Gimme Shelter

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Land ho!

I don't believe in mumu's1 or dream prophecy. Dream prophecy is not part of Filipino culture. I have no idea where this came from in Grace's case. But she clearly believes it and bends reality to get the results she expects, if not wants. I suspect there was good reason to believe her sister and brother-in-law would come to a bad end without the dream informing Grace. However, that seems to have been the basis for everything that has followed.

Much of the manipulation from Lailani, and all that came after, has been explained by these revelations of Grace and her nieces. Kaysi's original manipulation was far more crude and more straight-forward. In fact, she telegraphed it.

I guess I could get angry with Grace, but I am not sure that damage has really been done. In fact, it was Anabel and Kaysi who did the initial damage. Grace, and her nieces, didn't do the damage, as much as they were swept into my life because of the damage that was already in progress. In some ways, their actions have cauterized the wound and put a bandage over it.

Yes, it feels like a part of me has been severed, and it has. My marriage to Anabel, has been iced. It hurts. But it needed to happen and it would not have happened as cleanly and, as well as it has, if it were not for Grace. However, my view of Grace as being a passive and supportive member of a complex harem has been replaced by the more accurate view of her as the schemer-in-chief.

Further, I still have no desire to father another eleven children between the three of them. I guess I am happy as I can be, with the arrangement as it is, but will probably end up losing that battle. Lailani does not have an apartment at the school. She is home every night. There is no competition between the Trinity. Life has gotten much calmer. Sam2x and Boy2x are living with Kaysi, at the school. Having Sam2x out of the house relieves me of a huge burden and Grace, just like me, has no desire to bring anyone else into our life. Of that I am supremely happy.

§ § §

It has been over a year since Anabel's school moved onto the two hectare site. There had been a small college there, but it had closed its doors. And so following a renovation, Anabel's school was off and running very quickly. A dormitory now functions, following some remodeling, as both the women's shelter and as the staff apartments. Anabel says that having the staff live among these women, gives them 'normative behaviors' to model as they learn to live violence free lives. It makes sense in one way, but it is a male free environment, and that is not normal, a point I made to Anabel, much to her discomfort.

Things have worked the way Grace planned, or prophesied. I rarely have breakfasts with Anabel, and Grace gets to see Anabel about once a week on average. Kaysi stops by on occasion and never brings Sam2x, for which I am grateful. I get to see my children, the ones who live at the school in their mothers' apartments, on Sunday afternoons. Miafe is no longer underage, and she now has two children from me. Grace is pregnant with her second. Lailani, is only working part time in the school now. Even if she was there more, she tells me she would rarely see Anabel or Kaysi. They travel in different circles. Mary and Ivy have a staff of twenty-five to supervise. They rarely come around except on Sundays with the kids.

Mary pulled me aside one Sunday to ask if I was angry with her for abandoning me. She told me that Ivy and she felt guilty that they were no longer with me. I assured them I was happy for them. They are no longer pushing for more babies.

Grace has masterminded a complete and radical transformation of my life. Inday, Mayari and Masaya are coming close to being of legal age and they are still in my bed frequently. That means there are six females in my life and in my bed. It's a bunch better than it was but I have asked Grace if there isn't some way to get the number down to three. She tells me that there isn't. She tells me I am being evil to suggest such a thing. These girls have given themselves to me and they are mine.

As much as Grace had no problems moving the older ones out of my life along with my own children from those females, she has nothing but problems when it comes to Masaya, Mayari and Inday. Once again there is something going on that I do not understand. Most likely, I never will.

Lailani has made a change in attire. She is now dressing as her Tita Grace and sister are dressing when she is not at the school. Is it permissible to say that it is incredibly distracting? I mean that it's hard to concentrate on something else when one of them walks into view. If two of them approach, nothing else seems to matter and when it is all three, well, shit, my tongue is hanging out. They know this and push my buttons frequently.

The Trinity, and that's how I think of them, are not hiding that I am theirs now, and no longer Anabel's. Anabel's friends initially shunned the Trinity, after the coup, but Anabel herself put an end to that, by having The Trinity and me attend a function to which she had been invited by her friends. She insisted on having Grace sit between the two of us with the other two of the trinity flanking us. Anabel engaged in an animated and pleasant dialog with Grace and Miafe, who sat on either side of her. Twice she kissed Grace on the cheek and held Grace's hand. Later before the event ended she kissed each of us before the Trinity and I took our leave, before Anabel took hers.

After that, the ice was broken and Anabel's friends started to include the Trinity in the frequent social events. A few of the women asked Grace what the fuck was up with all this. Grace, feeling perfectly OK with all of it, told those who asked that her presence was welcome by Anabel, so that Anabel could pursue her own dreams. Since it was completely true, if not complete in all the details, the questions ended. Women started coming to visit and we have been having some parties here at the house. None of the men believe me when I call myself an innocent victim of female intrigue. They want to believe I engineered all this craziness. All I can manage to do is to point out that I am neither that smart nor that good looking.

There is one other odd thing that is going on. The wives of other men are flirting with me in incredibly suggestive ways. I am not going to do anything about this flirting, but I mention it because it makes no sense to me. Many of these women are quite lovely, but I'd have to be out of my fucking mind to indicate any interest in response to the flirting.

How do they flirt? They make suggestive comments like one wishes her husband was as attractive to women as I am. Another asks me if I am lonely! Some brush up against me or lean in to whisper in my ear some inane comment. It makes no sense and for Christ's sake, they are all married!

