A Package Deal

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A Dry Spell

We are not scheduled to meet the next girl until tomorrow, but Jake has her cell number and' texts her, telling her we are looking forward to meeting her. Before we even get back to the house Jake gets a text saying the girl has decided not to meet us. That is both good and bad. It blows a hole in the schedule and it means that it will be easier to select Nic2x as the girl. Jake texts the last girl on the list and asks if she would like to move up her time with us to start tomorrow. This is a twenty-one-year-old girl named Marilag. Her nickname is simply Mari. We know Mari has a four year degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She speaks five Filipino languages plus Japanese and English. Jake has said that it should be relatively easy to bring her over. That makes her significantly easier to bring over, than Nic2x will be, and that is not good news to my ears. I am hoping she backs out too. She doesn't. Two hours after his text, we get an answer from her; she will be pleased to meet us tomorrow. Jake texts back and confirms, saying that she will meet me first.

The next day I am at the Gaisano Mall in front of Gerry's Grill waiting for Mari. I see her approach, a shy girl five years older than me, but definitely uncomfortable as she looks around and walks up to me. OK, the next conversation was in Tagalog ... I am translating.

Where are they?


Jake and Gel. (Gel is a nickname for Angeline.)

They are shopping. Why?

I'm supposed to be with all of you, right?

Yes, and you will be.

Why do I need to talk with you?


Well, you're just the kid. It's your mom and Dad I need to meet.

I see. Did Jake not explain to you that you will be with all of us?

Yes, so?

OK, I already didn't like her. I was ready to tell her to go home, but I don't think Jake would be happy with me if I did. I texted Jake. She does not talk to me. Only to you and mom. Come now.

I get a reply from Jake saying they are coming. Three minutes later mom appears. Jake is nowhere to be seen.

Hi Mari, it's nice to meet you. I see that you have met Cin. Jake and I will be busy for an hour and I am sure you have a lot to share with Cin and getting acquainted does take a while considering the nature of our coming week together. We'll catch up with you girls later.

Excuse me but I am not your babysitter. I am here to help you with your husband, right? I mean there is something he needs that you are not giving him or he wouldn't need me. So I'd like to meet him now.

Mari, I am so sorry we bothered you. Let me give you some money to get home safely. I am sorry we troubled you. It clearly isn't going to work out. Cin, you can go to Jake now and I will walk Mari to a taxi and pay the driver.

And that is the end of girl #3! Who knew!

I am with Jake, and am filling him in when he gets a text from the girl. He texts her saying that she has obviously ignored all he had told her and had been rude to his wife and daughter. Such is not acceptable. She texts back asking to meet him. His final answer is, he will never meet her.

Rather than the foursome at Gerry's Grill, which we had planned for lunch, it is the three of us. From five possible girls, we are down to two more possible girls. The meal at Gerry's Grill is great, but Gerry's always is great food. We get home early and Jake goes back to the list, contacting the girl who is second from the last. Would she consider an earlier meeting. The answer is she could move it up a week but not two weeks. Jake contacts the third on the list. Could she move up her time with us? The answer we get back minutes later is yes she can. We move each up six days and schedule to meet the third girl on the list – and our fourth based on how things are going – tomorrow in front of Gerry's! That works for me.

This time we are meeting Tamia. Mia is eighteen and just finished two years of college in accounting. She is smaller than I am and I think she is darker, but it is hard to tell via the webcam. I thought Mia would be my favorite before I met Nic2x in person. Mia seems so nice when I chatted with her. Now I am worried that I will still like her and then what do I do?

Meeting with Mia goes well and we have a nice meal at Gerry's. Mia is a little shy and she is hanging on to me throughout the day. We do some shopping for supper before we go back to the house. Once there, mom, Mia and I all meet in the kitchen and start cooking up a supper to remember. Mom makes a Leche Flan and Casava Cake. Mia and I make Sitaw Adobo, Pancit with Pork and Shrimp and Pork Caldoreta. Mia and I also make a Fruit Salad with Buko Coconut. We have a lot of fun in the kitchen. Mia is good in the kitchen and we are having a good time. I am both happy and sad.

