Gimme Shelter

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Johnny Appleseed

She's too young!

I don't care. Get her pregnant.

I could go to jail!

You won't.

How do you know this? There is no way you can 'know this!'

You won't go to jail. Get her pregnant.

Do I tell her that Grace gave me exactly the opposite suggestion? No, I don't think that would be a particularly smart move. I do not want to get Miafe knocked up. Everything in my head says, don't do it. But how do I play it? Anabel isn't making a request. She is stomping her feet. She is having the grownup version of a tantrum.

Bel, give me a chance to think about it, OK?

Ray, you have to do this.

I hear you, Bel. But tonight, I have to work on getting Ivy and Mary pregnant.

You're kidding, correct? I mean, how can you, after this afternoon? You're not eighteen anymore!

Yeh, you're right, but I need to try. Can you keep the little ones busy tonight?

Including Miafe?

Yes, I think so.

OK, I will do it. Will Grace be with you?

I have not asked her. My plan is for only Ivy and Mary.

She'll be there too.

Anabel, are you getting jealous?

No. Not jealous. But I think I am losing you. I am scared.

Why now. Why not when Kaysi came to us? Why not when Lailani joined us? Why not when Grace and that whole group arrived?

Then I think Grace and Miafe are just like the others. The others are my friends, I was helping my friends, Ray. ... ... But Grace and Miafe are not friends. Ray they are in love with you. They love you every bit as much as I love you. I see this. I know this. Grace say she my maid, but she not really my maid. She belong to you. Miafe also belong to you. I know this. You get them pregnant so that they know they will always be here and maybe they not push me out.

Bel, no one can push you out. You are my wife. This is the Philippines, not the USA. We are not going to get a divorce. Hell, we can't get divorced. You know this! This marriage is for life. There is no way I can ask for an annulment because I have a mistress. We both know this. I love you and that is beside the legal issues. Bel, you brought this on. You know this too! I dare not tell her how I feel about Grace. This is already damned close to a train wreck. I do not need to make it worse.

You watch, Ray. She will be with you tonight and I will be with the young ones. You watch!

And with that, Anabel exits the bedroom, leaving me standing alone. What the fuck do I do? Is this just the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy? Even if it is, don't I need to pay close attention to her words?

How do I deal with my feelings for Anabel and Grace? I feel like I have stepped into quicksand. Any move I make, just makes it worse, but if I do not make a move I just sink in more slowly. Most assuredly, I will sink.

And then, as if by a script, late, in the second act of a three act play, just before the curtain falls, as I stand alone in the bedroom, in walks Grace. I guess I am shaking my head in disbelief.

Sir? I do something wrong?

No, Grace. You haven't.

Why is Madam mad at me?


Your wife Sir. I think she mad.

No, Grace, she is not angry with you, nor is she crazy. She is scared of you.

Why you say she not crazy. I not say she crazy!

Oh, never mind. Grace she is scared that you love me so much that she will lose me to you and to Miafe.

Why she think that?

Do I say, 'Because she is?' Do I say, 'I don't know?' Do I tell her to, 'Go ask her yourself?' All are as acceptable as any other and as true as any other and none seems like the right thing to say.

Because, Grace, she is confused about her own feelings and sees you so dedicated to me. I think she's very confused. But she is even more scared of Miafe.

Sir? Why?

Because I am unwilling to get your niece pregnant.

Madam wants Miafe to have a baby?

Yes. She wants me to give her a child. She thinks that having a child by me will settle Miafe down.

What you think, Sir?

Grace, I have no idea about how to settle this matter. Miafe is too young. Plus there are four others now who will also want to get pregnant early, if I give in , and impregnate Miafe.

What you going to do, Sir?

I don't know, Grace. What do you think I should do?

No, Sir. Not for me to say. Sir, you will maybe need some help for tonight?

Oh, Grace, are you going to give me more of those damned Drivemax again?

No, Sir, you have enough of them for the day. You not need more. But I make you a special dinner to give you extra strength. It ready for you. Come eat!

And that pretty much sums up my life: eat; fuck; and duck! Duck the emotional bombshells that keep on coming from all quarters. Between the emotional seesaws of pregnant women, the emotional needs of adolescents and pre-adolescents, the strictures of the laws, the anger of jilted boyfriends, the presence of law enforcement which I have always wanted to see as on my side and of whom, I now am beginning to fear, life is far from tranquil. I wouldn't call it a living hell. No, not with as many lovely females to fuck as are arrayed before me, but the push to get the young ones pregnant is driving me to the edge.

