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On my Doctors advice, I am staying active

Imee does not open the door, her daughter does.

Where is your mother, Ate?1

She had to leave for the day. She is with my Aunts.

Where is your brother?

Mother took him with her.

Why are you here and not with your mother.

She said I should stay in case you came back.

Did she say why that was important?

She said she promised you that she would be here for you. She cannot be here, so I am to be here for you instead. She says it is very important that we not break our promises to you.

Do you know what your mother does for me?

She is your bed partner, Sir Lawrence.

Exactly, how old are your Ate?

I am fourteen and four months, Sir.

Are you a virgin Ate?

Of course! How could it not be?

Do you understand that if you do for me, what your mother does for me, you will no longer be a virgin?

Yes, Sir.

Man…I still have a hard-on and the current situation isn’t helping relieve that matter. Am I really going to have this girl too?

Ate, have you ever kissed a boy?

I have kissed my cousins.

Well, maybe this will work, maybe not. Either way, you have done nothing wrong.


Ate, let us see. We will go to your mother’s bedroom.

I follow the girl into the apartment, kicking off my sandals, closing and locking the door behind me. The girl is wearing slippers, (flip-flops,) orange short shorts, and a red short-sleeve top that has some advertising on it for a bistro in Seattle. Like most Filipinas, her hair is black, straight, without bangs, parted in the middle. She is probably less than 37kilo and under 145cm in height. I do not know yet if those are her real breasts I am looking at or if she has a padded uplift bra. Her mother has larger breasts than does Maricar, so it is possible that the girl does as well. My bet is on the bra. But in many ways, she looks just like her mother with a cuter face, and that is not a bad thing.

As horny as I am, I decide to play around a little.

Ate, go find a nice pair of your mothers high heels and get rid of those slippers.

Within a minute, the slippers are gone to be replaced with a pair of heels. The heels are not as high as I would have liked, being probably two and a half inches, but this is the girl’s interpretation of my instructions. I choose not to quibble over the height of the heels.

Ate, take your top off and then turn slowly around for me.

She does as requested. Clearly, there is some breast development, but just how much, the black bra continues to hide. What I now see of her form, is pleasing. There are many similarities between this girl and Ikay upstairs. It occurs to me that I may be one of the luckiest SOB’s on the planet.

Remove your shorts, and then turn slowly around for me again, Ate.

Her shorts are unfastened and unzipped before dropping to the floor. The girl steps out of them, bends over at the waist and picks them up before tossing them to the side of the room.

She is now in black bra, red hip hugger panties and red heels as she turns ever so slowly around. There is not an ounce on her that does not belong there. Oh, if God, and time, would fix women to look like this, for a good fifty years! That would be heaven.

Remove your bra, and then turn slowly all around for me again, Ate.

Go figure, those are true B cups on the girl. They are larger than are her mothers. They stand firm and well formed mounds with modest sized areoles and dark brown nipples that are standing out a good three quarters of an inch. Her rib cage is small against the breast development. She is incredible to look at.

Remove your panties, and then turn slowly around for me again, Ate.

Her small ass and smooth hairless pussy are exquisite. I want to pair her with Ikay upstairs. If this one will give me her cherry – the thought of having both girls together is intoxicating. This girl’s shape is without need of a single alteration or adjustment, as is Ikay’s.

I still don’t know if she is ready for real sex. Showing me a body and breaking her cherry are two different universes. Will she go that far? I will not force her. Being told to take her mom’s place is one thing, fully doing it is quite another.

I am sitting on her mother’s bed. I stand up. Undress me Ate. Let’s see if she will be able to do that.

I am barefoot. She approaches a little hesitantly. She is naked and on heels. Now she is very close to me as she reaches up to unfasten the buttons on my shirt. She removes my shirt. I have a lot of chest hair, which she is now looking at. Her hand reaches to touch the hair. She runs her fingers up over my chest as the hair slides between them. She giggles and says she likes my chest.

Squatting down, she moves to the belt on my shorts. It is a military style thing. She lifts the edge of the buckle releasing the teeth gripping the belt and it is loose. The shorts have a button on top and a zipper fly. These she takes care of in rapid succession. And she attempts to pull the shorts and briefs down in one motion but my member is rampant and requires her to slide her hand in and hold my cock away from the briefs. As I step out of the briefs, I am naked and the hand she had held my cock with is still wrapped around old glory.

She looks at me from her squatting position, cock in hand: Does it hurt when it gets this way?

I smile: Not hurt exactly, but it definitely wants attention.

What should I do now?

Climb up on your mother’s bed, your head on the pillow and looking up at me.

She does as asked and I climb onto the bed, positioning myself between her legs. I will take two teen pussies in one day. How outrageous is that? Just 30 minutes before, I had my youngest sexual conquest in my entire life. Now that record will be eclipsed. Never, never in my life did I expect to bed a fourteen-year-old. Now I place my mouth on the inside of this girls thighs and I kiss providence. She shivers a little as I move up to her pussy and spread her labia. I inspect truly virgin territory, where no man has gone before. I have never been with a virgin before today and had the privilege of eating her out. Ikay I will save for later, for the lack of a good bed. Here I have a bed and this cherry I will take today.

