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Jake's Journal: The Philippines -Joyfully.

Social Security would not be enough.
There was no 401K.

It’s time.

Who knew it would come so soon. I sure didn’t. I could never even see myself as retired. The concept was unacceptable. I had sunk all I had into my businesses, and the one that had actually made it big, was lost to me due to some poor choices on my part and some bad faith on the part of others. Still, I wasn’t crying over that, I had plugged ahead, with another company. In the end, when the market took a zig, my latest company was the zag. It was time to gracefully, and quickly as possible, shut things down, finally selling the assets that remained. There was enough in assets to pocket about $200K as we turned off the lights.

As I reviewed my situation, I was still a few years from getting the most out of my social security. The cost of living, to live in the home I had, and in the way I did, would consume all my sayings soon enough. At some point not too many years down the road, all that would be left would be a Social Security check, and whatever small paycheck my sweet wife might bring in, as she was not highly skilled in anything other than being a good wife.

I did have other equity. I had a home. We had refinanced recently to get some needed cash, still I figured that if we sold it and paid off the mortgage, we would realize about another $200K. But that gave me only $400K for all the years to come (and the possibility of a modest inheritance at some point in a few years further on). I clearly had a problem.

I was aware of reverse mortgages, but my Filipina born wife, Maricar, is thirty years my junior and I had to leave her standing when I check out. So that was not a viable option.

Since birth and for sixty-two years, I had been a proud citizen of the United States. I had never considered leaving it. I saw no reason to leave it. Now, as I contemplated my retirement, I did.

The math was compelling. If we moved to the Philippines, with the money we had available, I could build a house for my wife and me, and build an apartment building as well.

For what amounted to a monthy income of $2K US, or ₱80,000, we could live very, very well. We could live off the rents for as long as we pleased, once it started coming in. The SSA checks would kick in, in a few years, adding about $2K more to our monthly income. The inheritance would also kick in, in a few years. Until all that happened, we would be depleting some of our remaining capital. But the rents would kick-in within the first year we were there. Beyond land and construction costs, our cash burn would stop just short of $24K during the first year for our monthly needs. If we didn't decrease the $2K were using a month, in a couple of years, when I added the SSA income to what we expected to get from rents, bumping the total monthly income to more than $4K, a month, we would live without any concerns at all.

The extra income might have been a problem for us if were doing this in the USA because of the USA tax laws, but the Philippines was a cash economy, it was not a credit/plastic economy.

If we had to report it because of checks or plastic here in the Philippines, it wouldn’t even help if we used my wife’s account, as she was a dual citizen, with both USA and Philippine passports. So that retail income here would have had to have been reported to both the Philippine Government and the US tax folks.

USA tax laws exempted the first $93K of simple foreign income but even if rental income was exempted, it might affect my SSA, and there was Philippines income tax liability. In the future, any money we deposited in our Philippines bank account was going to be reported to the USA IRS and we still had to file US Tax returns. So the SSA checks could go into the bank, but the cash we realized from rents, would be collected in pesos, be used as pesos and never see the inside of a bank. Neither the IRS nor the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) would see this income.

With the rentals, we would actually be making good money. When the inheritance hit, we could build more apartment buildings. And that money would also remain in pesos.

It was simple, stay in the USA and go from middle class to poor. Move to the Philippines and be OK for the rest of my years, while at the same time bequeathing a valuable estate to my wife and her heirs.

To accomplish this I drew up a list of the things that needed to be done. One by one, they were completed. Customer contracts sold off in conjunction with company liabilities. With the exception of some intellectual property I would sell, my goal was to end up neither making nor losing money on the day to day continuing obligations. I was hoping for a wash; and that is pretty much what I got.

With money we already had in the bank, we, (via my wife, as a citizen of the Philippines because foreigners cannot purchase land,) acquired a 1000SqM lot in the Dadiangas Heights area of General Santos City.

Once I was able to completely close down day to day operations, I sold the other assets in my company, at the perfect point and received more than I had hoped we would get. I realized $235K.

The USA housing mess was over, mortgages were still low interest and there was demand in my region. The house also sold for a bit more than I had anticipated. We realized $260K profit at the sale. Being $5K shy of a half a million dollars was way beyond that for which I had hoped. The cost to ship all our worldly good to the Philippines via container freight was under $14.5K. I applied for and received a 13A immigrant visa from the Philippine government. When the 40 foot-container arrived at the port of Davao in the Philippines, I showed my 13A visa and the cargo was released duty and tax free! Welcome to the Philippines.

We leased a home for $250, (or ₱10,000), a month while we built our new house and the apartment building. So I started my life, as an expat retiree, in the Philippines. What I didn’t expect was how my life would change in many other ways.

§ § §

Hon, Inday1 tells me she is having a problem collecting the rent from 3F. Will you please take care of it? I need to go to the market, stop off and pay the water and electric bills.

How much is due?

They are late a week on the rent. It’s ₱4,500.