These females have schemed, conned, outright lied, and connived. It is hard to think of them in terms of innocent things of whom I am taking advantage. No, I am the mark and they are the grifters. And yet, they have insinuated themselves into my bed and I am not kicking them out. No, I am getting the older ones pregnant. I am truly fucked up.

And now, there is the question of Miafe. Knock her up, to make my wife quiescent, for the moment, or hold my ground, at which point Mount Anabel Vesuvius erupts.

I guess I am too caught up in my thoughts that I am not even noticing that I have wolfed down a fair amount of food. I don't even know what was on my plate. I am not looking up or around me. All the females are here. Some are at the table. Others are in the Sala watching TV. These females are now my whole life.

You know, I am not seeing my friends any more. Hell, my whole life is consumed by this real life teleserye.

As I get up, Grace and Miafe announce that I need a complete full body massage. I am about to resist the offer which I suspect puts Grace in my bed, but Grace asks Miafe, Lailani and Anabel to join her in a group effort. I gather there will be eight hands on me. I will be quartered. That makes it less sexual and maybe safer. I am about to agree when Ivy says that she and Mary will also be assisting. How will this work?

They move me to one of the girl's rooms, on a bed, that is covered with towels. Grace is directing traffic. Mary is given my left leg. Ivy gets the right one. Anabel gets my left arm. Lailani the right arm. Grace will take my trunk and Miafe gets my head and neck. It's a damned good thing that they aren't angry with me or I would be in deep shit.

They work every part of me. I never knew it was possible to spend as much time on toes or fingers. The massage goes on for a good forty-five minutes and there is no way I am going to sleep. The massage is pushing my body pretty hard. Every muscle is identified and worked. By the end, when they stop, I am exhausted. It has been a grueling workout. But I am now relaxed and sleep for a couple of hours.

Mary is the one who awakens me and asks me to move to my bedroom. A little dazed, I get up, still naked from the massage, and go with her.

Entering the bedroom, it is clear that Mary and Ivy figure it is their turn. I don't see how this is possible. My pride and joy is hanging in complete obedience to gravity's wishes. The females circle around me, teasing, pinching, stroking my chest and my ass. Then Mary drops into a deep squat right in front of my worn out tool. She cups my balls in her left hand while sucking and stroking my flaccid hose. And I'll be damned...

It should not be happening. My member is showing signs of life. How did 'virginal' Grace know this would happen? Mary, seeing signs of life, encourages even more life, before guiding me to my bed. I lie down on my back and Mary climbs on me, guiding my half rigid member into her cunt. I sincerely doubt I can cum, but Mary is working me to get herself off. Ivy is on the bed with me and starts kissing me. You give us babies Ray. You do this and you give our girls babies too. Then you not make us leave. Mary is humping away on my now reasonably rigid member.

Ivy, Your girls are too young. But I will give you a child. Ivy sticks her tongue in my mouth, apparently looking for gold, in the forceful manner she approaches her task. As she withdraws she tells me, OK they too young now, but soon they not. Then you do it. Then we all safe.

What makes her feel that they will be safe after I have committed felonies? Ivy's breasts are full and leaking. I pinch one and milk squirts out. Ivy moans.

Ray, you like being in Mary and her daughter? You like that? You know she do anything you want? You know I do anything you want? How it feel? How Mary feel now? She feel hot on you? You feel her wet on you? She want you, Ray. I want you. She fuck you now. I fuck you in the morning. We yours. We be good. We give you our daughters. All our daughters. All, Ray, all.

I roll away from Ivy, rolling Mary on to her back. Mary's legs are in the air, as I hold them. I pound the woman, hard. She is just as Ivy said, hot and wet. Mary grunts as I slam into her. But I am no closer to cumming until Ivy sticks a finger up my ass. That does it and Mary gets what cum I have, to give. I suspect it's not all that much, but Mary feels it and smiles while humping me from below.

I am wiped out and start sucking on a milk filled tit. Ivy holds my head to her breast. Mary disengages, slides down and sucks me clean.

I guess I fall asleep.

§ § §

Well, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know is that someone is taking my hard member orally. It must be early morning as it is still dark outside but I feel rested. The 'wood' must be my morning friend. I moan and am rewarded with a kiss. This is Mary. Her lips are gentle and her hand stroking my hair is equally so. Mary is nibbling my lips, cheeks. She is whispering that I am gwapo1.

Ivy stops the oral ministrations and straddles me, putting my member below her cunt, before sliding down and engulfing it. Ivy is bouncing on me and her tits are anointing me with droplets as we go. It's a bit distracting and I whisper in Mary's ear to suck one breast at a time until the current supply is less bountiful. Mary doesn't seem to want to do this. I put my hand on the back of her head, draw her in for a deep kiss and then pull back and whisper again in her ear. Do this for me, now. Mary answers, Sige. And moves over to Ivy.

