Gimme Shelter

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Truth will out

Mayari slides out of bed, announcing that she will sleep with her cousin, moments after our tryst. Not a minute passes before Anabel joins me.


Well, what?

How do you like fucking a little child, Ray? I can't believe you are doing it!

Yeh, me neither. What did they tell you when you joined Kaysi?

Oh, Grace and Lailani say, that this is the age they start. It's normal for them. It just seems real strange to me.

I bet their normal mates aren't old enough to be their grandparent.

Actually, yes, that is also normal. The older virile men get them first. The young boys can't have them until the older men lose interest in them.

Now that's just plain fucking weird. Are you sure they aren't just telling us a load of lies, to justify keeping the girls here? I mean there was a time that I felt like I was being manipulated by them. And then the bullshit they pulled with the doctor, seemed like a pretty slick operation to me.

I don't know Ray. Grace and Lailani seem sincere. So, how is it being with such a young child? You like it? Should I be jealous?

Jealous of what? Jeez, Bel, if you're not going to be jealous of Grace, why would you be jealous of Mayari?

Maybe you like little girls more than you like women. Maybe I am too old for you.

For Christ sake, how can you call yourself old? That's crazy, Bel. No, you have nothing to worry about. I do not prefer little girls to you.

But you like it with them, right?

OK, well I do get hard and I do cum, but that's not like loving my wife. OK?

I'll think about that. ... Ray, I need to go back to the doctor tomorrow. She wants to take some more tests. She wants to know if I am getting rid of the UTI. When that is clear, there are some procedures she says I need to have to try to fix my problem.

Would you like me to come with you?

No, but thank you for asking. I will be there a long time, mostly just waiting, I guess. I will take Kaysi with me. She wants to know if the doctor can tell who the father is. She say she reads on-line that there are ways to do this. One is called NIPP. Another is by amniocentesis. She says there is also something called CVS. She will ask the doctor if she can get any of these.

You sure you don't want me there too?

Uh-huh. I am sure. We will be fine. And maybe it is better if you are not there because of Kaysi.

Bel, what are you going to tell the doctor if I am the father?

She will not be the one to find out. If she can take a sample, in some way from Kaysi, we will use a different doctor for you. OK?

Yeh, I guess so. Bel, our life has gotten way too confusing and out of control.

It will be OK, Ray. You will see.

§ § §

Lailani and Grace leave early in the morning to go to the palengke1. Kaysi and Anabel leave a little bit later for the Medical Arts Plaza. That leaves me with Miafe, Mayari, Masaya and Sam2x. I can already see that Masaya is about to suggest that it's her turn when Sam2x, who has been feeling greatly ignored, decides now is the time to set things back in balance.

I am sitting drinking coffee at the table and minding my own business, when Sam2x places herself at my knees, unzips me and in front of Miafe, Mayari and Masaya, goes down on me in a way that makes it clear to all in the room that this is not an audition. This is a master class in fellatio. Considering the shitstorm last night from my unwillingness to take the eleven-year-old and twelve-year-old, this is like throwing a stick of dynamite into a fire.

Sam2x is ignoring everything happening in the room, with the exception of my rigid member. That is getting her full attention, and goddamn, she is doing one hell of a job.

Now, Sam2x knows I will not fuck her and the other girls don't know that, but I suspect it won't matter much to them anyway. The other three of them are tergiversating between piques of high dudgeon and stunned silence with eyes agog.

I signal Masaya, to come to me. Too stunned to refuse, she does come over. I pull her down to my level and bring her in for a big serious, tongue wrestling kiss. She responds with passion.

As Sam2x does her magic on old glory, Masaya and I are having a meaningful moment. The kiss continues for a while before she pulls back and whispers, Ray, why do you not want to fuck us when you do her and she is younger?

I whisper back, Sweet child, I do not fuck her. She insists on giving me head, but that is all that ever happens. I do not and will not fuck her.


Yes, really. You can ask her later.

OK. That's better. Will you take me to bed today?

Yes, that was the plan.

Is it still, the plan?

I have to laugh, which causes Sam2x to look up. I smile at her, cock still in mouth and stroke her hair. Sam2x goes back to her activities. Yes, Masaya, that is still the plan.

Good. And she reattaches to my lips, arms around my neck.

Getting head while getting seriously kissed is an experience that should not be missed. It ranks right up there, with the really good stuff. And if you are going to get head like that, it helps a great deal if the girl doing it is really proficient. Little Sam2x is a master at it. I am in heaven. Hot mouth and throat on my shaft, hot lips and mouth on my lips and mouth. I feel like I am being consumed while wanting to be consumed even more. But eventually I do cum and end the ecstasy.