Inday is my wife’s sister. She and her husband live in one of the apartments – she acts as manager for us. We pay her a straight salary and provide them the apartment free of charge. Inday’s husband, Edgar, works as one of our security guards at the gatehouse of the building. They do OK. For all that, they fix anything broken or in need of repair. She normally is to collect the rent. Her salary is minimal, but so is the work. Most of the hard stuff falls on Edgar. We also have another of my wife’s sisters, Liezel, who works for us as a maid, at least for now. Whether she will be with us for long is up for discussion. Once again, we pay a minimal income, but she pays for nothing. She is essentially a dependent of mine, she lives with us in the house and everything including her clothing is paid for. What she gets in money is more like an allowance.

Anyway, my wife had asked me to see about collecting the rent from the family in 3F. All my working life, I had been a professional, dealing with other professionals. I had never been a landlord. Now I was. I had thought of my role as the hands off landlord, reaping in the profits but not actively involved in the day to day. This was different.

The apartment building is on our property, but outside our compound. It is still early morning, about 7:50AM, as I walk out our gate, pass by Edgar at the hut by the apartment building gate and walk up to the third floor of the building.

3F is a two-bedroom apartment. In Manila, if there was an elevator, this apartment might go for ₱12,500, but here in Gensan, and with only stairs, it is a lot less expensive. Still the average salaries are low too and even ₱4,500 is a struggle for many a Filipino here.

I knock on the door of the apartment. A boy of maybe four years opens it. I ask in Tagalog for his mother or father. The child runs off leaving me at the door for a good minute before a woman appears.

She is probably attractive, but at the moment, all I see is a young woman, somewhat disheveled and fearful. I wish her a good morning and she returns the greeting. The rest of the conversation in Tagalog, will be written in English.

I am your landlord.

Yes, I know Sir Lawrence.

What is your name ma’am?

Imee, Sir.

Imee, you know that your rent is overdue by two weeks?

Oh Sir, it is one week! I do not have the money. I will have it soon! I promise.

No the rent is due on the first of the month. We allow you to pay up to a week late, and you are a week later than that!

Truly, I will have it soon! I promise.

Imee, what makes you think you will have the money soon?

As soon as my employer pays me, I will pay you.

You do not know when you will be paid?

No, Sir. She says it has been a bad month for business, but that I will be paid.

Imee, I am afraid that we can’t allow you to stay without payment.

Imee begins crying, sobbing and begging. This is just what I don’t need! She is on her knees, sobbing and grabbing my legs, saying something about how her family will end up as beggars on the streets if I can’t help her out. Unfortunately, I suspect that she is speaking the truth. Still, if I just let this slide, I will end up as a non-profit homeless shelter! That can’t be. I say as much to her.

Imee, still crying and on her knees, I know Sir Lawrence. I will do anything you ask. Please do not throw us out.

You don’t mean that, Imee.

Yes, yes I do, I do anything. I know what I offer.

How old are you?

Thirty-one, Sir.

You married?

No, Sir.


No, Sir.

How many children?

Two, Sir. The boy you see and a daughter at school right now.

Go fix yourself up and show me that I would want you. If I do, you have to pay with that every day from now on, even after you pay the rent; plus I will only give you seven more days to pay the rent or I send you away anyway. Do you understand?

There is a glint of something, I don’t know what, in Imee’s eyes. She gets up and sprints into a bedroom. In truth, I can wait a week if this is a one off, but I do not want to make this easy on her or anyone in the future. I’m more than happy to pluck some low hanging fruit, but there is a lot of low hanging fruit here in the Philippines.

It’s taking too long. I am just about to give up on Imee, when she emerges from the bedroom in panties and bra and nothing else. The boy is in one of the two bedrooms and I do not see or hear him. Imee is pretty. Her breasts are larger than my Maricar’s. Her face is nice, if not award winning. Imee reaches out her hand and takes mine, leading me into her bedroom.

I normally don’t engage in sex at eight in the morning, but it looks like I will make an exception today. Before I do, I want to make sure she is agreeing to the terms I have outlined.

Before you take off the rest of what you are wearing, I want to hear you agree to a few things.

She signals ‘OK/Yes’2 with her eyebrows, as Filipinos do.

If I take you, it is for the entire time you live here. You are mine and cannot have a boyfriend or anyone else in your pussy, unless I approve it. This is true even though you will keep the rent up to date after this one time where you are late. If you tell anyone else about this agreement, I will evict you immediately. Do you understand?

She signals OK/Yes with her eyebrows but I say, No, say it out loud.

Yes, Sir, I am your whore.

Good whore, remove your clothing.

She is darker than Maricar. Her nipples are dark and large. Her pussy is shaved, but that is true of most Filipinas and means nothing. Her hips flair out nicely. The perfectly straight and jet-black hair on her head cascades down to the small of her back. She has her nails painted a deep maroon.

As I approach her, her head is at my shoulders.

Undress me.

