A Package Deal

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A Pick Nic

While Gel is gone to Davao; Jake sends a text Nic2x.

Can you meet us tomorrow?

A minute later, she is texting back.

Where, should I come to the house?

Yes, the house.

Can I come right now?

Yes. But bring all your legal papers: passport, (if you have one,) post office card, NBI clearance, birth certificate, baptismal record, graduation certificates ... anything legal about you. OK?


I'll explain when you get here.

Gel returns and Jake tells her what he had done. They kiss. All is OK. Gel and I get a lunch ready. Jake is done with his hippy books and he's looking for something else to read.

Nic2x arrives by tricycle a little before suppertime. (It took her three jeepneys and the one tricyle.) We greet her with big hugs and I ask her what she will be doing for the next three weeks. She looks at me and then at Gel and Jake and back to me.

Staying here? Yes?

Jake answers, Probably yes. Did you bring your papers?

Yes, I brought everything I have, but you will not be happy.

[long pause] Why?

I am not nineteen.

[long pause] How old are you Nic2x?

Sixteen, Po1.

I don't even want to guess what is going through Jake's mind. He is quiet and no one says anything for a while. Jake just goes for a walk alone. Gel starts to follow but Jake says, hindi2. Finally, about twenty minutes later Jake returns. He kisses Gel and me and then, with a stern and unhappy look, turns to Nic2x.

Let's start from the beginning. Nic2x, tell me about your family. This time, tell me the truth.

Nic2x is shaking, looking at the floor and speaks in the quietest of voices.

I live with my mother, my two brothers and my two sisters. My brothers work for a construction company. My mother is a Pharmacist.

Does your mother own the pharmacy?

Hindi, Po. She just work there.

How old is your mother? How old are your sisters and brothers.

Nanay (mother) is thirty-five. Kuya (older brother) Caesar is nineteen. Kuya Jon is eighteen. Caesar is married and Jon is engaged. Sister Rose is fourteen and baby sister Lily is twelve.

Does Nanay know about us?

Opo (Yes, Sir) I tell her about you, and Gel and Cin .

What is her feeling about this?

She is confused about my feelings. She doesn't really understand. But she say if I am happy and you are good, that is good for everyone. I tell her I will never see you again and she is sad for me.

Go back to Nanay and ask her to join us for lunch tomorrow. Have her bring your sisters, and all your family's legal papers and ID's. And you come back with them at that time and not before.

Opo. Salamat, Po, maraming maraming salamat, Po. (Thank you Sir. Thank you very very much, Sir.)

Gel spoke up in concern for the girl. Jake, allow Nic2x to have some supper before she goes. I will drive her into Davao after supper.


Dinner is a quiet affair. Not knowing what the next day will bring and knowing how angry my husband is, there is no room for laughter at the table. After dinner and before Nic2x goes home, Jake reviews all of Nic2x's documents. She has graduated High School in March. There is no passport, no NBI report or police clearance. I don't know much, but I don't see any way to bring Nic2x to the USA. I know Gel is thinking the same thing because she gave me a look that tells me as much.

And so the next day we meet Nic2x's mom, Lena and the two other girls Rose and Lily. Lena is OK looking but nothing that Jake would get excited about. The young kids are really cute and if I felt we had a chance to bring them over, which I don't, I would seriously be thinking about them for me!

After the pleasantries, Jake has Gel find out what Lena already knows. The answer is not much. Lena knows that we had sex with her daughter and that has her really confused. She can't wrap her head around the possibility that women who likes a man could also like a woman. As far as Lena was concerned, it isn't that it is abnormal, it just doesn't happen!

Jake has Gel find out if she would like to live in the USA. Lena interprets this to mean marriage to a guy in the USA and she tells Gel that she would but no one could marry her. She is still married and cannot afford an annulment.

Jake asks Gel to ask her if she would like to work in a Pharmacy in the USA. Lena must know some English because she is surprised. Her head pops up as Jake speaks, looks hard at Jake and says, she would. Yes, I love that. It is really possible?

Jake speaks directly to Lena, Do you understand my English enough to talk to me directly?

Yes, Sir Jake. I think I can. You speak clearly.

And then Jake acts in a way that Gel had told me about but I had not seen.

