Gimme Shelter

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Author's note: These chapters are NOT stand-alones...The story starts here.

Who's helping who?

Well, it will be nice for Anabel to have some help until you can figure out where you want to live.

Here, Po1, I want to live here, with you and Anabel. Anabel say I can if you give your permission. It OK with you, Po?

Why Kaysi? You are young, lovely and clearly a very good cook. Many men will find you a good catch. Why do you want to live with us?

Po, I have three boyfriends in my life. My first, he was Filipino. He beat me and then after he give me Boy2x2, he leave me. Then I meet a guy from UK. He beat me too and then he go back to the UK and die. Last year I meet Jack. You know what he do me. I have very bad luck, Po. I afraid the next guy, maybe he just kill me. You not kill me. You a good guy. I want to be with you and Madam. You both good to me.

I turn to Anabel, and give her a look that tells her, 'see? See I told you she was manipulating you!' Anabel in turn, returns my look and says, Ray, come to bedroom. We talk in private, OK? Do not be afraid, Kaysi. It OK, promise.

I am not so sure anything can be promised. I am getting pissed. I get up from the table, leaving half my supper uneaten. All of a sudden I am sure as hell not hungry.

Once in the bedroom, Anabel is alternately angry and crying. Why you so mean to her? Bakit3? You are rude. You should not be rude. Why you that way? Bakit!?

Why do you want to ruin our marriage? Bakit ka rin4!?

I no want to hurt marriage. I want to help my friend. Why you not do that?

Because she wants to be my mistress! You want that?


What? Last night I told you she was manipulating you so that she could have me. You said that was not true. Now you don't care?


Really? Anabel, you don't really mean that. You are just angry.

If you let her stay, she be your mistress. I no care about that.

You will care the very next day.

No! Not true. You take her. I OK with that. You take her and she stay with us. No one hit her anymore. It important, no one hit her.

And her kids, you expect me to be their father?

No. She take care of her kids. She get a job to pay for them, if want that.

You love her, Anabel?


You make love to her?


Am I losing you to her?

No! Mahal, no! I love you. Same same! No change that.

Anabel, I do not love her. I barely know her. You are having sex with her. She needs to go.

OK, OK, malit, malit5 I not have sex with her. I promise, Mahal. I not sex with her. Just friends. You find out if you like her. OK?


Please, Mahal, please. You do this for me? I afraid, we kick her out, she go back to Jack. She not know what else she do!

I want no part of this, but it is clear that I can't kick Kaysi out without creating a wreck with Anabel. The concept of going back to that creep, is unpalatable to me as well. No sex? No sex with her for either of us? Correct?

Yes OK, tama6.

OK, go explain it to her.

She will be the maid? Yes?

For now, OK.

Mahal, she gives a good massage. You allow this?


Mahal, please allow her to feel accepted. No more angry with her! Make peace, please.


Good you stay here. I talk to her and then you get a massage to relax.

Anabel gives very acceptable massages. I fail to see why I should get one from Kaysi. I am no longer hungry and I am exhausted. I kick off my sandals and lie down. My mind is filled with the conversations I have had with Kaysi. Is she simply needy? Is she a real manipulator? Is she dangerous to my marriage? How would we handle a third wheel? Why should I allow it? She is attractive. She was honest in approaching me on the matter, twice and she followed through with the path I laid out for her. I just didn't mean it! It wasn't Kaysi who was being disingenuous, it was me.

My mind is bouncing around with these contradictory thoughts when the bedroom door opens. It is Kaysi and she is carrying at least four towels in her arms, and is holding on to a plastic bottle of something.

Po, please get up. I put three towels on the bed. I give you towel. I go out. You take off clothes. Wrap in this towel and tell me you are ready. I then come back in. OK?

I nod my head and get up. Kaysi hands me a towel, strips the coverlet and sheets off the bed. She then places three very large towels over the mattress, before leaving the room. I strip down, wrap the towel around my middle and open the bedroom door. Kaysi is standing on the other side. She enters and closes the door.

Kaysi places me on my stomach and asks me to loosen the wrap and allow her to have it just draped over my middle. We cooperate in the process. Once the towel is suitably draped over me, she slides it down so that my ass is covered, just barely and then she folds the towel so that its width is halved. I am still 'covered' but not by nearly as much.

Oil is applied to my back neck and arms before she starts the digging into my muscles. This is not a sexy massage. This is the real deal. She is working the muscles, pulling this way and that, working my joints. Some of it is just this side of really painful. But I recognize it for what it is. It is a professional massage. As that fact becomes clear, I guess I relax, because Kaysi comments. Ah, see, now you learn to trust a little! Good. I not here to hurt you. I am good to you. I always be good to you. You will see this. Po, why you fight me so hard? I not a bad girl.

How do I know that you are not a bad girl? How do I know that?

