Gimme Shelter

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Rumors of roomers.

I try reading for a bit, while Kaysi is getting supper ready. That is a non-starter. I cannot concentrate. I try to play a game on my cell phone but keep on dying. As my wife would say when playing Candy Crush, Mahal, I have no life!

I am just jittery. It is like there has been 'a disturbance in the force.' Finally, Kaysi sticks her head in to the bedroom and calls me to supper. Oh, I could have left the bedroom before, I just didn't want to put my fevered brain on display, I guess.

Tonight's supper is Ampalaya con Carne. It is masarap1! Does she know this is one of my very favorite dishes? The kids seem to love it and I can't get enough of it. Kaysi seems to be brimming with pride. I look at her in a new light. She is quite a fantastic female. I am having second and third thoughts about allowing any other man near her. If I can hold my marriage together and add Kaysi, I will do it. The question is, can I? It is easy to say, 'no problem,' when your partner is not falling in love with someone else. How will it be when Anabel sees me falling for Kaysi?

Following supper, I get up, kiss the cook who kisses back fervently, in front of her kids. I retire to the Sala as Kaysi gets the kids washed and in bed. I am beyond conflicted. I am falling in love with Kaysi. I am panicky, not wanting to lose Anabel. How does this work out? I have, in life, seen many marital breakups over far less. Oh, I know of guys who have a string of girlfriends, who may come and go, but none of them are wives. I am afraid this is going to end very badly, regardless of what my wife and Kaysi seem to think.

Kaysi isn't the only female around here with a rocky relationship. Granted the other guys haven't been strangling their wives or girlfriends. Still one, a retired US Army vet, threw gas on his wife and tried to light her up! One, an Aussie, is at least verbally abusive, possibly physically abusive, a skirt chaser, and a drunk. Another guy from the land of the Euro, is a little dictator. He is maddeningly controlling and verbally abusive. Another is a bible thumper who insists that his wife is simply there to do what he tells her. He refuses to listen to her. There is a cadre of idiot males around here. Some of the women are not exactly my idea of a good deal, but these men are simply an embarrassment to the human race. The fact that the females stay with these guys has always been a wonderment to me. So Kaysi is not alone in having a bad relationship. She is alone in the fact that she jumped ship before being dumped and in the fact that she chose to come here.

I get up and pour myself a short brandy and sit back down, nursing the alcohol, as my brain, tries futilely to resolve what is clinically called cognitive dissonance.

Please, Ray, are you drunk?

Huh? Oh no, Kaysi. I am not and you will never see me drunk. I do take a shot every once in a while, but that bottle has been in the house for six months.

Talaga2? Six months?


Wow, I never see that ever. OK, you not sound drunk. You scare me. I afraid you just like the rest.

Ah! I am sorry to worry you. I am not a drunk, Kaysi.

Good. Come to bed?

Sure. I put the unfinished drink on the kitchen counter and grab Kaysi's hand, to go to the bedroom.

You not going to finish it?

No, we have better things to do.

Wow, I never see that either. Good! Very good!

We enter the bedroom hand and hand. I pull her to me and give her a real kiss. Not a peck, not a playful smooch. I have feelings for Kaysi now and we have not really kissed. We have not touched souls. We have touched each other's sexual needs, but not the heart. I want to touch her heart and I want her to feel mine. Is that silly? Am I a romantic fool? I guess I am. But it is who I am. I believe in love. I believe in commitment.

And so, I am committed to this kiss. It has meaning for me. Evidently it has meaning for Kaysi, because she is right there with me. We tumble on to the bed still embracing and still kissing. The kiss refuses to end and I am hungry for her breath in my lungs, her hands in my hair, her tongue touching my tongue. God, I am so deep into devouring, and being devoured, by her, I can think of nothing else.

I honestly do not know how long we kissed. But at some point we stop for moment. Kaysi whispers in my ear, I am yours now.

