twenty-five minutes, but we get there without any incident considering the crazy traffic here. It's nothing like driving in the USA, which is now, after five years very much my home.

I still carry Philippine passport, but I also carry a USA passport. In my head, I know I live in the USA. I know when I am there I am not treated like a foreigner, I am treated just like everyone else. If you live in the USA, you probably don't even think about it ... we are all different colors, religions, heights, noses ... we are Americans because we believe in America and we 'get it.' It's not like that anywhere else in the world. While my friends in the USA know I am a Filipina, I am one of them, just another American kid. It's not like that in Europe. It sure as hell isn't like that in the Middle East. It's not like that in Africa, where, if you are the wrong tribe, you just might die by machete. To be an American, is something that happens inside your head. Once it is there, it isn't ever leaving. If you are an American, you know what I mean, especially if you weren't born an American. But if you are from somewhere else and don't live in America, I promise you, you will never get it, even if you are a European. I can come back to the Philippines, a native Filipina, but now I will always be an American. It feels sweet.

OK, enough of my riff about how I feel about that ... we are at the house and the car is parked. We all grab some of the things Mom and Jake had loaded into the trunk of the car and put them away in the house. Now things are going to get interesting. When online, we had asked each girl for their height and measurements before we came and we have purchased for each a couple of outfits they can keep as presents. I show Nic2x one of the outfits we purchased for her, which includes heels and underwear. Then I tell her to strip down and follow me to the CR. Mom has told me to check her out and make sure she looks healthy under her clothes and then to have her shower and shampoo. I make sure that all happens and then I do her hair and makeup once she is dressed. When I am done with her, I take her to a mirror and she is happy with the result. She is out of the jeans and t-shirt she had on and is now wearing a Keyhole Satin dress from 'Bebe" and matching 4" stiletto heels with undergarments from Victoria's Secret. She looks hot. While she was in the shower, mom and I also change into sexy outfits.

When we leave the bedroom, we are all looking hot. We put on a little fashion show for Jake. Jake and mom insist on taking lots of photos and we all are into it. Each of us struts around in our dresses and have photos taken. Then photos are taken with Nic2x and Mom, Nic2x and me, me and mom and then with the three of us together.

Then mom is out of her dress, and lays it on the arm of the couch by Jake and struts around in panties, bra and heels. Mom's bra, panties and heels are plum color. Jake takes photos of that. It's my turn next and I do the same, and my coordinated color is deep red. I pose for about ten photos. Then it is Nic2x's turn and she takes a deep breath and drops her dress on the other two. The color of her dress is an orangey red and so is everything beneath. I know how pretty she is, but this is mom and Jake's first look. She is exactly my measurements but four inches taller. We wear the same bra size and the same panties size. My dresses look sexier on Nic2x because she has more leg showing. Jake is clearly pleased. He takes at least a dozen or more photos of Nic2x.

Now mom comes over to Jake and kisses him while running her hand outside his shorts and over his cock. When she is done, she winks at me and I take my bra off as I walk up to Jake and pull his head to my breast as I grab his cock through the shorts with my other hand. I have him pretty revved up when I hand him off to Nic2x. And boy does she surprise me. She stands six feet away from Jake, looking right at him. She removes her bra and tosses it at mom. She removes her panties and tosses them at me. Just like us, her pussy is shaven clean of any hair. She struts up to Jake, takes one of his hands, places it on her pussy and then closes the gap, unbuttoning and then unzipping his shorts and finally grabbing on to his cock – flesh to flesh. Mom grabs the camera and starts shooting photos. Nic2x and Jake do not stop. She falls onto the couch and Jake starts to eat her out. She reaches an arm out to mom. Mom comes to her and kneels down. They start kissing as Jake works Nic2x's pussy. Mom's panties are being pulled off by Nic2x.

I grab the camera and start taking more photos. This is sooo hot! Nic2x is finger fucking, and kissing mom, Jake is eating out Nic2x. I get it all on the camera, and then I strip off my panties and bail out of my heels. I scoot to Jake's side and put one of his hands on my pussy. He takes it from there as I kiss him and Nic2x's pussy region while he finger fucks me. All the while, I am stroking his cock. All four of us are getting some action. It's the first time Mom and I have gotten action at the same time, but we aren't doing each other so it is not as weird as it might be. Mom is the first one to cum, followed by Nic2x just a little bit later. Then Jake leaves the pussy he had been eating and mounts me missionary style and fucks me until I cum good and hard. He paints my womb with cum of his own and we are all quite well done.

