A Package Deal

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The Long Goodbye

We drive back to the house and we all shower. Mom wants us to dress up, like we did the first night. After a light supper of left over pork adobo, pancit, pinakbet and rice, we just sit and talk about how the week went and how we feel about each other. This is our last night together and there are more photos. These photos can be put side by side with the photos we took the first night Nic2x was with us and I can always tell which are from the first night and which are from the last. It shows in our faces, and it shows in how we are with each other.

After the picture taking, we undress and hang up the dresses before we get into bed. We will try something different tonight. Jake's cell phone has a timer function with an alarm. Nic2x suggests that we swap off every twenty minutes, six times. That means we are with the same person twice. Once each hour we are with each one. I look at mom and she looks at me and winks. She seems OK with this, so I guess I am OK with it too.

Nic2x says we should lay on the bed ... mom, then Nic2x, then Jake, then me.

Then Nic2x says, The first and second are a couple and the third and fourth are a couple. In twenty minutes, all us girls move one position, number four moves to be number one and so on. Jake is to stay where he is.

OK, that seems simple enough. I get Jake first. We turn off the overhead light. There is a table lamp on, across the room. Jake starts the timer. He crawls around in the bed, with his head down by my pussy and his feet up by the headboard. He starts eating me out, and fingering my ass. Two can play at this game. I take his cock in my mouth. I am squeezing his balls with one hand, and instead of stroking his cock with my other hand, I have fingers in his ass. He thinks he will make me cum ... Ha! I will bust his nuts! He is getting really hard really fast. And then he stops and repositions to bring his head up to mine, and starts kissing me. I taste my pussy on his lips. He is fingering my pussy and I am stroking his cock.

He whispers in my ear. You are wicked! How will I last even 15 minutes if you do that?

I laugh and whisper back, Well? What do you think you were doing to me. I'm not thirteen anymore! I am your wife and I know you as well as mom does.

So it seems Cin, so it seems.

He fondles my breasts and plays with my clit, giving me little orgasms. I keep him hard and happy. I love my husband and he knows it. I know his body, every bit of it. I am happy I get to start with him. The next person I will be with is my mother. This will only be the second time we have shared this type of lovemaking.

Jake and I talk, actually whisper back and forth. We are not trying to make this fast, we are pleasuring each other, drawing it out. I am licking his nipples, and nibbling on them too. I am nibbling his ear lobe. I am squeezing the end of his cock if he gets too excited. I am not the little girl he had in his bed three years ago. I have learned his body and have read widely on how to pleasure my husband; everything from the Joy of Sex to on-line porn. I ask my mom too. I don't care where I get the information. I only care to know if it works on Jake. Yes, on Jake. I don't care if it works on some other guy. Jake is my guy, and my only guy. I have never let another man or boy touch me and I never will. I see nothing odd about me being a one-man woman, while Jake is clearly not a one-woman man. Men were never intended by God to have only one woman. Jake is my protector and that has always been the man's role. Women were happy to group themselves under the blankets of a good protector. I whisper to Jake that I think I might be falling in love with Nic2x. He says he knows and he thinks mom is too. I am more than a little surprised by this news, but I am not surprised that mom would tell him. Since mom is next, I guess I will ask her.

The alarm goes off. Jake and I untangle and he re-sets the alarm.

I walk around the bed and get in next to mom. My mother is a sexy thirty-four year-old. She is prettier than I am and she is slimmer too. I am lucky that I don't need to feel jealous of her. She is more shy than I am and less adventurous with Jake, but Jake has no reason to complain about how much she loves him and her lovemaking. He has a hard time controlling how fast he comes when he is inside mom. She does something to him that is beyond my understanding.

Before this trip, mom and I never kissed as lovers and I never thought we would be in each other's arms. Something has happened here in the rental just outside of Davao that I do not understand well.

I enter my mother's arms and she kisses me with an intensity that causes me to feel it all the way to my clit! Oh, my God! When she touches my breasts, it is so special I swear they want to leak milk. When she slides her hand around the small of my back, I want to crawl, head first, right back into her womb, kissing every inch as I go. I am hers and it is true on such a fundamental way that I cannot describe the erotic nature of the feelings that are coursing through my body. My hands wander all over her. I am taking her in, as if for the very first time. I am discovering her body, as a lover does. Her hips, her thighs, the back of her knees, her calves, her feet ... I take in the feel of her ass, so small and round, her tiny waist, her childlike breasts. I spend time on her belly as it gracefully ends below in her pussy lips, ever so smooth and delicate. I am kissing her with a reverence that is both respectful and seeking the essential nourishment that only she can provide. I am once again at my mother's tit. But this time, not with milk, but with lips, and tongue, and warm breath, and wet loins. I find life in her arms.

