A Package Deal

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Making Mila Moan

The last girl we are to meet is Mila. She is twenty-three, unmarried, living at home with her mother. She normally stays home and cares for her grandparents while everyone is out working. We have advanced her money to pay for a maid for a week. It was cheap enough ... a thousand Philippine Pesos. We meet her in front of Gerry's Grill again. We all like to eat there and so why not!

Mila is tall! Wow, she is five foot five! But that's because her mother is full Chinese. We can tell just by looking at her that she is mestiza (mixed race). Jakes thinks she's ganda (beautiful), Gel and I don't think so. She has a pango (flat or stub) nose, just like us and she is brown, just like us. We had this argument with Jake. He says we are racists and that we don't like our own race. Gel and I think he is wrong, how could we not like our own race? Oh well, Jake gets a woody just thinking about her.

When I meet her, she is nice. We chat about how things have gone. She knows we have met other girls. She asks about them and I do my best to say nothing, but she is good and she gets some information from me. She wants to know what Jake is really like. That one is easy. He is the best, but no one can own him. He will not allow it. The funny thing is that we don't have to own him, as in limit him to us, because the more we push in the other direction the more he seems to want us. I tell that to Mila and she gets a real confused look on her face. It makes no sense to her. I also tell her that while he likes to look at all pretty women, he is pretty picky about who he will spend any time with in the bedroom. If the girl is not right, she is gone almost immediately. She wants to know what makes a girl right. I tell her it seems to be a combination of things. She has to be bright, he must think she is ganda, by his standards, she must be honest, she must like to smile and laugh a lot, she has to be a team player, she has to really love sex. She has to really 'like' girls. Most girls fail at least one of those categories.

Mila asks about Gel. I answer her questions as best I can, but I tell her Gel should answer questions for herself. Then Mila asks about me. Do I really enjoy girl-girl sex stuff. I tell her I do. She asks if I really have sex with Jake, and I tell her I do. She asks me what I want from her. I tell her if she is going to impress me, she will give me her heart, body and soul. That set her back a bit. And then I tell her that it is the same that Gel and Jake will want.

How do I belong to more than one of you?

I can't answer that. I can only say that I am that way with Gel and Jake and they are that way with me.

What happens when we are done?

Nothing, Mila.

What do you mean nothing, Cin?

Oh, wala na1.

Cin you are not telling me something I need to know.

It's just that if it doesn't work out you might only stay until the morning.

I text Jake, 'come bail me out.'

She just looks at me. She's not buying it and I am stuck. Luckily Gel and Jake are close by and that changes everything. There are greetings. I have to pull Jake's tongue off the floor! I can't get over it! He says Gel is the prettiest and yet he has first prize wood in his shorts right now. I bet he has blue balls before we get back to the house. If you think I am noticing, Gel's having a fit. Son-of-a-bitch.

At Gerry's, things settle down and we have a nice noon meal. After lunch, we three girls go shopping and Jake goes to a Starbucks for real coffee which he can't get at Gerry's. The Starbucks has a sixteen-ounce French Press that they will bring to your table. Jake has another book with him. He said it is a gem that has been out of print for many years. He found it in the house. The title makes no sense, Been Down so Long It Looks Like Up To Me. I remember the author, because it isn't oatmeal, it's Farina. Jake says the copy is the first paperback edition. Anyway, he is going to be reading it at the Starbucks while we look for shoes and dresses.

Mila is asking Gel some of the same questions she asked me and Gel is getting flustered. Finally, Gel just explodes with, Mila, stop asking! Jake forbids us to tell you. I can't and will not go against my husband's instructions. If you ask him, he will tell you to stop asking. If you persist asking him, you will be asked to leave. Do I make that clear enough?

Mila looks at Gel and at me, and nods. We continue shopping but it is quiet in that noisy mall.

The car ride back to the house is too quiet, and Jake, who may on occasion miss some things, doesn't miss that there is a problem. Mila and I are in the back seat. Gel and Jake are in the front. Jake looks at Gel, who gives him a look that I learned long ago means, 'we need to talk in private.' I am not imagining that because as soon as Jake sees it he nods his head, his way of saying yes.

Immediately Mila turns to me and says what just happened? But she says it loud enough for all to hear. I give up and answer in a way all can hear.

Jake asked Gel what the problem was. Gel said I will tell you later in private and Jake said OK. Did I get that right?

Gel and Jake through laughter both say yes.

Mila spoke. Jake I will tell you what the problem is. I asked both Cin and Gel what this is a tryout for. It is clear that you are evaluating some of us. I asked them for what and they refused to tell me. Then Gel said that if I asked you – you would send me home. I do not want to be sent home. So I am not asking. But I do know something is happening and that you are not telling me what it is.

Since I am happily married and will never leave Gel and Cin, what do you think this evaluation is about Mila?

I have no idea Sir Jake.

And why, Mila, is it important for you to have this information?

So I can do my best.

And it is for exactly that reason that we will not tell you. We do not want you to do your best. We want to know the real you. Do you think that we have any chance of getting to know the real you now?