My coffee cup sits on the table, coffee significantly cooler than the last time I took a sip.

Miafe is standing by my side, Ray, why do you say my cousins are too young? You have sex with Sam2x!

I know it is not much of a difference to you, but I never have sex with her. She does take me by mouth, but that is all I allow.

I don't believe you!

Ask her. She is right in front of you. Ask her.

Miafe does ask Sam2x and gets almost the same answer that I gave. The exception is that Sam2x tells Miafe, she made me promise to not tell Kaysi, because her mom would not like it. Miafe is not buying that and asks, You mean Ray told you to not tell your mother?

No, Ate, I tell him. He not want me to do this, but I say I want to. Then he let me. I tell him to not tell Nanay. I scare she will stop me.

I am, at this point a little exasperated by the whole damned thing. Satisfied?

Yes, sorry.

I get up from the table and go for a walk.

§ § §

When I return, Grace and Lailani are back from the market. The others are making a racket, but are in one of the bedrooms, out of sight. Lailani looks over at me and asks, You OK, Ray?

Yeh, why?

Miafe, say she is disrespectful to you and you get angry. The girls they hide now. They afraid you send them back.

Really? That's all it takes to send them back?

Ray, please do not do this. She be good. She promise me, she be respectful to you always.

I am not sure your sister can be respectful at all times.

She be good. Promise.

We will see. For now she, and your cousins, stay. By the way, when were you going to tell me that the little ones were your cousins?

You not know? Everyone there is my family. Of course they are cousins.

Ah, OK. The three stay for now.

Thank you. I go tell them.

§ § §

Good you make them obey you!

Grace? What do you mean?

Good they have some fear of you. You the man. They should not think they can talk bad to you. You do good. They not obey me right. You make them obey you.

§ § §

Here in the Philippines, houses do not expand as much as people find ways to live more densely within the home. That has happened here. I would have assumed that we were already out of space. But no such deal. Others visit and spend the night, often sleeping on the hard tile floors with just a comforter under them and a pillow for their heads. If a pillow is not available, a rolled up article of clothing suffices. No one seems put out by this nor does it encourage people to leave sooner than expected.

Over the next month, we do have guests and my trepidation about the unusual sexual practices in this house and how they will be viewed by others is a non-issue. Whenever there are guests, the house operates, without my saying a word, as if the only one I am bedding is my wife. No one outside the house knows what is happening inside.

The powwows, with girlfriends and wives of other expats, continue on a bi weekly basis, and sometimes more often. Grace has joined them. As Lailani's aunt, the fact that she is staying with us raises not a single question. For these women, it is as it should be in Filipino homes. The fact that their men would not allow other family members to stay with them is an indictment of their inhospitality. I am being held up as a good guy. Go figure.

The women all are now greeting me, when they see me, as if I am someone deserving of great respect. It is at once both flattering and absurd, considering the reality. I have been wondering how long we can keep the charade going.

Kaysi finds that NIPP testing is available. It is a DNA test and a swab is required from me. I provide the swab. The results come back two weeks after I sent the swab in to the diagnostics center. I'm the daddy. That is the basis for a huge celebration and a huge outside the house problem.

There is just no way we want all to assume that the child's father is the creep Kaysi left and the reality is, of course, that I am the father. So just how do we handle this? The cat has to come out of the bag. In reality, the likelihood is that Grace and Lailani will also become pregnant. So it's a bag of cats and why had I not thought about these complications before? I am an idiot!

I sit down with Anabel, Kaysi, Grace and Lailani. This constitutes the council of elders here and also constitutes all those directly involved in the matter at hand. I explain that we have a problem. Or let me say I express my belief that we have a problem. Not a single female appears to agree with me.

What I am told, and this is from Anabel, is, Ray, relax. We will take care of it. It's fine. OK? No problem.


All our friends already know about my female problem. They also know you want children, if it is possible. They all know Kaysi, Lailani and Grace live here forever. Our friends will understand. Truly.

If you say so. I am not so sure. I think they will accuse me of being a bad person and being bad to you.

Relax, Ray! It's OK!

§ § §

And it is, OK. Go figure. Oh, I am getting a fair amount of teasing from our friends, but there is no adverse blowback. There is also a party for no particular reason other than the women think it is a party to celebrate 'us.' And as parties go here, it includes lechon baboy, kinilaw, lumpia, afritada, watermelon, pineapple, beer, sweet red wine, rhum, sprite and coke.

The party is heavy with females and not many men. Some of these women are in troubled relationships and bringing their guys here wouldn't help them one damned bit. In fact, it might get some of them beaten badly. A few guys do come and I am required to explain how all this came about. Leaving out the bit related to bedding the young ones, I give it to them straight. I get a variety of responses. A couple of these guys are very 'religious' in a Christian fundamentalist way. To them, they think this is against God's Law. Other guys are arguing with them, telling the holy rollers to cool their jets. One guy pulls me aside and tells me that last week, his wife threatened to leave him and move in here, if he didn't quit coming home drunk all the time. He asks, You goina fuck my wife?