Would many of them be an interesting fuck, once? Sure. To those of you who think you can have a one time nooner without strings with a woman who is not a prostitute, well fella, you're dreaming. Put your Peter in the magic kingdom and there are always strings attached. No one knows this better than I do now.

If I do not want to live with the female, I do not want to fuck her. I might enjoy it for a moment, but will regret it for far longer. This is a lesson I never would have learned if I wasn't living here; here, where I do not have to be the pursuer, but am rather the object of the desires of others. Think I am blowing hot air? Only those of you who do not live here would think that!

Even those guys who think I am a mastermind, are talking about how I got the woman/women I am with to not freak out as I added the other women. It is true that the normal behavior of the Filipina is to behave like a pitbull keeping other women from 'her man.' The wives of these other guys would not let any woman near their husbands, even though they flirt with me! All of the men here have women approach them. They know it's not hard to find other women. It's how I got the ones I was already with to allow it that has them flummoxed.

The guys are right in the most part but do not understand Anabel. As for now, they are more right than they know. Grace is just as territorial. It's just that there are more females than normal inside the territorial boundary. Grace will not abide any other female to get that close to me again. I need that and am grateful for it.

Tonight I will lie with Lailani. Of the six, she is the only one who was not a virgin when I first took her. She is still a beautiful young woman and I haven't gotten any younger. She showers first and waits in bed for me to shower. It's not hot steamy romance. We are very much like an old married couple. We have seen each other at our worst, through illness, and other crap. We aren't sneaking around, we aren't hiding and though it is arguable based on Philippine law that we might be charged with something like adultery, my wife would have to make the complaint and she will not.

Yes, Lailani looks sexy as hell, but there is nothing sexy in waiting for your lover to take his shower as you lie in bed playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds on your iPhone. I do not look sexy in the least.

Still when we turn off the lights, Lailani drapes her lithe body on me. Her hands go searching over me. She whispers to me that I am her handsome guy. She tells me she is cold and please hold her and make her warm. She feels wonderful in my arms. We kiss. We touch places we know the other likes to be touched. Lailani loves me to touch but not roll her nipples. She strokes my member. At first I am soft and she giggles, saying, Wala!2 I laugh, and play with her breasts more. My member is becoming a pole as she continues, earning an, Ummm, nice!

Her pussy is getting wet. Her hips push up into my fingers. There is silence as we pleasure each other. The soft foam mattress on the king sized bed does not report on our activities. It is mute beneath us. We proceed both lazily and insistently simultaneously in the dark bedroom. The only sound is of the aircon running on medium speed and a medium temperature setting. She wants me to mount her. I resist and continue to play with her, bringing her to orgasms, one after another. I don't really want to stop. I just want to keep her going for as long as I can, but she pulls me up on her as forcefully as she can, giving me clear notice that she wants me inside her.

The way into her is easy and well lubricated. My cock is here often. This is a woman who I know in the most elemental fashion. I luxuriate in the sensations, being in no rush to consummate the act. Lailani is breathing hard and experiencing this lovemaking in a way that no man will ever grasp. She is happy to accommodate my cock, but her cunt needs my cum. It's not that she wants it, as much as it is a primal need that cannot be expressed nor explained. Her body pushes me to fulfill the ritual and plant the seed. It is the need of a mate and not a fuck buddy. We are mating. We both know this. It is communicated subtly, through touch, through words, through raw desire induced from within rather than seduction.

I feel it. I know it and I respond to it. There is no option but to fulfill my role. This is not a game. I am not conning a girl to 'get into her pants.' I am Lailani's man. Her only man. She has needs and I am the only one permitted and expected to meet them. And so, as my cock slides in and out of her cunt, there is a combination of feelings. The excitement of sexual arousal; the intimacy of love; the need to complete the biological imperative.

And I do. I cum inside the cunt of a woman I love and with whom I will live for the rest of my life. The fact that she is not the only woman I live with is, at this moment, irrelevant.

Having cum and rolled off her, I ask, Well, that was good practice. When do we do the real thing? She laughs, slaps my arms and says, Bastos ka!3

We laugh and hold each other before falling asleep in each others arms.

In the morning, I am sitting at the breakfast table with Miafe, Lailani and Grace. The discussion is pure gossip, but I am one of the participants. Nothing swirls around me. No, I am included in the swapping of information and planning of our day. Much like it used to be with Anabel, years ago, then replaced with Grace as my confidant. Now it is the Trinity and me; a marriage of the Trinity and me. Yes, Mayari, Masaya and Inday live with us and yes, I do take them to my bed, but they are not part of this ad hoc marriage, at least not yet.

I make a comment to Grace about that and her answer is to be patient. Mahal, they are too young. Yes they teenagers, but wait a few years and they will be at the table with us each morning, you will see.

So here I am. Sheltering six females of various ages. None of them are married to me, at least not legally. I will not leave them and they will not leave me. My legal wife is now a professional 'shelterer' if you will. She has made it her life's work to provide shelter and support to women and girls. Her school, though it takes boys and girls, makes a point to teach respect for women and girls, through the curricula and through the lessons and practice of how the shelter operates.

I remain ambivalent in that there are no male role models in her shelter or school, but do not want to be that model. Anabel is, what Grace said she would become... a friend, and nothing more. She does not come to my bed at all.

She has her shelter and I guess I have mine. No more females will ever enter my life with the exception of daughters and I have stopped fighting that issue. There are no more seductions. There are no more intrigues. In a very real way, I have my life back... and you should see the new dresser I have just completed for Grace. It's of mahogany.

§ § §

1 - Ghosts
2 - Nothing!
3 - You are rude, crude or bawdy.

The End

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