Sir Jake, when Gel tells me that you will reject me if I bring it up, I think she is over acting. Now I think she was telling me the truth. I didn't understand how serious she is. She is totally serious. You are going to reject me. I worry it too much and do not keep my mouth shut.

Jake did not say another word. It was silent in the car as we pulled into our compound.

When we get to the house, Jake whispers in Gel's ear. Gel immediately grabs Mila's arm and takes her into the master bedroom. I go to Jake and ask him what is happening.

Your mom is telling Mila to get undressed and then she will leave the room. You go in and see if you like her in bed. If not we send her home tonight. If you find her good, then you tell your mom that Mila is hers for the night. You and I will sleep in the other room. If your mom says no, for any reason, Mila goes back in the morning. If you both say OK we will have a quiet morning and then the fashion show tomorrow afternoon. OK?


Gel returns from the bedroom and gives me a kiss on the lips that is worth savoring. I ask her what she thinks.

Cin, her problem is she is smart and not used to being out of control. It scares her. She was acting in a natural way to protect herself. I feel for her. She meant no harm, but she didn't help herself with Jake. If she can't learn to obey Jake's instructions, even if they come from you or me, then she has no future with us.

Gel, Jake has never ordered us around. Why do you say obey.

Because we do! If Jake says something, we do it. We never fight him. We might ask for reconsideration and he will listen, but you know that when the answer is final, it has always been final for us. He gave you all the time you needed to do what he wanted because you were a child. He does not give adults the same time he gave you. When I first met Jake in Cebu, in the first twenty-four hours we were together, he told me there had to be two women in his bed or the marriage would fail. If I didn't want that, it was OK and he would say goodbye. I wanted him. First we tried another woman, but that caused problems. And then another woman offered him herself and her thirteen-year-old. I thought I would lose him. He never said he was going but I think he would have. I promised him, OK another female. And then he saw you and he was happy with you. But you were so young. He never said when he had to have you, but he did say, if we were to marry and come to the USA, that you have to come and it was a package deal. I said he must not rape you and he laughed saying he had never raped anyone in his life and he wasn't going to rape you. So then I said, it had to be your idea. I figured you would never want it. But every time he said it was a package deal and that he loved you just as much as me ... well I had to agree with him. I was obeying. We always obey Jake. Jake has been good to us. He has taken good care of us. He has never broken a single promise he has ever made to us. He has been a wonderful husband. And now he is a wonderful husband for both of us. I know you love him as much as I do. You obey him out of love and his requests are always – in our eyes – reasonable. So there is no reason not to obey. But Mila does not have our experience with Jake and she is fighting for control.

All of a sudden, the world snaps into a different orbit for me. I still love Jake as much as I did five minutes earlier, but for the first time in my life, I have context to understand my life in a more complete way. Gel is still my mom, but now I understand why I have a husband who is already married to my mother. Gel is right. I obey Jake. I always will. I know that as I enter the bedroom.

Mila is naked but under a sheet.

The first thing to understand Mila is that you are no longer in control and there is no way to regain control short of leaving here. You may be older than I am and you are according to Jake, one of the most attractive women he has ever met in his life. But in this house and in this family, that counts for nothing. Jake is a husband to Gel and to me. He is a very good husband and we obey Jake out of love and duty. You neither love Jake, nor do you feel a sense of duty towards him. Gel and I understand that. But whatever destiny you have with us requires that you release your need to control and place it in his hands or in this case in mine as his surrogate. Do you understand that Mila?

Yes, I understand.

Here is what will happen. I am to take you in every way I desire. If I decide you are worthy, then later tonight I will leave and you will be joined by Gel. Tomorrow morning, if she reports to Jake that you are worthy, then we will restart this as it was supposed to be started today, with Jake. However if either of us finds you unworthy of Jake, then you go home immediately. Are we clear on that?

Yes. Thank you for telling me that.

Now drop the sheet, come over here and undress me.

Jake is right. Her body puts Gel's and my body to shame. Her breasts are C cups, her waist truly narrow and her hips nice as they curve out. When she told us that her measurements were 35-24-36 we didn't believe her. I do now. That is exactly what she must be. I had been so busy looking at her nose, I missed everything else. Am I a racist? Maybe Jake is right about that too.

I pull her to me and take my first kiss. She is scared. She pulls away and says she has never kissed a girl before. I have only kissed Gel, Nic2x and Mia a little so I can't claim great expertise.

I am your portal to all the good things. Are you going to complain that you have never kissed a girl before, or are you going to smarten up right now?

She grabs me and we start kissing for real. I never have to prompt her again. I bring her head between my knees and she starts licking me and doing a good job of it. She doesn't have any technique but she is pushing all the right buttons. Before she has me cumming, I push her onto her back and go down on her. I am sucking her clit, finger fucking her with my left hand and I have my right thumb in her ass. She is mine as I send her into orbit. She's a screamer. Unfortunately, the screaming is in Visayan which I do not know. She is coming down from the orgasm, but I do not let up. She peaks again, and again. I give her a break for five minutes and put her face down on my cunt again. Now she has a better idea how to do me, and she sends me into orbit and keeps me there, with a vengeance. Finally, she gives me a break, which I am more than happy to have. I pull her face up to mine and we kiss again. This is a real kiss and I know we have broken through a barrier.

