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Not your fathers retirement

Did you get the rent?

No, not all of it. She doesn’t have it. I told her I would give her up to seven days to get the rest or she would get kicked out. I told her that this would be the very last time she could be late. She said she would try to have the balance tomorrow. We will see.

OK. You OK doing this?

I guess so. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but this is our ‘retirement’ income. We can’t have the apartments turning into a homeless shelter…which is pretty much what I told that woman today.

Good. Inday says she doesn’t want to collect the rents. Some of them are not nice to her and she not handle it good. I will tell her you will do it.

Oh, OK, I thought this was a one-off, but what the heck, I am retired with nothing else to do! I might as well be useful.

It is as easy as that. I don’t have a lot to do and there aren’t that many apartments. Most folks are ready with the rent payment every month anyway, so it won’t take all that much time. Plus I can tap Imee’s sweet pussy on a regular basis without causing any ripples. I am of course still getting sexual comfort from Maricar. But as any married man will tell you, after a few years, wives put you on short rations. They still love you, they just seem to think you don’t need as much as you did when the two of you were dating. They are without a doubt wrong, but you can never explain that to them. It’s just life.

That Friday night is just one of those nights, like most of these days. We have had a good day. We are both happy and OK with each other, but when night comes, all my dearest wants to do is crawl under the sheets. I would have been more than happy to get some tonight but it is not to be.

Tomorrow I will see my Imee. I sure hope she has the money by the seventh day!

§ § §

It is Saturday morning. After breakfast, Maricar is going to visit relatives; I take a pass. She is out the door by 7AM and will be back by suppertime. I go to my office and write more of this down. Is it any good? Who knows, besides, it is too early. Best to wait and see how this all turns out. Still it is exciting recording this, not knowing the outcome.

At 10AM I leave the house for my trip to 3F and Imee. When I get to her door, I am surprised by the cute fourteen-year-old girl who greets me upon my knock. She looks neither surprised, nor is she ill at ease. I am ushered into the apartment and simply brought to her mother, whereupon the girl excuses herself and taking her brother by the hand, exits the apartment. Imee and I are alone.

I have something for you Lawrence.

And indeed she does as she hands over ₱4,500. That pays the rent fully. I wonder how things will progress, now that she has paid. I don’t have to wait long. As soon as the cash is in my wallet, Imee grabs my hand and pulls me to the bedroom. The female is giggling. See now I have you forever.

I am feeling the need to pour a little cold water on this parade. I enjoy her pussy, but she needs to remember that it is conditional. If she is late again, everything changes.

That is only if you continue to be on time with the rent!

Please don’t scare me. I will be good to you Lawrence.

I am sure you will Imee, but I am already married and this apartment is my income. Do you understand?

Imee does not answer. Instead she is pulling my briefs down and getting access to my member. Her warm lips and hot breath surround my dick and the warm wet saliva coats my growing manhood. I groan. Damn this is addictive. It’s been a long time since Maricar gave me head. In just twenty-four hours, Imee is becoming proficient at the thing. Still connected mouth to dick, she maneuvers me to the bed and pushes me down onto it. She is on the bed, kneeling by the side on me. I grab her knee, pulling her over until the outside of her knee is by my head. Imee is still giving me head, as I slide my head between her legs. Grabbing her ass, I pull her down until my tongue can reach her clit.

As my tongue swipes her clit, she squeals and pushes her pussy right into my face. I have never actually been a real fan of the 69 position, but if there ever was a time to do it, this is it. Imee's pussy has no flavor other than of soap. Since there is no hair, there is nothing in the way. I am pumping my dick up into her mouth harder and harder. And then my nuts will not wait any more. I blow my load into her mouth and towards her throat. She swallows over and over. I never see a drop of cum. It might not be a good money shot, but it works fine for me.

We rest in bed a bit before Imee has my dick resurrected. This time she mounts me as she did yesterday and has serious look on her face.

Lawrence, you have children with your wife?

Now understand that my dick is being pounded on by Imee’s pussy for some time as she asks this question.

No, we have no children together.

You want children?

Yes but we can’t have them for some reason.

I will give you children.

That is not what I want to hear…or so I tell myself as my cum paints her pussy.

§ § §

I am back at my desk now, writing all this down as I go. Where is this taking me? I decide to back away from Imee a bit. Things are getting too intense there and far too soon.

Sunday Maricar and I are visiting friends in Tupi. One of the truly nice things about this retirement is that I was able to bring my H2 Hummer here though it did require a bribe with customs. There are very few H2’s here, as importing them, legally, is prohibitively expensive. Pacquiao has a couple and he lives around here, part of the time, but not many others have them. Driving down the street in one, you get a lot of courtesy from other drivers.

