A Package Deal

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The Mayonnaise Chapter

Mayonnaise! How do you make chicken salad without mayo? I can't find any mayo in the stores.1 Mom reminds me that mayo would be a dangerous food to sell here as it goes bad quickly without refrigeration. Even if you have a fridge here ... well the power can go out for two days! So there isn't any mayo in the stores. I am grumbling because we have some cooked chicken here and I wanted a sandwich. Gel says make it. How? Ah she means make the mayo. So I get on the internet, look up recipes for mayonnaise and what do you know ... I can do it.

But I am getting ahead of myself again…

It is a lazy day. Jake is reading this really weird book he found on the shelves in our rented house here. It is called Trout Fishing in America, but I gather it has nothing to do with trout or with fishing.

Jake says it is proof that some 'cool dude' was in this house decades ago as the book has been out of print for a long time. He is laughing as he reads, so I guess I will have to read it. He even says there is a tie in between the book and what I am doing. Like I say, it's weird.

Yesterday was a bit strange too. Jake and mom took Mia back to Davao yesterday morning. There were some tears, but it went OK. We decide to take a break before the last girl.

Then mom she just takes my hand and brings me to the bedroom. I think she wants to talk, but instead gets on the bed asks me to join her. She wants to cuddle and then she starts kissing me! Like, I know we did that with Jake there before, but never alone. Now she is someone very different to me. Her hands are moving all over my body, removing my clothing button by button, unzipping my shorts, unsnapping my bra, removing my panties. We are naked now. We are skin against skin. Her hands are in my hair and our legs are entangled.

She is nibbling my lips, kissing my eyelids, nibbling my ears. She is stroking my breasts and my ass and thighs. Now she is eating me. Oh God, Damn! She does that so good ! I am on my back. She scoots around and plants her cunt in my face as she continues to eat me out. I pull her cunt into my face and I taste her. She is dripping wet. As soon as I am in contact with her, my cheeks are soaked. She is getting to me. I feel heat all over my body. I am trembling. She has her hands on each of my ass cheeks and she is eating my cunt. Oh damn I'm cumming ! Oh, oh she sticking fingers up my ass when I am cumming and I just explode. I swear I must have broken her jaw I am thrashing around so bad.

When I come back down to earth I am exhausted, but I haven't gotten her off and I eat her cunt, finger her ass and hold her tight. Finally, I know I am getting to her. My face is awash with juices just flowing from her like a regular stream. She pounds her heels into the mattress and bang, bang, bang, she is cumming; I hold on. I keep on eating her. I suck her clit hard. She cries out and then finally she is limp.

We lie there naked, uncovered, sweaty and exhausted. We sleep.

Jake comes in later, finding us as we lay there, I am sleeping but I guess he undresses first and then rolls mom off of me, which is when I awaken. He gets on top of mom and fucks her good and hard. She is cumming within two minutes but Jake isn't even really warmed up yet. He keeps on pumping into her. She is a rag 'fuck me' doll and he just doesn't stop. After ten minutes, he is still fucking her. I am playing with myself and watching them. Jake turns to me and asks me for some KY. We only have Vaseline, which is what I give him. He pulls out of mom, greases himself up, and then greases mom's ass up and slowly enters her that way. She is so out of it, she is glassy eyed. She pushes her ass in to Jake's cock. Mom is his fuck doll and I am watching my mother get reamed. Jake tells me to get under my mother's pussy and eat her out. I do as I am told.

Once again, I am tasting my mother, and Jake's balls are slapping me on the head. Mom lowers her head into my cunt again and she is licking my clit. Jake finally pulls out of mom, who has little left to give and rolls the two of us over. Now my ass is in the air and I feel Jake, grease up my ass. And then, oh my, oh God, he is sliding that cock into my ass. I give myself to him completely. Mom is sucking on my clit. Jake is fucking my ass and I have a pussy in my face. I am cumming and I am not stopping. It is wave after wave of crashing orgasms rippling through my body. I am also a rag 'fuck-me' doll. And then I feel Jake's hot cum in my ass. I am completely exhausted.

At 2PM we shower. When we finally eat at 3pm, we eat leftovers.

Afterward, mom starts a chicken slow roasting over coals and we just lay around talking about the changes to us as a family since we have come back to the Philippines. It has changed us forever. I ask mom if she sees me as her daughter, or as someone else. Oh, I am still her daughter, but an adult daughter and one she is close to in a very different way. I have a husband and she can no longer be my 'parent.' I see her point on that. I do take advice, but I am an equal in the family. That was confusing to Mari. So should I still call her mom, or should I call her Gel? She doesn't know. She'll think about it.