There is little to remove. I kicked off my sandals when I entered the apartment. I have a short sleeve shirt, briefs and shorts on. That is all. I am naked in 20 seconds.

Knee down, take me in your mouth and suck me off.

She does. Her technique indicates that she is a novice at this and I am giving her further instructions. The experience is improving markedly. She is now sucking, running her tongue up the underside of my member. Her left hand cradles my balls as her right pumps against the base of my shaft. Her saliva coats my cock and her right hand as she sucks for all she was worth.

I am hard, but she isn’t moving me off the dime at the moment. I am just enjoying myself, watching her head bob, up and down, with an earnestness of purpose. Whether I really own her ass, is something that will only prove out in the days and months to come. After a while, I sense her jaws are beginning to ache and I lift Imee up and place her on her own bed. She is on her back, ass on the edge and legs lifted up in the air, her ankles on my shoulders, as I enter her. Entering her is no easy feat, as her pussy is damned tight. It is already a bit lubricated with her own juices, but not near enough. She isn’t sloppy wet and, as tight as she is, it takes a while to enter her fully. I make it a little bit and run into a dry patch. I back out a little and try again. Finally, I find the bottom, as my cock hits her cervix and she grunts with what I assume is a little discomfort.

I am working her, short stroking, until her juices really start flowing, avoiding the cervix until she is ready to really accept all of me without further complications. Imee is gasping, begging, moaning. I start to feel small orgasms as her pussy clenches down and locks down on my member, only to release a few moments later and then repeat again. Her breathing becomes ragged followed by bigger orgasms. This may be a duty she is discharging but she is enjoying it.

I am rock hard, slamming my dick into this mother turned whore for rent money. As I fuck her, I look down at this woman now begging for my cum in her cunt. I see desperate need in her eyes, as she looks up at me. And that does it, as I let loose the cum inside, and watch her countenance, as it hits her full force. Her eyes fly open wide, as she bucks and wails, only to slump into quiescence.

I leave her on the bed, legs draped over the edge, as I dress and leave her.

It will be hours yet before Maricar returns home. I clean up in my bathroom and proceed to my home/office. I will write this all down. Maybe it will make a good story.

I am about 30 minutes into writing this down and I am getting hard just thinking about it. I save the file on my computer and leave the house. I head back to Imee.

I knock of her door. Imee answers it. She has fear on her face.

There is nothing wrong, I just want more of you.

Imee breaks into a smile and jumps up on me. Lawrence it is good you come back. I think I am going to like you! You want to fuck more?

I laugh, Yes, I want to fuck you more.

Good! My son is playing with friends upstairs. We can make more noise now!

Imee undresses even as we are entering the bedroom. Once inside she grabs a camera and asks me to take a photo of her, So that I am always in your eyes Lawrence.

She poses and I snap a shot.

What is your cell number? I will send it to you.

I give it to her.

Do you have any Vaseline?

She does and gets it. I have her put it by the bed for later. I lay down on the bed and have Imee mount me. She is sopping wet as she slides down my pole. She is giggling. She jiggles her breasts, You like my breasts Lawrence?

Yes, I like your breasts. I also like your pussy, and your ass, and your legs and your face.

Good. I like you Lawrence. If I am going to be yours forever, it is good I like you.

It is not forever, it is for as long as you live here.

Yes and I will not leave. So it will be forever.

All the while, Imee is bouncing up and down on my hard-on. Her pussy remains very tight and I feel like she is trying to milk me with her pussy. Having cum less than an hour before, I am stiff but nowhere near ready to cum again. I put a finger on her clit as she is bouncing and that sends her into orgasm land.

She is tiring now, and is slowing down. I pull her off me and put her on her knees. Taking the Vaseline I grease up her ass.

Oh, Lawrence, I am scared!

You are mine to do with as I please, or do you forget already?

Yes Lawrence, I remember, but I am scared.

My fingers are coated with the petroleum jelly and I insert a finger into her rectum. With another finger, I stroke her clit. Imee is moaning. I add another finger up her rectum. She is beginning to breathe hard and grind her ass against my fingers. I add another finger. Her breathing is really ragged now. I pull my fingers out and place myself directly behind Imee. My pole is greased and it sits on the outside of her rosebud. It is not fully closed up yet, as I push the glans inside the ring. Imee gasps. I snake my hand around the front, and start fingering Imee’s pussy and clit as I take her in the ass. Soon she is no longer speaking Tagalog, or English or anything intelligible. Imee is out there somewhere. She is talking in tongues and thrashing about. If I thought her pussy was tight, her ass is squeezing me for all its worth. I am ramming her hard. She is begging for my cum again, but this time I don’t need any encouragement. I blow all my cum up her ass.

Once again Imee collapses. This time I don’t leave immediately. I clean up there. For a good long time we kiss and fondle before I return home.

§ § §

1 - Pronounced: in-DIE. Typically a girl's nickname. In Tagalog, means "Precious."
2 - Raising the eyebrows twice means 'Yes.'

§ § §

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