Ah I see. OK. I not know how to show you. Kaysi is continuing to do things to my joints and muscles that make me grunt and moan. How you know that you trust your wife before you marry her? How you do that?

Ha! I don't know that either, Kaysi. Good question. I think I just learned to depend on her and learned that I never regretted giving that trust.

Maybe, Po, you trust me and see that I am good? You do that?

There was sex in that relationship, Kaysi. There was money that we handled together and for each other. It's not the same thing as being a maid.

Po, I not want to be your maid. I want to be your mistress. You know this!

Yes, I do. You have not told Anabel that.

Yes, Po, I do tell her. I tell her I want to be a mistress to her and to you. Just like you say. I learn to love her and she learn to love me. I tell her that I be a mistress to both. Why she not tell you that?

When did you tell her that?

Yesterday, Po. Bakit?

Wala7. Kaysi, I do not want to destroy my marriage. You are scaring me.

I not hurt your marriage. I promise.

Dear girl. You can promise to do many things but you cannot promise what others may do! You will have no control over Anabel, if things fall apart.

I see. But it be OK, you will see. Kaysi has moved down to my legs. She has applied oil. Po, it harder to give you massage, you have much hair on your body. Oil not work the same way with you! I wish not so much hair! Hehe, maybe I shave you!

You try and I will spank you.

Hehe, I not believe you, but if you do, maybe I like that! She is working close to my glutes and I am getting concerned that she not make this about sex. Relax, Po! I not have sex with you when I massage. You are safe. You must learn to trust me! But when you are ready, I do good sex massage too! You will see.

Damn, now that's not fair. I am getting wood. I will not have sex with Kaysi, but now I am uncomfortable. Kaysi finishes with my back and has me turn over. It's quite a sight. The manual stretching she has been doing with my limbs has caused a lot of oil to be transferred to her thin tee shirt. It is now clear that she is not wearing a bra. The tee shirt has become, if not transparent, then translucent. I can clearly see her breasts. They are amazing and they dangle only centimeters from my nose as Kaysi works me from above my head. Is she aware of this? I suspect she is. She is teasing me. Showing me that I can have what's 'right in front of my nose.' I am sporting heavy wood and am tenting under the towel.

By the time the massage is done, I am worn out in a serious way. I take a shower and crawl into bed. I must have gone sound asleep because I do not remember my wife coming to bed. In the morning, I awaken as she gets out of bed and starts packing.

Where are we going?

Not we. Me. I am going to spend a couple of days with my mother.

Anabel! No! You are not leaving me here with Kaysi!

Yes I am. You get to know her. You learn to trust her. You say you not know her. This way you know her.

Am I losing you?

No silly. Not losing. I am your asawa8. No change.

How can you be sure?

I know you Ray. You never leave me. Why you not know? I never leave you!

Even if I am fucking Kaysi?

Yes, even then.

How can you be so sure?

Because Kaysi love me too. She not want us to split up.

You understand that this is wrong?

No, I think this is right. I think you are being makulit9.

§ § §

I am wifeless. Anabel tells me she will be back next week.

Kaysi is only gone on occasion to take her kids to and from school or to go shopping. I provide the money for the shopping, and a little for the tricycle10 transportation. I have gotten another sex free massage and must admit that these could become addictive. Kaysi's cooking is quite honestly better than Anabel's. She knows how to keep a house clean and she does the laundry every day. Everything gets ironed and put away. How Kaysi doesn't have a gold plated marriage is beyond me.

She says she is 'unlucky.' If she wouldn't date drunks, I suspect her luck would improve measurably, but she says something that surprises me. It is simply that she hopes I will change my mind about her soon as she is getting really horny. She needs sex, a lot. It can take quite a lot of time to find a good man. If she is trying to find a guy quick, she will be dealing mostly with the type of guys who will hurt her in the long run.

Kaysi has been wearing very revealing outfits. She has been bending over to make sure I get a view. She has been teasing me in every way she can imagine while not laying a hand on me. The damned girl is giving me heavy wood and I am about at the end of my rope. If I text Anabel and complain, she will tell me to 'do' Kaysi. That would be so not helpful.

By the third day, I have had just about enough. I have a wife, who wants me to fuck the maid. I have a maid who desperately wants to be my mistress. Why am I being so recalcitrant? The only one who is holding out is me. I give up, but I am a bit pissed. It is almost time for lunch. Kaysi is wearing a very short dress. I see her in the kitchen and tell her, That dress is too long, pull it up a bit.

She gives me a real long hard look, and pulls the hem up a bit. Better, Po?

Huh. No, I think not. Just take that damned dress off. Maybe that will be better.

She doesn't nod, but simply removes the dress, draping it over the back of a chair from the dining table. Better? She has no bra on. Her panties are not much more than a thong.

Yes, that's better. Stay like that. I prefer it. Her eyebrows raise once. She will comply.