Lena, I think it is possible for me to get you employment in a rural part of the USA. They need Pharmacists in such places and cannot get any. You would get in under an H1 visa. If you come, you will be able to bring your minor children but not your older ones with H4 visas. If I do that for you, I expect to have the girls live with me and you can get your own place. Do you understand?

I think so. You want my Nic2x for your pleasure, and as payment from me for that, I get to live in the USA. Is that it?

Yes, but not Nic2x only, I am thinking about the other two girls, so maybe all of them.

My younger girls are too young for you.

Yes, you are right, but they are not too young for my daughter. Are you interested?

Will you force my girls to do things they do not want to do?

I will not force them to do anything against their desire. My daughter will not force them either. I promise they will not be forced by any of us. Cin would like to spend some time with Rose and Lily now to make sure that this will work before we leave Mindanao. We have three weeks before we leave. I think we will need this time to get to know each other.

That was news to me! But, hell yes, I sure would. I looked at Nic2x and she winks at me and gives me the Filipina yes, eyebrows up twice.

Lena is scowling at Jake. You treat my girls as good as you treat Nic2x?


Is it possible for me to maybe become a permanent resident there?

Yes. Are you interested?

OK. Will you take me to your bed too?

Do you want me to have sex with you?

Yes, but I don't want other women with me.

Jake looks at Gel.

Gel addresses Lena in Tagalog. (I am translating.) Lena, I will let you lay with my husband, but I will slit your throat if you try to take him away from us.

Lena showing some exasperation. (I am translating.) Look at you, and at Nic2x, and at your daughter too. I know I am ugly and you are all beautiful. I am not a fool. But do you want me sleeping with another man while you are having sex with my underage children? You will feel safe? Really? I need a man between my legs just like you.

Gel looks at Lena hard. You will be good to us?

You are going to help me, and my family, get to the USA legally? Yes, I will be good to you!

Gel looks at Jake and indicates assent.

That is when I speak for the first time. Gel? Jake? It's a package deal!

Jake looks at me with a bit of amusement in his eyes. We will see. Gel, would you give me a little time with Lena while Nic2x and Cin visit with Rose and Lily?

Gel’s eyebrows go up twice while she speaks. I will join the girls. You use the spare room with Lena.

First, I will tell you what Jake told me later about Lena as none of the rest of us was there. I should say that even though Lena calls herself ugly, she is not ugly. She isn't as pretty as Gel but few women are! Lena is fine to look at. Jake agrees with me. When he took her to the spare bedroom – it has a smaller bed and we girls were going to need the big one – Jake got right down to business. He undressed Lena and sent her to the CR for a shower. When she came back into the bedroom, he laid her back on the mattress so that her legs hung over the end of the bed. He knelt down on the floor, placed her legs over his shoulders and dove into her pussy.

Evidently, Lena had never experienced oral sex before. She had "married" as a virgin and only had sex with one man, her husband. . She hadn't actually married him until she turned eighteen, but she was having sex with him since she was fourteen. She was pregnant and gave birth to Caesar at fifteen. Her 'husband' didn't do oral sex and so Lena knew nothing about it. Lena had not had any sexual relations since she got pregnant with Lily. That's when the bum left Lena.

Jake's oral activity took Lena by complete surprise. By the time she might have tried to stop it, she was enjoying it far too much. After her third orgasm, he gave her a break and climbed up on the bed with her, pulling her up a bit too and just held Lena. Lena was speechless, for a while. Then finally, she asked Jake, what had he just done and what was it called? Jake explained a little and then told Lena that if she liked it, she should really reconsider being with Gel or Cin as they were better at it than he was. Now that is a bit of a stretch! But the result was a second eye opening moment for Lena who all at once came to understand just how women might pleasure each other even if they liked cock. Not that Lena was ready to run and get us at that moment, but it was a seed planted.

Lena was stroking Jake's still hard cock and humping his leg. It had been over twelve years since she had been laid and she didn't want to miss the opportunity. Jake rolled her back into missionary position and entered Lena slowly. She had already come three times and was very wet. After five children by natural childbirth, her pussy was not tight, but she could feel Jake and as Lena was small, Jake was bottoming out with each thrust. Lena didn't care. If she felt pain, she didn't show it. She just wanted more. And more is what she got culminating in another orgasm. As a fifth orgasm approached, her body started shaking without control and Jake blew his load deep in Lena.