I take her to the shower, and we both clean up. I tell her to wait. I dress and leave the room. Gel is cooking and Jake is reading that damned book.

Jake, can we feed her before Gel fucks her silly tonight?

Sure. Gel, when will supper be ready?

Now, pogi (handsome)!

Bring her out, Cin.

Supper is fresh buko fruit salad, pan-fried tilapia with shrimp in breading, pancit, and, of course, rice. Mila eats as if she has never tasted anything so good, which considering how good a cook Gel is, might be true. We have leche flan for desert. Jake has a little rhum (rum to us in the USA). Gel and I only drink water and Sprite.

All three of us girls clean up after supper and put the kitchen in perfect order. Then Gel takes Mila to the bedroom. Jake and I do not see them until the morning. In the meantime I have Jake all to my self for the rest of the night.

I have not been with Jake alone much for months. We do get time alone when Gel takes a trip, but that has not been a recent event. He is sitting in the main room reading. I sit next to him and lean into him.

Yes, Cin? What?

Can we just go to bed now?

Are you tired?


Ah. OK.

We shower and use the extra bedroom. When I get back into the bedroom all clean and dry, Jake is lying face down and naked. I climb over him and start rubbing, massaging his back. I know I am not schooled at this, but Jake likes it when I do this. It gives me a chance to ease into our love-making, keeping Jake relaxed and loose. Jake moans as I really work his back muscles, arms, and legs. And then I start stroking his balls. He hunches up elevating his loins and I start playing with his cock. I get him to roll over and I take him orally. Gel will take him this way but prefers not to do it. I love to take him in my mouth and I have been working on taking him all the way down my throat. I am still not really good at it and do not try that tonight. I suck hard on his cock. I am playing with his nipples and they are little hard pebbles between my fingers. I know he's getting worked up and I back off a bit. I want this to last a while. I slide up and give him a good kiss. My right hand is working his cock. My left hand is messing the hair on his head.

We play, laugh and keep each other stimulated as I ask Jake about how many wives he really wants. He tells me that two is plenty. I point out that he is going to have three. He is not so sure. So far Nic2x is the only one in the running. He doesn't think Mila has a chance and he is not sure he can bring Nic2x to the States.

I think we are just playing but all of a sudden, he is inside me from the rear. Shit, how the hell did he do that? I was, sure as hell, not paying attention. He is stroking away deep and he is tweaking my clit with one hand and a nipple with the other. God that feels good.

He whispers in my ear. Do I want a younger lover while I am here?

Yes, I would love a younger lover.

He asks me how young? I tell him younger than me. He wants to know if I want him to get me the girl. I can't believe we are having this conversation. Yes I want him to get me a young girl for me to have. He is fucking me, fingering me, and playing with my tits. He is going to get me a young girl ... God, I am so evil. I want my own little girl. Oh shit, I'm gonna cum. I’m really gonna cum big. Oh shiiiiiiit. Oh my God! Oh, I've gotta have her ... a little girl ... Oh God. Fuck ... What's he doing to me? I can't stop cumming...

When he did stop, I don't remember. I remember having no control of my legs. I remember gasping for air. I remember Jake's cock pounding me, and his fingers mugging my clit, and his hand twisting my breast. God, I can't hardly move without feeling some pain. It's the middle of the night. Jake is here in bed with me. He is sleeping. I feel like I have turned a corner. I feel evil. I feel like a predator. I feel horny as hell. I think it's time to sleep.

Gel and Mila join us for breakfast in the morning. Both are quiet and neither happy nor sad. Jake is looking at Gel and she purses her lips, pointing with them to the porch. They head out and I decide I want in on this conference. I excuse myself too and join them leaving Mila alone. I have a right to this discussion. Jake and Gel know that. They look at me and nod. Gel doesn't say much and it boils down to, she's a great girl, but not for Jake. Maybe we can find a nice guy for her when we get back home, but she can't fit into our world.

Jake is not arguing with this. He only wants to know what we will tell her. Gel says she will do it. She does it in Visayan and tells us both what she says to Mila later, while Mila goes to the CR and gets ready to leave.

Here's what Gel tells us later. I told her that we are looking for a girl to be a third wife for Jake. I tell her that she is not the one for that. I tell her that she is pretty and good and we like her, but she would be unhappy with us. I promise her that if we find someone who we think is good and worthy of her, we will introduce her, but for now it is time for her to go home. She wanted a chance to be with you Jake, but I told her that your rule was only to allow that if I thought she would be OK for us. Jake I really like her and so does Cin, but she will not fit in with us.

Jake agrees and asks Gel to take her into town.

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1 - Wala na = Means (nothing else now). Wala is word in both tagalog and Ilonggo. In Tagalog with the acute stop, it means 'nothing.' With an 'Lah' sound in Ilonggo, it means 'left'. [Pronounced wah-Lá nah]

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