I do not answer. Instead I undress her, slowly. We are in no hurry. She then undresses me. We kiss again, this time, skin against skin. Her warmth against my warmth. Her baby soft smooth skin against the weather worn skin I inhabit. She cares not. She has no intent to let go, ever. Nor do I.

I have already broken my marriage vows. I have done so with the prodding of my wife. I do not feel guilty. At the moment, I am filled with too much desire to worry about our future tomorrow.

Still kissing, my woody finds its natural home and waits patiently at the door. It is not knocking... well maybe tapping a bit. Kaysi's hand snakes down and guides me in through the portal into where I belong. I belong inside this girl. She knew it days ago. I know it now.

We move slowly, deliberately. Once again, there is no hurry. There is comfort and pleasure in the feeling of being where I am supposed to be. Does she know this too? Does Kaysi share this sense of rightness? I am about to break the mood and ask her. No need as she whispers, See, my love? See how right this is? See? This is supposed to be this way, you and me. See? Feel my love surround your love? Feel my heat? Feel my need? From underneath me, she is moving her groin up and down slowly, working my cock gently, and slowly, in and out just a little.

I reach out for her left breast, and cup it, in my right hand. Kaysi moans. I roll her nipple, she groans. I go in for a kiss and she bites my lower lip. I pinch her nipple and she bites down a little harder. I pull my cock back out of her a bit and ram it home. Her mouth opens as she gasps and I pinch her nipple hard. Kaysi explodes in a first class orgasm. She catches her breath as she settle back down. Oh! How you do that to me? I think you know more than your wife know! Hehe, you surprise me, Mahal.

No 'Po,' any more?

No, you are my Mahal now. You love me. I know this. … Oh! See, when I say that your cock twitches and gets bigger! See I right! You love me. … Oh! Oh that nice, do than more! Yes! Yes, that! Oh God! YES!

I have a finger pressing in to her bottom right between her cunt and her anus. I am also twisting a nipple as I ram into her cunt. Kaysi is going off like a rocket. We are going to have to change the sheets again! She is squirting. I pound her right through it. She squirts again and I keep up fucking her, and diddling her ass. Her cunt muscles are clamping down on me and I am being bathed with her very hot juices. I can do no more. I cum deep in her love. All I hear is, Yesssss! And she wraps her arms around me as if afraid I will disappear at any moment.

After a bit Kaysi loosens her grip and we get up to change the sheets. As we are doing that, she says, Why don't you get the rest of your drink?

She seems genuinely confused when I tell her I don't want any more. But it will have to be thrown out, Mahal.

So throw it out. It's only a little brandy. No big deal.

Never, never in my life, I ever hear a man say such a thing. Never. Come here, let me pinch you. I not sure you are real! I luckiest woman in the world to be the mistress of such a man!

Kaysi, you are my girlfriend and my lover. You will only be a mistress, if we make love in front of my wife and she doesn't want to leave me. Understand?

Yes, Ray, I know, but it will be OK. You will see! I will be your mistress! Ray, may I sleep with you tonight?

Yes. I want that very much.

We finish making the bed, take a shower together, dry each other off and get back into bed. There is not a millimeter separating me from Kaysi. She is plastered to me as we fall into a deep sleep.

§ § §

Morning comes early as I get a kiss and Kaysi is quickly out of bed. She needs to get the kids up, dressed, fed and delivered to school. By the time she gets back from the last errand, I am up, dressed, filled with my morning coffee and reading the newspaper. Based on a text I get, we will see Anabel around two in the afternoon.

Mahal, we need many things from the market. Will you drive me to SM3?

§ § §

An hour later we park in the covered parking lot and enter the supermarket. Kaysi has a long list. She asks if I have a limit on how much we can spend today. I don't. If we need it for the meals, then we will purchase it. I ask her, You want a basket or a full size cart?

Cart please!