When visiting a couple like this one in Tupi, where the guy is an expat from the USA and the female is a Filipina, as soon as we get there, Maricar and I split up. I will spend the day with the guy and she will spend the day with her girlfriend. We will regroup for a meal and then split again. It just seems to be the way it is. When we head home, we will have heard the same story told from two vastly different viewpoints.

I can only assume that we give as much enjoyment and entertainment to our friends as they give us.

§ § §

I have been seeing Imee once every three or four days for the last two weeks, or to be more specific, I have been back to her apartment seven times. Each time I get to fuck her…so in the last fourteen days I have fucked her seven times. In the same timeframe, I have fucked my wife once. I could have Imee far more. Only caution holds me back.

Today is the day rent is due for all who did not pay on the very first of the month. The actual date the rent is due is the first day of the month. But we give them seven extra days in case they need it. Half pay us on the very first day, another quarter dribbles in over the next four days. And then there is the last quarter that waits until the very last moment. That leaves seven apartments from which I need to collect. One of them is Imee. Does she have it? Is she simply waiting so that she can bed me again?

When I come to Imee’s door, her daughter answers it. Imee has a whole apartment filled with family and friends. She looks sad as she hands the money over to me, at the door. She says something about bad timing. Imee asks me to come back in an hour when they are gone. Bad for her but it’s OK for me. I go about collecting from the other six apartments. The next four are a little surprised to see a white guy collecting the rent, but there is no problem, even from the apartment that gave my sister-in-law such grief last month. I gather giving me backtalk isn’t considered smart.

The fifth apartment I go to is 4B. This one proves to be a little difficult. A pretty teenage girl answers the door. I ask for the mother or father but neither are there and are not expected back for two days. They have not left money for the rent. I will have to return another day.

The last two apartments pay as if there never was a problem, they just don’t like parting with their pesos until they have to do so.

I walk down to Inday's apartment and check with her about the folks in 4B. She tells me that they are chronically late and have been difficult to work with. The mother is a 'bruha', which translates as witch, but has a tint of bitch to it as well. So it is not a witch in the nature of the Salem Witch Trials, but rather a very unpleasant person. The father is rarely around and rumor has it, he is shacking up elsewhere most of the time. Inday likes the girl, and feels sorry for her, but the mom is a real piece of work. I spend a good two hours with her, going over how the others have been paying in the past.

I take my leave of Inday who is on the second floor and climb the stairs back to Imee's apartment. My best guess is that there will still be a room full of folks. When the door opens and I see them all, I am not surprised. I just smile and tell her, I will be back another day.

§ § §

Two days later, I am back at 4B. The mother answers. Does she have the rent? She does not. This is not good.

When will you have it?

I do not know. When my husband returns he will have it.

When will he return?

I do not know.

Do you understand that I have to evict you if you can’t pay today?

Please we will pay when my husband returns.

Madam, you are already late. Rent was ten days ago. We give you seven days beyond that. This cannot be.

At this point I am neither amused nor interested in playing along. When she offers herself up, as had Imee. I turn her down flat.

Madam I will not touch another man’s wife. Your offer is unacceptable. You will have to leave.

She is panicking, but I am not interested in her. She is not pretty. She is married, albeit to a husband who is fucking who knows what! I really have no interest in fucking another man's wife, anyway, but I sure as shit am not touching this one.

Then take my daughter! She isn’t married and she is very pretty.

No, as soon as touch her, you will call the police.

I won’t! I swear!

I am sorry but I cannot take your word on such a thing.

I will do anything you say to prove it to you.

Madam, there are two problems, the one I have described with you and the other is that we do not know if your daughter would agree.

The woman calls her daughter over and in rapid-fire Cebuano – which I cannot follow – ascertains that the girl will agree. I know that because following the Cebuano, the girl speaking in better Tagalog than her mother speaks and informs me that she is willing to have sex with me if I do not evict them.

I tell the mother that if she and her daughter undress, and she holds a cardboard sign up saying ‘Fuck my daughter please,’ next to them for a photograph, I will accept. The woman does not like this one bit. I shrug and tell them to get their stuff out of the apartment. More rapid-fire Cebuano erupts followed by a hurried ‘OK we do it’ in Tagalog.

Before you do it, here are the rules. I pay you nothing for sex with your daughter. All you are getting is seven more days this month to pay the rent. I will have access to your daughter for sex whenever I want for as long as you stay in one of my apartments. You must never tell your husband about this arrangement. The next time you are late with your rent you will be evicted anyway. If you agree to this, then I will take the photo of the two of you as I described. If you do not agree, then you really must leave.

They agree and hurriedly get a sign made. My phone has a camera and it works just fine. In ten minutes, I have the picture, which would get the mother into deep trouble with the police if it came out. She knows this and begs me never to show it to anyone. I tell her that so long as she never complains about my access to her daughter, she has nothing to worry about.