As she serves my lunch, her right breast brushes my cheek. Her nipples are sticking out like little bullets from her breasts. She is aroused. She has moved away from the table, I ask her to come to the table by me. When she is close enough, I pull her into to me and put my mouth on one breast. I handle the entire breast while sucking and licking her left nipple. The moment my wet lips meet her breast, she moans, deeply. Come, Po. Let me treat you right! Come!

Kaysi's grip is firm. I have become accustomed to her touch and arise from my chair. She does not let go of me, as she pulls me firmly, but not unwillingly, into my own bedroom and on to my own bed.

Kaysi proceeds to undress me. Once she has me completely naked, she removes her panties and joins me on the bed. Now, Po, I give you a sex massage. When I am done, you will sleep. I will get my children from school. When I get back I will wake you up and you will fuck me hard. It must be very hard, Po. Then I will give you, your dinner. After dinner you can relax while I get my children to bed. Then we fuck again, into the night. Now lie back and allow me to do you good.

I gather my input was neither sought nor required. I have just been told what the program is, not what I might choose off the menu. I have never had a 'sex massage' and have no idea as she leans over me and takes my nipple into her mouth. I have never had a nipple sucked on. It is an amazing feeling. Kaysi is taking her time, getting me stimulated without ever touching the woody. She is showing me that I have places on my body that I never considered as sexual but are very much so as she proceeds to conduct a symphony of sexual enlightenment on my torso. For the better part of an hour she has me in a state of stimulation, and I do not know how I didn't blow without any contact with the member in question.

She seems completely unwilling to touch Willie. I am humping the air. She has me going crazy. And then just when I am going to open my mouth and tell her to get with the fucking program, she puts her head just a few centimeters from my predicament and sends her hot moist breath over it. That's all it takes. I start to blow ropes in the air, but as I erupt, Kaysi's mouth clamps down on my member. Not a drop of cum is to be found. It is all down her gullet. She licks me clean, kisses me deeply on the lips, strokes my now limp member and whispers, now go to sleep. Evidently, I do.

I awaken a couple of hours later. I am still naked. Kaysi is naked and she has me in her mouth. I am not hard at the moment of consciousness, but I get that way rapidly. Remembering what the girl told me earlier, I grab her, flip her onto her back, and without ceremony ram my tool into her cunt. I grab her legs and slide my hands down, raising her legs up until I have her with her ankles in the air, her ass elevated, her shoulders sunk into the mattress as I pound her cunt as hard as I can.

Yes, fuck me. Take me. I am yours. Fuck me hard. Yes. YES! Fuck ME! Oh! YES!

There is nothing subtle going on. I am not playing with her clit, or a nipple. I sure as hell am not kissing her. I am just pounding a cunt with a hard cock. But her cunt is tight and her juices are flowing copiously. As I pound her she squirts right into my abdomen. Her body is convulsing. Her cunt muscles are clamping on my cock. I cum hard and deep.

Suck my clit, hard! Suck it, Po. I do and Kaysi goes nuts again, convulsing, squirting in my face.

Oh God! Po, that was so good! Thank you! Thank you! Jack was always so drunk, he could not fuck me good. Not for a long time. I complain he not good in bed. He too drunk! That when he choke me! It a long time I not have a good hard cock in me! Later tonight we make real love! But now we take a shower, I make you supper and put the children to bed. OK?

OK, Kaysi. OK.

We shower in the master bath and I stay in the bedroom while Kaysi goes to the kitchen. How do I say this and not have it come out wrong. I love my wife and will never leave her, but Kaysi, is younger, prettier, cooks better and has so much more sexual knowledge and skill, that Anabel seems like a bush-leaguer by comparison. This could cause real problems. I need my wife home now. I grab my cell phone and text her.

Bel, I have consummated with Kaysi. Critical you come home immediately. No delay acceptable. Come home now!

Bakit, Mahal? It not good?

You know damned well. It was too good. Come home now!

You still love me?

Of course I do.

Sige11, Sige, I coming. Tomorrow. No way to get there today.


§ § §

1 - Sir or Madam, it is not gender specific, but it does convey respect.
2 - Boy-Boy, a person's nickname. 3 - Why. [bah-KIT]
4 - Why to you also!
5 - Wrong wrong or very wrong. Here Anabel is saying she is wrong.
6 - Correct. [tah-MAH]
7 - Nothing
8 - Husband or wife. It simply is the marriage partner.
9 - Difficult.
10 - Motorcycle with cab functions as a taxi.
11 - This is hard to provide a direct translation. When said as is it here twice, it means OK, fine, I agree or will do and indicates the discussion is pretty much over. [The 'i' here is sounded like a shwa (ɛ) as is the 'I' in pencil. The 'e' is hard, contrary to typical Tagalog fashion. So it is sɛ-GEE.]

§ § §

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