I can't see much in the dim light of the room which comes from a clock on the nightstand. But I can see the two figures. Mary now attaches to that area of Ivy whereby she might suck a tit. Ivy moans and juices bathe my cock.

I am not close to cumming. Morning wood rarely results in consummation. I am enjoying the feeling, but suspect that Ivy will go unrewarded. I am still being anointed by Ivy's other tit as she works my dick in and out of her cunt.

Mary moves to the other side and Ivy moans again. It is feeling better without the fountain of milk dripping on my chest but I am still not close to cumming, when I hear the squeak of the door opening. I was expecting to tell Anabel that Grace had not been in here all night. I guess I will have to grant that my wife was right. I cannot see who it is, but don't expect anyone else would enter.

Grace leans in to kiss me, but it's not Grace. Good morning, Miafe.

Good morning, Ray.

Miafe, please play with Ivy's clit until she cums hard.

Miafe gives me a quick kiss and moves off to do as I asked. Ivy now has a cock in her cunt. A mouth on a milk filled tit and some fingers on her clit. Ivy is ready to explode. And explode she does, screaming, clamping my cock hard with her cunt muscles, and dumping a prodigious amount of fluid on the mattress.

The clamping triggers my balls and I add to the soupy mix. It's one hell of a way to start the day.

Ivy collapses on me. I end up with her on my chest, Miafe on my left arm and Mary in my right arm. There we stay for a good thirty minutes as the sky lightens.

§ § §

Bel, you were wrong. Grace was not with me.

I know. She was with me all night.


Ray? Did you say something to her?

What do you mean?

About us. Ray did you tell her I am jealous of her?

No, Bel, you did by how you acted toward her. She came to me and asked me why you were 'mad' at her. I told her you weren't angry, just a bit frightened. Maybe more of Miafe, than of her, but frightened.

What she say?

She asked me, why you think that?

What you tell her?

I told her, I was not sure. But I was sure it was more a fear of Miafe, than of her.


Yes, Bel, really.

What she say?

She asked me why you were afraid of Miafe. And before you ask, I told her that you wanted me to get Miafe pregnant and I did not want to do that.

What she think?

I asked her that. She says it is up to me, but I think that until she knew of your fear, she was opposed to it. Now that she knows how you feel, she will not interfere.

Ray, you know what she do last night?

No. Of course not.

She hold me all night. She not leave my side. I think she mean it. Maybe I not be afraid of Grace. She loves you but she will protect me because you love me. But I still afraid of Miafe, Ray. I want her pregnant.

I know, Bel. But it is dangerous. I know you say it is not. But, Bel, you are wrong.

I will ask my cousin.

No! For God's sake, Bel, no! Do not say a word to him.

Why? He will tell me the truth.

Or get me arrested! No!

Makulit ka2!

Ka rin3, Bel. We have been over this before and my concerns are valid.

§ § §

At lunch I find two Drivemax by my plate. I gather Grace put them there. Like a fool I take both. An hour later, I am ready to fuck a hardwood door, if there are no other options. Clearly there are others. The one closest to me is Mary. I grab her and she willingly comes with me to the bedroom. I just about toss her on the bed, whipping her leggings, and panties, off her. I am so hard and so in need, it is just about painful, as I sink my pole into her hole.

If Mary wasn't exactly ready for what is happening, she is getting ready very quickly. She locks her legs around me as I pound her cunt. She still has her blouse on and she is looking up at me with both surprise and hunger on her face. She begins nodding, looking at me. Do it, Ray. Make me yours. I am. Take me. Never let another man touch me. I belong to you, Ray.

I am rock hard and she is tight. Her cunt is heating up, cooking my meat. Her cunt is wet, keeping my hot cock slick. Her hands are gripping my arms, tightly. Her ankles are crossed behind me, a heal pounding my back as I pound her cunt. Her breathing becomes ragged. My member is so hot and hard as to be painful. And then there is no holding back that which must be, and I let loose the cum that has welled up. This time Mary gets a real load, deep inside her.

As much as I have cum, I am still hard. I call, through the door for Inday. It is time for her to 'clean us up.' Inday appears with Sam2x. Inday tells Sam2x to clean up Inday's mother while she cleans me up. Sam2x wants no part of that plan. Seeing my still stiff member, she tells Inday to clean her own mother up.

Sam2x starts cleaning my pole and then, as she ostensibly moves up to kiss me, she coyly positions my member exactly where it will do the most damage.... and impales herself on my rigid staff.


§ § §

1 - Very Handsome.
2 - Beyond difficult.
3 - You are too.

§ § §

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