Supper is masarap1! We start with the fruit salad. Once we finish that, the adobo, pancit, caldoreta and rice are put on the table. We are drinking water and Sprite. Later, Jake has San Miguel Lager. For dessert we serve the flan and casava cake.

Mom is such a good cook. Mia's eyes just about pop out when she takes a little taste of the Flan. Hehehe. Mom's really is the best. After supper, we sit and talk a while. We are all so full. Then Jake excuses himself. He is going to take a shower. That is our cue. Once he is out of the shower, we will toilet, shower, and dress for the evening.

Mom and I had a hard time back in the US when we were looking for a dress of the right size for Mia, but we think we had found the right one. Mia is the last one to shower and the last one back to the bedroom. Jake is of course waiting in the living room. Mom has on a stunning and oh so short dress in blue with matching heels and undies. I am in a burgundy dress and shoes. We have a little red number for Mia. She looks at it and blushes.

Oh my God, you want me to wear this? I can't! I am too shy!

Mom looks right at her, eye to eye. Mia! You know, full well, what we are going to be doing this week. No one lied to you. If this is going to embarrass you, what is going to happen when we are all naked and having sex? Are you going to run and hide in the corner? [pause] Put the dress on and stop being a child.

She does dress, but she is shivering in fear. I want to take her to a small bedroom and just hold her. I would love just to be her friend, but I have a feeling we will be taking her home tomorrow. Mom and I work on her hair and makeup. When we are done, we take her to a full-length mirror to show her what she looks like. Mia gasps.

I whisper in her ear: Do you see how beautiful you look? Do you see how desirable Jake will find you? He's going to want to eat your pussy. He's going to want to fuck you. And that is exactly what he is going to do. And you know what else? Mom and I want you too and we are going to make love to you. That's what tonight is about. When we walk out to see Jake, it's your job to make him want you, to make him want you in the worst possible way. It is in your best interest to see that you succeed. Do you understand?

She does what all Filipinos do to say yes, the eyebrows go up twice.

Mom leads us out of the bedroom. We do our catwalk for Jake and then I drop my dress and approach Jake, giving him a good long kiss and stroking his cock through his shorts. Then mom drops her dress, unsnaps her bra and struts to Jake with that sexy walk she does. She pulls his face into her breasts, opens his shorts and strokes his cock good and long before she gets up and waits on Mia. She is standing there shaking. I had moved close to her while mom was doing her thing.

Now I lean over to her and whisper: Drop the dress, get rid of the bra and panties, go over and suck his cock!

Her eyes are huge and she gulps twice, she is frozen in her stance ... and then, she does exactly what I told her to do. She really does not know how to give head. Mom and I will have to teach her. But she is naked and she does have Jake's cock in her mouth. Mom and I join her and the party has begun.

Throughout the evening, Mia is timid; she is compliant but only after direct instructions. She is unable to swallow Jake's cum; she really doesn't want to eat pussy; she doesn't initiate anything. She isn't a virgin and Jake does deliver a load of cum deep in her cunt, much to her enjoyment. She is far less comfortable with the girl-girl action. Jake is getting a little frustrated with her and he whispers to me the he is going to take mom and I should get what I want out of Mia tonight. I think she will not be here another day.

I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply. I tell her that she is on the edge. She hasn't pleased Jake or mom and if she can't show me more than she has so far, I don't know how long she can stay with us. It is then that she tells me that she just isn't sure that this is for her. I ask her why she said she wanted to be with us, if this isn't what she wanted. I guess she didn't believe us when we described what things would be like. She never really believed that women who like men would also want to eat pussy. That is for Dykes and we are not dykes. She doesn't use a word like dyke, she uses the word for lesbian, but that is what she means. We aren't lesbians in her mind and yet we acted like we are ... except we clearly like cock and that has her totally confused. She doesn't want to make love to women. As much as she likes me, I am making her uncomfortable. I give her a bedroom of her own. We will take her back in the morning.

Four down and one to go. Our last girl will be Mila and she is 20 years old. We will meet her in six days.

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1 - Masarap = a compound word. Sarap means delicious. Adding 'ma' makes it 'very delicious.' [pronounced: mah-sah-RAP]

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