The conversation stops dead in mid sentence when we hear a tricycle come to our place. My cousin, Ays, has come to visit. She is my age and a fair bit prettier. I think Jake would agree with that as I note he immediately gets a boner. Mom/Gel winks at me. She has noticed that the flag is flying. God, he's so damned horny. He has just fucked us silly. I am done for the day and so is mom/Gel, but there is his Willy waving, like he hasn't gotten any for a fucking week! Men! If I didn't know that he was attached to us with something way beyond pussy and ass, I guess I would be worried. As it is, it's sort of funny watching him rationalize why he has to fuck another girl. If she's pretty and willing, he wants to fuck her. It's as simple as that.

Ays is excited. Mom/Gel, it turns out, has invited her to spend a few days with us. That's OK but I sure wish I had gotten a head's up on this and I suspect Jake did as well. He doesn't say anything, but I think I can read his expression. I love Ays. We grew up together – on and off – until mom/Gel and I left for the USA with Jake. We are/were best friends, and just about sisters. I am two months older. We did everything together, including holding the top spots in elementary school. Ays is my age, sixteen and has never had a boyfriend. Tatay and Nanay say no boyfriends until you graduate. Since Ays is about to start college in a month, (I am jealous) she still does not have permission to have a boyfriend. Of that, I am not jealous. She does not know I am Jake's wife. I am not sure I can or should tell her. I will see how things play out. I have no intention of sleeping alone tonight. Did mom/Gel invite Ays over to tease Jake? What was she thinking?

Ays is completely unaware of our family situation. Mom/Gel has, up until now, been careful to keep it that way. Ays runs up to mom/Gel and gives her a big hug, then she goes to Jake and he gets a hug, and then Ays is in my arms. We hold on to each other, just looking at each other. And then ... and then she holds me close and whispers, Ate2, you are different, you have changed. What has happened? You look good but you are not the Ate I knew.

Ays is right I have changed, in how I move, in how I hold myself, in my composure, in so many little ways that Jake and mom/Gel never notice. They are too close to me. But Ays, who I have known since we were both in diapers together, she could see it, feel it, taste it in the air.

What do I say? I do not understand why mom/Gel has done this. It is clear that Jake has no idea. I am stumped but mom/Gel created the problem and I throw it in her face.

Gel, why don't you explain why I am so different to Ays ? I think Jake and I need to hear this too.

It was like I had dropped a bomb in the room. Gel had never heard me talk like that and I sure had never called her Gel before. Jake had never heard me be like that either, but he was a little put out too. She might be my mom, but we have a very different relationship now and I am only beginning to appreciate it at this moment. But it is Ays who is most beside herself. She understands that she has just stepped on a landmine that she did not know existed.

We all looked at Gel. No one says a word.

When Gel speaks, the first part is in Ilonggo, a tongue that I have not used in years and have pretty much forgotten, but Ays and Gel speak it. (I had most of it, but Gel corrected a few things me later, about what she said.)

Ays, I must first explain something to my family. You may certainly hear it, but please wait as I have more I need to say to you. OK?


Then Gel speaks to me in Tagalog. Tagalog is the language Gel and I use at home when Jake is not involved. Ays will understand it but Jake still does not.

Cin, you have a right to be upset. I meant no harm but I did it wrong and I am sorry.

Then she speaks in English.

After we meet Nic2x, I get scared. She is good. Maybe she is too good. I worry about losing you, Jake, and you Cin. This Nic2x, I think she is very smart. I know you both like her. She is very pretty and young. So I think, Jake you like young girls. I know you want to take Ays to bed. That I know for years. So I think, Ays is better for us than is Nic2x.

It was quiet again and Jake spoke to Gel.

Wife, I understand your fear, but it is unfounded. No one will get between the two of us. We are married forever. My love for you is unbreakable. Your concern about Nic2x is wrong. As to Ays, yes I admit I would be happy to take Ays to bed with us, but she is only 16 and too young to bring to the USA under a work visa, which is how we will bring the girl we want, if we can agree on a girl. I think you now need to do a lot of explaining to Ays about us as a family. Cin and I will leave you alone with her.

Jake and I went for a walk down to the market. When we got back Gel was there alone and she was crying. I learned later that once Ays learned what was up, she chewed Gel out. She wasn't interested in what Gel had in mind. She left on rather bad terms. Jake and Gel go into the bedroom to talk. I stay out of it. We will talk later.

I check on the chicken. It is done but no one is really very hungry. Jake and I eat a little. Gel doesn't eat at all and just goes to bed. Jake and I stay up a while and hold each other. And then we crawl into bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

After Gel and I speak about the mayo the next morning, she drives off to visit two of her sisters. She will be back later in the day. Before she leaves, we do not speak much about what happened yesterday, but she hugs me and says she is sorry, she was very, very wrong. That's all I need to hear. There has been some damage done within the family, but it will probably blow over.

And... that is when I learn to make the mayo. After mom got back from seeing her sisters we all sit down to sandwiches on Pandesal rolls and fresh chicken salad made with my homemade, and damned good ... mayonnaise.

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1 - At the time of this story, it was hard to find. You can find it now.
2 - Ate = It is the sign of respect for an older sister or older sister surrogate. [Pronounced ah-Teh]

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