As we move through the isles, a hand touches an arm, smiles are exchanged. Private conversations continue as we learn about each other. At some point as the cart becomes heavily loaded, Kaysi gets a bit panicky, Are you sure this is OK? Mahal, it will be a lot of money!

We're OK. What else is on the list?

Only three more things, I think. Oh I hope it is really OK!

By the time we check out, the total is a bit over ₱4,000. Kaysi is squirming. I hand my BDO debit card to the teller. The teller smiles, asking, Savings, Sir?

Yes, savings.

The card is run, I input in my pin into the hand held card reader and all is fine. I knew it would be fine, but Kaysi's world had been somewhat more cramped financially. There are ten bags. We reload the cart with the bags, and roll it through the mall and out to the parking garage. Bags now in the back of the pickup, we thread our way back to the house through the busy streets. It is time for lunch.

Kaysi is desperate to fix me lunch and wants to leave the bags where they are while she takes care of me. I stop her. There is rice, still in the rice cooker and some left overs from last night's meal. I put a plate together and stick it in the microwave. The girl just looks at me. You not angry, I not make your lunch?

Why would I be angry? We were busy.

You sure?

Yes, I am sure. Now relax. Nothing bad has happened. I am quite capable of heating up a lunch meal, Kaysi. I am not stupid. I know how to cook and this doesn't even count as cooking!

Oh my God! I think I must be dead. This can't be earth! Men not act this way!

This one does, so you had best get used to it.

She just looks at me. I laugh, and kiss her forehead. The microwave beeps. I take my plate and sit down to Kaysi's wonderful cooking.

Bags unpacked, food put away, lunch eaten, dishes cleaned, I am sitting in the Sala, trying once again to concentrate on a book, when Kaysi comes up behind me and starts giving my neck a massage. I put the book down and just enjoy the experience.

Do you two know the rumors that are flying around this city?

Good afternoon, Anabel! I am glad you are back!

I am glad to be back, too, Ray. Kaysi, when you are done with Ray, would you do that for me too?

Of course, Mistress!

Excuse me... did you call my wife 'Mistress?'

Yes! She is my other lover! I love you both Ray. I thought you knew that!

OK, well I guess I did but it is only now sinking in. So how will this work? Are we all sleeping together or are we shuttling between beds?

Ray, that's entirely up to you. Kaysi and I will do whatever you want, so long as we all stay together. Right, Kaysi?

Tama! Yes! Anything you want, Ray.

Anabel, are you saying you think you will be OK with me fucking Kaysi in front of you in the same bed?

I think so, because I will make love to her in front of you. Plus, you and I will make love in front of Kaysi. She knows I love you and will always love you. She likes that about you, Ray! She likes the fact that you never leave. You are mine for life. Kaysi, I am sorry for speaking for you but, Ray, it means that if you accept Kaysi, she is here forever too. She needs a forever type of guy. And I don't lose my guy, I get a female lover.

Oh, God, my head hurts! This is not supposed to be, and I am sorry, Anabel, but I am having a problem believing that it will be that way once you see me fucking Kaysi.

I need to clean up and shower before anything happens between the two of you in bed with me there. But before that, what were you to doing in public this morning? I have at least a dozen texts asking me why you have left me for Kaysi!

We went grocery shopping at SM. That's all.

Huh, OK, well I guess that was enough to get the tongues wagging. It was going to happen soon enough I guess.

Anabel, did you respond to the texts?

Of course, Yes.

Wife! What did you say?

Oh, I told them that Kaysi had joined our family. That's all. Let them talk. It gives them something to do. And anyway, what can they say that isn't going to be true? So long as they see us all together, which they will, what they going to say that not true?

Well, damn, she's got me there. Kaysi has moved over to Anabel and is providing my wife with her massage. I am just looking at the two of them in total fucking amazement. And then, I have a moment of panic. Am I really ready to fuck another female while my wife watches? I have never done such a thing. Just how does one do this?