I put my nose down, right to her spread labia and draw in the aroma. No floral scent here, but like her mother clean and a hint of soap. My mouth meets her pussy as I gently introduce the girl to the sweet simple joys of her sex, before spearing her through and through. Going slowly I relax her. She is feeling things she has never felt before. I compliment her on how pretty, how sexy and how wonderful she is. I mention how she is responding perfectly. I play with her breasts as I lick her cunt, and gently, oh so carefully suck on her clit. She is getting worked up, urging me on. I get more strenuous with her breasts. I suck harder on her clit. She is humping and grabbing my head. My hands are now on her ass checks. I pull them gently apart as I eat her pussy out. Repositioning my hands into her ass crack, I slick my index finger into her ass as I suck her clit. Bingo! She gushes out her pussy. My face is soaked as are her thighs. She just about bounces me off the bed. It’s time to pluck her cherry.

I slide up on her, placing my cock on the entrance to her maidenhead.

Ate, this is going to hurt this time, but once I take your hymen, it will never hurt again. Are you ready.

Yes, Sir, Yes please, I am ready!

Juicy as she is, she’s also tighter than all get out. I have her juices all over me and I am not getting inside. She is grimacing. This is not going well. I remember the Vaseline. Imee is keeping it in the nightstand drawer. I reach over and retrieve it. Slathering it on my member, I reposition and push. In an instant, I am through. I feel both the warmth of her pussy on my glans, and the tightness of the channel.

I stop and wait for this young one to deal with what she is feeling. It had been a shock, but the shock is over. I promise her that as I slide a little in and then a little back. She’s OK, I go a little further in, and a little back. The next time I plunge all the way, spearing the girl on my manhood. She gasps.

Oh God!

You OK.

Yes. Yes! Go ahead!

I start a steady motion. She meets me and finds the rhythm. Regular and easy, we find a slow easy fuck to enjoy. She’s laughing.

Why is this so wrong? It’s great! I want to do this all the time! Ugh…harder please. Push in harder! Yes! That’s it. Harder! Ugh. Harder, faster! Please Sir, harder!

And I give her as hard as I can. She still wants more. Vaginally there is no more I can really deliver, but I am not touching her ass; now’s the time to invade there as well. We had been in missionary position. I swing her legs over my shoulders plunging my dick into her cunt while her ass remains a bit in the air. I place a hand on her crack and using the Vaseline still remnant on my fingers, I invade her asshole while boning her as hard as I can.

Yes! YES! YES! Fuck me! YES! Oh..OH..OH Shit!!!!

And she cums in a gusher. The bed is soaked, I am soaked. It rolls back in her ass and down/up her backbone.

My fingers are still in her ass and I am still pounding away. She is cumming and cumming. All of a sudden she looks up, with big eyes.


And I explode cum inside the girl. Her head snaps back and she cums and gushes one more time.

Then silence.

From behind me, Lawrence! We are yours forever now!

§ § §

I am back in my office writing this down. My life has gone fucking nuts. And the weirdest thing is the more I am getting laid, the more I am demanding it of Maricar. She is confused, both flattered and put off by my insistence that two or three times a month is not nearly enough. I tell her I want it every damned day. She loves me but she tells me to ‘behave myself.’ I tell her I have no intention of ‘behaving myself.’ I wouldn’t say things are tense, but they are weird.

Also weird is how Ikay is being accepted in to household. We have good Internet service in the house. I told Maricar that Ikay was a bright girl whose parents were less than supportive, and she needs Internet access, to study for the Upcat, the entrance exam tests to get into U.P., (the University of the Philippines). Upon hearing that, Maricar immediately insists I give her access to our Internet. Today I will tell Ikay that she is welcome to come over.

§ § §

I decide to leave a message with her mother, as Ikay is at school. I tell the Mom that Ikay is to come over here, still in her school uniform, when she gets home. Her mother knows that to disobey me will mean eviction and does not argue. She looks up at me briefly, without saying a damned thing, hands me the rent money, and then says, Ikay said you were good to her and made her feel good. I think you are a bad man. She tells me I am wrong but I am right. Please do not hurt my daughter. I know you have her. Please don’t hurt her. I don’t answer her.

Three hours later, Ikay has come to our door. Liezel lets her in and sends her up to my office and to me. Maricar is out of the house this afternoon collecting interest payments from those to whom we have loaned money. She will sit and visit with each of them. It is only polite. Then she will spend the night at her mother’s house. She will return tomorrow night.

I have not seen Ikay in her uniform before. Her green scotch-plaid pleated skirt comes down mid-calf. The white shirt with the Peter Pan collar is starched, ironed and still looks stiff. She removed her white ankle high cotton socks and black leather shoes, with almost no heals, at the door when she came into the house. As I have previously instructed Liezel, she gave Ikay some slippers to wear. Ikay looks like the quintessential schoolgirl of any man’s fantasy. She is mine, and she is standing at my home/office door.

We are upstairs. Liezel is downstairs and will not be coming up. I walk Ikay across the hall to the master bedroom closing the office door as we leave it. Once she is inside the bedroom, I close that door.