They had been making love for less than an hour and Lena had experienced five orgasms. She was adrift. Whatever bearings she had before entering the bedroom were now completely lost.

Jake asked Lena, Is that what you want from me.


Well, then you had better learn to accept Gel in bed with us. You are not going to get me in the future without Gel. Do you understand?


Any arguments about that?


Good. Stay here. It's time you and Gel get better acquainted.

With that Jake wrapped a towel around his middle and walked over to the master bedroom where he poked his head in long enough to ask Gel to join him. That much I hear, as that's where I am. Gel disengages from her activities with us, (I will explain in a bit,) and leaves to join Jake.

Jake gave Gel a quick synopsis of what was going on and they reentered the spare bedroom. Lena was under a sheet. Jake sat on a chair in the room and Gel climbed into bed with Lena. Lena was spent, exhausted and apprehensive. Gel ignored all of that and slid into position to give Lena more oral action. Lena spread her legs out of more an automatic response to the stimulus than any direct thought.

Gel's lips and tongue knew just what to do with a poor over stimulated pussy. Ever so gently and with the lightest of touches via lips and tongue, with her hands exploring two wonderful and responsive breasts, Gel brought Lena to a thundering orgasm, legs and arms thrashing, raspy breath and sobbing. Gel joined Lena face to face and kissed her. Lena kissed back. Gel held Lena's head between her two hands, looked into Lena eyes.

Are you going to be a good girl and obey my husband?


Welcome to the family, Ate.

While all this was going on in the spare bedroom, Nic2x, Rose, Lily, for a while Gel, and I are in the Master. We all climb on the king sized bed. Nic2x tells her sisters to cuddle with Gel. I am unclear why she says that and am going to ask her when she pushes me back and starts going down on me. In the Philippines there is frequently little between your lovers tongue and your pussy other that a short skirt and a tiny panty. I am wearing a thong under my skirt. There is no barrier at all. Nic2x just pushes the thong aside and she takes me with my legs waving in the air. Her sisters are getting a good look at girl-girl sex as Nic2x goes to work on me.

Nic2x and I trade back and forth, removing clothing as we go, ignoring our spectators, not that they are totally passive. Gel is stroking them and snuggling with them. They get more and more aroused. They have never seen such things but they are at ages where their hormones are coursing through their bodies. They are suggestible. They know they are supposed to stay away from boys, but no one has ever told them that they have to stay away from girls.

I have never had a girl younger than me. I have never been the predator before. I have left that to Jake. Now I am the predator. Not Gel. No, she is just assisting but not doing anything aggressive. Nic2x is assisting by setting the mood. But it is up to me if I am going to take one of her younger sisters. I want both of them. They are cute and pretty and I want them for me. I will make them mine and then I will present them to Jake for a good fucking. It is my way of asserting control I guess. I have no idea if he will fuck them, but in my fantasy, he does. And in my fantasy, he sees me as essential to him forever. In truth, Jake will tell you, I am already essential, but I now feel a bit of insecurity as does Gel, I guess, when it comes to Jake. This feeling is new. Where did it come from?

After a while of pleasuring each other, Nic2x and me, I reach out to Rose and bring her to me. She comes willingly. I bring her into my arms and kiss her. She kisses back. Slowly I run my hands over Rose's body. The fourteen-year-old allows me to touch her everywhere. Slowly I take her clothing off until she is naked in my arms. I play with her tits. She moans. I caress her clit and she humps my finger.

Gel is now gone from the room as I slide down and start eating Rose's pussy. Rose is humping my face. I hold on tight and continue to tongue her for all I am worth. I suck her clit into my mouth between my lips. Rose explodes in screams, bucking wild. It is her first orgasm and she is still a virgin. Much like I was when Jake got me off without going in me. I know Rose will need Jake's cock. But at that moment, Rose pushes me on my back, calling Lily to help her! They attack my pussy and my breasts with two mouths and four hands. Out of the corner of my eye I see Nic2x frigging herself. I have a tongue on my snatch, a mouth on my mouth, kissing me deeply, and four hands on my two breasts. I am not long for this world as my two little seriously underage vixens have me cumming for all I am worth.

After a brief break to just rest in each other's arms I set my eyes on Lily.

§ § §

1 - Po = Sir or Madam, depending on whom is being addressed. A sign of respect. [Pronouced: POH]
2 - Hindi = No. [Pronouced: hin-DEE]

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