I whisper to her, are you in love with her? She whispers back, yes but it is too soon, too soon. She asks me the same thing and I answer the same way. We look in to each other's eyes and I see a complex mix of love and confusion and fear and intense desire. What does she see in mine?

The buzzer sounds and I find Nic2x to my right. Mom is with Jake. This is the last position for the first round. We will do these once more before we are done tonight. I am having feelings for Nic2x that are going to make it very hard to want to care about anyone else and I am not sure what to do about it. Right now, I don't want to do anything about it. I want Nic2x.

I grab her and pull her towards me. I am on top of her and I am on my knees. I pin her legs with my legs. And pin her arms with my hands. My full body weight is on her. If I was on Jake, it wouldn't matter; he is too big. But Nic2x is not so big and I have her. I bend down and take a long kiss. I whisper in her ear, I want Jake to get you pregnant, big as a carabao. Yes big as a carabao that plows the fields. You will be a bred cow for my husband and I will fuck you every day. Do you want that Nic2x? Yes do you want that?

Yes, Cin, give me to him and I will be your bred cow. Eat my pussy and see how wet you get me. I want to be your bred cow!

I flip around into 69 position over her. I go down on Nic2x. Her pussy is dripping wet. I attack her clit and suck it into my mouth. Her body orgasms. I suck harder and her body spasms wildly. I keep on sucking and licking. She is out of control and then she is quiet. She is spent and is without the strength even to ask that I stop.

I turn around again and lay next to Nic2x. We hug and kiss. She tells me she is going to miss me and that this has been the greatest week of her life. She slides down and does to me, what I just did to her, sucking my entire clit area into her mouth. I am in heat and do not know how to put out the fires. And then Nic grabs a breast as she is sucking on my clit. It is too much. She has me flopping around like a fish on dry land.

I settle down and we snuggle again until the alarm goes off. And then I am quickly in Jake's arms. I whisper to Jake, I want your baby.

He whispers back, Not tonight Cin, I just left my cum in your mother.

He is limp.

I spend the next twenty minutes helping Jake get his dick hard. I fill his head with the picture of his three women all pregnant and holding on to him. I talk about six breasts filled milk and our breasts needing more action than the babies can accommodate. He will have to suck the milk out of all his girls. We are kissing and I am stroking his cock. Just as the alarm goes off, I think he is beginning to get hard.

And I am off the edge of the bed and climbing into bed with my mother. This is so weird. I fall into my mother's arms and just latch on to her left breast with my mouth, sucking for all I am worth. Her left hand is on my back holding me close to her. I feel comforted. My right hand wanders down to her pussy. I can still feel Jake's cum mingling with her juices. That is so exciting. I want to taste that. I want to have the cocktail of their love in my mouth. I detach from her breast and move down to action central. I push her legs apart and with my tongue in the lead, I dive in. The taste is good. Salty but not bitter. It had been shaken, not stirred. It was good to the last drop of it as I cleaned my mother up.

She rolls me over. She proceeds to eat me. I feel good, but I have had so many orgasms that I just sort of go into low level orgasms almost immediately and my body pulses with my quaking muscles non-stop until my mother stops, many minutes later. I am no longer in any control of my body. When she stops, she moves up and we kiss on and on until the alarm sounds.

My last lover for the evening is Nic2x and that is by Nic2x's plans. She must have spent some time on it. She started with my mom and she ended with me ... that was her statement. I started with Jake and ended with her. Jake started with me and ended with mom. That is perfect in so many ways. It is sexual ballet. As I roll around in Nic2x's arms we hear mom and Jake sealing their love to each other as Jake cums for the second time and for the second time it is in my mother.

We don't shower, we just fall asleep where we are in bed.

In the morning, we start moving slowly. Mom is the first one up, followed quickly by Nic2x. I snuggle with Jake.

He whispers to me, Now what the fuck do we do? We have four more girls. Are we going to fall in love with each of them?

He is right. In seven intense days, we will either hate the girl, or love her. It is hard to think we would be unsure after such close contact for so long. That is not to say that we might change our mind over a longer time, but I don't see any way where might stay neutral. And what happens if we love more than one of them? Oh shit what have we begun? I can just see mom looking at Jake and me and shaking her head about hormones outdistancing judgment as she mutters, Abnormal ka! (You are abnormal!)

Breakfast is a mix of quiet and laughing about things that have happened this week. It is sweet, sad, joyful and inevitably too short. Nic2x gathers up her stuff along with the things we have purchased for her and we all load into the car for a trip to Davao, where we drop Nic2x off.

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