I hand Ikay two hangers and tell her to hang her clothing on the hangers and place the rest on the chair in the corner before undressing me. I stand and watch as each article of clothing is carefully handled, hung or folded and placed safely away for now. The first to be removed is the pleated plaid skirt. It is placed on a hanger with serious attention to the pleats. The tails of the shirt still hide much but her lovely legs are in display. Next comes the starched and pressed shirt. As it is placed on the hanger, you would swear it had yet to be worn. Now Ikay is in panties and bra. These she removes, folds and places on the chair. Ikay stands before me completely naked and incredibly beautiful.

Turn around slowly, please.

She does. My God, I am one lucky fuck.

Come remove my clothing.

Here in my own bedroom, fifteen-year-old Ikay pads over to me. She removes my belt, shorts, shirt and briefs. My cock is already hard. Ikay reaches out and gently holds it. Will you put this inside me today, Sir?

Yes, Ikay, today I will take your virginity. Are you ready for that?

Yes, Sir, I am ready.

I am also ready. I had placed a tube of KY jelly on my nightstand and a large old towel by the bed. Let her blood hit that, for she will bleed today. Now I spread the towel over the bed and place the girl on the towel. Finally, I join her on the bed. I have no meaningful time restraints. After Liezel makes my supper, she will go out for the evening. She knows not to bother me while I am working. I have Ikay until the morning if I like.

I draw myself to the girl, keeping her on the towel. Still I am not ready to take her virginity. I taste her lips. This is something that is surprising to her. Pussy she expects, lips, not so much. Still after an initial awkward start, Ikay gets with the program. She is relaxing. She is kissing back, nibbling my ear. I lick her breasts. She tries to tickle me on my underarm, which in Tagalog is called the kili-kili, and is a favorite tickle place. I kiss her, up her backbone, from the coccyx to the base of her skull. She decides to give me a backrub, which, if not expert, is serviceable.

She rolls me over. My cock is sticking straight up. After a giggle fit, she grabs it and is a little too exuberant with her hand as she pumps the member. I slow her down and do a little teaching. She gets the hang of it, but that is not how I want to cum today. It is time to get her ready for her first time.

I move down to eat some pussy and she sighs, telling me how much she likes this. Ikay is not wet. I apply saliva but I suspect I will surely need the KY as I had used the Vaseline with sweet Jovelyn, who you know as Ate, the daughter of Imee.

I take my time today. I lick each side of Ikay’s labia before touching the inner lips; and then waiting even more, before piercing the inner lips with my tongue. Only then, do I flick the hood up and touch Ikay’s clit. The anticipation must have been intense, as the girl wails when I finally touch my tongue to that few millimeters of nerve endings.

Ikay is very worked up but she is still fairly dry. I am afraid of working over her clit too roughly before I enter her. Grabbing the KY from the nightstand, I anoint myself, and her inner lips. Ikay is looking fragile. While the hymen is about to be destroyed, she is looking a bit too fearful. I stop and move to kiss her. I hold her in my arms and just wait.

I am not going to hurt you. Yes, you will feel a little pain for a moment, but then it will be over and a lifetime of joy will follow.

I believe you, but I am scared.

If you say STOP, at any moment, I will stop and pull out.

OK, Sir, I will be good, go ahead.

This is not normal, but none of this is normal. I place myself where I should be, at her tiny opening, spreading her thighs wide, and push. Blessed be KY. I pop through. Ikay gasps. Her eyes are open wide.

Sir, you are HUGE inside me!

I am only barely in an inch and I’m just not that big in real terms.

Are you OK, Ikay?

Yes, Sir, but I feel stuffed.

Do you feel OK?

Yes, Sir.

I move back a fraction and then a little deeper.

Oh! Oh wow!

You OK?

Yes, Sir! OK!

I start a slow moment back and forth, back and forth, deeper and deeper. Ikay is not thinking about pain. Her thoughts appear to be related only to how to get the most out of every movement. Her legs are wrapped around me, as are her arms. She is chanting “yes, yes, yes.....”

I look down on my member. I see blood, on me and on the towel. I can’t tell which of these two girls, Ikay or Jovelyn, is tighter, but I am being squeezed to the maximum. Ikay is orgasming almost continually. The only reason the towel and I am not being bathed with her hot juices, that I can feel, on the end on my spear, is that things are too tight in Ikay’s cunt to allow the liquid to exit.

She is clawing my back as she comes. She bites my ear and then howls. My balls are tight and they can hold back no further. I deposit my load deep within her. Ikay’s eyes pop wide again. Once more her body shakes and an involuntary orgasm explodes and then subsides.

Ikay is an exhausted wreck.

Are you OK?

Am I your girlfriend now?

§ § §

1 - Ate [Pronounced ah-TAY] means eldest daughter or older and respected female in a group. In this case, the girl is her brother’s Ate and others will refer to her as Ate as well recognizing her position within her family. As there is no simple translation for the term into English, it is used here as it was used in the conversation. Sometimes it is used by an adult to acknowledge an older child.

§ § §

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