Anabel's cell announces an incoming text. She picks the phone up, reads and answers. A new text appears. She reads and types again. A third text comes. Anabel laughs and types. Oh boy, this is going to be interesting. First, Kate wants to know where I am. I tell her I am home. She asks if the two of you are here. I answer, 'Of course, yes.' Then she says, she and some of the other girls want to come over to play cards now. I tell her not today, because we are busy, but come tomorrow. So, Kaysi, you and I will be very busy tomorrow. OK, girl?

Yes. Of course yes. We know this will happen.

I am going to clean up. Kaysi, do we have time before you need to get your children?

Yes, I think it is fine.

Time wise, it might be fine to start, but what if I can't get hard or stay hard because of doing this with Anabel watching? I am incredibly uncomfortable. I guess Kaysi can see it. She comes to me, sits on my lap, leans in for a kiss and then tells me something I am not sure I am ready to hear. Relax, Ray! She want you to cum in my pussy. She wants to see your cum in me. She says to me she will lick your cum off my lips and give me another orgasm. Oh, God! I want this so much. I want to belong to the two of you so much, Ray.

I have to give it to her. Even if she is lying, she gets me hard, just thinking about that. The thought of watching my wife lick my cum off Kaysi's cunt has me ready to cum right now! I never could have imagined such a thing. Might it really be true?

Thirty minutes later we are all in the bed. Kaysi and I are naked. Anabel has put a bra and panties on. The reason for that is unclear to me and so I ask. The answer is that Anabel is a bit cold. Sometimes answers are as simple as that.

I am on my back. Kaysi straddles me and leans in for a kiss. This is a kiss that does not end. It is like last night and, goddamn it, I mean it. I mean to show the love to both of them in this kiss. I am not fooling around. My wife wants me to add Kaysi to our life, well, this is what it means. Kaysi breaks the kiss, looks me in the eye and ask, clearly and loud enough for Anabel to hear, Do you love me, Ray?

Anabel is going to hear the answer as well. Yes Kaysi, I do love you.

Are you every going to leave me, Ray?

Kaysi, I will never leave you.


As God is my witness, I promise.

Good, then fuck me and put your cum inside me!

I roll Kaysi on to her back and take her like I took her the first time, with her ankles in the air. I pound her cunt. Kaysi is screaming, harder, harder! I give it to her harder. She screams out to Anabel, Your husband is fucking me, making love to me and he love me for as long as he lives. See his cock pounding my cunt, Anabel? Come closer and watch it go into me! See how hard he is. See how he want me. Now tell your husband you want him to cum inside me! You tell him Anabel! Tell him!

Anabel gets her face close to mine, looks me in the eye. Kaysi's right, Ray. Fuck her, cum in her, love her, just like you love me. Be a husband to both of us. Never let her go! Never let me go! Be the man I know. Fuck her good!

Anabel grabs my balls from behind and squeezes. I blow my load into Kaysi who soaks my legs, Anabel's hand and the sheets.

Watching Anabel suck my cum out of Kaysi's cunt brings me to life again. I almost rip Anabel's panties off, I pull on them so hand. I push my wife on to her knees and enter her cunt from behind. Anabel continues to eat Kaysi as I do my best to ream my wife's cunt while mauling her clit with my fingers. Kaysi sneaks a hand down and grabs one of Anabel's tits. That sends my wife into orbit. And whatever she was doing with her mouth sends Kaysi back into orbit too. Anabel's cunt muscles are playing havoc with my cock and she gets a deposit from me she wasn't expecting, sending her into another epoch cum.

The bed is wrecked. Kaysi has to hustle to pick up her kids and my brain is on overload. Before Kaysi runs out of the house, they both kiss me and tell me at the same time that in essence says, 'See? You were worried about nothing! It's going to be fine!'

So they think! Maybe it will. I am truly confused.

I wonder, what happens tomorrow at the card game?

§ § §

1 - Very delicious.
2 - Truly?
3 - A chain of Malls/Department stores/supermarkets.

§ § §

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