It is actually a cute photo. Too bad no one will see it. I tell the mother to go away for a couple of hours while her daughter and I get friendly. The woman is gone in a flash.

I am now alone with a very pretty and completely naked fifteen year-old girl. This retirement is getting more interesting all the time. Ah, but you want to know what she looks like. Do you want to know her name?

Her name is Ikay (pronounced EE-KI) and she is a cutie. I have nothing negative to say about this 39kilo 148cm black haired, black eyed lovely. To my aging eyes she is the essence of youthful, beautiful, sexuality. I have never in my life ever touched any female so young or lovely as is Ikay.

Now before I go further and before anyone thinks otherwise, Maricar is exquisite. Her beauty is obvious to all. She is a fantastic cook, smart as a whip and my very best friend. I will never pass up a chance to be in her pussy. Never. It is also true, as I have previously said, that those chances are not as frequent as they used to be. Regardless, Maricar is my one and only wife and there will be no other as far as that goes…It is also true that even if Maricar had provided me more in bed, I am not at all sure I would have passed up these other females.

Maybe it’s a flaw, maybe it’s nature, maybe it is just the way men are. I don’t know and there is no point in guessing.

For whatever reason, I am eying Ikay with real anticipation. If it isn’t obvious to the girl, it sure should be.

I tell her to take me to where she sleeps. She takes me to a portion of the hardwood floor.

You sleep here?

Yes, Sir.

Where do your mother and father sleep?

She shows me a slab of foam against a wall. I am too damned old for this type of shit.

Where do you eat?

She points to a table. I lift her up onto the table, grab a chair for myself, slide between her legs, which I spread and decide to find out what a fifteen-year-old virgin tastes like. I hunch down a bit. Her young thighs are snuggly against my ears. My nose breathes the aroma of her lower body. It is an aroma of sex but sweet with floral notes. An admixture, it triggers a hunger in me for the girl. It is an honest scent, emanating from this sweet girl. I taste her. The first taste as it comes to me is wonderment. She tastes great. It is as if her body was custom made to hit all my pleasure centers. I have never tasted anything like this. And, to add to the happy wonders of the day, this young girl is really getting off on my ministrations. She is urging me on. I finger her clit as I eat the girl out flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking the clit into my month on occasion.

She is holding on to the back of my head as I do her. She wraps her legs around my head, her calves sitting on my shoulders, her ankles crossed. She hunches her pelvic bone forward into my mouth as I continue. Her skin is like a baby’s, so soft, so smooth. Her pussy is leaking juices. I reach up and find her nipples are hard as rocks. Her pussy is intoxicating to my senses. She’s whimpering, gasping, growling, and then screaming ‘Yes!’ I continue to do her as she bucks into me, smashing my face into her pubic bone. This is no passive, ‘take one for the team;’ this is my partner in crime, my companion for the journey.

This table, on which her family eats, is a little wobbly but I think it will hold. Her juices are all over the tabletop. It will smell of sex the next time they sit down to eat. Will it excite their senses as it does mine? Will they recognize exactly whose scent it is?

Her clit is now engorged. It is not hiding behind a hood. It wants attention. I am giving it all I can. She cums again, screaming to God for all she is worth. I continue doing her. Lifting up her thighs from their position on my shoulders, I reposition Ikay a little and allow my tongue to venture behind her pussy, halfway to her rosebud. I lick up from there, all the way back to her clit. She goes nuts. I do it again. She leans back on the table. Her elbows behind her, and on the table, putting her torso on a forty-five degree angle to the tabletop. I reposition her again just a bit and this time my tongue swipes from her rosebud all the way to her clit. Her whole body is quivering. I repeat. And again. Her ass comes clear up in the air and down to the tabletop – her legs shoot out as her body spasms in a large orgasm.

It’s time to stop. She is exhausted and I sense she is getting a little raw down there. She is gasping for breath. I stay there for a bit, kissing her belly until her breathing returns to normal. Even her belly is the stuff of sexual fantasies. It is perfectly flat, perfectly smooth…perfect.

I have a raging hard-on as I stand up and kiss her in a way that she tastes her own pussy juices. She licks my face clean between the kisses. Hard-on notwithstanding, I am not going to take her cherry today. I want to do that in my bed. It is risky, but that is what I want. I will think about a plausible cover to enable me to have Ikay in my house on regular basis.

I tell Ikay that she is a very good girl and that I am happy with her. She did good. She asks me if what I say is true, as I didn’t fuck her. I tell her the truth, that she is so special to me that I want the taking of her virginity to be more special than doing it on a bare floor. We both deserve better than that. I tell her it will happen soon. Ikay smiles, Sir Lawrence, will it feel as good as what happened today?

I tell her, It will feel even better.

Then I can’t wait Sir.

As I leave 4B, I still have a raging hard-on. I walk down to 3F.

§ § §

Chapter 3