But ... I want to taste Nic2x and I grab her and take her in my arms. I start kissing her and she willingly is kissing back. Jake grabs mom and does the same thing. Mom is stroking Jake's soft cock. Jake is finger-fucking mom's asshole and she is getting very worked up. He slides a wet finger gently over her clit and she explodes with an orgasm that is something to see. She rolls off Jake. Nic2x smiles at me, whisper's sorry, and almost dives into Jake's arms. They are kissing and he starts finger fucking her. I roll over to mom just to hold her, but she leans in and kisses me full on the lips and her hand is on my back pulling me into her. I have never kissed my mother like that. But she is worked up and she starts finger fucking me. I am responding, intensely. I start finger fucking her ... and then I flip around and take her pussy in my mouth. She re-positions herself and we are in a 69 session. This is too weird for words, but I am eating her out, and I love it. I bring her to orgasm just a moment before mine runs through my body. I lay there with my mother's pussy juices all over my face.

Jake and Nic2x are done and just lying there. The sun is down and we all, one at a time, take a quick shower, and crawl into the one big bed. There is no more sex tonight, just sweet sleep, happy and exhausted.

In the morning, Jake and mom leave early to see Nanay. Nic2x and I are in the house alone. This is my chance for one on one time with Nic2x. She was definitely into that type of thing last night, so while we are having a quiet breakfast I come up behind her and kiss the back of her neck. That's all it takes for her to pull me around and kiss me on my lips while she grabs my ass and pulls me into her. I break loose and pull her back into the bedroom and I strip down while she does the same. I just about jump her and we tumble onto the bed. We start by fingering each other. That is nice as we kiss. I do what Jake has done to me ... a thumb on the clit, the pointing finger up her cunt and a pinky in her ass. I take a breast in my other hand and a breast in my mouth and send her to outer space. She doesn't last five minutes before I have her in orgasms. I keep her there until she pleads for mercy.

When she comes back to earth, she asks me where I learned that ... I tell her I learned it from Jake. We talk. I need to know some things. The entire discussion was in Tagalog but I give it to you in English ... Sometimes there is no direct translation between our languages, but I will do my best.

Friend, why did you ignore me last night, and make love to my mother?

Hehehe, yes I do that. I know you are OK with me, but your mother is the wife and I must please the wife to be accepted. Is that not so in your family?

Ah, yes I guess you are exactly correct! Tell me, do you really like girl-girl touching?

Yes, very much, but I can't do it here. I have dreamed about it since I was little, but here, if you like girls, no man will take you. Have you been gone so long that you do not know this?

You are right, for me I guess I don't understand. I guess my mother will understand. So friend, do you really like men or do you want to be with a man only because you need a man for your life to be better?

It is complicated friend. I think I like the cock ... truly ... I will like a cock in me. I can have love for a man, but I also dream of women. It has been confusing for me all my life. I never hear of a family like yours before. I didn't think it was possible. I never tell my mother about this because I am afraid there is something wrong with me. Last night – I dream about such a thing – all my life!!! It is like a dream come true. I only wish it could last forever. I wish you would be back here. I was willing to live a lie before and hide my feelings. I do not know how I will do that now.

Wow. Do you think I am sexy enough for you?

Hehehe ... Yes, so very very much you are sexy ... and the clothing we wear last night. Do you really wear such things?

Yes! We really wear such things at home. All of it. In fact you were wearing panties and bra, just like mine. We buy the dress for you specially and the shoes are for you. Your feet are a size bigger than are mom and me, but the panties and bra are exactly my size and so we ordered extra of mine and give it to you! [pause] Come let us shower again and make a meal for Jake and mom.

The rest of the day with Nic2x was just nice. We make pork adobo and pinakbet. We take the motorcycle into town and buy a cake at Goldilocks ... Oh, maybe you do not know about Goldilocks. It is a bakery chain in the Philippines. Most of Filipinos do not have ovens in their homes. Goldilocks has wonderful, oh so sweet cakes, for sale. Filipinos love sweet things. Hehehe. Mom tells me, when she was bribing the officials, to get her the annulment documents faster, she would bring them Goldilocks cakes each time she comes there. Jake likes the coconut macaroons they make there. I found out that they are just like the cans of Manischewitz coconut macaroons we can buy in the USA! I mean exactly the same! How can that be?

