The Package Deal (A Jake Thread)

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Jake has choices and simple ones make for very different results.

A Novela

Release notes for 08 January 2021.

Notice to the reader: This story, is the fourth and final possible thread that Jake's life might have taken. This the only of the four tales not told by Jake.

Part 1: A Deal in Full

How to all started
The Doing the Deed

Part 2: Cruisin' for Babes

A Nic in time
The Long Goodbye
A Dry Spell
The Mayonnaise Chapter
Making Mila Moan
A Pick Nic
Floral Arrangement

Part 3: What Cin (& Jake) hath wrought

Take two in the morning
The Rose Parade
The Pharmacist's Solution
Bigger, Better, Improved, All-in-One!
Lily - suitable for any occasion
Cin Expanded
Fair Witness


The Package Deal (A Jake Thread)