Got no plans to. That's for sure. I have never fucked another man's wife and do not intend to start now.

He just looks at me. What can I say? I don't want any other females here. I sure as hell do not want any more in my bed. But this is a fight he is having with his wife because of his behavior and I want no part of it.

Once the party is over and our world returns to what we call normal now, Lailani and Grace both announce they are also pregnant. I figure that once they have their kids, both need to go on birth control. This is going to get out of hand, far too quickly.

On the good side, there is less of hiding our life together from the outside. We still have to keep the stuff about the young ones hidden, but with four adults acknowledged as my bedmates, no one is paying attention to the kids.

Anabel is having some luck with the partially blocked tubes. She says that maybe in a month or two we can try. She will work with her doctor to make sure she is safe.

Kaysi isn't 'showing' yet. So no one looks pregnant, though three of them are with child. I ask where we will put the kids and everyone tells me to relax. There is no problem.

Grace continues to give Anabel back rubs and wash her clothing. None of this has changed, though Grace is no longer camping out on my bed. She is still wanting attention on occasion, and dressing in very provocative ways, but the pregnancy has settled down the desperate need she had been expressing before. Anabel says to not worry about the clothing. As soon as she starts showing, this will end as well.

More of a problem is that Miafe is now copying her aunt's dress code. At age fifteen and dressed like she is these days, it just stops your heart and causes your tongue to hang out.

Anabel is not as sanguine about this turn of events. Miafe is not going to get pregnant. So this is not temporary. Plus, her youthful trim body is making Anabel feel old. Anabel is far from old, but you can't tell her that. Anabel can't talk to Grace about this as Grace is dressing the same way, so she just holds her tongue, but I can see it is making her very uncomfortable.

Miafe has, as was promised, become completely obedient. She will not challenge me, even if she might have cause. The same is true for Mayari and Masaya. I fuck the latter two as little as possible. I can't explain how that makes it any better, but in my twisted mind, even though I do enjoy the experiences, I know I shouldn't and it makes me feel unclean.

Miafe is another story. It is not possible to develop a serious relationship with someone so young, but for the life of me, it seems like I am doing just that. I enjoy Miafe's company, her beauty knocks me out, and her lovemaking is real and meaningful. Miafe, has my heart. Anabel knows this and like I said, she ain't really happy about it. Still, Anabel is not asking for the girl to leave.

§ § §

Things have been stable for a month. It is afternoon and Anabel has been to the OB/Gyn again. When she walks in, she tells me we can try for a baby. I ask her if she is really sure. She is and we should try tonight. She hands me a sonogram of an ovary with a huge egg within. It looks like a big black hole on the 'photo' she hands me. There is a big smile on her face. So I guess, tonight's the night. I pull her to me and give her a big and heartfelt kiss. As we break from the clench, there is applause and shouts of joy from all. I guess I am the last to know what's up.

The girls are giggling that they need to make a dinner for me that will be filled with foods that are good for male performance, except that's not exactly they way they express it. Their way has something to do with 'boom-boom.' Anyway the supper is good and for dessert we have durian. I question the reputed health effects of the fruit, but it is good to eat anyway. Yes, I know some folks can't stand durian, but that's their problem.

Before our assignation tonight, Anabel decides this is a good night for the girls to sing some karaoke. And so, for two hours this evening the stereo has been blaring songs from the 70's and 80's. Good grief, I was glad to see those years go by and now the music is back.

The music is still blaring when there is a ring from the gate/door bell. As it is now 9PM and we are not expecting anyone, I look through the window to decide if I want to go outside. It is the PNP. I go out to the gate.

Magandang gabi2, Officer.

Good evening, Sir Ray.

What may I do for you?

We have a woman here. She say she not want to go to the public shelter. She ask us to bring her here.

May I ask, why she needs to go to a shelter?

Sir, her boyfriend, you know him. He is one of you Americans. He beat her up. We have him in jail, but she no want to go back to the apartment. She afraid his friends will provide bail for him to be released.

Does she need medical attention?

Yes, Sir, we take her first to the hospital. They take care of that already.

Who is she?


What's her name, Officer?

Ah, she is Shirlyn Dinopol, Sir. You know her, yes?

Yes. Yes, bring her in please.

Sir, she ask that your wife bring her a towel to cover her face first.

I see. OK wait. I will get my wife.

§ § §

1 - Open air public market
2 - Good evening.

§ § §

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