Nic2x and I get stares as we ride both ways. I am driving the motorcycle and most girls just don't do that here. Nic2x is having a blast and laughing really hard. She tells me 'go girl!'

Anyway, the rest of our time together that day is girl talk. The next day I will go to see my cousins and Nic2x will be with mom and Jake. Before I leave in the morning, I have a chance to talk with mom and I tell her about what Nic2x said. She doesn't comment except to say that Nic2x must be very unhappy in the Philippines. Mom and I do not talk about how we loved each other the other night. Will we talk later? I am not sure what to say. It was weird but I felt good and safe when it happened.

Each night we are all four of us in the bed. On the third night she actually ignores Jake. I have him all to my self. She is concentrating on mom alone. In the beginning mom was unsure about this but by the end of the third night, they look like a couple. I tell that to Jake. He shakes his head and says something about unintended consequences.

On the fourth night, Nic2x is in my arms and leaves mom and Jake alone. Jake and mom, I think, appreciate that more than you might think, at least on Jake's part. I like having Nic2x in my arms almost as much as I enjoyed Jake the night before. She is a great lover. She is giving and careful and she asks questions. Too soft? Too hard? Slower? You like? I try to learn from her. She is far different in how she treats my body. We are both discovering something neither of us has ever done before. That is so nice. I think I have real feelings for Nic2x and that is worrying me. We have other girls to meet. What if I have feelings for more than one of the girls? What if we don't pick the one for whom I have feelings? What if we just can't bring her and Jake has to veto? I can see mom's distress now in so many ways. It just isn't going to be fair. We are going to have a lot of fun in bed, but in some ways the girls are really getting screwed, pun intended.

§ § §

The morning of the fifth day, mom suggests that she and I go into Davao for the day and visit some relatives. Jake is not wanting that to happen. Mom and he are talking in quiet voices and I can't hear. I barge in and say that I am a wife too and I want to know what the problem is. Jake agrees and tells me that he never wants to be with another woman without mom there, or at least me there. He does not want to be alone with Nic2x.

Mom's point is that if we select her she will be alone with Jake. Jake needs to understand that whomever he selects, she is going to be a wife to him. He is not disagreeing other than to say, Nic2x is not a wife now. I figure I have a right to speak too and I do just that.

OK, I got it. Jake, what you are not hearing from mom, because I guess she assumes you ought to know it, is that she trusts you and knows that you are never leaving us. We feel free to go because you are our guy, and no matter what happens, that is what you will always be. You being alone with Nic2x is not a threat to us. We know two things are going to happen. The first is that you are going to have a good time and the second is that you will want to tell us more than we want to hear about it. Right mom?

At that point, the discussion ended and mom and I went to Davao to see my aunt and two cousins. They live about forty-five minutes from our rental. We take the motorcycle. Mom feels like it is safer considering the roads and traffic. Of course, we have to stop at Goldilocks and bring a cake with us. We have a great time at my aunt's. I haven't seen my cousins for five years and we have a lot to talk about. We eat supper there and get home about 9PM.

Jake and Nic2x are making love when we arrive. Mom and I decide that we can join the party. We drop our clothing and mom takes Jake while I take Nic2x. We end up switching later and I get Jake, with mom taking Nic2x. I have come so many times by the end that my thighs are just quivering and my pussy is sore. Jake does not cum in me. He holds that for mom and I see his cum running down her leg. Nic2x moves over to lap it up.

On Sunday, we all go into Davao to go bowling at the Fairlanes Bowling Alley on F. Torres Street. It is right off the main drag, J. P. Laurel Avenue. After that Nic2x and I really want a Yum Burger and Spaghetti at Jollibee's and that is where all of us say we are going except Jake who is complaining that he doesn't like the food there. He is debating between Kenney Rogers Roasters, Pancake House or Pizza Hut. He goes to the Pizza Hut, which is in the same mall as the Jollibee's ... mom decides to go with Jake, so we split up. Later we meet up at the Cinema 5 in the mall and watch one of those 3D movies. Nic2x has never seen anything in 3D and she is in awe.

§ § §

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